Zakir Naik – Can a Pilgrim while Performing Hajj Visit Other Places

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Suboxone as a means of insulin and the possibility of visiting other massages without problems. They also mention the use of Suboxone as a means of sightseeing and even doing business with other places. The speaker emphasizes that Suboxone is a fine solution for those who want to avoid expensive travel plans.
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Now on a while ago insulin, I just mean for the pilgrim to Makkah. So with that Nia we can go around with other pilgrim places is it possible so it will deflate a Nia is without the question that variable pilgrimage from Accra, Ghana go for the big in places see if I think Pellegrin places in the Hadith only where you can go for a distance of traveling the three holy places Mecca Medina and so that if you go no problem with polygamy going to sightseeing also no problem

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no problem you can go and see the other massages no problem but

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can mania is high performers no problem to mania such before after that they go to any other place no problem as long as a place not involving shake and wrong things you know, otherwise no problem. There's no problem at all. But the mania is such a mania should be while doing hard, you can even do business. You can even do sightseeing. You can even go to other places. You can visit the other mass massages there's no problem at all. From if you're going you're spending so much money is a fine now there's a clause contained within that country also wonder whether somebody welcome you to go to Egypt. No problem is precisely only no problem at all of the solution.

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