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smilla rahmanir rahim

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all of you brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome to

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minus signs of Yeoman Kiana hunger in death and we'll handle it now. Earlier we talked about

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some of the minus signs that took place, and he will never come back. And then we talked about some of the minus signs that took place in the past. It's taking place right now and we'll continue in maybe some of them until the day Veoma pm. One of the signs that took place in the past and will also happen in the future. And we periodically see on an off is safety and security for everyone.

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to a point that a person would not feed anyone except Allah subhanho wa Taala as an abuse of the law Harada he was sending them

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said to one of his companions, and this was Addy read the law one. I didn't used to be Christian. And then he accepted Islam but before he accepted Islam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sat with him and then he realized that it is not completely comfortable. He doesn't see a future for this oma. So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Rani, he was sending them. He keeps telling him some of the things that would happen in the future.

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One of the things that he told him he said he already do you know, have you seen here this is a city or place?

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He said no, but I was told about I heard of it. He said imagine a young lady traveling all the way from here. Coming to this haram haram and muck making tawaf who will not feed anyone but Allah subhanho wa Taala and Islam.

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can that happen?

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What about a taco truck?

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For A Tribe Called boy? He said, I said this to myself. I never thought that's what happened. He said until with my own eyes, I saw a young lady traveling all the way from here, coming to the Kaaba

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making tawaf by herself. He said that I said, Subhana Allah. This is what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked about in other hudy the messenger over last set, Yama, Yama would not come

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until a person would travel from a city to another city. not seeing anyone but a law and the role that he's on meaning he fears that he may miss his role.

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And some Hannah law This is it comes on and off some of the Muslim culture I lived when I was a little kid 910 years old, one that I then was called and this is Saudi. When the and then was called the shopkeepers, they will walk out of the door and the people who are purchasing and buying from the store they will also leave everything in the shop and then doors of the shop would not be closed. It's not like when he hears then he will have to say please everybody leave and he will lock the doors and he makes sure that he checks the door twice before he leaves no. He will walk away from the shop open money on the table on the drawer on the cashier on a cash machine and will not be

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concerned and he will go and make will go in the masjid pray Salatin, Juma Salatin, Gemma, and then come back and no one will take one single thing from that store. I remember even the jewelry place when they sell gold and in all this, when adding cause the event I have seen it with my own eyes when I've been caused and then at that time when he used to call the event, the man the owner of the shop, with all gonna go, we'll just go to the mercy and leave the shop open. Some panela This is how safe secure used to be. At homes. We never ever used to close doors. We never used to say oh, I'm afraid a thief will come or a stranger will just walk into my house.

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As a matter of fact, the aneurysm Hannah law, the way they design their house.

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It was this, that as soon as you walk into the house, there's the living room is right there. And you can walk into any house and the doors open. You sleep at night and the doors are open. This is how safe and secure it was this shirt and it was recent this panel and tell some hands on law until non Muslims.

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It started coming to the country. And then

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when the Muslims go to the masjid, and they leave the shop open, they used to steal from them.

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And then the people felt insecure, and safe. And then some Hana law from there. It's getting worse and worse. Also, at the time of Ahmed Abdul Aziz safety and security was for everyone amount of travel will leave his business open will leave his children on the street and nobody would even harm a child. Take his property. Not only that, even wolves, wolves will not devour with net kill animals. And one of the incidence on you go back to the car. Biography from the aroma and the history and the buying of Homer bin Abdulaziz, one of the bedwin who had sheep and the wolf users just lay down next to the sheep and you know, lay down next to the sheep. And just right there.

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The wolves used to lay down next to the sheep not bother the sheep. And all of the sudden, far away from the capital city.

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The wolf got up. And he jumped on the next sheep to him or to it. And it just killed it, the better when the man the owner of the sheep.

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He looked and he saw what happened. And he said I don't want to be an Abdelaziz

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is dead on the spot. He came to the conclusion, the reason that this wolf would never eat my sheep, because of justice Aziz, and because of the safety and security that he provided for everyone. And the reason that the wolf ate that sheep, because that man is no longer with us. And Subhana Allah, he asked about it. And it was exactly the same day exactly the same hour, the same time, same time of the day, that the wolf at the Shiva, bin Abdulaziz was killed.

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Yeah, it shows upon Allah, that safety and security. It happened in the past. It did have it in my life in my area in the country that I was living in.

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And it will also happen in the future where the magic comes, when the magic comes. And the Islamic era is restored and we all under the banner of Islamic leadership,

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then this safety and security will come to everyone and people will be living like the time of honorable hottub and so on a normal bin Abdulaziz. The other sign that you will talk about is this placement of trust,

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placement of trust, what does it mean? It means and in the long run he was sending me he said the hour would not come

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and tell the Amana is wasted and misplaced. The Sahaba said how would that happen on messenger of Allah? He said when the authority is given to people who are not qualified, when the authority is giving to a people who are not qualified, because authority is Amana is a trust and that trust when is given to people who are not qualified.

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Then of course, of course, the oma will go worse. And I will tell you incidents and had these of the Messenger of Allah as soon as we come back from this short commercial. So stay tuned. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Welcome back brothers and sisters in Islam. We were talking about the Amana the trust and the habit of interviews a lot he was sending them said email we Amana fantabulous Ah, he said when the Amana is misplaced in wait for the hour, and

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when the Sahaba said how can that happen? He said when the people of authority when the Amana is giving or the authority

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When the authority is given to people who are not qualified and in the long run He will send them he said the hour would not come

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until the Amana is wasted and displaced. The Sahaba said how would that happen or messenger over law, he said when the authority is given to people who are not qualified, when the authority is given to a people who are not qualified, because authority is a man is a trust and that trust when is given to people who are not qualify

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then of course, of course, the oma will go worse. In other heavy he sets a lohani he was in there would be sent to Honda satoko Santa Hwa to Honda very tricky years you suck coffee healthcare. a liar will be treated as a person of truthfulness where you can they will see how solid and the truth will person would be treated as a liar. When you determine a fee haha in and the person of piano purse of untrustworthy individual will be treated as a trustworthy purse. William Takahiro way better and are way better way to speak. That's the hammer of the messenger over last set

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your soul on law, what is way better? He said, I want you to

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attack a man

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who has no trust.

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There's no trust

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a man who is from the low class of people, no self respect. No dignity,

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no honor. That man would speak on affairs that pertains to the Muslims from the very string things brothers and sisters. Of course, maybe in your country, things are stable.

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People will speak our people have knowledge. But where I learn that authority was giving to individuals who you can even trust you cannot trust them with a penny and some Hana law because they're trying to please the Court for so much. They try to please the Court for so much. They transgress all the limits and the break all the shady rules, some of them Subhana Allah are announcing and as a matter of fact, going to the authority, saying I am a person of authority from a Muslim community and the Muslim gave me that authority. And what is he asking? He's asking the boycott or the niqab to be banned?

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See that person is away with

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because when we give the authority to the people who are way better, who have that status, then the Amana is wasted and misplaced.

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And the only thing that we wait for is the day of Yeoman cuyama when we see such things, the other sign from the minus signs of the Day of Resurrection, as

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an n the n will be lifted

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and ignorance will be obvious the disappearance of knowledge and appearance of ignorance. This appearance of Now, if you look at the conditions of the Muslims nowadays, you will see most of them I should not say all of them but good number of Muslims. They only know the basics of Islam,

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five pillars and even that area, they still struggling and then maybe some of the law Ronnie He will send them said when does before the AMA there n will be lift, the knowledge will be lift.

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And this end are we talking about?

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Is there any of the Sharia and even if you ask the Muslim, the common Muslim, why do you pray the way you pray? Why do you put your hand to your left or low or high on your chest or even release your arms and he will tell you well

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This is what I learned from my father, all for the email of my message, there in May became that an appearance to the point that we don't know the basics of the fundamentals of his son in some cases. And now via Salalah, Ronnie He will send them said in the law ha, Allah will not take their and snatched from the hearts of men, but Allah will remove their and by causing these scholars to die nowadays Subhan Allah in the Muslim countries, you see the scars of the oma dying one after another. They dying and the people who are replacing them

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are not people of knowledge, not to their caliber. Not even close, that people are replacing these people

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are people a lot less than not a lot less or they have a lot less knowledge than the previous scholar. And then the Navy is on the long run, he will sell them set. When the end is left. The people would appoint ignorance to lead. Allahu Akbar.

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See the person who's leading oma supposed to be knowledgeable. He's supposed to be the one who knows most of the Sharia is supposed to be the hottie of the oma is supposed to be the man of the mystery.

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Because a suit of lies a law and he was sending them was the president of the Islamic State was the mayor of the Islamic State was the judge of the Islamic State was the hottie of the Muslims was the man of their Salah, our worker on a throne and they also follow their footsteps. The Holy Father who came after them, they follow their footsteps. But nowadays, some of the Muslim rulers didn't even pray, letting along coming to the gym and giving homework to the gym or to the congregation. So the Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said would their enemies lifted, people would appoint ignorance among themselves. And then the people will come and ask this ignorance about the first edition of

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the Dean of the livelihood. And then these ignorant people instead of saying, I don't know, I'm ignorant like you, they will become arrogant. And they will issue verdict photography, and they will mislead themselves and mislead those who came to ask environment they have you said, he says Subhana Allah. And he's talking about amendment they have he he is students of even a Tamia and he is a classmate of a man with no caffeine.

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Even a doctor can

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ignore Josie and others. And he said at his sign imagine, you have no claim. You have even a Tamia. You have in the country. You have Wade scholars, and then when he was quoting this Hadith, he said, he says Subhana Allah, wa Autumn in, in in in Canada, they were only giving this small amount of energy. And out of that a small amount of men. Only small number of people learn. And out of that a small number of people only a small number of them, work practice and act according to what they learnt. And he says hon Allah, may Allah have mercy on us, because the aroma no longer exists. This man he's talking about his time when attain me and his his students were recently available for the

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people. Imagine what would our condition be some hand in law then is lifted from the oma and even those who know little bit they don't act accordingly. And it is one of the signs of young fiama. And nowadays, we have so called aroma

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but they are far from n. We have aroma endota we have aroma, oma.

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We have aroma, and Mila

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Arena in Dola

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other scholars of the government, they tell the government tells them do this, they do it.

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One of the brothers he witnessed an incident, a recording studio with the Grand Mufti of the country. And the Grand Mufti was recording a message for the oma

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and before they shoot. The grand moves he said, Wait, wait, wait

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Am I against or for this? The subject was Nichol.

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So the Grand Mufti said this is a long time ago. He said should I be against niqab or for niqab that shows that this man he wasn't delivering a message at least Salah to all mankind, but the man was only doing what he was paid to do. So those we do not call them scholars, because they only serve one purpose. Second time or other manner nowadays, as a rule of law, we're known as an oma

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and this may sound very attractive and very good, but it's negative it means you will come to this person and you will say to him, we're living in a very difficult environment, I cannot get house easily The only way that I can get is if I purchase house to the river and then he will look at you and he sees that you really want to buy a house in revenue. So what is okay buy a house in interest? It's okay.

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And the next person will come to Him and He will say to him interest

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and people are buying houses through interest, what is your opinion what is your first one and He will say to him interest haraam. So this so called scholar is only giving photography based on requests, but they scholar so we need other third category and this is urner ma n min. What does that mean? It means that they're on a map, who are connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah who are an AMA urbani they only concern what Allah and His Messenger say. And they only doing this because they want to please Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and these are the Ummah nowadays is very hard to find. And inshallah we will continue some of the signs of the Day of Resurrection or minus

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signs of the Day of Resurrection. In our next episode, it needs to be handed over to Allah. And hope to see you next time Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh