Why Do You Leave the Gardens and Springs? – PT 2/3

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OCIF Jumuah Khutbah
Rabi-al-Awwal 13, 1429 (3/21/08)
Orange County Islamic Foundation
Mission Viejo, CA

Khutbah delivered by
Sheikh Yassir Fazaga

Why Do You Leave the Gardens and Springs?

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retention. And he said How are you doing this morning? For me?

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He said, I woke up this morning, and I am enjoying two blessings of Allah, I am not, I am not sure which one is best for me, and I am this in this state of confusion. I am just so baffled by which one should I be appreciative of more for follow

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the rules

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there, I am not sure what to be grateful for. He said on the one hand, I have my own sins and misdeeds, there are a lot of by His grace has decided to conceive for me. So nobody can look down upon me because of what I have said this is the great mystery from of what

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we're given a second chance in life. And that is why brothers and sisters is so important. This one says, we will all make a poor choice here or with the fact that we are going to live on this plan, we are bound to make a poor choice, you should try not to make that poor choice. But if you do make a poor choice, then here's your responsibility. Number one, conceal your own force.

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Otherwise, if you go around, and you tell people, that you have been a hypocrite, you just do not want to spread evil and wickedness on the earth. So

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if you have done something and Allah, by His grace has concealed it for you say don't go around and scandalized your own self, heal with yourself. And make sure that you no longer jeopardize your relationship with your Creator, but rather you try to rectify your relationship with your Creator.

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And if we come to know about somebody else, misdeeds, or says, what do we do as a community? We tried to conceal for them and then it was so interesting, these people give everybody the opportunity to be back. And once they made that choice, they scandalized them. Why? And it becomes the fault of everybody, but why this person has family, this person has daughters, he has a wife, he has parents, why is the person in such a way that by the end of the day, his chances of becoming a better person, his chances of coming up and facing society are so diminished. So, do not do?

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Not scandalize people do not take joy in the misfortune of other people. Today, it's not tomorrow, it might be you. So to not, so everything is saying yeah, I am so grateful to Allah that we have my own since he has a lot by this mercy.

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Allah has concealed weapons, so that I can go out and become a better person. And then he said for some reason, everything is saying the second favor upon Allah that Allah has upon him. He said, The second one is that Allah subhanaw taala has made me lovable. So people like me, are people like me because of the good impression that they have about me? And he said, It has nothing to do with my deeds. Rather, it is just a mercy from Allah.

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So we look into this brothers and sisters, and each and every one of us has a breast of aliens a suppressor on each and every one of us.

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Why is it that brothers and sisters this last week, all three family school, say, Look, my my husband has a good job. He's very successful in what he does. A lot has blessed us with beautiful sons and daughters. For some reason, my husband has picked on the habit of drinking Why?

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Why? Why do you make what Allah said above, applicable to you?

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Why do you use why you leave behind? The beautiful family? The supportive wife, the good job? Why'd you leave it for this? The people of your own were drowned in the sea. Or you are drowning in your own.

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Somebody else calls that my husband has such a beautiful job. He's the general manager of this company. We have beautiful sons and daughters. Yet my husband hit the addiction of pornography and we say Why?

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Why do you make a mistake? You

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Third sister goes on. She said we have beautiful family successful business, or what have you met my husband took on gambling and we asked, Why?

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Why did you kick, the famous of Allah upon you? And then you challenge yourself in this kind of stupidity. This is referring to brown. He was the man was full of himself. What Why are we ourselves being guilty of what around us don't see brothers and sisters. A lot of times either the monsters throw out

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to be great with

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on one will say remember the blessings, the boundaries of Allah upon you so that you become successful, prosperous, a massive remember, because in order to be grateful