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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a dynamic between man and woman, where man represents the same source of knowledge as woman, and woman represents the same source of knowledge. The relationship between man and woman is described as beautiful, with no distinction between them. The transcript also describes a man named Pamela Mohammed Ali using words like " roement" and "well," to describe women as being nothing, and a woman named Linda Phelan claims that men are better at war than women.
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the way the expression that the Quran uses. In illustrating the relationship between man and woman is a beautiful one.

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It begins by Allah subhanaw taala emphasizing that we all come from the same origin

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that we all are created from the same substance. A man is not superior to a woman nor is a woman superior to a man on that basis.

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Secondly, the expectations of Allah from both of us are the same.

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Allah does not expect more from a man because he's a man and less room because she is a woman. That is not the case. five daily prayers on everybody. First Ramadan, everybody gives up on everybody. Be good, everybody be good.

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And then the reward is also the same. In Ll the Euro am Allah Allah Milliman coming back are in

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no deed of yours shall go in vain. Be you a man or a woman, Allah He was everybody equally.

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A lot does not play the game of preference. that a man is better than a woman or a woman is better than a man. None of this is going on.

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And so Pamela Mohammed Ali was a lump was sent at a time that men were viewed as inherently good.

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And women were nothing

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and that is why I'm rojava used to say, Kunal

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Kunal and Lisa tabula rasa Linda Phelan nyjah. Has

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alopecia. He said that prior to the coming of his Amazon Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we considered women as being nothing. He said, however, after the revelation of the Quran, he said we were thinking that a lot prefers women over men.

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