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So in the verse is recited upon us all our Abona

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was the idea. Oh, Ilana Filati mirabito

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Well, Jen nuttin, Outubro has cMoy 12

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Alright that limit

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the verses recited upon us from Surah Al Imran Allah invites the believers and haste and towards forgiveness from your Lord

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and towards a paradise that is as vast as the heavens and the earth. Or that little more duckling

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that has been readied, prepared for those who are God conscious May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them Europa Island. And then the Quran goes to tell us about some of the qualities Minamata clean, who are these with deadly, soulless hunt owl tell us tells us that they are those who and Latina young, Filipina, fissara What the raw they are those who spent in the path of Allah in times of prosperity, as well as in times of adversity.

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spending in the times of prosperities, common

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spending in times of adversity as well.

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Now that is very responsible. Basal alpha or meaningful dualism, Manhattan had Delta Judo malaika kalido Everybody can spend when they have and prosperity. But Will they still be committed, even though they have a little

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so they are those who spend in adversity and prosperity will cause they mean a lie you love? Well as fina and a nurse. They are those who practice self control, self discipline, they keep their anger in check, well, and fina and a nurse and they are also those who pardon people who violate or wronged them.

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The first one indicates that these people are socially responsible.

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They want to see the betterment of those who are around them. Each the Marion must own

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the responsible.

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And then the second one tells us we'll call them in a loyal they are those who keep their anger in check. And this is what we call these are people who are emotionally intelligent.

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Is a girl out of

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a final Muslim law who bullied when I moved out of here.

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A believer is neither dumb or numb emotionally.

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A believer Allah tells us are those who are emotionally intelligent

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will cause me to live long will I fina and the nurse, they are able to practice self discipline, self control, and they also pardon people.

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And the reason Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah He asked me when I took the rally set rather than Allah give me an advice, but don't don't make it too much for me, give me something that I can remember and do.

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And the Hadith said jahaan Yemeni demand comes from the right side of the Prophet peace be upon him. So the prophets of salaam looks at him when he says lateral.

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Don't be angry.

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And then the man moves to his left Getty and Shimon asked the same question prophets. alasa looks up Latin. Don't be angry. Then he comes in the front and ask the same question and the prophets are Salam said, Latifah.

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Do you not get it? A lot of people?

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Don't be angry. Besides Mr. Hale.

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Yeah, and the laser, Minnesota puffy in Metro. Wala Younkin and you could have them also the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how is it that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Don't be angry, see emotionally intelligent people are not desensitized. They are fully aware

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that a lot of I know you live here and they come up. It says when you're angry, do not act upon your anger.

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That's why they say self regulation.

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There is me in

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it. Why is that? self awareness and self regulation? There is no

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Shouldn't have self regulation is one of the biggest factors that lead into emotional intelligence. A person who's emotionally intelligent is a person that is aware not only of their own feelings, but they're also aware of the feelings of those who are around them. They are able to respond very well to the people around them. And they're also aware of their own feelings, and they're able to regulate them by saying, I feel uplifted. Jamila robic issue good alkazi me know how you were feeling and in that, but then Allah the Quran does something really beautiful, it says they are those who keep their anger in check. And they are also those who pour them people. But another issue

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is deferred. Because until res baesman, July Ah, well, let

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me just

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what good is it that I keep my anger in check, but I am literally burning inside, I am boiling inside. That is not healthy.

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That is not healthy.

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You may practice self control, but you're not being emotionally intelligent at that point. So what does Allah say? Well, I feel and in us, they are also those who are poor than people

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say they say that, when we don't spill it, or spell it, then that's when we are boiling inside. So the Quran tells us that believers are so intelligent, that they are able to practice self discipline, self control, but they also forgive people. Quantity the month of Ramadan is such a great opportunity to mend broken relationships.

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Below a lion Elena sha Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah

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so it's not acceptable that the month of Ramadan passes by without us having mending our relationships.

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And let me say something and inshallah I don't offend anyone. Sometimes we are so nice and so sweet to everybody. Except our family's very patient was everybody else, smiling with everybody else, forgiving of everybody else, appreciating everybody else. These same great qualities. Everybody gets it, but our families are deprived of it.

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It may make us look good socially.

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But it's not genuine.

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It's not genuine

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Lish and Accra Boone I will have in my roof.

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If you have anything good to give, then those who are closest to you, or those who are most entitled to that godness what good is it that I be nice to everybody? Except the people that matter most when you move home schmancy is called Wahhabis. Madhavi whenever we sell Allahu Allah wa sallam girl, Cairo, Cairo community,

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the best amongst you are those who are best to their families. So when we when we want to practice these good

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behaviors and be able to practice emotional intelligence and what have you, remember that if those who are closest to us can testify that this is how my dad is. This is how my mum is, then we can say we are passing the exam. Otherwise, we are just a bunch of performers, to the people who are around us.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us emotionally intelligent. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us good understanding our praline. May Allah Subhana Allah make us those who are good inside their homes as well as outside, go to their families and go to their friends Europa Island or the Aloha