Nouman Ali Khan – The Story of Surah Al Munafiqoon

Nouman Ali Khan
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is the most comprehensive place arguably in the Quran dealing with the subject a very difficult and painful subject of hypocrisy. There are lots and lots of fascinating things to learn about this filter. But I wanted to take this live cast in particular, and share with you the incredible story behind the revelation of this short slaughter. It has to do with the prophets life in Medina when he had already migrated and left the city of Mecca. And it's been a few years now about five years have gone by that the Prophet Alayhi Salam is in Mecca. There's some things to understand about the political landscape at the time, the prophesized time and the Muslims have engaged in warfare

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against the Muslims who had expelled them or attempted to even kill them twice now, so they met in battle in butter, and that was fairly successful actually, you know, overwhelmingly successful for Muslims. And then they engaged yet again in the Battle of offered which didn't go as well. And actually 70 of the most prominent companions of the Prophet size for them, were martyred in that second battle of offered. The thing of it though, is that when they were mad, when they were martyred, and they were fairly demoralized, because even the Quran will say is to say, Do not wait until Luna Allah had in water saluja dropcam Fie Osaka, sobre, como zombie ramen, like when you were

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climbing up the mountain, you know, because the Muslims had to retreat, and you weren't even turning back to look at anyone. And the messenger was left behind calling you from behind you, and you were hit with calamity on top of calamity. So it's a pretty demoralizing state.

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Anyhow, we recuperate from it, but word spreads in the region that, that the Muslims have suffered a pretty heavy defeat. Now, as a result of that. The Arab tribes, you should know something about the, you know, the ancient tribes of Arabia, they obviously made their money by trade. But one of the easiest ways to make money is to rob or loot Another weak tribe. Right. And since word spread that the Muslims have taken a pretty big hit, and they're kind of defenseless, and they're not doing so well, and they just suffered a loss might be an easy time to maybe us attack them too, and make a little bit out of it too. So I've tried to name the children of Mr. luck, but haemostatic they got

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the idea that perhaps they should attack the Muslims as well. The profit slice of them gets wind of this and decides that he's going to preempt their attack as they're preparing their armies and coming at the Muslims the prophets I send them sends the Muslim armies and goes in and involves himself as well. So they go and along that in that journey, a few of the hypocrites Wait I'm gonna sneeze No, okay, I know a few of the hypocrites came along. inshallah not inshallah

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ever Gods came along, and tried to

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and tried to sabotage that, that that mission, but it went incredibly well. So what happens is, not only do the Muslims when they take several captives, like hundreds of captives, and the tribe leaders daughter is also taken captive. And when she's taken captive, what does the profits like them decide to do? He actually decides to honor her. She accepts Islam, and he marries her. And when he marries her, he gives her a dowry, and the dowry is freeing all the POW. So all the prisoners of war are freed, they go back and show up now their families are crying, and they're like, we just lost these people in battle. God knows how they're being treated. And they come back and

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celebration, the tribe is elated and how they've been treated. Even though this was treatment by the enemy, they never expected it. The entire tribe accepts Islam. Anyhow, that's a little bit about Benny muster. They're the Muslims are now heading back from this expedition, even if successful, pretty exhaustive expedition. And they stopped by this this place where there's a well, and of course, the Muslim army is made of two kinds of soldiers. They're made up of people that have migrated from macadam Mahajan on the migrants. And it's made up of people who aided those migrants and gave them safe haven in Medina and supported them the answer the aid, so the migrants in the

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AIDS, right, the Mahajan and the answer. So they're at this camp, and there's only one well, and so you can imagine there are long lines to get the water and get the supplies and all of it right. So one of the Mahajan, one of the migrants and specifically His name is Joshua, he's a servant of oma or the Allahu anhu. So he's not only a migrant, he's a servant of a migrant. He was in line at the well, along with another member of the unsolved the AIDS and he was actually a leader of the outside he was, you know, the has alleged the biggest tribe of Medina had nine different leaders and he was one of them. So he's a pretty high up guy. So you can imagine just to put it in our language,

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there's a you know, a servant, a butler, or you know, a janitor, even if you will, sitting next to a or standing in line next to a governor from another city, right. And they get into a maybe they get into some kind of heated argument. Things get overheated and these two start fighting with each other at the well. And jaja the servant he kicks him, he kicks you know that the governor and he gets so offended the inside he gets so offended. What does he do? He's gonna call backup. So he says, Yeah, let's have him in an outcry aids come to my head.

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You know, so the people of Medina basically, this is a Muslim army. But he he called upon the unsought in particular right. So he says, AIDS come to me, help me the answer come to me. And so there's a huge bunch of like Assad gathering together towards him. And on the other side, Joshua says, Oh, yeah, yellow hygiene. And he calls on the migrants, the Mahajan, the people of Mkhize basically what they meant to say was people of Medina, I've been attacked by a guy from Makkah, and he's saying people have bucha I've been attacked by a guy from Medina. So now the Moroccan Muslims and the Medina Muslims are now gathered together and it's turning into the skirmish and this

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conflict, the Prophet's life, someone gets wind of this, he hears about this. And when he hears about this, his reaction is in a haka, Lima tone montina. It is a filthy, disgusting word. And I was, you know, as I get to this story, I I'm just baffled by that, that description by the prophet sallallahu sallam, why is this a filthy word? Don't you ponder back? What did either side say? either side said the words they used were more hygiene migrants and unsolved the AIDS. These are terms that are used actually in the Quran. These are words of nobility and honored by which Allah now acknowledges the incredible contributions of these two groups. These people left their home,

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their belongings, their you know, in some cases, their families, everything they knew in life behind, because they accepted Islam. Those are the migrants. These people you know, Allah and fusi himolla kinda became kasasa, the people of Medina give preference to others over themselves. They opened their doors to Bobo Dada when he man, they settled and opened up their homes and their faith for those who came out from outside. And lawyers, you do not need to do to him hajima they don't find any discomfort or constriction over whatever they've been given, whatever, whatever faith they've been given whatever aid they have to provide. They're constantly at the service of the

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profits of our system, so and the Muslims, so that's their contribution. What I'm trying to get at is, these two names are noble, beautiful words. So why in the world is the Prophet sighs I'm saying, This is filthy language and not limited montina? Why would he say that? He will say that, because he's teaching a profound, timeless, prophetic lesson sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that lesson is that even if you're doing the work of doing the work of Islam, and you're doing it and your contributions are either you made, you migrate it, or you ate it, or our contributions could be in the field of education, it could be in the field of spreading awareness of the religion, it could be

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humanitarian aid, it could be setting up a machine or a school or whatever it may be, whatever Islamic work you're doing. Usually our work is under some kind of label, some kind of organizational label, some kind of group label, there's a youth group somewhere, there's a Muslim Students Association somewhere, right? These are all labels. But when these labels, which is meant to be a good thing, when these labels are used to create antagonism, or people self identify themselves first under these labels, and see themselves as someone distinctly different from people that are contributing in some other way, under another label, then that same word, even if it's Mahajan, or

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unsought becomes a filthy word. That becomes a filthy word. I am in charge of the ina Institute. There are other institutes in the world that teach Koran that teach Arabic that teach Islam, they are doing the work of the into if myself or my colleagues, my you know, my coworkers, the volunteers and this organization, the employees of this organization, if they start thinking of themselves in any way superior or in antagonism with another organization, another group another label, then this word becomes a filthy word then this is this something very scary for people who serve in the cause of Islam that they don't fall under that label that the Prophet sites went on warned about Anyway,

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I'll go I'll move along with this story. So the Prophet is extremely disturbed by this and you know, they should have been calling by the name yellow Muslim mean, you know, the call the Muslims call the Muslims for help. Another thing before I go on with with this story, two guys were fighting just two guys that are well, one from Medina one from Makkah, right. And two people fighting turned into two communities fighting. Our job is communities is it's the fights are never it's not 100 people versus 100 people, arguments, disagreements, fights, these things happen between two individuals most of the time, and then people gang up behind one and gang up behind the other and you have to

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pick a camp and this sort of mess happens. We have to defuse the and first of all acknowledge that the problem wasn't between the group of module and the group of thought the problem was just within these two, it was just within these two men, there's some other stuff coming in my head, might as well share it with you. The first problem was between the module and the inside the people of MCI and the people of Medina right. Not a year, not even a year, months go by. And another skirmish breaks out inside Medina and that was actually between certain tribe one tribe of Medina O's and another tribe of Medina has like the Muslims actually had tensions even within Medina you know what

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what I'm trying to get at you first, have an argue

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argumentation against another group.

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And because your argument prone, and you're, you know, supremacy prone, it's not so long later that you have arguments within the same group. And they're splits within a group. And then those splits have further splits and those splits have further splits. You know, this starts somewhere outside, and it keeps on getting worse and worse and worse. And this is actually considered one of the punishments of Allah on an oma, one of the punishments of Allah, on the nations that believe, is that he broke them up into groups like they disagreed and hated each other. And they kept on making splits and splits and splits, may Allah protect us oma from falling into that, and those of us that

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have fallen into that, May Allah help us recover and really take pride and acknowledge that our only real identification is Oh, man wahida will not know the whole Muslim or you know, we're just one nation and we are Muslim before Allah. Now moving along with this story, it's not just the profits lesson on who heard the news. It's a guy named Bob Levin obey.

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Many of you might not know who he is. I'll tell you a little bit about this guy. Okay. So he was a, you know, there were two tribes in Medina Olson has Raj. And you could say that there were nine districts under hozelock, and only three districts under oath. And so those nine districts had a governor and the US had three governors, so altogether 12 governors in Medina, the biggest district belonged, obviously, the majority is classified, and the biggest of those districts was under him. So he was the head of the biggest tribe under his knowledge. And therefore he was actually in a sense, considered the unanimous leader of Medina before the Prophet migrated sallallahu Sallam

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before Islam, so much so that they decided that they're going to turn turn Medina into a kingdom, and they shall crown Him the king. So they started preparing in your inaugural and inaugural ceremony, a crown was prepared, you know, a throne was prepared, and celebrations were being talked about. And in the midst of all of that the guys already won the election. It's just waiting for the inaugural ceremony, right? And he's going to take his position as unanimous King, the prophets I saw him decides to migrate to Medina. And as he does, pretty much unanimously, the city decides that the leadership belongs in the hands of the Prophet himself. He's in the governorship position

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unanimously. So his entire political aspirations collapsed before his eyes because of the coming of Islam five years ago. He's hated Islam ever since but he knew that he can't oppose Islam head on. So he joins the party, he becomes Muslim, to advocate to be to be close with the Prophet you know, they say keep your enemies close, and keep keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. That's what he did. Right? So he, he joined us on for dubious reasons, which became later obvious, even his son actually acknowledged it. His son was actually a sincere believer of the law, the son of Abdullah Abdullah bin Abdullah bin obey. But in any case, so this man tried to harm Muslims in

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subtle ways, every chance he got. Now he's at this he's at he was at that excursion they were coming back from the loving away also hears that the Mahajan and the inside of the aids in the migrants have had a conflict with each other. He sees it as a golden opportunity to take this a lot further to ignite the fire. And he's already seen the spark might as well turn it into a fire, right? So he calls a bunch of his close friends and he also gathers as many of the unsolved people of Medina as he can. And he gives them a speech in his own camp. This is not something he did in front of the Prophet separately. So he says words like calf, Haruna Orca calf, you know now for una casa Luna,

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these people have overpopulated and overrun our city, we feed them, we provide them, we gave them the home, this is what you didn't have them ultimately, and this is what you've done to yourselves people. in Medina, we had a perfectly good thing running here. Look at what you brought upon yourselves. First of all, you bring up upon yourself this immigrant crisis. And these people that are all living on our welfare, they're feeding off of our checks sound familiar? You know, and they're, they're living off of our economy. And we're not we're not, we're barely getting by ourselves. And on top of that, these people show up, and now they have the audacity to commit crimes

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against us look at how he treated us. You know, these people, they're, they have no decency whatsoever. You know, what they remind me of, he says, They remind me of the ancient saying of the Arabs, some men kalmykia Colca. fatten Give, give your dog you know, give your dog food and fatten him up and he turns around and bites you and eats you up. So he called the the, the Mahajan. The migrants from Macau, he basically called them dogs. And he says, You know what we need to do, we need to do two things, guys. First of all, we need to stop giving them charity. We need to stop you know, when we start we stop handing out our our handouts to these people watch them disappear. The

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only reason they're here is because they need our financial support. They're just you know, they're just entitled, you know, and we need to stop feeling making them give giving them these entitlements. When we stop giving them this kind of aid, they'll just disappear on their own. You know, let them go some other place. Let them suck on somebody else's blood. That's basically the idea that

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He expressed in his speech, that was the first idea stop spending Latin FICO element and data solid data and don't spend on anybody close to the Allies messenger. What those words were particular You know why? Because he was suggesting that the prophets I said I'm the closest people to him are all people from Makkah like Omar, Abu Bakar, etc, etc. He has no room to get close. Because the closest people to the prophets Arsenal are the ones that have made the most sacrifices. So he held a grudge against those who were the closest to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam anyway. So he says, stop spending on them until they disappear and disperse. And he says that if they don't disperse when we

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if if and when we get back to Medina, then the most noble, meaning us shall expel the most humiliated. That's what we're gonna do. Okay, so now I'm almost done with this story. He gives us horrible in, you know, like, a speech that is supposed to ignite hatred, right? And it's supposed to aggravate the community. He does this and there's a child in the gallery with a child by the name of Zaid. accom. And this young boy, some argue is like nine years old. Now, the thing is, I've given a lot of public speeches, when you're in a public speech and you see a nine year old kid, you're not paying attention, you're not worried. Whether is he listening to everything I'm saying or

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understanding everything, you know what you're more worried about? I hope he doesn't start talking to his friend out loud or start playing too loud on the iPad, he's holding our I hope this kid doesn't cry or you know, disrupt or whatever. We don't really think too much about the children in the audience. Often we ignore them, we overlook them. This kid heard everything he said, He's from Hassan himself. He ran over to his uncle on the other side of the camp, told his uncle Abdullah, nobody said this. And he said this. His uncle came over to Oman and the Prophet they were sitting together. And he said, you know, he's saying this, what should we do?

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And our motto, the lavorgna, immediate reaction.

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I know a guy. I know a guy who I can send and they can take him out right now. Some of you might be bothered by that, that he had, he actually immediately offered that he should be killed. This is actually a matter of military discipline, as universal in many ways. When you're when a military is out on a military expedition, anybody within the ranks, trying to cause disruption, and trying to break the ranks of the military is considered to be doing an act of treason punishable by death. Because while you're still out in the military, you cannot sabotage the forces. This is not a time of peace. It's a high security situation. But the prophets lie. Selim refused that suggestion

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immediately. He said, kay firemen, how can that be on what people are gonna say that Mohammed kills his companions? You know, Janya, coolness, and now Mohammed, Abu Mohammed kills his companions. You know, if you study history, you know that the love innovated way more than this to deserve already to be severely punished, even killed. He's already committed acts of treason and espionage and sabotage, way more way more than this. But the prophesied some refused to kill him. You know, some people who argue that, you know, in Islam, if you insult if a Muslim like, leaves the religion or attacks or insults the Prophet that they should be killed, study the life of the living away? How

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much did he insult the Koran, the prophets, I saw them continuously and the prophecies and refuse to do anything he refused to. And he left a profound precedence. By doing so he left the precedents, that hypocrites shall not be punished like this, because if if he did that, then you know what we're so quick and immature to call people hypocrites. And if we would, we would actually take the legacy of the prophets, I saw them mutilated, and mutated, and say, now we can kill these people, you know, that would have created chaos, and there would be no civilization in the oma. Because everybody twisted and ready to call another hypocrite would be ready to even kill them. No, no, no, that is

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not the precedent and not the legacy of our beloved messenger. sallallahu wasallam. In any case, the prophet system says, at least we need to deal with the situation of the lovely nobody needs to know that I know. So he calls it. He calls him in and

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I'm delivering obey and his gang, they swear to God, they didn't say anything. What are you talking about? We would never say something like that. You're the Messenger of Allah, we swear, we've testified we were Muslim. How can you accuse a fellow Muslim this way? You know, we would never do such a thing. And they swear and they're like giving a speech to the Prophet instead, like turning it around. And the Prophet sometimes doesn't say anything. He already knows better. But he doesn't say anything, and he lets them go. What's awesome about this story, is that there's another version to the story, the version told by Zaid the boy himself. Remember, he went and told his uncle and his

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uncle went and told the prophecy seminar that they was outside the camp. A little nine year old boy told this story and he says now in his on his account, he says, I told my uncle that he said, Latin fu lm and de su de la jolla and for those who don't spend on anybody close to Allah, His Messenger so that they can disappear until they disappear. And he also said that a vaginal Medina locoregional

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Then, when we go back to the city, the most noble shall expelled the most humiliated.

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I told my uncle these things, the prophets I said, I'm called Abdullah bin obey. Now the boy wasn't inside the room. He wasn't inside the tent. He's outside. He doesn't know what's going on inside. All he knows is the lovey dovey, who he told on winnin gave an explanation walked out scot free. He's like, the prophet must have believed him. And he didn't believe me. And those were his exact words. For sadaqa who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam what can 70 the Prophet thought he was telling the truth, and I was telling a lie. Now we know from another narrator, that what was going on inside the room is something entirely different. The Prophet didn't actually believe him, or

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didn't consider even punishing him for it. So that's a different story. Why they didn't punish but from a boys point of view, he didn't even get in any trouble I told on him and he didn't get in trouble like you know how kids tell on someone are forgetting to let the you know the Prophet didn't even believe me. So he says a savani hammermill 70 katoh a sadness hit me that has never hit me before. And I went into my home for jealousy Beatty, I just sat in my home like this was really really sad. Then this pseudo was revealed. After all of that, this little was revealed 11 shorts,

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either jackal munafo da Kaduna shadow inna colossal when hypocrites come to you they say we testify you're the Messenger of Allah. And Allah knows you're his messenger but hypocrites are lying by the seventh and the eighth, I have this little you know what Allah says, Listen, he says, Hola, de la coluna la

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rasulillah ha tion photo. They're the ones who in fact say don't spend on the messenger on those around the Messenger of Allah until they disperse the exact words that Zaid the boy had quoted came in the Quran. And then the next day, yo lunella Jana, Medina, te, regional azumino.

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When we do if, in fact, we do go back to Medina, then Allah will then the most noble shall expel the most humiliated. The prophet SAW Salem receives this revelation. And what does he do? And by the way, the prophet SAW himself doesn't know that say this fad, or that Zaid wasn't believed, but he calls for faith. And Zaid comes, and he says, Look at sadock Allah, Allah has proven you to be truthful. Like the wonderful art is recited, it's recited to all the Muslims, everybody hears it. But the prophets, I said, I went out of his way to call that young boy, and bring him into his personal company, and recite the entire sort of tonality According to him, and then console his

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heart. And then he told him, Allah has proven you true, as if the Prophet himself is verifying that one of the fundamental goals of the surah was to save the feelings and to safeguard the you know, the happiness of this child and to alleviate the sadness of that child's Panama. How like, this is what I supposed to be about hypocrisy, and it is how at the same time, it is about caring for kids, like not overlooking their feelings. Even Allah azza wa jal didn't do that. Even the privatization of who's in the middle of a military expedition, who should be reciting and delivering the slot to the, you know, the far reaches of the entire army takes the time out to specifically call the child

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and recite the Quran to him. What an incredible legacy of our profits, I tell them. And what a profoundly beautiful story behind this in this remarkable surah one last comment that I'll give you before I go I know it's been long is that hypocrisy is a very complicated subject we oversimplified and one of the worst things we can do is just call somebody a hypocrite. One of the worst things you can do. The Quran never did it. The Quran doesn't just say yeah, you Hello, Dina, for those of you who have become hypocrites, even when he talks directly to hypocrites, who's whose speech and their actions conflict with each other, who don't really believe, who complained about the revelation of

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the Quran, even then he uses the words alladhina amanu. Those who claim to believe Allah Himself chose not to expose them, the Prophet did not expose them, you know, that same person that has now been proven a liar, and someone guilty of espionage by the Quran. One day when he finally died, when he finally died,

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his son Remember I told you is a good good kid, right? He's just a hobby and a sincere believer came to the province I shut up and said, Could you pray his funeral prayer? Could you pray janazah, please, and the Prophet did. The Prophet did praise another, and he actually put his own shirt on him. This is a legacy left by our messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam that we don't judge and label people as we see from the outside. Because Allah Himself Why would we not judge though it's so like the urge to judge is so strong, because Allah himself says people will be

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in their hearts, there's a disease, a disease that lies inside of the hearts can only be seen by Allah. It cannot be seen by us. May Allah azzawajal protect each and every one of us from hypocrisy. And when we get concerned about hypocrisy, maybe make us of those who are only truly really concerned with their own selves and not pass

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judgment on others. May Allah just give us an increasing love and appreciation of his beautiful beautiful book barakallahu li walakum wa sallam article by Winnicott.

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