Yassir Fazaga – Triple As – Attention Affection & Appreciation

Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Arabic language and its use in relation to family. They explain that the Arabic language is used to describe a family and is a place where everyone feels the best. The speaker also discusses the importance of healthy families and the need for family members to be the best.
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So one of the beauties of the of the Arabic language is the way that it speaks about

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a family and the term that is given to what family is

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yeah one time I Can we have one to live who are up brothers in the back. Brothers excuse me

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So the way that the the Arabic language refers to the term

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Austro Austro here at dinner, and many Adhami

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literally the word Austro linguistically speaking in Arabic, even though we translated into family, but it is it refers to an armor or a shield. That is a strong,

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that protects

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it's a place where people feel protected.

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And in the verse is just recited upon us. There was something about a family and we're just going to focus on one of them.

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Um, quantum Shuhada is held on mobile mode is currently bunny, matte Abul doing an embody. The Quran takes us into a moment where a father is departing this world. He knows he is dying. So he gathers his children around, and he asks his children, the most important question Iligan age had a tarbiyah Phil Islam had every term if it didn't age.

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In the arena, I will add the

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non Jew fill

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the ultimate goal

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of raising children in Islam, so that all of us we are successful, not only in this life, but more important in the hereafter.

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That is the ultimate goal. What is what good is the success of my children in this role?

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If they fail in the hereafter May Allah protect all of us who are below me. And may Allah make us amongst those who are successful in this life, as well as in the hereafter Yoruba, Allah me. So he asked his children, not Abu do not mean badly. Now that I am dying, I'm asking my kids, what is it that you will sure ship after me?

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And as every caring father, I want to hear the right answer.

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I want to hear an assuring answer. Although Naboo Ilaha illa Allah we will wish our worship your God and the God that you have taught us of Ibrahim is married and and and the rest of them Yoruba hula hula

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Quan Subhan Allah, Nima you recall Sultan had the hill, a yam

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miscibility therapy,

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you know, something that gives us as parents nightmares. And literally, anxiety and worry is the spiritual, moral well being of our children.

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May Allah keep the morally and spiritually and all of us healthy out of the island. So the Quran takes us, you know, gives us these examples so that we may, we may learn from them. I think I've shared with you once the prophetic style as to what it means to you know, the elements have given us the opportunity to have healthy families very quickly refer to them as the triple A

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attention, affection, appreciation,

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attention, meaning that my family is the most important. They are the number one priority in my life. That my time my energy is first and foremost is going to be devoted to them.

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You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a very busy man. But he was never too busy to take care of his family. And I love how he treated his daughter Fatima Radi Allahu Allah. They say that every time for them or would come in doesn't matter which delegation that he was with. As soon as smartycam taught him or comes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would get up and he would walk towards her and he would kiss her on her forehead, and he would make her sit next to him. This delegation is important, but as soon

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This last demo walks in she is the most important

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Meaning that I see the good in you and I am not afraid of pointing this out.

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I see the good in you and I am not afraid of verbalizing it. Quantum handla Interviewer had an emoji in tukad Masha Allah, Monica Jim Lovell RVA In fact, the handle,

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you know, when we decide to be critical of each other, the entire dictionary is, is at our disposal, we can talk and we are never short of words, eg al Kela mill Hello. Alcala MCPA ye dodges in Calumet

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Butler row, Albert Mughal Kilmer halwa.

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But when we are about to offer praise or appreciation, man, it becomes so difficult. And that is not good. You ask wives, husbands, you ask moms and dads. And what you see is people say that I just don't feel appreciated.

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When people don't feel appreciated, they don't feel rejuvenated. Last one,

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the idea of love the idea that I let the people around me know that I love them. You're good luck with us. Harville Kelly Murthy a Yamuna has he he can make the head back.

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Overhead brick is a kind of Dr. de la the flow Hill Road or the habit method La Ilaha. Abdullah who

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know they say that one of the most difficult words for us to author nowadays is I love you say that the two most difficult words in the English language or I love you. And I'm sorry, have a hard time saying that. So if we want to be able to influence our families positively, if we want to be able to make an impact, we cannot be afraid of sharing these positive feelings. And subhanAllah you know, in the story that is told, unconfirmed shahada is held on a global mount to is called anybody you know, there is this togetherness that is taking place as Jakob Ali Salaam is talking to his kids and you can sense good energy that is that is going on. And that is nice Wallahi That is beautiful. And

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remember that if we want to impact our children positively, we must create a positive environment. How do we do that?

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attention, affection, appreciation. How do you make attention affection, appreciation, availability, approachability, accessibility. When we do this same man, we have a chance in having an impact on our families. One of the most beautiful things about Ramadan is seeing family together. May Allah always keep us together Europe, Allah, Allah mean, you know, people coming into the masjid together. As we are listening, we see that Ibrahim alayhi salam and his son is married, are building the Kaaba together. This is what we call spiritual togetherness. When families practice together, when families eat together, when families fast together, break their fast together. Please continue this

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togetherness. Without it. It will be very very difficult to have any impact on our on our children. May Allah Subhana Allah protect our children. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our families. May Allah subhanaw taala make this Ramadan the best Ramadan ever for each and every one of us. Yara Parral Amin, amin Allah Subhana Allah protect and bless our share who is leading us in this beautiful recitation Allah. Allah Allah Allah see

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