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The speakers discuss the importance of learning objectives for understanding certain aspects of life, including identifying and sharing learning objectives, and identifying and sharing certain attributes of human beings. They also touch on the shabbat, loss of power, and loss of pleasure in various topics. The speakers emphasize the importance of letting people experience loss and regret in a way that they will never feel regretted. They encourage listeners to stop planning and focus on their daily activities.

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Somebody greets you, you have to give him a green. That's

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like you give him more fuel so wisely, give it back. But it can be that. I know sometimes we meet someone and say Salaam Alaikum. Salaam.

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And I know that the people are very generous and you gave me back.

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One last time.

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Give me something

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that is someone else.

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Anyway, we have to be. Okay. So can I ask everybody to stand up?

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If we have to

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four times, okay, people are willing to if their eternal journey. It's a very long journey. So you have to be ready for that. Okay, stretch your legs. Take a deep breath.

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was in

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the best thing you have done today. Thank you so much. Sit down smiling.

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I have a question for you.

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I want you to close your eyes. And imagine an angel.

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Have you ever done this in your life? Close your eyes for a few seconds. Imagine an angel.

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Is it easy?

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See, I'm just trying to test our relationship with

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you know, one time my wife came in and I was writing one on the table and started writing series to the right of one is like what do you do? And I finished the whole table. And I was going you know on the air like writing zero to zero. So what is this? I said I'm just trying to imagine the meaning of clonidine and he

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talks about the dice we

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say I mean,

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say I mean.

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Yeah. Okay, then I was just trying to imagine the number of years have you ever thought about this?

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You'd be living in an agency we'll be serving you.

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That Have you ever seen in your dream that you're talking with angels?

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And a dream? We were talking with angels and

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how much it is.

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Let's move on. Let me ask you three questions as a warm up inshallah. And then we'll go through certain molecules. So my first question is, I need the fraction of the people to share this with me.

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What is the meaning of life to you?

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What is the meaning of life to you?

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To prepare for the designing locker. Thank you.

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So, you answer

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any different accents?

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Can you tell me what you say?

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Okay, can somebody just tell me what you said?

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Live is

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is it? living it day after day? Okay.

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So it's like a day or even less than that.

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Great. Okay, second question.

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Who knows the main functions

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of the stores

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Allah soprano Dalek rated the stars and they have many functions who can share with me what are the functions of the stars

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according to the ground

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I don't want you to be astronomer

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guiding people through the light

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What else?

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to hit the dead on smash Allah, this is good. You must have prepared for certain good

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students. You see the user always

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these like 30

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because I wasn't right.

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Okay, another one.

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Okay, let's move on to question

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what is the relationship between agents and human beings?

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And when does it start? Like is there a relationship between agents and human beings?

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There is when does it start? When does it end?

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People are

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gonna get to me so we have to agents will record everything that we do. Mashallah, this is one function, okay?

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Can you speak up please?

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No, don't you don't have to speak up?

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Mashallah, so there is an agent that would visit us at one time to take our soul back. And this is the angel of death, Russia very desperate. Okay, let's move on and start from Shabaab. I want to start, like, you know, letting you know, the main learning objectives, things that you have to take back home.

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It's very common.

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It's pretty common, we attend a football or a lecture. And then people ask you, you go back home? How was it? What's the regular answer? Wonderful.

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And then what did the shape talk about? I have no, but it was wonderful.

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Can you tell me what was he talking about it?

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I think it was something about

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you don't even remember the theme itself. So there are

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messages that I want you to go home with, these are the learning objective for inshallah, this segment, there's a lot we'll get divided into segments. So the first segment will cover the first 11 pieces of software work and so on. So these are the learning objectives. Number one,

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Mashallah, they are generous, they give you all of them,

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so you can read them now. So the first one is to be able to say, at least one purchase of certain we're going to share more than one but at least before we go home, I'm going to ask you questions.

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The second one, as you can see, to identify and explain at least three out of six of the attributes of a muscle paradigm, I'm going to share with them

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also to contrast the concepts of life and death.

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And otherwise to list at least two of the three main functions of the stars.

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And also to paraphrase the thought that we're going to share that will happen between the people in the favelas, the petrodollar, save us all from the far side, I mean,

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and Asians Okay, so reading from the journey,

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symbols or person, let's go.

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First of all,

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of course, there are some words that we're going to study also

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the words that explain them, but they're like five basic words that you have to know before you go home, but they

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know you would take notes that you know all the words of the song Shabbat.

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So, towards the end of Shabbat, I'm going to ask you some questions to see whether you got those learning objectives or not.

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Let's start with the soaring Shabbat.

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First of all, so that the water covers some great ideas. It starts at the very beginning to prove the existence and the power of the last panel.

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And then it moves into talking about the marvels of a loss of power in this universe. Then it reminds us of those who keeps getting a warning from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they never take heed. And they will end up mela some kind of balance ever sold.

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and then it talks about, you know, the main two paths that will take us one takes us to paradise and one takes us to go further. So it explains to us and it ends again with some of the blessings of Allah saponify. So, this is the main themes of sort of our profits. Allah word by word inshallah, let's start with the first verse.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the very beginning and I want you

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to read with me the first 11 verses that we will cover inshallah, in this segment inshallah, so people have the banners with them. So I wanted to go ahead and start reading inshallah, you don't have to stay out, but we're going to start off a little shallow. So, they can do free stuff inshallah 123.

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show you,

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this will

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I see.

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Me masabi how

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what john, will do my live Shall we?

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Sorry, what did I need? I got

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Welcome to the

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sharing Ed.

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Join me love to

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be here.

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v sorry.

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Zack Walker,

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at the very beginning of Dallas's

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and the birth of Barack

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Obama is Barack

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and Baraka, one intervening says, Listen,

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I also want the meanings of the word Baraka is

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the, as we say, are going to go to higher efficiency. That means, when somebody says Baraka lo fi, we take it for granted and what does it mean? It means May Allah subhanaw taala increase the goodness in you?

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May Allah Subhana Allah guide you to do more good deeds, this is the reading. I don't let most of us like you know, we write down at the end of our emails, you know, some stereotype like you know, demonic terms, or we don't know that. So when you say Baraka Loki, that's what it means. So, if Allah subhanaw taala starts talking about himself saying that Baraka, some other scholars of the season Tamara can mean like you know, that

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you know, Allah Subhana Allah is more exalted and more listen. So para Medina also another connotation of the word bargain means growth and increase. So we will say, the Vietnam War means a loss of power is the lesson, the most exalted and

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Again, when we use it, we say, bought at a low fee for that

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or grow the good listener. And they really do the one in whose hand is the

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people have a problem with this, like they say, how could the loss of power, you know, can have a hand, who's speaking here?

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A loss of power?

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who say no.

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It's a passive power. So can we deny that at some people started to interpret that they said, you know, the word the admins power? What if I was? Tara says Ben had no

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influence are reasonable, two hands, is it going to be too hard?

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And then muscle power, it also says, limited limited.

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To be a day I was, I was talking to the police. She said, Why don't you restrict yourself for the one that I created with my two hands? There's going to be two powers.

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So what is our you know, belief system, as soon as we say that we prove to us he proved himself if the last time I said he hasn't heard he has a hand and we don't go beyond this.

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Right? You know, what said when he talked about this to our largest our, in our last panel, but established himself on the throne, as he said, you know, in Surah, Taha number 20, verse number five, it means that the last panel that he mentioned that about himself, but can we think of Allah subhanaw taala, in terms of human beings, can be likened to us having a hand like our hand gets a handle on what's the point of that? We can say, we can go to the shore, you know, I know what kind of data says, ladies say, give

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me all about sweet three, there is no need to like him. And is the whole thing the whole year.

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So what we do is we say exactly, as Malik said, and it's too

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high, but he's not missing himself on the throne. So we take this as a fact, because Allah subhanaw taala told us this was a former to have we don't go, we don't go that far. We're not asking this question.

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We're asked this question, why should we?

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So this is when we should stop. And he said, when a man will be divided, we have to believe in that. Because it's a loss of power for us that was so I'm gonna be questioning that is that innovation is not going to add anything to you.

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So shall I hope at this point is clear.

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And then let's move and ask wishing Kabbalah can levy any hidden? Listen, Exalted is the one in whose hands is the domain in the domain above? What's a note here?

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The last panel explains this in another verse, one of us the power of God system, some of the sort of, you know, I have number 85, is it? What about the lady who said, my wife to a woman

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wearing the

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job, this sounds almost the main theme of saltwater. It says, Blizzard be the one who is in control and dominion of the heavens and the earth and what's in between them.

00:18:43--> 00:18:47

And he's the only one who knows what the Day of Judgment is.

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And to him We shall return. So if we know all of this allows us to control everything. And he is the one

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who controls the whole universe. And he's the only one of the Day of Judgment, and is only the one who will judge us on the data to whom we shall return. So what should we do?

00:19:08--> 00:19:15

Should we go back and check, which is going to be my last day in this life, and sometimes we just take for granted.

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Okay, let's move on

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the end of this iOS panel as it were, while actually shaking, it means that the last panel is able to do anything and everything. An average charging person for all of you.

00:19:34--> 00:19:39

Who can raise his hand and tell me that he can do anything and everything? Anybody can.

00:19:41--> 00:19:57

You know what, sometimes you have plans to do something and you can do them. Why? Because you're not in control. Let me ask this question. How many of you planning to fly for example to some country and you made the perfect plan, you choose the right time and everything and you missed the flight

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you see

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But Can anybody stop us

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from doing his plans?

00:20:07--> 00:20:10

Allah subhana wa tada systems with a brooch. For

00:20:12--> 00:20:28

God, it's a loss of Paradise is the only one who can do whatever he wants. But we sometimes do things that we haven't done, or we failed to do things that we've done, right or wrong. So this is the video up, well hold on a second.

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So we need to realize this fact.

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And then also pattern data moves on to say, I let me hang up and go into like half. Okay, I have a long stock here.

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It's a big song, and maybe holla. I love and somebody might ask me a question. Is that creative? It means it is the philosophy is the one who created them, and then life. And then he said to test you, but I'm gonna start at the very beginning. A lot is the one who created them. Is this a creation? Yes. All our stories here.

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All right.

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It's a heavy that's reported by unece.

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Or their loved one.

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It is

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that the profits of the love on SLM said,

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after the Day of Judgment is over, and the people of Paradise will take their places and the people who are part of take their places, then

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someone would call and he will be carrying around in his hand.

00:21:44--> 00:21:48

And this is like a symbol of death. I was gonna say, Yeah,

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all people have agenda. So they would just stand up to look.

00:21:54--> 00:21:56

And it's exactly the opposite.

00:21:58--> 00:22:10

They'll be sitting on their toes, just to make sure that they can see, are they gonna say, Yeah, but not all people have fire at the tournament gather Judo was this, I

00:22:14--> 00:22:15

could never see

00:22:20--> 00:22:22

myself with these.

00:22:23--> 00:22:23

And then I was

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What would happen

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under the judgement,

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then the people's will be saved from a day. And we go to Paradise. These are the winners. And this could be the losers.

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So allow us to kind of the process that I'm sending us in this honey that somebody would call after the people who go to partners with other people who want to help hard as they say, do this. And every single person would say, yes, that's that.

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It's going to be compounded by loss paradigm, it's going to be spillover. So death will be killed, which means it was created.

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Can you prove this from the blog, we're gonna go there, but let me just finish this.

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And then the prophets a lot is in the city, from Hawaii, Jennifer, ha ha ha. So the people in general will be very happy in a way that they will never feel happy more than that.

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Whether the hustle

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and the people will feel regret or remorse in a way that they will never feel more emotion that

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and warn them against the day of regret.

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They are heedless and they thought of trying to attain full belief.

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So let's take it from there. Before it's too late.