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When you discourage others – Q&A

Mufti Menk


Channel: Mufti Menk

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When I was young, I would never forget there was an uncle who didn't used to come to the masjid so often. And he used to live nearby the masjid One day, he had a major problem. And that day, he came for Salah, the people who used to be very regular for Salah. They were standing outside the men. And as he came in, they told him uncle, you've lost your way today, surprising to see you here, you know, you know those discouraging words. He never ever came back to the masjid after that day. In fact, we left that he left the area somewhere else and I told myself, never should this ever happen. You don't discourage a person, even if they have led their life in. You know, look at alphabay live

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Maria, for example. He said, You know, he came in, he heard one verse of the Quran, he changed his life. So people can change for one thing, and when they change, embrace them, I've had messages from people in the Correctional Services in the prisons and so on. who send me emails and messages and tell me we're benefiting from what you're doing. I even had some prisons, email me to say can we have your permission to broadcast because the people are asking us, the inmates are asking us to have your lectures during this last Ramadan and even the previous one. And when you're talking, you have to bear in mind those brothers and sisters of ours who are incarcerated, when they come out.

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Are you ready to embrace them to reintroduce them into society? Or are you going to be a person who when someone made one mistake, that's it? they're doomed until qiyamah? No way, you will be surprised in my own way I try to reach out to the brokenhearted in a way that they are empowered. And first you make do after them without them knowing you ask Allah to use you to guide them to bring them even one step one inch at a time. Remember, the duty is yours only to deliver the message to the rest of it. mandevilla