Dont Let the Picture Fool You

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I just wanted to highlight something really quickly that I see from comments. And you know, not just specifically on my videos, but in general, you know, so many times when we see people who speak about religion or reminders or come out to motivate us, right, we start kind of like picturing a certain image in the back of our heads, what their lives look like, right? And it's kind of like this whole imagination of perfection utopia. No one is perfect. No one is perfect. Every person, whether it's a shareholder, shareholder, or someone who comes out to motivate us, everybody, we're always smiling. Nobody's always smiling, right? We only

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see on the frame, what people want us to see. And it's not like being hypocritical or anything. But, you know, if I'm coming on, I'm not going to come on a grumpy day when I'm like, all frowning and sit down and start talking about whatever it is, I mean, you know, we already have enough stress in our lives, and we want to come out if I'm going to come and speak about something, I want to give people hope, right? It doesn't mean that's how my life is fully right, you only see what you know, I'm showing you. But for example, if I move my camera a little bit to the side, you'll see there's a big huge mess, there's another mess on the other side. But you know, we all have mess in our life,

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it doesn't mean that my life is perfect. There's no such thing as a perfect life, there is no such thing as a perfect husband, or a perfect wife, or perfect children, or perfect families and homes. This is dunya it's tests and trials, there's ups there's downs, there's emotions that we go through. And the fact that someone is religious does not mean that they would make a perfect spouse for you, you have to understand that you can't sit and start kind of like weaving the story in the back of your head like oh my gosh, Allah, I want a husband like this or bash Allah, I want a wife like this, to even know what their habits are. Do you know what their, you know, what they, you know, require

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in their potential spouse or maybe they have things that you will not be able to tolerate? You know, they have certain mannerisms that you would not be able to tolerate. Subhanallah Yes, being religious is very important. But it doesn't mean that two people will be compatible. There's so many other things, right. And the fact that people are smiling doesn't mean that they're 24 hours smiling either. There's ups there's downs, there's Happy Days, there is not so happy days, they're grumpy days and there is crying days and there is yelling days, just normal human beings, and honest to God, if we have any other picture than that in our heads, then we are the ones who are feeling

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ourselves because the only perfection in this whole creation is Allah subhanho wa Taala this command Lovato subhanho wa Taala not to any human not to initiate not to initiate or not and discover. We are all humans and we all have our flaws.