Solving Everyday Muslim Issues

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I joined in McGraw because I felt that the work in McGraw was doing was so important. And I was actually very honored to be part of what Ian McNabb was doing. And milesweb was doing seminars at a scale that was almost not seen anywhere else at that point. And Maghrib was tackling issues that were applying to people's everyday life. And I think this is one of those really, really important aspects of Islamic education is that it's one thing to talk about grand ideas. It's one thing to talk about details, but we have to somehow make it relatable, we have to make it practical. And I think that's one of the really, really important things that McGraw is doing is that and malherbe is

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looking at the issues that are affecting people in a very practical way and giving them Islamic solutions through education. We should continue to support and Maghrib for a long time to come