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Billa horrible alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill ambia Horace mousseline shaffir and Medina vino Habib Abdullah Al Ameen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa hearin. All praise is due to Allah and made his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, indeed the best of speeches a book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I begin by greeting my brothers and sisters. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Very quickly, let me begin with a story here. I might have told this story before. But it said that one time, there was a program that was organized. And they invited the speaker from a very far distance to come and give a talk. And when he came to give the talk, that people that were present, for his presentation, were very small in numbers. So, the people that organized the event, they were feeling very bad, that look, this person is coming from this far away, but only a handful of people here. And they said that, that the shape of the scholar was a very wise man. So he knew what was going through their mind. And he said to them, people, do not be disappointed by your numbers, we

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are not looking for numbers amongst our faithful, we are looking for faith amongst our numbers. So the idea is never about how many are there, or how much is there, change in the world, being secular change, beat social reform with religious change did not take place, because the majority wanted it to take place, change always took place, because there was a committed minority.

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So now the idea is not how many are aware or could have been there or not there, that becomes very, very irrelevant. Truly what is important is the commitment whosoever is present. So if anyone is appointed, please be please do not be and that's why some holla Also, if you look into the Quran, whenever the last 100, Allah speaks of the term can see which which means the most or the majority, or a lot of Allah always criticizes that

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mean and even if you are very keen, most people are ungrateful. Well I can axon as Allah, Allah moon, but the majority of people do not really know. Well, I can axon naskila screw the majority of people are not appreciative and the majority of people that Allah speaks of the majority in a very in negative terms, because either of their complacency or not wanting the or not wanting the change and being elements of change, or simply the majority did not have the courage to make a difference.

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And that is why Subhan Allah also it said that one time as Mr. Abu hapa was going around the Kaaba, he heard a better one, praying and begging Allah, Allah says Allah, Allah liminal. appa Li, Allah make me amongst the few, not the majority. Is it? Allah make me amongst the few. So it has never heard anyone pray to Allah in such a fashion. So he came to him and he said, woman in Akali Yoon, who is this minority that you want to be in the company of Who are they? So the man looked at him and he said, Mr. karateka, tabouleh. Here ama, he said, Oh Rama, have you not read the book of Allah? And Allah said, Indeed I have, which part of it are you talking about? And the man said,

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Allah subhanaw taala says we're highly luminary body a shocker. Indeed, a very small minority of my servants are those who are grateful and appreciative. So he's praying to Allah saying, Oh Allah make me amongst those who are appreciative and grateful, even though they may be of the of the minorities, very quick

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reminder as well. So as I have been watching the the victims of the tsunami and the tragedy that has taken place, and how their lives have changed, in a matter of minutes, people who are gone in a matter of minutes properties are gone and lives are changed

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forever, through the remainder is just a small reflection about this. In other words, we want a meaningful life. Because what has happened did not really take much in matter of minutes, lives were gone. We cannot control the duration of our life. But what we can do is as we are

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living our life, what can we do?

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And that is the question that we ought to, to reflect upon. See, sometimes, people have lived only for 20 years, and they've accomplished a lot. Other people have lived for 60 years, and they've accomplished nothing. So it's not how long you have lived or how little you have lived. But the idea is, as you as you were alive, were you living. And that's why they have a saying that sometimes, people are so busy making a living, they forget to make a life.

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They were making a living, they had the money, they did have it, they were making a living, but so busy, that they forgot to make a life.

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Or they say, they were so keen in buying a house, beautifying their house, making the payments for their house, they forgot to make a home.

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And now the idea is, it's not it's not this. So just few reflections on this, on this topic.

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Brothers and sisters, the best things in life, are not things.

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The best things in life, are not things.

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It's not things that makes our life meaningful. It's not things that would bring happiness to us. It's not things that would make, you know, life more enjoyable. So remember this, the best things in life are not things. had that been the case, meaning that the more wealth you have, the more meaningful your life becomes, the happier you are, we would come to the conclusion that all wealthy people are happy people. But is that the case? Not all, wealthy people are happy people. And remember, we are not denouncing money here. Most people say that, you know, money is evil. Islam does not teach this at all. We're not saying that money is evil.

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Or sometimes people quote the Bible. And they say that the Bible says that money is the root of all evil. That's not what the Bible says, The Bible says, The love of money is the root of all evil. And in that sense, yes, it may become it can potentially be the root of all evil. If number one, you do not care how you get that money, you do not care how you spend it. Or number two, what you sacrifice in pursuance of that money is more than what you gain. So for example, a person that's been working day and night, but at the expense of not spending any time with their family, of not being out there looking after their children. You know, in the United States, we have such a big problem with this.

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They say that the average time that a father spends was his family is 17 minutes a day,

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17 minutes a day. That's how much time people spend with their families. If you sleep eight hours a day, that's three months of the year, you have not seen your children, sorry, four months of the year, you have not seen your children, that's just sleeping, and you have not seen them. And then if you work eight hours a day, that's another four months of the year, so eight months, and you have not seen your children yet. And then you take the time for doing this reading the paper you are on the phone. So they say the average time is about 17 minutes a day that people spend with their family. So remember, that the best things in life are not things. So as a parent, make sure that you

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distinguish that your role is not a facilitator. But rather your role is really a parent, because sometimes we care of having the best education for our kids, Mashallah. That's excellent. Having the best clothing, the best food, the best shelter. Now, that's all beautiful. But that is part of parenting. It's not all of parenting. And what happens is that, if that is your role, then you're just limiting your role to being a facilitator. And at that point, anybody can replace you. But there are certain things that only parents can do. And you should not let anyone else do these things for you, especially if you are if you are in pursuance of only things. That's number one, the

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best things in life are not things.

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Number two, the best things in life are simple things. If we're going to talk about things, it's the simple things, meaning that it is the time that you spend with your family. It is the meal that you share with friends. It's the gathering that you have with your neighbors. These are the simple things in life, that if you truly reflect on them, they will make life more more meaningful. So that's where we need to spend

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our life simple things that people overlook. That's why I say enjoy simple things in life. Sometimes we overlook our health. Sometimes we overlook our families. We

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overlook these things and we take them for granted and we do not enjoy them. Another point also to remember is let's not cry over yesterday. These people you know this tragedy again, just a reminder that any day could be your last day. So it says, Do not cry over yesterday and do not worry about tomorrow.