Kamil Ahmad – Khutbah Sept 20

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The upcoming battle between Islam and Muslims is over Insurance, with false accusations and intentions focused on pushing young people into a culture that doesn't fit with Islam. It's crucial for young people to ingrain Eman in their hearts and avoid distraction from the message. It's important for responsibility and feeling a sense of responsibility to address accusations against Islam, as young people face struggles with protecting their safety and family's. It's important to uphold the name Islam and preserving the deification of Islam, leading to the loss of people in their generation.
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in Alhamdulillah

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Muhammad who are you who want to steal a funeral?

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When who do bIllahi min Shu Rudy and fusina women say ye Tiana Lena

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mija de la who Fela

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women you boo lil who fell?

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Wash her do Allah Isla her Lola who had a hula Cherie Keller wash your hair do a number Hamedan do who Rasulullah sallallahu early he was early he was Herbie he women 37 in Isla Yomi Diem. Yeah you hear Latina man otaku? La haka to karate Wallah.

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To mostly Moon Yeah, are you Hello Adina am an otaku. Hola, hello Kulu Colin said EDA. You'll slip lecom

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way overfill lecom DUNU Beckham, warming up are illa huwa rasool Allah Who cerca de further frozen Halima, and

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my dear brothers and sisters in every single age, and in every single era,

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the battle between truth and falsehood, it comes in different forms.

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And so if the battle in the past

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was between the prophets and their people

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over the false gods that they used to worship,

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then the battle in our times, is over destructive ideologies, that the enemies of Islam

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are spreading, to try to win over the minds and the hearts of Muslims.

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And the whole purpose, the whole goal of that

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to make Muslims and the coming generations to abandon their beliefs

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in order to make them

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to have Muslim names without a Muslim identity.

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And so this battle for the hearts and minds represents the battle between truth and falsehood today, between good and evil.

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That's because the enemies of Islam

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from a very, very long time ago, realized that they can never defeat Islam and Muslims.

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Militarily alone,

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but rather,

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the only way to defeat them is by extinguishing the light of Islam in their hearts.

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And that's why whenever they colonized a Muslim nation, they failed miserably until they went over their hearts and minds.

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But until they went over their hearts and minds, the battle continued. And the battle continues in many Muslim in many places in the Muslim world today, where the Muslims have not

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been defeated

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in terms of their hearts and minds.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters,

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they conspired and they plotted against Islam

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through many different ways,

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spreading doubts in the hearts of Muslims,

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spreading allegations about Islam.

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And so what were the results?

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There are many results but if we were to only analyze

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what is happening today in our Muslim communities, without going too far

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We realize

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that the major result is that the next generation,

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our young ones,

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are questioning the very fundamentals of Islam.

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Many of them are doubting and questioning their deen and many others have oh, right apostatized and left Islam.

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And so some of us have children.

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Some of us have youth who are suffering, and have become victim to this battle, this intellectual battle.

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Many of them may be coming to you, and questioning the very existence of Allah subhanahu wa taala something so fundamental as that others may be questioning the truth of Islam, wondering, is Islam really the truth? Does it really provide the best way for humanity? Others, if they are not questioning, they are adopting a secular worldview, where they are trying to keep their Deen on one side on the backside, and trying to live a life in this society that has nothing to do with Islam. Others you see their adherence, their religious adherence minimizing. And so you find them weakening in their religious adherence. And if none of that is happening, then the least is that they are

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leaving, and going away with a defeatist mentality. They are seeing all of these attacks and allegations against Islam, and they don't see any response to it.

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And so they feel weakened, and they have this defeatist mentality. My dear brothers and sisters, this is a threat that our young ones face every single day. How can we combat this threat, this rising threat that we face and our young ones face?

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Firstly, we have to acknowledge and realize the magnitude of this battle. And the magnitude of this challenge. Some of us consider it to be insignificant. We say it's not a big deal. Our kids are Muslims. They're gonna grow up as Muslims. And there's no real threat out there.

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But if you go there with them,

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and you have a discussion with them, you find that these are major issues, major questions on their minds, that they don't have anyone to talk to about,

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that they don't have any response to. And so the threat is a real threat.

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After that,

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the most important way to combat this battle is

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by giving importance to prevention

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before the cure,

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making sure that our young ones

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don't end up at that level.

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Until we have to try to cure them, but rather starting from a very young age, making sure that we have fortified them making sure that we have prevented this disease from entering their hearts. And that is why

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the most important action to take is why ingraining Eman in their hearts ingraining Eman in their hearts and their souls

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not just by teaching them the fundamentals of al Qaeda.

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But making sure that Eman is ingrained ingrained in their hearts. What do I mean by that?

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The Sahabi Abdullah bin June rather June Dubin, Abdullah Roby Allahu Allah.

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He says

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that we used to be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we were strong young men.

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We were young, we were teenagers, we were youth. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us Eman before he taught us the Quran. Then we learned the Quran. And that made us

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to strengthen the Eman that was there in our hearts. And so it's not just dictation dictating information, teaching them that

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That's good. But more important than that is to ingrain Eman in their hearts. Such that when those don't start to appear, they're ready. They're fortified.

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And they don't have to move on to the next level, which is to cure the problem to cure those doubts after they have rested in their hearts. And if we were to examine the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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we find the same thing.

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And this was not only with him, but with respect to all the prophets and messengers. They were sent, first and foremost, to correct the beliefs in the hearts to ingrain Eman and al Qaeda in the hearts. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spent 13 years in Mecca doing this alone.

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Before the rulings the legislations of Islam. The most important thing that he stressed was this battle between Tawheed and ship between Cooper and Eman making the hearts and the souls strong with that Eman in their hearts. Then when he moved to Medina, yes, the legislations came one after the other. But we find that even in Medina,

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the legislations were not related only to the outward practice. But again, there was emphasis on Eman and what we believe in. And so there was the dialogue and the debates between the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and Al Kitab,

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the Jews and the Christians.

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And there was also the hypocrites, and how to refute them, and their allegations, and so on, and so forth.

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After that,

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among the ways to combat

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this intellectual battle that we face today

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is by responding

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to the doubts

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and the objections that our youth come across, by not remaining silent, by not trying to shut them up. But rather by addressing them

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by addressing them with knowledge

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with constructive criticism,

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so that these doubts are removed from their hearts.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters,

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if we don't address these doubts, then it is feared that the next generation

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will have

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an Islam with a name. But without that belief in their hearts, that this is actually the truth.

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And finally, among the ways of conducting this battle that we face.

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And perhaps one of the most important is

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that we need to feel a sense of responsibility.

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A sense of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of especially our parents.

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Long gone are the days of being passive

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of brushing aside

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these dangers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed a huge burden and responsibility on our shoulders, especially in this part of the world where we live in where we face a different kind of challenge.

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Yeah, are you ready to go and full circle, Polycom. Nowra. Are you who believe

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protect yourselves and your families from a fire? Well who do her nurse who will say Jarrod a Fire whose wood is made

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of men and stones. The responsibility is huge. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaking of this responsibility, he addressed us. He addressed each and every single individual who has that responsibility on your shoulders

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Kulu Kamara in what can LUCAM must all know

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that every single one of you

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has a responsibility and you will be asked about that responsibility

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for fell e ma ma Allah nursing

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bra in almost all on camera yet.

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And so the Muslim leader over there

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People he is responsible, he has a responsibility and he will be questioned about that responsibility.

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What Rajan

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brought in Allah Lee Beatty, almost all on camera.

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And the man is responsible for over

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those in his household, and he will be asked about his responsibility. Not only that, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also addressing our women. He said, Well, Mara to Raha we must all attune to hon.

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Lee Beatty's oh gee ha, well, Edie

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that a woman is also responsible. She is responsible over

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her husband's house and over his children. And so each and every single parent, mother and father has a huge responsibility, and we will be questioned about that responsibility before Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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And so now is a time to be proactive, not the time to be passive. And brush this aside. The threat is huge. It is a matter of Eman and Coover, where many among our Muslim youth are leaving Islam in droves.

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Barack Allah BarakAllahu li Walakum filled Quran Al Halim whenever Annie B Murphy he means it with the krill Hakeem a cool Luca we had our stuff here Allah Hi Lea welcome. Well, he says it is a misdemeanor I mean could lead them in Wahhabi festival of Hebrew in no one can have a thorough Tubu Eli he Nankana to Web.

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Alhamdulillah hirable Alameen

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wa kiba to live with takim what are they wanna Illa Allah volley mean? What I shall do Allah Illa Illa Allah who the who last Sherry Keller, what I should do and Mohammed and Abdu, who were rasuluh the artha Allahu Rahmatullah lil al Amin. Had he in one Weaver she run one of the RA below her rissalah Were at Del Mar Anna, when also held on for Jessa hula who are your managers and OB Yun and O Matic. Salah Tula he was Allahu alayhi wa Sahaba t he were early Beatty he what the arena woman Toby I wouldn't be certain Isla Yomi Diem a bad for toquilla How are you bad Allah? What else really who that Baba Unicom, we're okay you're Allah wa Rasulullah who include me in in my dear brothers

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and sisters.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has taken responsibility

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of protecting this deem upon himself.

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It is a responsibility that he has taken upon Himself

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in Nunez Zilla, Decra, were in the hula, half you own

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that we have revealed the Quran and it is we who will preserve it.

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This Deen will never become lost.

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It will never go away.

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Allah Himself has protected it. There's no fear for Islam vanishing, or for it to become distorted. Like what happened to the religions of the past.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has protected it. William karuna, William Carolla, who Allah who will knock it in, that they plot against it against Islam, and against the Muslims, and Allah to plans and plots and He is the Best of those who plots.

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My dear brothers and sisters, Islam was challenged in the past as well.

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In the very days of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Even in those days, it was feared by him and the companions

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that Islam would not last.

00:19:54 --> 00:19:59

But Allah subhanahu wa Tada, comforted him and promised him

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In Al Anon so Rasul Luna in Allah Nam Surah Ruth who Lana will Latina and will fill hayati. Dunya that we will give victory to our messengers and those who believe in this dunya

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while Akkad Saba cut Kelly met who nearly died in L Mursaleen. In our home Lahu Moolman saw room we're in June Danna Leung will Holly Boone

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the our promise is that we will give victory to our messengers. Our troops will be victorious whether they like it or not. Whether the enemies of Islam those who plan and plot against Islam, whether they like it or not, you read una and youth Fionnula he be FYE him well, yeah, Allahu Allah ut menorah who? Well Oh Carrie Helmer should be cool.

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They want the light of Allah subhanahu wa taala to become extinguished, but Allah refuses he will never let it happen. Rather he will only strengthen his light. Well Oh Carrie Helmsley cool even if the mushy Khun dislike it who Allah the out of Salah Rasulullah who will who there was an email Huck rijo Hira who Aladeen equally well Oh Carrie Hello Kathy rune, He it is Who sent

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his messenger with the true guidance and the religion of truth.

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Well, oh carry health care if you rune even if the kuffaar they may dislike it. And so the fear is not for Islam. Our fear is not for the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. But rather, the fear is for us and our coming generations. Where will they be in a generation or two from now?

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Will they be

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in that caravan?

00:22:11 --> 00:22:24

of Allah's righteous slaves? Who are upholding this Deen that Allah has promised to preserve? Or will we and they be left behind?

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And then after that Allah replaces us and replaces them with another people.

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Yeah, you have ladina Amma Newman, your third domain command Dean

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for Sophia Attila who become

00:22:42 --> 00:22:45

Allah addresses us all you who believe

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whoever among you apostilles

00:22:51 --> 00:22:59

From his religion, whoever abandons and forsakes and leaves his diem for so far yet Allahu.

00:23:01 --> 00:23:04

Allah will bring in his place of people.

00:23:07 --> 00:23:08

You hit boom or you hit Boon

00:23:10 --> 00:23:12

who he loves and they love him

00:23:13 --> 00:23:56

as the Latin Halal meaning humble to the believers. Hi zetten Alka Catherine stern to the disbelievers. Yuja he do and as he said, Here, Allah, they fight in the Cause of Allah, wa Johar funa Loma Tala him, and they don't know and they do not fear the blame of those who blame. And so my dear brothers and sisters, Islam only increases it does not decrease. If one person leaves Islam it is the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will replace that one person with an entire people, an entire community, an entire nation.

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So the question is, where do we stand? And what are we doing? To uphold the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to make sure that it is upheld by our coming generations.

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I ask ALLAH SubhanA who what to Haida to preserve us to protect us and our iman and the Eman of our young ones. Allahu melphalan Muslimeen Well, mostly Matt will mean well, me not.

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What else data you need him. What had he him? sabula Salaam What do you need whom will fit and alpha fish? Navajo Rahman. Baton Allahumma ISIL Islam all mostly mean? What are the Shere Khan all Mushrikeen what? Either Okay, Dean Allahumma Surah a one Anil mustafina equally McCann, Allah Hoonah Surah Humpty Philistine on Sir Humphrey Kashmir.

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If one sort of humpy bought them out when sort of whom fee could be mechanical we are has is

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in Allaha Moodle Bill ideally will serve anywhere eater it will CORBA where you can handle Sasha you will Moon carry while building you will come into the karoun first kulula halau email Jelly Comb wash Kuru Allah He me he has it come. What are the Corolla he Cabella Allahu Allah Munna?

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