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The importance of physical and mental health is emphasized, including the need for everyone to stay physically and psychologically healthy. The health benefits of overweight eating are discussed, including weight loss and breathing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one's health and avoiding wasteful eating. The upcoming month ofFinancial is also emphasized, with emphasis on giving back and sharing money in a meaningful way. The speaker also promotes a sister community and a service agency for people seeking help finding insurance paperwork.

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MD mursaleen Shafi and Muslim vino Habib. Ameen. Mohammad in Salawat Robbie was Allahu Allahu Allah and he also has been upon hearing in Alhamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay you want to still Pharaoh who want to study when terrarium fusina was a marina de la palma de la la mejor de Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Bakr in

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La Jolla, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All praise is due to a more and more his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and we bear witness that indeed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, the best of speeches, the Book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sallallahu alaihe salam

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ala rasulillah salam, wa salam O Allah, una buena de la vida Kitab al Karim Ebony demo z netta commander Colima, St wakulla Shinobu 1234 were Appalachian Nevada larina Avenue khulumani,

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all children of Adam. Take your ornaments at the places of prayer and the cold msgid wakulla was Rubble, eat and drink. However, do not be excessive, while at a sniffle Do not be excessive and do not be wasteful.

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You know nowadays upon law, amongst all the economic challenges that people are talking about, that people are facing, there is also a lot of talk about healthcare and healthcare reform and debates about health care people holding town hall meetings about hellscape because this is important, a component of us human beings in order to function properly, we must be healthy. So the talk itself is appropriate. And the talk itself is very timely simply because people are suffering from health care and the consequences of healthcare. Now in the answer panela health care is so important. It is so important that Allah calls his own book Shiva healing has beautiful a word refers to his book, to

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his words to the Quran, as this is a book that is editing his shift.

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There is healing in it for mankind. And he was also congressmen that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would make

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Vina Ravana

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always keep us in the state of well being on all Allah iface pardon our since we come here to taraweeh and as we are in the prayer in the winter, the Imam is leading and he's making drought and most likely that drought and he's saying along the Medina vs. Marina, we're up Sorry, no, Tina Turner, or Allah has enjoyed enjoying our hearing, our sight, our strength, so long that we live. Why is this because physical health is the very first and most important component in us being in the state of well being. We need to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy, and we also need to be psychologically healthy as well. But inshallah we're going to concentrate on this one, the

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physical health

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aspect of it, you know, Subhan Allah, the very first step in attaining physical health is by watching out what it is that we put in us. What type of nutritious come into our body? And Allah subhana wa tada addresses this issue so beautifully. A lot begins by talking about kind, what kind of do you eat and what kind do you not eat? So the verse says, Yeah, you are living in

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a vacuum,

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or you believe each of the goods that we have given you. And then Allah subhanaw taala further, be specific, eat that which is halonen by Eva, eat and make sure that what you're eating is halal, meaning that we gained it through legitimate through lawful means stolen food is not halal. Food that in itself is not appropriate is not kosher for us is not good, we don't eat it. So Allah said that there are two conditions for the eat for the food to begin with to be consumed. It must be halal, where you get it from, and then the food itself must be it must be good. And it must be good for you. Because certain types of food may be halaal. But they're not good for you. If you're

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diabetic sugar is heroin, but you sugar is not good. It's not.

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So these two conditions Allah speaks about this is you must abide by these two conditions. Number one, the food must be halal. And it must be it must be good for you. The second condition Allah subhanaw taala speaks about how much the quantity that we eat. So it said you have any Adam, who's in a coma in the MSG. He said all children of Adam, take your ornaments at every mistake. Some people erroneously think that if I look really messed up, then I'm really religious. If I look like I am miskeen then I am closer to Allah subhanaw taala not the case. Rather Allah said that is not what indicates religiosity when you come to the machine, make sure you look good. You be looking

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nice, you smelling nice. You wear stuff that you would not wear anywhere else. But Subhanallah some of us would wear it into the masjid. So to begin with, Allah said, wear and wear good. And then again because erroneously some people may think that if I give up eating, if I give up drinking that will make me closer to Allah. Allah said no, this is not how you get closer to me. So Allah said kulu wash Romo. Eat and drink, however, do not be excessive, while at the same level, do not be wasteful. As we speak, my brothers and sisters, one third of adults in the US are overweight or obese.

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The estimation is that about 60 million people are overweight.

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90% of these people are overweight. Not because they have big balls like we would like to say sometimes not because you know they have thyroid problems, even though that's an issue with some people. 90% are overweight because of overeating. We overeat unbelievable how much eating we do. And Subhanallah sometimes we eat simply because we're bored. It's not. I have not yet seen people who eat because they're hungry. People eat because they're bored.

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You call up a person, what are you doing nothing. I think I'm going to make me a sandwich. Mm

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That's how people talk. Say that we're bored. Let's you know, bring in some food to this. bringing some entertainment by means of food. You go to the movies, you make sure that you have your popcorn and you have your you know your drinks with you. You watching TV. That's what we do. You get in your car in the morning, you get the coffee and the doughnuts, lunchtime you of course you've got to eat in between you have to snack because the doctor said it was good for you. So we do this, and we overeat and we even overeat a lot more when the food is free. We love free food.

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People will be full support your eating since it's free. You know these chances don't come by everyday. So we eat and we overeat. When you see people they get up and they loosen their belt and they try to push it down so that they can eat a lot more. And that is not good. It is not healthy. But yet we do this will lie I have seen people who go to the restaurant and all you can eat restaurant, they come back and the first thing they do is they open the fridge or you just ate and you ate from an all you can eat place you come in and the very first thing that you do is you open the fridge. Watch kids as they're watching TV. Between commercials the first commercial they run and

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they get their Sunday and then the second commercials, the chips and then the third commercials, the cookies and then the fourth commercial they just go

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in the fridge and they come back, they don't take anything. Why? Because we've gotten used to this idea that we just eat with constantly eating. So Allah said, eat, Allah said drink, but do not be excessive, do not cross the bounce. And when you look into some of the statistics that people do is unbelievable. They say that the average person in the US consumes about 64 pounds of sugar a year. That is a lot of sugar.

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We're talking about, they said that in 1997. In the US, people spent $54 billion on soft drinks.

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Did you know that fast foods, fast food restaurants, they make more money on soft drinks than they do on the actual food that you buy from them. The money is not in the Big Mac, the money is not in the Whopper. And the burger said that really the money is in these soft drinks. The average in the US is 868 cans of soda by a student who's in high school boys 868. That's almost two a day. That's a lot. So Subhan Allah what we're doing is a handler, we may be eating that which is Helen, but it is not the you may be lawful, but it's not good for us. And then on top of that we do and we do excessively

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they're talking about 300,000 people die every single year because of obesity. We're talking about the health care costs of overweight is $100 million $100 billion are being spent simply because people over eat and again my brothers and sisters, that is not acceptable. So Islam comes to tell us that yes, be healthy. But being healthy is your responsibility. Do not jeopardize your health and then blame the insurance companies do not jeopardize your own health and live a lifestyle that is not healthy and then expect the government to bail us out. It said no, we're in really bad Annika alcohol and your body has a right over you. You have to be good to your body. Your body is in and

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then we've been entrusted by Allah subhanaw taala to care for our bodies. So that is a responsibility. So the first person who is responsible for your health is you. We are responsible for our own health. And that begins by what it is that we are allowing inside us. And it begins by eating that which is good and not being excessive there. You have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the unbeliever if he had the heavy look into this, what we call this golden rule that is passed on to us by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. mannella Abu Adam, we shall remember

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the Prophet peace be upon him said son of Adam, a child man human being does not fill a vessel worse than his own. Tommy. He said, a person does not fill a vessel worse than his own. To me. The worst thing to ever fill up is your own terminal.

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Mammon, Abu Adam and Sharon mean botany. And then he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says has booboo Adam Amina palm,

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palm. Look, I imagine you can miss Luba. He said it suffices a child of Adam man, you know, small morsels to keep his back straight, you cannot assume.

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He said that all you need is that which will keep you straight, meaning that you're able to function, you have your strengths on you. And then these Allahu alayhi wa sallam gives us an idea of how do you do this. So he said first uniformly, he was one of only sharabi was a little dnfs. He, he said one third of which would be for the food. One third of it should be for the drink. And one third the width for the person to be breathing properly. Sleep apnea, people not being able to sleep at night, I visited the lab where people come to spend the night there because they don't get enough oxygen. So they have to be supplied with the oxygen. They don't spend the night at home. They spend

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it in that clinic. And I was talking to the person who's in charge and I said, Well, how long is this going to go for? And he would tell me, he looked at me and he said, all these people they just need to lose weight and the problems will be solved.

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It's a it's a catastrophe. Obesity at this point is an American tragedy. It is really sad that this is what is going on with us.

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Navy SEAL Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the lives of Lillian jawab Sahaba as well as the ohmori dunia

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jehlen bo Moody, he said Allah detests every man or woman who are overweight. Now remember, we're talking about being overweight by your own choice. We're not talking about being overweight simply because you know you have your own health challenges. No, I said that, in Allah, Allah detests every man or woman who are engaged in this lifestyle. And then he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would even tell us more what led to this. He said, it's a hobby as well, you see them all the time in the market. They're doing they're fighting. And they're constantly doing the shopping said and he will be a motive dunia very knowledgeable about the effects of this life, we know where the best sales

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have taken place. You know where to buy one, get one free steak in place. This we know it very well. And then he said, Yeah, he didn't, we didn't. Yet when it comes to matters of their religion, they are very, they are very ignorant about it. But the point is, Will all with all the talk that is taking place, we have to take charge. And that is just being our being our own doctor, by taking the means of prevention.

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Now, the challenge comes to people who do not have health insurance. And I know that a good number of our community and we will around us are suffering from this. People lose their jobs, you lose your insurance. Did you know that 70% of the people who filed for bankruptcy filed for bankruptcy because they could not afford their health care bills. This is how bad it is. People are filing for bankruptcy because they cannot pay for the medical care that they just received. They say that two things in the US you avoid and most likely you will make it don't get sick and don't get sued.

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Don't get sick, and don't get sued. You get sick, you don't. You get sued, you get sued, you're also doomed. Why because of the financial consequences that are going to come with it. I have people who come to the masjid visit for a long time. And they tell us we cannot afford to go and see a doctor. Why not? I don't have health insurance. Well, I know of people who got who made it to the ER to the emergency room. And then they decided I can't afford this.

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Their health was so bad. They actually had to go to the emergency room. They made it there. And they started thinking I can't afford this. I can't. So what do they do? They come back. And that is sad.

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That is very sad. That is very sad. When people have to go through this. People constantly having tooth aches, and they're having aches all over their bodies say I can't afford this.

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And nobody deserves to go through that pain Subhanallah if we can afford to do something about it.

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The point is this. My brothers and sisters, yes, if you do not have health care, that is a challenge. And I know people who are law who've been telling us that this is one of their greatest challenge. That is why we're very grateful to the doctors in our local community. We have doctors who would call me up and say you know what, whoever needs to see a doctor and they cannot afford it. Please send them my way. We have dentists who come to me and they say Do me a favor. I know that these are difficult times and people don't take care of their health because they cannot afford it. Please if somebody needs any help free of charge, please send them my way to these brothers and

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sisters we say deserve

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me. May Allah subhanaw taala reward them best. Because truly, they are helping people in getting out of their of their difficulties. But what's important is at this point, we need to say I am responsible for my health by watching out what it is that I eat. Now this is the month of Ramadan. And you would think that we as a Muslim community, this will be a great time. You know, in Ramadan, you don't eat much. in Ramadan, you help your budget because you don't spend a lot of money on food and you think this is it. Ramadan, people are going to get healthier. But here is what we do in Ramadan. See how we eat three meals a day. in Ramadan, we talk we take all the three meals and we

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just eat it at the end of the day.

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But that's not the point. So I didn't have breakfast. I didn't have lunch, but now I'm going to have my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner at my restaurant. Please remember, Ramadan is the month of fasting, not the month of feasting. There is a difference between fasting and feasting in Ramadan we feast we don't fast. You go to the market and you see the market people are on top of each other. What happened to him one time, we were supposed to be eating less, but we eat a lot more during Ramadan. We stuffed it up at time and then we wake up and we stuffed it up again at some time.

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And that defeats the purpose. That defeats the purpose. They say fasting is such a beautiful way of having your body detoxing, all the waste, all the bad stuff that that is not good for us that is in it. So Ramadan, you fast. Your body takes a break to get rid of that. But we don't give our bodies that break. We eat and we eat and we eat and we eat. It was said that one time a bernama and one of his friends were walking in the market.

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And the man said Brahma police said I'm looking for medication to help me digest. I said, What do you mean help you digest? He said, Well, sometimes when I fill up my stomach, you know I need something to digest it. You know, we fill it up and then we look for soda. That's what we do nowadays. So he said I want medication to help me digest. And abramo looked at him and he said, Well, no, he won't do cellfina Senna Chevette he said by Allah, it has been 30 years. I have not eaten my full chair. I don't eat until I fill it up. He said it has been fairies. Why is that? Because it became a lifestyle. Unlike the lifestyle that is so unhealthy that we are living today.

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And handler please insha Allah let us make use of what remains of the month of Ramadan, get used to it, so that inshallah after the month of Ramadan, we can continue this beautiful habit of eating healthy, a whole host of lolly welcome.

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Mustafa wylam and vs Kapha aka demon lebuh, Sevilla, Lena, mnemonic, Taka,

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Taka, Hiram Mina Marina, what people never see me.

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They say that there is no harm in wealth for those who are righteous. And health for the pious is better than wealth, what openness and being in this state of well being millenary is a blessing. May Allah Subhana Allah shower all of us and our families with good, healthy, honorable me and make us of those who are responsible and give their dues to their bodies.

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So that is one thing about the month of Ramadan. And also the month of Ramadan is the month of giving as well. I know all the difficulties that are taking place. But one of it is that you know, we're getting closer to a law by giving of ourselves the money that we did not spend on food, we didn't have the coffee, we didn't have this and we did not have that what what happens to that, I'll say, well, somebody else inshallah can make better use of it. So the month of Ramadan is the month of giving. And what we want to do is we want to come in as a community and collectively say, I appreciate this Masjid Allah Hi, this is a beautiful place. And we are grateful for the people who

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are making it possible. Now look into the AC that we are in, you know, you hear it and it's a beautiful environment, clean, clean atmosphere. Well, brothers and sisters, you know, and I know that it takes money to maintain a place like this. You see us having security outside, you see the place when you walk into panela, it is well facilitated for the comfort of those who are going to come in. And this is not just the responsibility of the people who are in charge. But rather This is the responsibility of everybody. This is my message as much as it's your message as much as it's the message of the board in the message as well. So what we want to do is collectively say no, I love

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this question. I want to see this message maintain. But this is not only that, you see people who come here and they receive counseling, people lose loved ones and they receive their condolences here. People have happy occasions and it is celebrated in this message. People are introduced to Islam and it is done in this message. Some of our brothers and sisters who are not as practicing, they come to this message and they come to the right path in this message as well. People come and read or are in this message. So there is a lot of good that is taking place here. We do not want you to miss out on it. So inshallah we appeal for your help. We appeal for your support. You know as you

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walk out, please help out the masjid. Please make sure that you take some of your money and you give it to the masjid here as well. There are pledge forms, you may not have the money right now but if you have money throughout the year, please make sure that you shaved that was the masjid as well. And one final point about Zagato photo. Please do not wait till the last minute to give out sakata photo. Please don't. That is really sad. What we want is we want you to give the Gotham photo now so that we can give it to people now. There is a sister in our community she said the other day my daughter was so hungry when she was eating napkins.

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This is here it is in Orange County. This is taking place

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Will they come to us and say, I'm sorry, there is no fonts in the machine, we can do anything about it. But if we were to pay our way ahead of time, paces ahead of time, so that the money can be taken and it can be shared with these people, you know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would ask him about his uncle to give the Zika for the two next is to come in Yes, he said, Please, there is so much need, can you give your two years in advance. Don't wait till the end of the year, but rather give it to us two years in advance and our boss would say please, here is the money. So please do not wait on rush before their prayers. Make sure that the Imam did not start the Salah to

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put your money in the box, do it right now. So that inshallah The money is taken and is shared with the people there. And for those who do not have health insurance Alhamdulillah good news. If you are to visit Access California, it's a social service agency that we have here for all people. Concentration is on the Muslim and the Arab community, please come over there. And we will do what we can be introducing you to doctors who work for pro bono bead helping you finding the proper paperwork to get health insurance for you and your family. But this is a beautiful service that inshallah that you can make make use of a long metal Taco Bell minasi Amina, along with NFC shahina

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have them in alpha is in Allah. Allah has nuclear mausoleum, the aromatic IR camera humming along Marabou Hamilton was few more burner wovoka Asana was removed Elena mastan bizarrely had developed the idea Jelena Allah

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Allah forbid humble movie, what a Fisker bill Nakuru been worked with the National median along Malmo cannibal kulu kulu Bernardini Allah mama sorrowful Palooza, sorry fluvanna erotic Allahu

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Veronica Hama Rahimi Tina Jr. Hustle, Hustle pinata, but not above the law in the law. Hi, Morgan.

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on to the Coronavirus coralife Coco was Kuru

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la hora la hora de Matos Maroon. Welcome solo.