Zakir Naik – If a Hindu Follows the Principles of the Quran Can he Call himself a Muslim

Zakir Naik
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So like anyway,

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if a Hindu

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follows the principles of Quran,

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which are very similar to the principles given in the various Hindu religious books, can a Hindu call himself as a Muslim? Or on the other hand, can a Muslim call himself as a Hindu? Because you are. The very topic of your lecture is universal brotherhood. I properly understood Dr. vats when he asked his question, very good question. If you have a clear question, I can give her a plan. Well, that's a very good question. Can a Hindu following the principles of Islam in the Quran and Hinduism be called as a Muslim? And can a Muslim be called as a Hindu? Very good. Let's understand the definition of the word Muslim and Hindu. As I said, Muslim is a person who submits his will to Allah

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subhanaw taala, Almighty God, what is the definition of the word Hindu? Hindu is a geographical definition. anyone living in India? anyone living on this side of the Indus Valley civilisation, he's a Hindu by definition, I mean, do you know that

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Hindu is a geographical definition? You ask anyone, according to Swami Vivekananda, Hindu is a misnomer. Geographically, I am an Indian, I am a Hindu geographically, but Swami Vivekananda said that they should be called as better than this

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should not be called Hindus, by dentists. So if you ask me, am I geographically Hindu? Yes, I am geographically Hindu, I am. But if you ask me, am I aware? Then, just following the Vedas, I said that those parts of the Vedas which conceal it with the Glorious Quran, I have got no objection following those parts, for example, that there is one God but if you say I believe that Almighty God created the Brahmin from the head, a different cast, which are superior cast, the sutras from the chest, it's very damn good. If you don't believe in the VEDA. It's your problem, brother. But this is the way that I'm quoting you can have the scholars of Vedic scholars are sitting here. That's it

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in your VEDA say that nadai

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the ratio from the ties and the sudras from the feet. So I don't agree with this concept.

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That's right. So if you asked me, Do you believe in the philosophy of faith, I said, No, this particular philosophy

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is geographical. He said that

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his brother rightly said that anyone who inhabits India has to be Hindu but natural. anyone living in America is a citizen of America, he has to be American. Very good.

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So anyone living?

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Yes, that's it. I agree with you, brother, geographically, everyone living in India, the Hindu, like completely agree with it. By the geographical definition, if you say, if you say that anyone who lives in India, then that's correct. Any scholar will agree, anyone living in India then do geographical ama Hindu? But because I stay in India, can I be a Muslim? Yes,

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of course. So a person can have Muslim be Hindu, yes, if the Muslim is living in India, he can be a Hindu. But if a so called Hindu lives in America is not a Hindu, you know that. He's an American,

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for Hinduism, cannot be called a universal religion. According to the scholars, Hindu, the religion of India only is not a religion. It's a geographical definition. According to Swami Vivekananda, was a great scholar, he said Hinduism is a misnomer, you know, misnomer, misnomer means or wrong label given, they should be called as within this. So, if you ask me, am I a Hindu? I will tell you, if Hindu is a person living in India, by all means, I am a Hindu, but if you say Hindu is a person who worships as the person said you know that if we believe in so and so God we have got form that cetera and Robert heads then handle cetera, then I'm not a Hindu. But if you made a geographical

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definition, yes, I'm a Hindu. Similarly, can a Hindu be a Muslim? Yes, I Indian can be a Muslim.

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A Hindu can be a Muslim. But if that Indian, if that Indian does idol worship, you can't be Muslim. Because the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 48, and third Nephi chapter four, verse 116, that Allah subhana wa Taala never forgive the sin of committing, I suppose any partners, any other city if he wishes, he may forgive, but share can never forgive. So an Indian living in India, geographical Hindu can be a Muslim, but if that geographical Hindu Indian breaks any

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commandments. That is the basics of concept of God. Believe in Prophet homosassa Allah then you cannot be a Muslim. Any Muslim who follows a foreign and lives in India. He's an Indian Muslim hope is very clear for you

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