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a Santa Monica Monahans Allah he will gotta catch well hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah why there are the he will be here woman while I'm about Welcome to another q&a session on Tuesdays and today inshallah we will do a number of questions all of them related to so lateral Joomla and the hotbed of Joomla. So I've compiled a number of these so that we can inshallah dedicate an entire q&a today regarding the hotbar. And when it to begin with first question, Sister Lisa from England, Manchester, says that she has converted to Islam. But some of her close family and friends are questioning her about Islam being the true religion, because according to them, the law of the

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Sabbath, the law of the Jewish law of the Sabbath, was given to all of Abraham's children. And so they question our sister Lisa, that how can Islam claim to be following Ibrahim it has said I'm following Abraham when we do not observe the laws of the Sabbath. So the Jewish Sabbath, or Shabbat as they pronounce it, it is something that the Jews observed throughout the entire year, on the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday. And according to the biblical tradition, it commemorates, according to them, the original seventh day that God allegedly rested on after completing the creation, as you know, in the Bible, they believe this is not something in the Quran.

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They believe that God created the earth in six days, and then he rested on the seventh day. As for the Quran, there is no such thing Allah does not need to rest at all, Allah does not get tired. But that is the biblical version. And so some of the basic teachings of Judaism, affirm by the Sabbath are God's act of creation, God's role in history, and most importantly, God's covenant with Israel. That's why our sister Lisa's cousins and friends are confused, that they believe that this covenant was for all of the believers in God. And this Sabbath is the only Jewish holiday. That is a mandatory by the 10 commandments. So the original 10 commandments, one of them was to observe the

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Sabbath, the Jewish people are obligated to sanctify and to honor the Sabbath, at home, and in the synagogue by observing the Sabbath laws and engaging in worship and study. And the the significance of this day, is reflected in many of their traditions of them. There's a famous tradition in the Talmud, which states one of the rabbis their senior rabbi said, if you wish to destroy the Jewish people abolish their Sabbath first. So in other words, if you don't have the Sabbath, then you are no longer a Jewish person. And on this day, according to them, all types of work are banned. All that they're allowed to do is to basically be with family and to meditate or to read the scriptures,

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or to praise you know, God in a manner that they that they do so. And that is not a day of work, no work is supposed to be done. So much so that some of the more stricter interpretation, say that you cannot even turn on or off a fire or turn on or off electricity, or even use a cell phone, turn it on and dial the cell phone. So some of them are strict, very strict in this regard, and there's a whole spectrum of you know, what are they not allowed to do and what are they allowed to do, and the some of them do not even drive cars on that day. So they walk to the synagogue again, this is the more ultra orthodox version. And for them, the Sabbath begins on before sunset on Friday, and it

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lasts until the stars appear on Saturday. So maybe around 2930 hours or so that before the sunset of Friday until the stars appear, which we'll call the Aisha basically, of Saturday, and the time in this time, it should only be spent in family and in prayer and in contemplation. Now, what do we believe about the Sabbath? What do we Muslims believe about the Sabbath? We firmly believe that the Quran, the Quran, enjoined upon the Jewish people that they must observe the Sabbath this is in the Quran itself. And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Allah Tala do facility do not transgress on the day of the Sabbath Don't disobey the laws of Allah on the Sabbath, this is in the Quran. And in

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the Quran, as well. We also have the story of a group of people who devise the trick to attempt to trick Allah that they would put the nets of their fish, you know, on Friday, day time, and then they would pretend not to work on Saturday, but in reality, the nets are working on Saturday, and then they would capture the fish on Sunday and say, Oh, we did it.

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actually do the work but of course the work was intended to be done on Saturday. And so Allah azza wa jal cursed them Allah's Lana came upon them this is in the Quran. This is a Quranic story. However, we do not believe that the Sabbath was prescribed for all of mankind. This is the fundamental difference that our sister Lisa needs to understand. The Sabbath was enjoined upon the Bani Israel. It was something that Allah told them to do, and they were supposed to honor it. However, it is not something that is enjoined upon anyone else. We do not have our holy day on Sabbath. That's not what our holy day is. And we have explicit evidences in the Quran and the

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Sunnah, that that is not something that we need to follow. Allah says in the Quran, Nikulin Jalna men computer attend women Hajah to each nation, I have given a different system of laws and a different methodology and way the theology is the same, Allah is the same, the belief and the judgment is same Heaven and Hell is same, but the details of the Sharia, and the details of how the rituals are to be done. This varies from civilization to civilization, and Allah azza wa jal enjoined upon some civilizations, that which you did not enjoy upon other civilizations. And specifically, with regards to the Sabbath, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says in surah Nahal verse 124, that

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in nama juryless Saba to either lady nocturna foofy, we only ordained the Sabbath upon this community who they themselves disagreed about how it was to be done. In Nigeria, the Sabbath to the Sabbath, the Sabbath, the Saturday was only intended for that one civilization, but they themselves ended up disagreeing amongst themselves, they themselves did not honor it the way that it was supposed to be honored. They themselves tried to find tricks to get out of it. So Allah azza wa jal explicitly says in the Quran, the Sabbath was for the Bani Israel. It was not meant for the rest of mankind. And there's a very clear Hadith in this regard as well, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam said, No no Runa sabya kodomo Kia Amity Bay, the unknown auto kita we will probably now we are the last of the chronological of these owners, yet we shall be the first on the Day of Judgment, even though the people of the book came before us and they were given the book before us. And

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this day that was prescribed upon them, they differed over it and Allah azza wa jal chose us and guided us. And so they follow us we have the right day. And the Jewish people are one day after us and the Christian people are two days after this is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he clearly says the original holy day was Friday, that was the default and Allah preferred us and Allah gifted us Friday, but they were given Saturday and then the Christians invented Sunday for themselves. So this is something that they the Christians had asked for the Sabbath that was given to them by Allah is x listed in the Quran. So the point that we need to

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emphasize is that the Sabbath, which was ordained by Allah subhanaw taala, that's true, we admitted, yet it was not the original holy day in the calendar of Allah, the original holy day, it was Friday. And Allah blessed us with Friday, and for wisdoms and reasons known to Allah, He told the ministry to observe the Sabbath, and the Christians. They actually invented Sunday completely. It was not something that Jesus came with Jesus, of course, observed the Sabbath. But after he left this earth, His followers after him when they changed the religion. They added to this as well. So to answer our sister Lisa, we say that the notion that your relatives have that Sabbath was universal to all of

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mankind, frankly, it is incorrect. Perhaps it stems from their notion that whatever was given to the children of Israel was given to all of mankind. That is not the case. It was unique to the children of Israel. And for us, our holy day is not Saturday, it is Friday, and even on this day, we are not obliged to not do any work rather Allah azza wa jal diminish from us the burden that was given to the previous nations, and the only thing that we are forbidden from doing is from the time of the event up until the end of the prayer, that timeframe only we should not engage in trade or buying or selling or being a part of our work, we should leave everything and come to the masjid. So Allah

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azza wa jal made things easy for us and he said only from the and this is only for the men of this ummah, it is allowed for the women to do to do what they're doing. But as for the men, when the Advan of Joomla is called up until the salah finishes, we are not allowed to be working in our jobs that are for money or for risk we may do you know manual labor to get to the to the masjid. We may drive a car, no problem there, but we cannot be at a job for our results.

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And because of that give up our Juma for no reason this is not allowed. So Allah azza wa jal blessed us to be on the correct date, which is Friday and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best.

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Continuing on our q&a regarding all of the Friday's gonna be today, brother Abu Bakar from Minnesota emails asking that he says that he works at a factory job and he has long hours and sometimes he cannot take off extended period of times for Joomla. And in fact, he is saying sometimes he cannot even take a shower before going to the Joomla. So he is asking what is the minimum amount that he needs to do for Joomla in order for it to be counted as Joomla and that he does not get into a laptop or a sin? And He wants to know what is the bare minimum? And he also asks, what are the some of the Sunon and etickets if he has time to do this, add it to this as well. Sister Aveda from

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location unknown emails saying that why isn't Joomla obligatory for women? Why is it only obligatory for men? So I'm going to begin with the second question because I actually found it a breath of fresh air that a lot of times some of our sisters are always asking about, you know certain, quote unquote privileges that men they believe have been given. And they don't have it. Why can't we? Why can't we sister ABA saying no, I want to also do more. And I want to be required for Joomla just like the men are required. And that is something that is a breath of fresh air because frankly, many times in this modern. You know, as we know this, this movement of feminism, when people are

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renegotiating the rights and the roles and whatnot. Too often, some people involved in this trend, they concentrate on what they deem to be privileges as I have given a whole talk before this they are not necessarily privileges it is that Allah has given each what is suited to them. But very few of them want to be given the responsibilities. And so sinister arbiter wants to be given extra responsibilities as well. Well, we respond to this by stating and beginning with sister I will move to brother obika in a while. We begin to this by stating that there are textual reasons why Joomla is not obligatory upon women. And there's also wisdoms, and so remember,

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excuse me, remember

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that our shedding is based upon textual rulings from the Quran and Sunnah it is not based upon necessarily the wisdoms of those rulings, the wisdoms help us rationalize and understand. But sometimes the wisdom might not exist, and the ruling still exists. We do not base the law of Islam based upon wisdom of an individual because wisdom can vary and sometimes be there sometimes not be there. We do say that the default is that a ruling is wise for the majority of people. But that wisdom that hikma might not necessarily exist on the individual level in each instance. Yet still, the general ruling would still be applicable. So we can never equate the what is called an Arabic

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they are in the or the cause with the hikma or the wisdom, the two are separate, and the ruling shall be based upon their Illa not upon the hikma the ruling is based upon the Quran and Sunnah or the derivation factor, whether it's Islam or whether it's clear, and it is not based upon the wisdom and I'll be given a number of examples for this in the past and any student will Sula can look this up. So the textual legislation the reason why women are not obliged to go for Joomla is because there is explicit traditions to disregard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith and Buddha would do more to help Conewago Jubran Allah Cooley Muslim in Fiji Martin Illa

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Alaba Joomla is obligatory on every single Muslim who is living in a congregation living in a city he must pray Joomla in Joomla, he must pray Joomla not by himself, there is no Joomla by yourself, you must pray Joomla up in the congregation, but for people are excused, like the sick and whatnot in the traveler, and one of them the Prophet system said oh imra a woman. So explicit Hadith, which is authentic hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, women do not have to pray Joomla and because of this, there is no difference of opinion whatsoever about this ruling. The famous scholar of early Islam Ibn Al Moon zero YBNL Moon did he wrote one of the most famous Treatises

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about HMR about unanimous consensus and he listed in this book, what aspects of Islam everybody has agreed upon with no exception whatsoever. And So point number 52 What HMO Allah Allah Juniata Island these were urged marijuana unknown inhaled ordinal EMA

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Number four, Selena ma who another radica huge zoo on Hoonah. There is unanimous consensus, and this brothers and sisters is an evidence. Once you have unanimous consensus, it becomes binding, there is unanimous consensus that Juma is not obligatory upon women. And there's also unanimous consensus that if they attend, have their own will, And they pray that that shall suffice them and meaning they don't have to pray for her in its stead. So there is unanimous consensus that Joomla is allowed for women, but not obligatory. For women, there is no difference of opinion, no two opinions about this. Now, some later scholars, unfortunately, they went to another extreme of discouraging women

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from praying Junhua. And this was based upon their own cultures and the reality of their times that women would not leave their houses except for necessities. And so this is their version of what you know, they feel should be done. As for the wisdom of why women were, were not obliged to preach and why their wisdom is that really, and this is the norm of most of human history was that women were not expected to participate in communal activities frequently, it was a different time, a different culture, different norms. And generally speaking, women were kept a little bit more concealed for their own protection, that is the way it is I'm not endorsing it as being right or wrong. I'm simply

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narrating it as a factual reality of the past that circumstances were different. And men and women each had a role to play complementing the other. And generally speaking, the role of women was not a was kept as minimal as possible for communal and Public Affairs. And generally speaking, it was tried to be as domestic as possible. And this is, again, a factual statement. And this is a reality for most of our history, that women played a more discreet role, not a public one. And therefore the notion of obligating women to come for the prayer, even the daily prayer, some Allah Ma said, it is obligatory and even men, some of us said this is the minority opinion, nobody said it is really good

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Tory upon women to walk in the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the people and to be amongst the men and to be visible, they wanted to not make this a burden to make it obligatory. And so, they they did not to make it obligatory upon women in this regard, even salah to read, the majority opinion is that it is not obligatory upon women. Even though I follow the humbly school in this case, the default of the humbly school it is obligatory upon women salata Eid twice a year, they are obliged to go and pray with the community. And that's the minority opinion, which actually follow the majority opinion is that even either is not obligatory upon them individually at the individual

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level. That having been said, it's not obligatory. But if a woman is working a regular job, and hence she's already leaving the house and being active in our modern societies, in this case, I mean, I cannot say it is illegal to I cannot I will not change the Sharia of Allah. But I can say that it makes no sense for her to then follow this concession and say, Oh, it's not obligatory, if she is able to, if it's reasonable for her to be able to pray in a masjid, I would encourage her I cannot say more than this, that if she's going to work nine to five, she's going to a corporate America or corporate you know, place and she has a regular job and routine, then in this case, it is

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definitely good for her to once a week cut everything off and listen to a sermon have her Iman revived be amongst the Muslim community. And so, I will advise such a lady that if she is working a regular job, that she should at least you know, be encouraged to pray Juma. And in that timeframe, she will be reminded you know of Allah learn something beneficial and be with the community. And that's, you know, Allah knows best it's not Why'd you even in this case, but I'm saying if she's going to be outside anyway then why not also take advantage of Juma and benefit and get some reward, inshallah to Allah? That is the sisters question as for brother Abu Bakar, who is working in the

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factory and he is saying that sometimes he has difficulty taking a longer break, he has to have the bare minimum to go and come back so he's asking what is the bare minimum? So the bare minimum dear brother worker when it comes to Joomla is actually very easy, and that is that you must attend the entire whole tuba beginning from when the Imam says a salam Wa alaykum until the Imam says a Salam why are they gonna sit on why they come at the ending of the Salah from the beginning of the hotbar to the end of the tour card, that section, the default is that it is obligatory and that if you are

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are late to this, then you have fallen short, if you're late, at least you have prayed the Toorak hours of Joomla. But you have fallen short of what is the obligation, it is obligatory it is wajib to attend the whole tuba and the salah, in case you are not able to really you are pressed for time, and you are not able to come to the entire T May Allah forgive you, you should try your best to get time. In America, you have quite a lot of rights and privileges. But even then, I am aware that not all circumstances, some jobs and some professions, you cannot invoke religious freedom because of the nature of the job that you have to be there in a certain time in place. So you try your best to

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do your brother boubakeur to attend the entire hotel. And to record if you are really not able to, and you're only praying the Torah god, this is definitely not ideal, and it will be less than what is obligatory. But it is better than leaving the tour guide completely and praying in your workplace. So I am not saying it is permissible. But I'm saying in case because I do understand and especially some jobs, they are much stricter, and they might just fire you and whatnot, this might be only a source of income. And by the way, as a general rule, this is to all the Muslims out there. If you are in such circumstances that you cannot go for Joomla and you have tried and you're in a

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land where they don't allow Joomla or else you will lose your job. By the way, in America, it's difficult to do this in America, generally speaking, you have certain privileges and rights to be able to get a little bit of extra trial time or whatnot, they can work around this, but even in America, not all the time and not in all situations is this possible. If circumstances do not allow you to go for Joomla whatsoever. And you do not have enough of a critical mass in your own factor what not to do a quick Joomla because you can do Joomla literally in you know 510 minutes you can you know cargo in a room and one person can read a three minute hold a two minute hold, you know and

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lead a tour or cazalla if you have enough people 345 10 people you can do this in your local place if you're not able to pray in a masjid. But if you're able, sorry, so if you're not even able to do that, and you are in circumstances that are really difficult, that they're not allowing you any type of Jumar then I asked you to try your best to find another job. But until you find another job you are forgiven, because Allah azza wa jal now you can live long enough son in law was ALLAH is not going to tell you to live on the streets because you cannot pray Juma? No, Allah is Rahim and ramen and Allah food and Allah azza wa jal understands your situation, hate it in your heart, don't like

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to be in that situation, try your best to get another job. But in the interim, and Meantime, rather than be homeless on the street, you may work in such a job where you cannot pray Juma. Pray to her at your local time, in the lunch break, and whatnot, but try your best as I said, to work around it and at least try to find as I said, a Jumar that is close by where within the lunch break, you can go and from June, beginning of the hotbar, to the end of the Salah, try your best to do so. Now as for other Sunon of Joomla. This is well known topic and I'm just going to summarize some things that no doubt our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was said it would wear a better garment put on perfume, he

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would do wholesale and by the way also does not have to be done right before you leave for the Masjid. You may do also even after fajr of Juma you may do also in the early time of July no problem. So you do loosen it too soon to do it is not wajib some scholars said it is wider but actually no it is not wider. It is sunnah to do. And you should come early, the earlier you come to the masjid, the more rewards but all that this is sunnah. And you can pray two rakaat as well, or more than two, as many as you want to pray. And by the way, the question regarding the number of Sunon before and after Joomla is one which all of the format hubs have a slightly different answer

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or opinion. So there's lots of different opinions about the Sunon of Joomla. In terms of prayers. The position of the humbly school that had been tamed me and others is that there is no sooner erotica before Joomla and that after Joomla either two or four may be prayed and should be prayed so before Joomla no sooner Atiba after Joomla either two or four, depending on whether again, these are very minor differences and it's also not the end of the day. No scholar says it is obligatory to pray before and after Juma this is all what are the Sunnah also of the suenens of Juma as well is that one should recite Surah Delica as well if one is able to do so, and there are other soon as you

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can read about them, but these are all perfections you asked about the bare minimum and so I have given you the bare minimum May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy upon you

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our next question brother You shall emails

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come from a city in Illinois, in which there's only one Masjid recently built. And he says that they do not have a full time Imam. And so the hot buzz are given by selected people within the community. However, they have disagreed amongst themselves regarding the language of the hotbar. Some people are quoting and then he mentioned the name of a famous scholar who has a detailed treaties in English, stating all of the evidence says that it is obligatory to do the hotspot in the Arabic language. And this scholar, I'm not going to mention names, has said that this is the majority opinion of the Islamic schools of law and he says that it must be done. However, he allows a lecture

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in the local language, that shall not be the hotbar and then the hotbar be given in Arabic and then the surah in Arabic, the brother Yasha says, other people are saying that the hotbar should be given in English so that most of the people can understand. So Can I comment on this controversy? So this controversy, again, this goes back to early Islam and there is a famous treaties written that you have referenced I don't like mentioning names for no reason. So this is a scholar that I respect and admire immensely, and he definitely is one of the greatest scholars of Islam alive today and most revered and respected, and he has large followings, especially in the Hanafi or the urban the school

00:26:33--> 00:27:17

tradition, and he has written a treaties about the fact that Joomla the chutzpah Joomla must be done in the Arabic language. And I have read this treaties multiple times, actually. And it is a very scholarly, very erudite evidence packed treaties, it is available in order to English and Arabic. And this treaty is is the standard, because of which so many of our brethren have that have that particular strand. They insist that the whole tuba must be given in Arabic, even though they allow a Bian they call it before that in order to do or in English, and so that people can listen to that. But the hutzpah must be given in Arabic. And the main evidence they have two main evidences or

00:27:17--> 00:27:58

summarize their main evidence number one is that the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them always gave the hotbar in Arabic, and he was the one who said pray as you have seen me pray. So because he always gave it an Arabic, we must also give it in Arabic. And number two, they say this is the majority opinion of our earlier scholars. And they have a long list of scholars and this is many of the pages of this treaties are about chef so and so says this And Imam so and so and lots of aroma of the past, you know, beginning from the second century, all the way up until our times lots of aroma have indeed said that the hotbar should be given in the Arabic language and this esteemed

00:27:58--> 00:28:45

scholar who is one of the primary references of the Hanafi school. He also claims that the Hanafi school has been misunderstood, and that the Hanafi school has always said that Arabic is the default for the hotbar. And it is not allowed in any other language. Okay, so this is what our this esteemed chef has said. So the fact of the matter is that the controversy over heartburn and the language of the hot word really goes back to all of the four Sunni schools of law. And it is true factually, it is true that the majority of Obama did say that in cases where even one person can speak Arabic, that the holder must be given an Arabic this is a majority opinion. In fact, so much so that the

00:28:45--> 00:29:31

majority of the Maliki's and the humble is said that even if none of them understand Arabic, the Imam can just read something incomprehensible in Arabic to him and what not, and that is the default that it should be done. A second opinion says that if everybody in the audience is non Arab, they don't understand Arabic If everybody not a small minority or a vast majority, if everybody in the audience does not understand Arabic, then in this case, the whole book can be given in non Arabic in any language other than Arabic and this is the default position of the Shafi school and it is also some of the humbly scholars of the past. And the third opinion is that it is Mr. Habib to give it in

00:29:31--> 00:29:56

Arabic but not a condition. And if the hottie wants to give it in any other language, then he may do so. And this is allegedly the position of Abu Hanifa himself and some of the Shafi schools now, our esteemed scholar of the Hanafi madhhab says Imam Abu Hanifa has been misunderstood and that is his right to say he has been misunderstood a factual point here. Lots of rules

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

have understood this from a

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Hanifa so if our great scholar wants to say that all of these are nama have misunderstood, that is his right. But you should be aware that when you even read a know his books and other scholars and the people who write compendiums, of filth, even modern companions of the way they have understood Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah is actually pretty clear. And they feel that Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah Allah did allow the hotspot in any language. So that's their position. And again, even what Abu Hanifa how what he said can be interpreted in different ways. Nonetheless, the default position of the majority of schools is that it should be given in Arabic, this is no doubt that's a factual statement,

00:30:41--> 00:31:19

however, is the majority position, always the best one is the majority position, always the better one to follow. And this is where if you have listened to my q&a, throughout all of these, you know, hundreds of kids that have done, this is where I've always been bringing up this idea of I mean, the term, a lot of people get very concerned when they hear it. But in reality, if anybody listens to my talk, there is nothing to be concerned about. When I say reform in understanding filling our times, right, I've used this phrase multiple times. Perhaps there is an intentional shock, not intended, however, those people who are the one who create controversy or don't understand they read way too

00:31:19--> 00:31:57

much in when I talk about rethinking through fifth, this is exactly what I'm talking about these types of issues, where there is no explicit commandment in the Quran and Sunnah. So the fact that, you know, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave it an Arabic throughout his life. I mean, that's factually true. But just because he SallAllahu, Christendom did something throughout his entire life in a certain way. It does not make it obligatory and binding on us, especially if he did it, because it was the culture of his timeframe. What if somebody said the only reason he did it was because that was his language, he was born into it, and the people spoke Arabic. And by the way, it is also

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factually true to state that for the bulk of Islamic history, the majority of the Ummah, understood Arabic they could have been bilingual, trilingual, but they understood Arabic as a default. So if somebody were to say that the Prophet system did not commanded us to give the hotbar in Arabic, and he himself said, Islam will spread east to west, he himself said, I saw this whole world rolled up in front of me and Islam spread to every corner, he told us that Islam would reach the Roman Empire and other empires, he told us this, but he never said that make sure the Hotbird will remain in Arabic. What if somebody were to say that to derive that it is obligatory to give the hotbin Arabic

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is a huge derivation, the max that can be said it is Mr. Hub, and it is the default language, I agree. But to make it binding, such that you will now say to a group of people who do not understand Arabic, and they're coming to the masjid one time of the week, that's the only time they come to the masjid. And you will say to this community, that I'm sorry, but because our classical Obama said a majority of them, by the way, not even all that it should be in Arabic, that we will give it in Arabic, we will say this is what I'm thinking about. When I'm saying we need to rethink through just because a large group said it, we have to look at our context and look at our situation. What is the

00:33:18--> 00:33:56

goal of the hotbar Allah says in the Quran, Oh you who believe God the nominee, when the call for Joomla is given, leave, buying and selling and common listen to the remembrance of Allah. The remembrance of Allah is not in any one language, it is in the language that they understand. As Allah says, In the Quran, we have not sent any prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. We have not sent any prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. So those who are following in the footsteps of the prophets, that's every hotel, even every chef and every argument following the footsteps, they should follow that verse in the Quran as well, that they

00:33:56--> 00:34:33

speak to the people in their own language. And by the way, here is the irony and again, I always preach tolerance and respect and I respect the position that should be given only in Arabic, but I gently gently without any attempt, I will do better to mock or ridicule push back and I say, you have said that you want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by keeping it in Arabic, okay. But you have also instituted to hotbars you might not call it a hood, but you can call it a ban. But in reality, there are two hood was taking place separate and distinct. You have the Bian in the local language. And then you have the chutzpah in Arabic where it's following the Sunnah

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

of the Prophet system there he did not do so. In fact, one can point out that there is an authentic hadith and a Buddhahood in which our prophets of Allah who I sent him for bade gathering in the masjid, for any communal activity before Juma, you may gather individually pray salah, there should be no communal activity of Halaqaat and, and knowledge and whatnot. It should not be done before the hotbar our scholars say because we want to constant

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

trade on the hotbar therefore, don't have something before the hot but this is a Hadith do not have halacha before. Juma meaning don't have, you know, circles of knowledge and whatnot and more ever before the hotbar because attention span is limited. So if you're gonna get give a 30 minute lecture before the whole book, then you're gonna have the hotbar nobody's gonna pay attention to the hotbar but see our brother and who wants to be strict on the Sunnah, very literal. In order to be strict. They had to be non strict. They had to institute something that goes against the Sunnah and actually contradicts an explicit Hadith and Sunnah Aveda would and this shows us that, really, it doesn't

00:35:37--> 00:36:13

make any sense with utmost respect. I'm not trying to be dismissive here, but to be so literalist in this regard that just because a majority said it, no, even if a majority said at times, we're different places we're different, we now have a crises going on, people are barely praying, they're barely coming to the masjid, they come only for Joomla or some of them don't even come for Joomla they're gonna come for that 1520 minutes, the only time they have to be educated, and because you want to stick with tradition, and that tradition is Manmeet. Allah did not say the hood but must be in Joomla. The process of did not say it must be in Joomla. It is something they have derived that

00:36:13--> 00:36:52

derivation was contested from day one, earliest scholars, some of them said the whole book can be in any language. And that's the position that I'm advocating as well. So when I say we need to rethink through books, this is exactly what I mean. We are not bound to the opinions of earlier people just because they said that we live in different times and places. And as I have said many times, we find an entire spectrum of people in our times, some of them are ultra literal, and and sticking to what their schools taught them. And I respect them. And I say that I understand their concern. But that's not going to help Islam. Sometimes it will make Islam dogmatic and fit will become dogmatic. Others

00:36:52--> 00:37:32

on the flip opposite the far left, they want to rethink through everything. And these are the progressive movement of Islam. They don't have any attachment to the tradition. They don't really care about the Sunnah very much, that is also a destruction of Islam. I have always said that myself, I am with the middle group of scholars, the was salty type of scholars that they respect the tradition immensely, but they are not blind to the realities of the world we live in and they contextualize and they discern and they think more deeply, and they say okay, why did our previous caller say this? Was it something Allah and His messenger said? Or was it for reasons that we can

00:37:32--> 00:38:13

now rethink through and when it comes to the language of the hotbar I think it is obvious that the Quran and Sunnah does not restrict the language of the hotbar. And this is exactly what the vast majority of that type of scholarly community has said. The measure is the measurement. The measurement 50, which is the image mark that I quote The most often, which is following the rabbit hole ultimate study one of the largest bodies of Muslims in the world, that they gave their their fatwa in their fifth annual meeting. This was back in the early 80s, many 35 years ago or something. One of the first meetings that they had, they said that the hutzpah have read and the hotpot of

00:38:13--> 00:38:14


00:38:15--> 00:39:00

In the lands in which people do not speak Arabic may be given in their local languages, it is not necessary that the whole book be given in the Arabic language, it is not necessary that it be given rather it should be given in whatever will facilitate them learning Islam, it should facilitate their learning of Islam. And even the translation of the Quran may be said during the whole month in their local language, but of course the Quran should be recited in Arabic only. So and this is their fatwa that even when Quran and Hadith is quoted in the hotbar, is not obligatory, they're saying to mention it in Arabic it can be done. It can be done in any language, but they said that, obviously,

00:39:00--> 00:39:37

the when you recite the Quran that it must be in the Arabic language. So this is the fatwa from Mark 50. And also the HK aroma, which is the de facto Council of Saudi Arabia, which is generally on the stricter side in most issues. In this issue. They said there is no evidence from the Quran and Sunnah to restrict the language of the hotbar and that it can be given in any language that will be the most benefit to the people. The same goes for the Egyptian Council and the Jordanian council. So basically the default of the majority of Muslim councils of the world, they have said that the holy book can be given in any language. It is really primarily our Hanafi brethren of today. And of

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

course, this is the irony, and I'm not a part of that, you know, movement. So I'm not qualified to speak too much. But I will say that it is obvious to an outsider that the earlier Hana fees were different than the modern ones in our homelands. And there's marked differences in many fatawa and many of the earlier Hana fees would allow certain things that later ones do not allow and this one seems

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

To be the case that Imam Abu Hanifa. And Allah knows best, it seems that he did allow her to play in any language. But he said it is better to give it an Arabic but later a half. They said it must be given in Arabic. And this includes some of the students of Abu Hanifa. Nonetheless, even if that is the Hanafi school, it is one school and the other schools are more open in this regard. And this is what I mean when I say we need to rethink through filling our times we need to reform the books, not the Allah's sharia we cannot change Allah Sharia. But it is not Allah Sharia that the hotbar must be given in Arabic, this is something that Leatrice callers have derived. And therefore, dear brother,

00:40:40--> 00:41:23

you shall who asked this question. I say that it is my humble opinion, which is the opinion of the majority of councils in fact, dare I say, I'm not aware of any global field council I repeat, I'm not aware of any global field Council when I say global, I mean, composed of aroma from multiple countries who have given a fatwa that is anything different than what I have said, which is the whole debate should be given in the language that is of maximum benefit and therefore here in North America, perhaps 10% understand Arabic 15% understand Arabic whereas pretty much 99% If not one or 2% in some communities understand the English language. So we should give the hotbar in the language

00:41:23--> 00:41:45

that people will understand. And this means that it is completely allowed to give the whole book in the English language and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best and with that, inshallah Tada. We will stop here for today and continue next week. Until then, cheers Akuma Lokeren said I'm Juan rahmatullahi wa barakato what guru Lawler fie a yamim

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is gnarly he woman that I fall off

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is now really hilly man he dunkel what long our

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ad to show