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Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © A discussion between two speakers about the upcoming debate on Muslims' political beliefs and their views on the debate has become a common topic. The speakers discuss the lack of supervisorialism among some of the political arguments and the need for debate to truly make a difference. They also mention the importance of finding the truth and being mindful of one's words.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh public debate was a common practice amongst Muslim jurists, jurists, Holman other rattle Alinea,

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Guernica any other than Emanuel fuqaha

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are here you ever heard I mean, who the * on earth and in one of these debates

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have been hasn't was one of the debaters can have been Hasma Rahim Allah, wa headman al menos lymphoid orchestra. And they've been hasn't tells this story that we are about to find out about,

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follow to Sahibi liberal co in current affiliation, I've been kind of foolish. And he said, I am in this debate. And I was able to defeat the other person, because he had a speech impediment, and he was not very eloquent. And he was not able to express himself well, for Allah.

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And I clearly want the debate, and everybody knows what it means to be heard. And everybody was aware that I want the debate.

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Alright, to Ala diary, for hacker faesal reshape America is that I went back home. But there was something pricking in my heart about the debate.

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And he said, secondly, I had some books Virgil to orologio here, and I started reviewing my books. And he said, and I found out that my opponent was right, and I was wrong.

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And he said, and I found out that gulf, Gulf voted to fear unless I had begun Allah Haku. And more than that, I knew that he was right and I was wrong. But his lack of eloquence the speech of impediment that he was going through, he was unable to articulate his point. Well, I'll allow him to American who said, I made a note was our heavenly uncle. And I had a friend that was observing what I was doing filmer Calima data file, my friend at that point said, What are you doing? He said, I just found out that he was right, and I was wrong. He said, I just found out on a limb to Anna, who will have come out with a semi. So I'll have her antiviral. So my friend asked me, he said, What's

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your plan?

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He said, Well, law Hill has ever been illegal written

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into law hack. He said by Allah, I can't wait till tomorrow to let him know that he was right and I was wrong. For Carlos are heavy

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when it's suka Tessmer Hola, cabbie. Harada. He said, at that point, my friend said to me, and your self would actually allow you to do this. But for the sake of better translation, say that, and your ego would actually allow you to do something like this. For all the urban hasn't, at that point, even hasn't said where they are. And he said, What will kill them and how to hilker So he said, manava NASA. I'll call manava Rojas woma had Daya lu le him Emerman nuts for in the whole season. Rosie, you know what a fool him. He said whosoever debates people, for the sake of public

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for publicly winning. He said, Let it be known that such a person is despicable.

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They are a disgrace. And their aims are evil him. Their aims are very lowly.

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There is something about Muslims debating

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it say that whenever we debate, we are supposed to be people who celebrate the truth. Our allegiance is only for the truth. This is not a popularity contest. And Allah this is such a nice attitude to have a nicer spirit to have not only in matters of religious debates, in politics, in finance, in sports, whatever it is, that is being debated. The point is not to make a point.

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The point ought to be always that you are searching for the truth. And wherever truth is found, it is to be celebrated. And that's why they say that in our

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having this type of conversation with a person who comes with a similar attitude. There is no room for ego. Because the point is, both of us are searching for the truth, and Subhanallah the more we do this, the more enjoyable our conversations become

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Gong, it does not become a battle. It does not become a, it does not become a show or tell you something that a.

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A, a monk taught me. I'm at this school, it's a Buddhist school and I was talking about, I was talking about Islam and you know, to the students there. And then this monk came to me and he said, you know, we would like to do a class, he said, comparing our religions, you know, what is Islam say about this topic? What does this say about that topic? But then he said, We want to keep it very small. I said to no problem, what are we talking about? And he said, maybe a maximum of five people said he wants the total participant to be five people.

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And I said, Oh, why do you say that? He said, See, he said, because when we are in a big gathering, chances are, we may end up performing and not informing.

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As beautiful. He said, chances are, we may end up performing and not informing. And many times when we engage in these types of debates, these type of conversations, it seems like we are performing or not informing or even unfortunately, sometimes not even willing to be informed. Remember what Evan hasn't said. Simon, kind of humble. And he alumina Zira. Who, for in the hoo ha season, Roz Elam by full him. He said if your aim of debate is to just solely win over the other person. He said Glenn, let it be known. Such a person May Allah save us all Europa Alameen from being that person. He said such a person is despicable. They are a disgrace. And then he said that they have lowly

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aim Wallahi man Allah to Allah Taliban little help is said by Allah. I only debate only looking for the truth. What are the HMI and this is my aim every time I the bait. May Allah Subhana Allah increases in understanding and may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who love to inform and not to perform your Salah Allah Allah

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