Dua (Supplication) is a door of Mercy

Abu Bakr Zoud


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My brother's in his stamina visa love to send them he says

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men fujihara who mean combat fujihara who de la The one who alar social opens up the door of a dryer. If a love was to open up for you, the door of

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the law has opened the door of mercy for you. Whether it's a blessing to always be in a state of loss or a loss, it's a blessing. This is why one of the son of he used to see my fee of being deprived from making

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is much more than my fee of money not being answered.

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He fees not being able to make

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more than the drive being rejected and not answered. The

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header This is everything in your life.

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In the VESA lohana usnm he said some local cache. This is the hubby from Asia ask him off everything. Had the schiesser which is a shoelace even asked a lot for a shoelace. Were in the same duration he says what can we as aluna What can we do to learn men have what

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they used to ask Allah for so in food, he asked several L'Aquila she then I showed the alarm on and she says Why? She says because if a lot doesn't make it easy and accessible, let me address will never be easy. Everything is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala