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Religious Terrorist Groups

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are hungry

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for Salatu was Salam MBA, mousseline shaffir vivino. Habib, me, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi been upon hearing in the hamdulillah. No

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one is still here who want to study when we learn when Charlie and fusina was. Molina,

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Allahu Allah mobile Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu rasuluh All praise is due to Allah unmade his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will witness that nobody is worthy of worship but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The rest of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam YOLO buena de la vida.

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Mousavi Ayah Tina was so funny movie and athletes owner camino funaki in a new movie, I'm in LA in the feeder Anaconda.

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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and we have indeed sent Moses with clear skies to his people

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with the following command

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that can count as an asset it's called

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the note

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will set you so that we take you deliver your people out of darkness into the light of guidance, what a human being

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and remind them of the days of Allah within the interference

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of boring support. Indeed, in doing such in doing so, there is a sign for every patient man and every man that wish to be appreciative and be thankful. What do you find the most alchemy, muzzling silencing,

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alchemy, Moses was told to remind his people, he took the message and he comes to these people, and what does he say? on his own his own?

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Is and gentlemen, and if you're around, you're soon Sudoku.

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Most acceptance people, oh my people remember?

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Remember what Allah delivered you, from the people of the pharaoh? What did they do to you? Where they would kill your sons and they would spell your women in a fever, Nick and Bella.

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Indeed, in such there was an awesome trial from your Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala. See, brothers, the sisters, these verses are interesting. It was not 100 years after the event. It was not 1000 years after the event, soon as they were delivered from the Pharaoh and his people, immediately moves as reminding his people, why would you remind people, they just finished suffering from it. Every single one of them was a victim. They lost it since then women were spared, they themselves were enslaved. Why would you remind them for such a thing and so immediate. There are different understandings for this, for example, so that they say to themselves, we have allowed this in the

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past to happen against us now that we remember, it shall never be repeated again. Because we were so quiet, we were so complacent, we did not put a fight, we are reminded that it should not happen to us again, because we will stand up.

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or number two, it could be that because it has happened to us, we will see into it that it never happens to other people again, because they say that the one who has suffered most from this are the people that are going to say because I suffered from it. I will never allow it to happen to anybody else. You're not an add Mothers Against Drunk drivers or Against Drunk Driving. By the way, that was the word of a Lebanese woman, an Arab woman. She lost her son to a car accident where the driver was drunk. And she came up with this idea saying that because I have suffered from this. I don't want anybody else to go through it.

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Or number three, is that because we have suffered from this, we will never be people who would repeat who repeat such a behavior.

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In other words, we know what it feels like, there is no way that I was the guilty party on one hand, now I want to be the perpetrator of the same crimes that were done against me. So once an incident is told to remind us people have such kind of events. Now you look into what is going on in the world today. And you'd say to yourself, especially with the images that are coming from Lebanon, the images that are coming from Philistine, you'd say, we would expect anybody to be the perpetrator in such kind of events, except the Jewish community, because of how much they have suffered, being in the hands of the Pharaoh, be the Holocaust be the discrimination that took place against them. In

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Christian Europe, you would think that of all people, except the Jewish community, nobody should be guilty of this, because of what has happened to them. And namely, such kind of reminders of who Sally salon will also echoed by Archbishop father, Desmond Tutu from South Africa. One time he was addressing a group of Jewish people, and what does he say to them? And he saw what was happening in Palestine, he said, how our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten the humiliation. Have they forgotten the collective punishment, the home demolitions in their own history, so soon. He's saying that you were going through this just a few years ago. And now you forgotten that, and you are

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becoming the perpetrators of what is going on. collective punishment. bridges are destroyed, hospitals are targeted, gas stations are absolutely brought down to the ground. relief workers are targeted, relief efforts are intended and you think to yourself, What is going on? See my little sisters, they say that the first victim of war

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are not, are not the humans. They're not the children, even though they are indeed great victims. They say that the first victim of war is the truth.

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The first victim of war is the truth. Because now that you are guilty of mass murder, now that you are guilty of exploiting people of wrongdoing, people, what you need to do is manipulated in such a way that somehow it gives you the moral legitimacy for what you are doing.

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The first victim of war is truth. And in this particular war, there are three major lies that we are told day and night. Lie Number one, that this is a religious war, Islam against Judaism and Christianity. And you will see this we are bombarded with it day and night. If you remember a few days back when a kosher missile hit or a rocket hit the the nazara and Masseria and people say and the way it was given to us is this is the biblical birth of Jesus has been hit by Hezbollah. See, the religious connotations are there. But here's what they forgot to tell us. According to the Bible, the very first miracle that was done by Rhys Allahu Salaam was in

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the very first miracle according to the Bible took place in foreigners. How can we did not hear anything about this? How can this part was not mentioned to us? The point is this give it a religious connotation. Brothers and sisters, this world is not between Islam Christianity and Judaism. This war is between oppressors and oppressed. It we it is between occupiers and occupied. If we it is between wrongdoers, and people who are wrong simply as such. The minute you bring in a religious tone, what you're saying is that we are religiously justified in doing what it is that we are doing. And that is such a big line. Do you know that brothers and sisters Jewish golden era, the

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Jewish golden era, not according to us Muslims, according to the to the Jewish historians, they would say that Judaism truly flourished in Spain when the Muslims were ruling for about 800 years. In fact, the greatest Jewish philosopher Moses,

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Moses Maimonides, he wrote and he's the greatest by all the greatest joy

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philosopher that Judaism has ever produced, according to Jewish sources, he wrote his books decoding the Torah. And he did not write it in the holy tongue, according to them Hebrew, but he wrote it in the Arabic language.

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Two Fridays ago, we had a rabbi that spoke to a group of Muslims. Alicia, had it not been for the Muslim community in para one. And these are the people that received the fleeing Jewish community that fled Christian Europe. And they came to Morocco and Tunisia in Panama, he said that there would have been no Jewish community as we know today. Meaning that it was really the Muslims that have helped this.

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Listen to how much religiosity is put into this.

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George hardy is an evangelical preacher

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in San Antonio, Texas, listen to what this man is saying. He said earlier this month, he ran a rally of about 3500 evangelicals at a Washington hotel, when he called Israel's attack on Lebanon, a miracle of God and prove that Israel was doing God's work. He was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying that for Israel to show restraint, would violate, quote, God's foreign policy.

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This would be a violation of God's foreign policy. These people are doing the work of God, and we should not intervene in this. In other words, God or war is a good thing. But he does not stop there. What does he say? He said, the end of the world, as we know is rapidly approaching, he writes, Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, the best is yet to be. In other words, again, war is a good thing. And we should rejoice what is going on, because this is the plan of God. And it's been sealed with a kiss from God. The sad part is later on, he received a statement from George Bush where he said, quote, these are the statements of george bush now, he said, thanking Him and praising him for

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spreading the hope of God's love, and the universal gift of freedom.

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This is what he has received for what he has done. You look into this and you say, religious connotation in the wickedness that is going on. Somebody can actually be quoting the Bible, they can be actually quoting scripture saying that this is what God wants. And throughout history, there have always been people that manipulated and exploited the word of Allah. Muslims are guilty of it. So our Christians are also guilty of Frederick Douglass, who was a slave does a story of a master that just attended the Sunday services. And as soon as the Sunday services when he went back, he was a master. He went back to his house, and one of his slave girls who happened to be the aunt of

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Frederick Douglass made him mad. So he took off her clothes, naked back, tied her up, and he started hitting remember the man just came from Sunday service. But in the process, he was quoting the Bible, Leviticus chapter 17. And he was saying, He who knows the will of his master, and does it not shall be punished with the strikes. He was doing this exploiting, manipulating, misusing and misquoting the words of Allah. Brothers and sisters, let us be clear about this, let us not fall into this. This world is between oppressors and oppressed, occupiers and occupied wrongdoers, and victims. Simply put, that is it. And let's not fall in any other more error. Besides this, this is

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not a religious word. In the process, though, religion is used to advance a racist policy of the Government of Israel. You know that the Supreme Court of Israel just announced that it is illegal for an Israeli to marry a Palestinian through which Palestinians can get residency, the equivalent of our green court,

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a group of Rabbi Smith and they said that it is not displeasing to God, that there are nice children and women are killed because accordingly these are Gentiles, and they're not very important in the eyes of God. Religion is used to give justification to this wicked racist behavior, but it was never part of it. line number two,

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this religion is to promote democracy we say no, this religion is more evidence of the hypocrisy that we are getting smarter about democracy. It is about hypocrisy. You look into what is going on and you say to yourself, so Pamela I cannot believe what is going on.

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We have somebody like Indonesia, rice, she comes up and she says a ceasefire is not a good idea if it's not going to last.

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ceasefire is not a good idea. It's not going to last on that excuse that was given in the g8 summit by Tony Blair, who comes and said, a ceasefire is not good, because politically, we cannot manipulate this very well. And you'd be safe. So Pamela, you telling us that the death of these innocent civilians is not a good idea, simply because politically, it is not a good score for you. And you allow these hundreds of innocent civilians to die. It is not about democracy. It really is about hypocrisy. Ralph Nader was introduced the other day, and he was interviewed the other day, and he was speaking about what was going on. And he said, Israel is guilty of state sponsored terrorism.

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And he's given the evidence and he say, number one, they are targeting civilians. 80% of the people that are dying, are actually civilians. They're not the fighters. Moreover, he said that they are impeding relief. What do you expect, when you destroy bridges? When you hit hospitals, when you hit fuel stations, when you destroy public institutions, what do you expect? And then they say, we are not against the Lebanese people with just a guard against the terrorists that are out there. And you look into this and say, This is hypocrisy. This is absolutely hypocrisy. You know, the sad part.

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And May it never be true. But what happens is like Martin Luther King, Jr. Put it so beautifully said the most dangerous man is the man that has nothing to lose.

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The most dangerous man is the man that has nothing to lose. And every single day, we are creating more men that have nothing to lose. There is no family to go back because they were all killed. There is no house to go back to because it's being destroyed. There is no job because when I used to work is not there. I can even go back because now that place is occupied. I have absolutely nothing to lose. He said that is the most dangerous man that is outbreak.

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Recently, the President was talking and he said, when he's asked, Why do they hate us? Why do they hate us? And he usually does, because of our beliefs. Because of our democracy. Again, believe me, these are all lies. People don't hate us because of our democracy. People hate us because of our hypocrisy. People do not hate us because of our living standards. People hate us because of our double standards.

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And because of the envious of what we have internally, people hate us because of what we do to them externally. That's why we are hated. And on daily basis, we are creating men that have absolutely nothing to lose. And this one is nothing but a further illustration of the hypocrisy that's being taken place in the world now, nowadays. But that hypocrisy brothers and sisters, is not only one sided, it's also double sided. People are worried about the news of the alleged plot that was supposed to be taking place yesterday in England through not through donkey, but that's what happened. And it handler Allah says all the innocent civilians that would have died in such a mass

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murder plan. But then I want to know, we Muslims were very upset was what is going on. We absolutely hated and detested. Not because we are Muslims, because it's wrong. And not only the Muslims are mad, but also other people are very mad with what is going on. What Wait a minute, you are mad because innocent civilians have been killed. So what do you do? You have your own plans to give some other instances with this. They may not need what Allah said wailing

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and levina is the nastiest Oh phone

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says woe to those who deal with measurement. When it is their right they make sure that they take it for them. However, when it is very good to give to people, they make sure that they don't do the same.

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In this incivility, civilians are innocent, whether they be Muslims, whether they be atheist, whatever they are, it is irrelevant what they believe in or don't believe in innocent civilians means that these are people who are not oppressing their people who are not doing anyone was evil, any wrongdoing against others. So for us, meaning that some segment within our community to go and learn something similar to say the

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You are killing our civilians, we are going to kill your civilians. And Sue Panama again, the same mistake of exploiting religion, they say even Allah said it in the Quran. What does Allah say, and I live in an hour. And I said, that's a crude thinking, use the stick in your head to be thinking this way. It is the eye of the perpetrator in exchange for the eye of the victim, not the victim, and go and make another victim, an eye for an eye. Gandhi put up so beautifully said An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind.

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And I lost an eye, and the whole world would go blind. Because of this crooked understanding, are you doing this, or we're going to do this, you're civilians as well. So you can kill a racist, but you cannot kill racism. You can kill a hater, but you cannot kill hatred.

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So what happens is, you do not think darkness to eliminate darkness. You bring light in order to eliminate darkness. And that was the mission and the message of moods.

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And athletes overcome communal lumati in a new way, the

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delivery of people from darkness into the light and remind them less that they themselves, be guilty of it again.

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Come to London.

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There has been a lot of talk about the end of times as we note that the Day of Judgment is approaching

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evangelical Christian preachers are very happy about this. Like the quotes that we just read. When people are preaching left and right, that is the day of judgment is approaching. And all those who believe in Christ are going to be delivered and taken up to heaven to be sitting next to God. Say you know what?

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Now that's one thing for them to be speaking about them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressed that issue. By the way, this idea of the end of time, when he told us this, he did not say so that we rejoice the killing of innocent babies and women and men. That was not the purpose of why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us this, if I say, if you want to go to LA, these are the three ways that you take on the way, this is what you are going to see. So every time you come across a landmark that I told you about, what are you thinking, I must be going right? Because in the initial directions, I remember he said something about Walmart. I remember he said something

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about a tall building that will come on the right hand. I remember and every step that it takes a handler I am on the right direction. And Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would tell us about these issues. People want to know when is the date of earliest Allah metacell or messenger of Allah? What is the day of judgment? And the seller would say?

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What have you done to prepare yourself for the day of judgment? It's not a question of when, but the question is, what have you prepared? Nevertheless, the processor was once asked Yasuda matassa. When is the day of judgment? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is the Amana comparison with honesty no longer exists among people said that is when you should wait for the Day of Judgment. Now that sounded like a vague statement to the companion that asked the question for Allah.

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He said, O Messenger of Allah, how is it lost? Mother YAHWAH. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in

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our event there was said an hour Amara,

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he said, when the people in charge, are the least qualified to do so. See brothers and sisters, when you have the least informed, choosing the least qualified, the most impotent. You don't call this democracy, you call it a disgrace. That's what it's called. However, the process said that the Day of Judgment would come when people in authority are not really supposed to be there. But why? Why would the process make this as a landmark that the Day of Judgment is approaching? See we are saved from other people oppressing us by three lines of defense. Number one, the decency of people

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You're not afraid of your neighbors, you think that they're decent. So their decency is the first difference of line right there. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would promote this. And Muslim women

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are truly a Muslim is he whom other people are saved from his hands, and they saved from history, no physical abuse, no verbal abuse, but people are not decent, then what happens? We move to the next line of defense. And that is our own ability to defend ourselves. Whatever it may be, sometimes that we cannot even defend ourselves. So what do we do? We move to the last line of defense, and these are the people in authority. But wait a minute, what happens when the people in authority themselves are not promoting justice, they're not looking for the welfare of the people that they are ruling at that point, I want to intervene. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that at

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such time, that is when Allah would intervene. And these are the size of the day.

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These are the signs of the Day of Judgment, people being exploited by those who are in authority. When you hear the President, the highest authority in the land speaking and said Islamic fascism.

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How does that make you feel as a Muslim? Do we speak of Christian fascism? Do we speak of Catholic Nazis? Do we say this about any other religion? But somehow the Muslim community is targeted? Now? Why are you saying this? Why are you targeting the Muslim? It's a necessity we have to do this. Remember this about necessity brothers and sisters, and by this I will conclude inshallah, necessity has always been the justification of the tyrants and the creed of the slaves. It's always been the, the justification of the times and the creed of the slaves. Why are you mistreating people necessity? Why are you profiling people necessity? Why are you targeting this segment of the

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community? necessity? You look into the sledge war, how come you're not doing anything about the necessity? How can you not rebelling necessity. So what happens is, it becomes the justification of the tyrants and it becomes the creed of the slaves. A Muslim is neither a tyrant nor should be willing to become a slave

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and stand like this. We as a Muslim community, our courage is tested. Our courage is tested not to become foolish, and be guilty of what we are accusing other people ask, but to stand up for justice, regardless of who the oppressors are, on regardless of who the oppressed are. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the courage to do the right thing and say the right thing. May Allah subhanaw taala always make us facilitators of peace and justice, peace and justice not only for those who like us, but also for those who dislike us. Peace and Justice, not only for those who live like us believe like us, but also for those who do not look like us for those who do not believe like us

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when we're dealing with a hero alone,

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alone, none of that

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was him or gone. Wrong. Boom. What's wrong

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with me alone,

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Ramadan, your Ramadan

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was open as he saw upon proper naughtiness within your house and I don't

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know about the law in the law a little bit

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going on.

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one Salam