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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of health and free time for good deeds in Islam is discussed, including the four types of risk and the importance of prioritizing one's health and free time for doing good deeds. The importance of praying for one's health and keeping busy schedules is emphasized, as it is crucial for spiritual development and growth. The importance of finding ways to make time for work and personal growth is also emphasized, and the importance of prioritizing personal growth and maintaining family ties is emphasized. The need for efficiency and continuous learning is emphasized, and the importance of finding ways to make work harder and faster is emphasized.
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please note that the following program is a recording Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you listening to radio Island sir. Coming to you live from the new studio in Durban I'm your host is getting ready for leaving Islam before we begin a quick apology, our previous show which was supposed to end at 8:30pm the workshop with Clint lebrun was unable to be here today due to technical issues. We apologize for that. And Clint will be back next week. Tuesday, same time at 8:30pm right here on radio and stuff. We apologize for any inconvenience caused all the fans of the workshop. Now this is loving Islam. I'm your host smile calm there we go into the Hadees that can

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assist us in personal development. And the Hadees that we began discussing last week is the Hadees about time management. Just a recap for those who missed last week's show. We were speaking about hedis number eight from my book 10 self help tips from 10 authentic ideas and I said this ebook is available as a free download from my website, Islamic self you can download for free and follow along the headings which we began discussing last week is Holly's number eight in this book, which goes as follows that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated they are two blessings for which people lose health and free time for doing good deeds. We say that this Hadees

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focuses on two forms of risk, two forms of sustenance, which many people take for granted our health and our free time. Both of these are necessary resources for doing good deeds, it is very difficult to do good deeds, if you do not have good health, it is equally difficult to do good deeds if you do not have any free time. Yet, these are the two things that most people take for granted. And many people don't appreciate their health or free time until it is too late. So the best way to utilize your health and your free time is to use it in doing things which are beneficial. And we spoke quite a bit of details last week about the health perspective the importance of health in Islam and how to

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manage your health. We mentioned a few other health reasons related to the topic just to recap those reasons. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated, take benefits of five before five, your youth before old age, your health before sickness, your wealth before poverty, your free time before you are too busy, and your life before your death. Very powerful Hadees in which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes to us four types of risk four types of sustenance which we have in this world, which we need to take advantage of and use for good. That is our youth, our health, our wealth, our free time and life in general. Now, continuing this week on what we began

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discussing, we were speaking in the pre in the final segment of last week's episode about the importance of prioritizing your time, you said that in life, there are things which are important, but very often the things which are important, they tend to get neglected. Because we are too focused on that which is directly in front of us. We focused on answering the phone, we focused on sending an SMS, we focus on checking the Facebook notification on answering your WhatsApp message. And we ended up not focusing on that which is important. So continuing on from there. The next question that comes to the mind of the listener is how do I know? What should be my priorities in

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life? And to answer this question, I'm going to discuss the chapter in my book, The getting the Baraka and Islamic guide to time management. This book is available at the Orleans our bookstore for purchase. It's also available as a purchase download from my website, Islamic self And the third chapter of this book is re evaluating your priorities. And in this chapter, I discussed what should be the priorities of the believer and have divided by priorities into five categories. And we will try to cover all five categories in today's episode. So we're going to speak about what should be your religious priorities, your career priorities, your family priorities, your social

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priorities, and finally your personal priority. So we're going to speak about five things religion, career, family, society and your personal life in each of these five compartments of your life. What should you prioritize? That is the question that we're going to look at in this week's episode as we continue our discussion on time management in Islam. Now we're going to speak about your religious priorities first. Why

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First, because this is to the believer, the most important part of our life as Muslims who are living Islam, that which Allah has made a priority for us. Those are things which we should always treat as important. No matter what else is going on in our life, these things should be a priority. And in my book, I list four religious priorities that every Muslim should focus on every day. The first and the most important, right this is something which no Muslim should ever miss on any day of their life. Nothing is more important than this. The five daily follow the five daily solar is crucial, it is the second pillar of Islam. It is our connection with our Creator. We learn

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discipline and concentration through praying the five daily Salah it is the single most important act of worship in the life of the believer. So, the five daily solar should be a priority. Now, if you remember last week, when we spoke about urgent versus important, these follow up will be categorized as things which are both urgent and important. this past Saturday, I was teaching a time management workshop for the youth. And they actually brought this up without asking him for examples of things which are both urgent and important. Some of the youngsters said sola it is urgent because you have to trade right now in its time, otherwise it will become caught up and it is important

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because it is the second pillar of Islam. Therefore, as a believer, nothing should come before solid if it is solid time, everything else should be put aside and one should pray Allah This is a priority in the life of any Muslim anyone who believes in Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will not prioritize work over Salah will not prioritize gains over Salah will not prioritize television over Salah de Sala, who should be in the must be in the life of every believer, your number one priority. Now, the other religious priorities which I mentioned are things which many people neglect starting with number two, reciting Quran on a daily basis. Right? It's not

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obligatory to it's not obligatory to recycle on a daily basis, but it is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his Sahaba they would recite Quran every day. And they would look at it as something wrong if somebody was not doing so. Because the Quran is your daily connection to Allah is Allah speaking to you? It is color Mala. reciting Quran reminds us of our priorities and responsibilities in life. It increases our faith, it relaxes our hearts and minds. And it brings attention to the blessings that Allah has given us. Now this can only occur when you are reciting with understanding. So I would say that on a daily basis, you should treat it as important to recite

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Quran with understanding, even if it is just for five or 10 minutes a day, even if it means just after fudger or whatever or Asia, we take out the Quran, recite a few verses, you look at the translation, and you reflect on the meaning in your life. This is important. It's important for your spiritual development. It's important for keeping hope in the mercy of Allah is important for staying on the straight path. And it is important for finding guidance in times of darkness. So reciting Quran on a daily basis should be a priority in the life of every believer.

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The third priority when we talk about religious priorities for every Muslim, the third priority that we want to mention, is studying Islam. Now you might say but I know how to pray I know what to fast that's that's all that's needed of me and in reality, no, it's not. Because in life, there are so many things that we do wrong, that we don't even realize is wrong. There's so much haram that goes on in our lives. And we make the excuse that we are ignorant. But you get ignorance was brought upon yourself by yourself without any excuses, then you are sinful for it.

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You cannot keep yourself ignorant. You need to learn the deen at least that which applies to your life. You need to know about everything in your life which is halali which is hard on your business, your profession, your occupation. You need to understand the halal and haram related to that.

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Your personal life you need to understand how Allah and haram related to that and for

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Your own growth as a believer to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to live a more fulfilling life, you need to be constantly increasing your knowledge of Islam.

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So how can you do this? Well, you could enroll in any classes or courses exist in your community. So go to the local mastery, the local Islamic Center, the local community center, see what Islamic classes are occurring there, perhaps is a weekly topspeed class, perhaps a weekly Arabic class, a weekly free class, whatever it is, if it is taught, and it's authentic, and you know, the teacher is teaching it properly, and it's something that's going to benefit you make time for it. Now, you may see I don't have time, I'm telling you to make time. Why? Because this is a priority. The whole idea of learning priorities is to learn what we should make time for. And really, for anybody can see I

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don't have time. But if something is important, you will make time for it. So seek out sources of learning. If you cannot find courses in your community, go online. There are many online Institute's that teach Islam where you can study anywhere in the world. Get yourself a good teacher and a good syllabus and learn the deen slowly, one verse at a time one Hadees at a time, grow in your knowledge and you will grow closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. What the vinyl religious priority that a believer needs to focus on every day is actually something that we will discuss in the other categories and that is your responsibilities towards Allah creation. Praying five times a day and

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reciting Quran is part of your connection with Allah. But also it is a priority that we maintain our obligations towards the creation of Allah. And this is why I have given as two separate sections that we will discuss our family priorities and our social responsibilities. So this is our priorities when it comes to the deen as Muslims. Nothing is more important than praying five times a day. So we'll talk about effective time management that begins by establishing the five daily prayer on time. Because if you're not going to do that, but we're going to be good in our time management with every other aspect of our life. What's that saying about us? What's the saying about Salah?

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What's it saying about how important between Allah and sola? What does it say about us? It shows that everything else is more important to us than Allah. Now, how will the answer to that answer forget on the last day. So this is something we all need to think about. So for the first segment of today's program, we spoke about our religious priorities that we need to pray five times a day, we need to recycle art and study the deen and fulfill our obligations towards a large creation. That's our family and society. We need to be doing these things every day. These are important. These are things we need to make time for. These are things that should be priorities in our life. We're going

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to take our first break now when we return, we will continue talking about our priorities. But in the second segment we will look at what should be our priorities when it comes to our work and career. So don't go away. We'll be right back after this break. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you listening to radio silence

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this is living Islam and I am your host is Brian calm coming to you live from the new Durban studios. And we are talking this week about time management from an Islamic perspective. What should be your priorities in life? What should be your main focus what is important in your life and we began by looking at the most important aspect of our life, our spirituality, our religion, we spoke about the importance of praying five times a day reciting Quran and studying the deen. As promised in the second segment, we will move on to look at a different aspect of our lives from a time management perspective. And that is your work life. So whatever job you are involved, whatever

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occupation you have, the three points that have to make about time management, when it comes to work can apply to you no matter what profession you have. And I'm going to speak about three things here. The first is the importance of focusing on our short term tasks. The second is the importance of making time for our long term tasks. And the third is the importance of making time for personal and professional development. So we're going to discuss each of these three in a matter of in the context of time management, that we must make time during our work hours for everything that's important. Now, when it comes to your work in general, you will find that these two types of

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important things in me comes to work. They are those things which are both urgent and important. Those are things that you have to do today and you have to get it done. And you have to

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and you know you're not allowed to delayed by for tomorrow or for the next day. It has to be done in a specific amount of time. So this is something that is urgent and important. We call these the short term

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tasks. The other things which you've been given time for, right, your boss wants the project done within one month, they want a report already within two weeks, these kinds of things we call the long term tasks. Now, this is also important for many people, they fail to do this. So what you need to do, whatever work you are doing, you need to look at it and divide it into two things. The short term and the long term, as far as the short term are concerned things which need to get done today, on the spot, you need to find ways to get it done, using as little time as possible, while still maintaining a high standard, while still doing a high quality job. So this means that whatever you

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do, whatever short term task, you have to do, find the most efficient way to do it. And really, this is where many people waste time, they will take 15 minutes to reply to an email, that will take actually two minutes to reply to, or they would spend half an hour on the phone with a customer whom five minutes would have sufficed to solve the problem. Or they may take, you know, a bit too much time writing out something which should take half the time. So you need to be efficient, you need to take a look. And you say okay, these are all the urgent tasks when it comes to work. And they are taking up a lot of my time, how can I maintain high quality and still get it done faster. And I

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guarantee you there are ways to do it. Because very often, we just haven't thought about it. Very often, we have just, you know, going through life and just doing things without thinking of better ways to do it, just going with the flow. So when you come to your short term tasks at work, whether it's a phone call, you need to answer with the email, you need to reply to visit something you need to get sold in the next half an hour or next one hour. These kind of things, you need to find ways to do it efficiently. And there are many ways to be efficient at your job. So for example, if your work involves using a computer, then I would highly recommend that you study the shortcut keys on

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your computer, the shortcut keys, many people are not even aware that these keys exists. And so they may take a long time to do something that can be done in a much faster time. For example, many people when they're writing out a document or Microsoft Word, if they make a mistake, you know, they go to the top menu, they scroll to the top menu, they look for the undo button, and they click it. Now, in reality, if you made a mistake while typing, all you have to do is hold down the control button and press z. And to undo your mistake. Literally what would have taken you 45 seconds before would take you two seconds once you've learned the shortcut key. Now, do you know how many minutes

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in a day you save by just learning one shortcut key. Likewise, your keyboard has shortcut keys for copying, pasting, undoing,

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cutting and making things bold and many other things, you just need to learn it. And you will find yourself working much faster. So this is the first thing if you want to get your job done faster, you need to figure out how can I do this faster without decreasing the quality. So find the shortcuts, which do not decrease quality. Likewise, if you are driving part of your work is driving, and you normally take a certain route to work, figure out a shorter route, there may be a much shorter route to get to your destination that you just never thought about. So do you see if you do these kinds of things, you will find that these short term tasks which are generally taking up a lot

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of your time, you can actually get him out of the way very, very quickly. And then you will have time to deal with what's really important. The long term tasks, there's two more things you can do when it comes to the short term tasks to make sure that they are done as little time as possible, is it if you are in the position to delegate it to others, and you can also do a decent job of it, then go ahead and delegate it. And you know, for me, this is something which has really helped me in life in so many ways. There are so many aspects to my work which I've delegated to others. And people ask me, How do you manage to do so many things every day. And reality is I'm not doing it alone. You

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know, I've given different jobs to different people delegated things to volunteers for family members for people that I'm paying. And in that way, I'm able to get more done in a day than others due to the power of delegation. Now, of course, when it comes to delegation, you can't just give a task to anybody. It needs to be given to someone who is competent at whatever it is that you want them to do, because you don't want them to do a shoddy job, you want them to do a good job, right? So I would generally delegate in one of two situations, if somebody else can do just as good a job as me and I need to use my time for something else and I will delegate it. More importantly, if

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somebody else can do it.

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better job than me. And it requires you ability to figure out when somebody can do a better job than you. But if somebody can do a better job than you at something, you should delegate it to them, even if it means you need to pay them for it. So for example, I'm not good at graphics designing. So I don't do my own graphics designing, I hire other people to do that for me. Why? Because the better than me at it. So instead of me struggling and taking a few hours, to come up with something that doesn't look nice, why not just pay somebody else to do a better job, right. So this is something else that can help you to get through your day, find things that can be delegated to others, and

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delegate it to the appropriate people. Now in the modern world, we have something even more interesting than delegation when it comes to time management. And that is automation. This is such a powerful thing of the modern world that so many people just aren't clued up on. The computers that we have today are capable of doing amazing things. And when you go and you study, the amount of things that can be automated, that can be done automatically, it will really blow your mind, at the level of tasks that you can just hand over to your computer. And it basically, the computer takes over and does the work for you. It's amazing. And even in my work life, you know, there's so many

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aspects of my job and my business, which are completely automated. In fact, I would say my entire business, for the most part is automated.

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I have a website, and people purchase my ebooks from the website, they patron or through PayPal, or to the credit card. And as soon as it's paid, the book is immediately emailed to them. And they are added to my subscription subscription list. And then from there, a series of emails are sent to them over the next few weeks. And I don't do a single thing. All of these things that I just mentioned are done by the computer. It's all automated, utilizing time management, just how powerful automation can be. And in my workplace, this is basically a saying that my boss always says, He says, if you can be automated, why are you doing it, get the IT team to figure out a way to automate

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it, and hand it over to your computer. And this has been something that we've been using in our workplace for the past six years, you know, many, many tasks that I've had to work on 26 years ago, to complete it as for us now, because of this motto, that we can be automated, figure out how to do it and get a computer to do it for you. So this is one way to make your life easier, right or other, these are two ways to make your life easier. The first is to delegate tasks to those people who are more qualified to do it, then you organize to as good a job as you so you free up time to do other tasks in your life. And the second thing is that if it's something the computer can do, if it's

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something that can be automated, why do we have people doing it? You know, what, why do you do it yourself when a computer can do it for you. So in your work, I figured out things that you can actually program the computer to do for you. And just let the computer take over. And you will find yourself with so much time to do other things. Because you now have an automated system completely running and you know, hungry like this and help me a book, my work and my business and even my personal life. And so these are things you need to look into if you want to become efficient at time management. So those are the short term tasks when it comes to work. Now More importantly, at work,

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many people tend to neglect the long term, long term tasks, things which have deadlines, which are two months away, or one month away. People tend to procrastinate until it's too late to do a good job, either end up missing the deadline or doing shoddy work. Now, really, this is where time management really comes in. And if you're able to manage your time when it comes to these long term tasks, you will greatly reduce your stress reduce your anxiety, you will produce better results. And you will, you know get things done ahead of schedule. So what can be done. When it comes to time management, what can be done about your long term tasks. Let me just give you some examples. If your

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boss has given you a deadline, two months from now, to write a report, or to produce a certain project or to make a certain product and you have two months to do it. Now, the procrastinators, they would leave it until there's a week or a day left before the deadline, and they will do a rush job. Now you as someone who is serious about time management, you're not going to do that. You're going to treat it as important from today. If the deadline is the 30th of May, you know it's important to you from the first of March. And you want to figure out a way where you just have to do a little bit of work every day. And it will be done with a very high quality long before the

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deadline. How well think about it. If you procrastinate, you end up sitting one night and doing it and it takes you about five hours right? What did you put in 15 minutes every day starting today. Those five

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Ours would be done within a few weeks. And you most likely would complete the project a month ahead of time, with a much better quality result. And of course, you know, when it comes to work, if someone is doing that if someone is producing better results, if somebody is producing new the worker on time or faster, then that means that you're going to go up in Sharla, and you're going to get promotions, or you're going to get a better job, or you're going to have better reputation. All of this is good for you in the workplace with under the law. So this is things to think about that when it comes to your long term tasks, the best way to manage your time is to chunk it, to break it

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down into smaller pieces. And to focus on one piece every day. For example, a friend of mine wanted me to edit one of his books. Now I have a really busy schedule. But for for the sake of our friendship, I mean, I need time to edit his book, which 250 pages, how to make time to edit the 250 page book, easy. Just take out time every day to edit 10 pages. Within 25 days, his book is edited and ready. You see this is the this is the power of chunking something of breaking it down into manageable pieces that you can do things that you never thought you could do before. For example, some people take a look at the reading a book to see Oh, this book is 800 pages, I'll never be able

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to read it. But hang on. What about if you just read 10 pages a day, you'll be done 80 days. If you read 20 pages a day, the book will be finished in 40 days, if you read 40 pages a day to finish his book in under a month. So it's not impossible. It's very much possible, you just need to break it down into manageable pieces. And this is really what time management is all about finding ways to get things done most effectively. So we need to take our second break now. And when we return we'll continue speaking about work priorities, and then we'll move on to talk about family priorities as well as it is mentioned in my book getting the Baraka and Islamic guide to time management available

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as book in the bookstore, as well as online on my website, Islamic self so don't go away. We'll be right back after this break with Part Three on this episode about Pilates.

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imagine you'll meet you I do have a demo

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show scene which means either out in the previous edition of the hearts daily program for Monday to Friday, prepaid and presented by brother who's seen Wadi only on radio.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu you listening to the living Islam on radio and Sir, I'm your host, Ismail Khan coming to you live from our new studios in Durban. And we are talking about time management from an Islamic perspective, taken from my book getting the Baraka and Islamic guide to time management available at the bookstore, as well as for download from my website, Islamic self And we are talking before the break about career priorities that in your workplace. You know, we spoke about how to get your short term tasks done in the fastest way possible. And they were talking about long term tasks and how to make them manageable. The third thing to keep in mind

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when it comes to work. And this is something that a lot of people neglect, except those who rarely get ahead in the workplace. And that is personal and professional development that you need to focus every day on becoming a better professional for becoming an expert in your field. And this is not going to come from you just doing your work is not going to come from you just doing adequate work.

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It means that you need to go above and beyond, it means that you need to be attending seminars, you need to be reading books, you need to be reading articles, you need to be checking out the latest research, you need to be talking and meeting with and getting acquainted with the leaders in your field. It means that you need to take mentors and spend time learning from the experience. You see in life. When you go and you look at different businesses and professions, you get two types of people, you get those who just coast by, you know, they just do the basics, and they carry on. And you know, they wonder why they're not getting a promotion, why they're not getting bigger

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opportunities. On the other hand, you have those people who treat their personal growth as important. So every day they take time to read, they take time to research, they take time to study, so they are growing. So if you've got two graduates from the same university, but one has never opened the book since graduating, but the other one is studying daily, and E learning daily, who do you think is going to be the more valuable employee within three or four years, so you as the person listening to this whatever field or profession you are in, my advice to you if you want to get ahead in your field is to never stop learning. Understand that in almost any field of worldly knowledge,

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whatever you've learned today becomes outdated within five years. So you need to be constantly learning and constantly researching to be up to date with the latest knowledge and the latest trends, and the latest tactics or tips in your field. So this is what I wanted to speak about when it comes to prioritizing in your work that at work, you need to make time for your short term tasks, time for your long term tasks, and even time for professional development. If you can make time for these three things every day, you will get ahead in the workplace insha Allah, Allah will help you to reach higher levels. So we spoke in the first part about our religious priorities, praying five

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times a day reciting Quran and studying Islam. In the second segment, we spoke about our career priorities, which is short term tasks, long term tasks, and personal professional development. The third area of our lives, we need to prioritize and make time for every single day is our family. And particularly for types of family members, you should be making time for your spouse, your kids, your parents, and your siblings. These are

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the most important people in your life. And very often, we get so caught up with work and with our personal lives that the people who we end up neglecting first and foremost are are those who are closest to us. So really starting off with your spouse, your husband or wife, no matter how busy or stressful Your life is. Try to make time for them every day.

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Try to make time for them every day. From a time management perspective. One of the things which I always recommend to couples to help them to make time for themselves every day is to have a bid time for your children, even children are young enough for you to still intimate a bit time, have a bit time for your kids tell them they need to be in bed by eight, why. But if your kids have a bedtime, then every day after eight, you and your spouse have personal time just for the two of you, without any kids to disturb you. So try to implement a bedtime from as young as possible. Once the child is able to sleep throughout the night, within six months, one year, whatever it is, get the child

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accustomed to a bedtime from that age. And you will find that you will have time for your spouse. Now what happens with many families is that once kids come into play, you know the parents let the kids sleep whatever time they want. And many of the kids only sleep 10 or 11 o'clock, and the parents tend to fall asleep at the same time or before them. And then as the years go by like that, the husband and wife begin to drift apart, because they no longer spending quality time together, their mother and father 24. Seven, they don't get time to be husband and wife. And as a result, the marriage starts to become constraint. So the easiest way to avoid this is to have a bedtime for your

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kids. If your kids have a bedtime every day, you know, after that time, you and your spouse have time for each other, just time for each other to be husband and wife and not have to worry about being parents for a few hours. So this is something very important from a time management perspective to help you to make time for your spouse. Now of course, besides making time for your spouse, you also need to make time for your children. And again many people they don't make time for their children, you know the things you can distract your kids with games and with TV and with gadgets. And that that's fine, because the child's out of the head. But Allah didn't give you a

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

child for you to keep the child out of your head or give you a child for you to raise the child to be a leader of this oma and if you're just ignoring the child and just giving him other things to to raise him instead. You are not going to have a good relationship with your child when he gets older. understand something we didn't spend time with you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

A child when he's young, he's not going to want to spend time with you when he gets older. In order for that bond to be there, it needs to be created from a very young age of fathers, especially in your family law, most mothers spend a lot of time with your children. But fathers especially make time for your kids every day, even if it's just hopping out to sit and play with them, or talk to them, or chat to them about a day, whatever it is, purchase quality time, and read for them a bedtime story, there's more of spirit, play some games with some of the bigger play some sports with them in the garden, or whatever it is just so that they have the quality time with your father, so

00:35:38 --> 00:36:14

that the bond is there. That bond is what's going to matter when you get older. Because if it's never the if you're never there for the futures, working, and hanging out with your friends and never at home, then when your kids are older, they're going to be hanging out to their friends, and they're never going to be there for you. Because that's what they learned from you. They learned from your example. So the parents out there. From a time management perspective, your kids are important. Make time for them everyday. Don't say you don't have time, make the time, the third members of our family who we should be making time for even if you are married, even if you are

00:36:14 --> 00:36:54

parents, even if you are grandparents, you should still be making time for your parents. Now, I'm not saying that you need to live with them. And you need to be with them 24 hours a day, no. But for them, visit them once a week. Ask them Do you need anything, you know, have conversations in daily, make sure they're okay, make sure they're happy. be there for them. I'm not saying that. You have to be living with your parents, and you have to be with him all the time. No, of course mates. In the modern world, people have different homes that people need their space. But don't cut your parents out of your life. At least phoned him every day. And or send them a message. You know, if you always

00:36:54 --> 00:37:30

ask them how they are, to let them know that they loved to let them know that you're there for them. If they ask you for something, help them with it, make time to help them. Treat it as a priority treated as important, along with rewards reward you for this, that you took out the time you were busy with work, but you took your time to do something which was important for your parents. This is something which is what Allah will reward you for. And understand that your parents when you were a kid, they made time for you. And even if they did, I know some people can see but my parents, they will make time for you. Okay, even if they didn't, there was a mistake. You don't have to repeat it,

00:37:30 --> 00:38:06

you still make time for them, you still make time for them. Because that's the right thing to do. So your parents with is visiting them once a week, phoning him every day, whatever it is, make sure that they are an important part of your life. And they feel important and they feel loved. The fourth type of family member that we should be making time for often is our brothers and sisters. And now of course when we are kids, you know we so close to our brothers and sisters and be with them all the time. And we hanging out. And as you get older, and each of y'all get married and move to different cities and move into their own homes have their own businesses, their families, many

00:38:06 --> 00:38:33

siblings stripped apart. And as Muslims, we must maintain family ties. So even if it's just messaging them know, staying connected via Facebook, you know, via WhatsApp, having family gatherings once a month or once a week. But just being connected and knowing that the love is still there. Knowing that you can still count on each other when you need each other. That's what's most important. Now, of course, you know in the modern world, it's not possible to make time for your siblings everyday when you've got work, you've got

00:38:34 --> 00:39:07

the dean to take care of you got work to take care of you got your wife, you got your kids, you have your parents, so to make time for your brothers and sisters, and they also got their own kids and their own parents everyday. That's not practical. But you need to at least maintain a relationship with them, where they know that you love them and they love you and will always be there for each other when you need each other. That level of relationship needs to be there. And you have to treat it as important even if it means sending them a message every few days to ask how they are and how the week is going and if they need anything to be there for your siblings is very important. So this

00:39:07 --> 00:39:33

is the family and these are the different aspects of the family where we need to prioritize in our lives. Part of Time management is making time for what is important. Your spouse, your kids, your siblings, your parents, they are all important. Make time for them. We need to take our final break now. When we return we will talk about the remaining two areas of prioritization which is regarding society and your personal life. Don't go away. We'll be right back after this break.

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