Tazkiya – No One Will Carry Your Sins

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A young man who lost his religion in school was criticized by a woman for not taking classes properly. The woman used the incident as an excuse for not being able to learn the religion and made a statement about handshakes and prayers. The speaker emphasizes the importance of regular handshakes and providing prayers, but acknowledges that these people are not helping. Share stories to avoid confusion and mistakes, and reminds people of ownership and responsible behavior on the Day of Judgment.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Mursaleen. So, you know, Hamid, why early he was Sufi, he may,

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the brothers and sisters one time I was sitting with a young man who decided to abandon the Salah, leave the religion not to practice their religion.

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And his argument or his reason for doing that, or his excuse. He said that his parents did not teach him religion in the right way.

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He did not he did not get a chance to learn the right the right path when he was a child. He did not get a GED, he did not get the right access to the religion.

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And my answer to him was, now let's assume that your parents did not do good job. And you are an adult, you are aware of this problem? What are you doing about it? What is your plan? Are you planning to learn your dean who have enough materials study, we have enough resources, we have books, we have online courses, we have lectures, we have plenty of material that is available. And we have imams in the city. We have Halaqaat we have programs what is your plan? And the man kept quiet, it did not say anything. On a different occasion, another young man decided to attend the salaat in Monterey been wonderful massage it in our city.

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And after the salad was over, the Imam made an announcement that if someone does not,

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does not recite the Quran properly, he doesn't know how he doesn't know how to recite the Quran.

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properly, he should not be leading the prayer and someone felt that he is someone to hit personally. And he felt that the Imam is aiming at him. So the there was an argument between him and the Imam. And this young man did not like the scene. So he said you guys you know what if you have an issue, you have a problem, you have something to talk about. Maybe you should wait until we leave the masjid or you go to your office and talk about it. In private. You don't have to talk about it in front of other people. But what he so far so far, everything is fine. But what he said after that was horrible. He made a horrible statement. He said and that's why I did not come to the masjid to

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the masjid for the last six months.

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So he was using what happened this incident,

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as an excuse for him for not to come to the masjid.

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And as everyone knows, that most of the massages are very peaceful, very peaceful. Most of the time, there are things that happen time to time. But these are isolated incidents. But most of the time this is a solid that we offer on a daily basis. It's a routine. It's a daily routine. Most of the people are very friendly, very peaceful, they come to the masjid, they smile to each other the say salam, the return the salam, they offer their prayers and leave. So everything is fine. Everything is peaceful most of the time. But this man looked at this incident. In one he said, you know, and that's why I didn't come to the masjid for the last six months. I heard about some of our

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assistants, who took off the hijab, or decided not to wear the hijab. And what is their argument that hijab ladies are not good enough to be role models for them.

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We don't like the behavior of some of HIV, ladies. And that's why they're not wearing the hijab. And guess what all these excuses will not be accepted on the Day of Judgement.

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There are people who said you know all we hear stories in the community. We use some rumors about mismanagement in our massage organization, and that's why we decided not to come to the masjid. We don't have a desire to come to the masjid. Again, these excuses will not be accepted on the Day of Judgment.

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What is called in Arabic and Miss Olli and for the

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the personal accountability self accountability was highly emphasized in the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us in on many occasions when I tell you Zerah tune wisdom Oakura

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that no bears of burdens will bear the burden of someone else.

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No one will carry your sins on the Day of Judgment. No one will carry the burden fewer mistakes on the day of judgment and you're not going to carry the sins of someone else. Parents will run away from their children, children will run away from their parents, brothers and sisters will run away from each other.

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No one will be there for you, I mean, they shall I will be given the right of shafa making shefa intercession will be given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam maybe angels and pious people, some other prophets and messengers, but notion for our will take place with the without the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala every intercession will take place with the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we try to please Allah subhanho wa Taala we try to impress Allah subhanaw taala instead of trying our best to impress impress other people in this life

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and you know, what's happening in social media nowadays, everyone's trying to you know, collect as much as he can collect likes and and get the attention of other people and earn the attention of other people. But these people will not help you on the Day of Judgment, no one will be there for you, no one will decide to go with you to the grave, you go to the grave by yourself. So, it is a it is an it is a personal accountability, we cannot escape this responsibility.

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And here must earlier for the or personal accountability it means that we you and I are responsible for our actions and the consequences of our actions. That we need to take ownership of situations we are involved in any decision we make. We need to be responsible for this decision. You don't try to put the blame on someone else. You don't try to play the you know the game of blame shifting, this will not help us on the Day of Judgment, it will not help us these all these excuses that I mentioned parents or Imams or leaders or the community or the management or other people having a dispute in the masjid

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or ladies Jabby ladies not being role models for for other ladies. All these excuses will not be accepted on the Day of Judgment while at 10 00 to wisdom okra, this concept was highly emphasized in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala women desert cafe in Nehemiah desert Kaeleen FC and whoever whoever purifies himself or herself, he or she does, he or he only does so she only does so for the benefit of himself or herself. Will you purify himself when you pray to Allah subhanaw taala when you wear the hijab, when you obey Allah Subhana Allah to Allah you do it for the benefit of your own self. You're not doing a favor to anyone. This Allah subhanaw taala and you will feel canaliculi

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failure hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ALA and should have been more saline was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.