Stability Into The Sajdah

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Stability Into The Sajdah – Postures of Prayer

We continue with our baseline postures by learning how to move into the Sajdah and grip the Earth beneath us.


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah law brothers and sisters, welcome to postures of prayer crossroads of presence, the part two of our baseline. So far, we discussed and talked about the first three postures, we did talk about grabbing the earth and getting ready to exit the earth, we're going to exit this world. And we were going to find ourselves not with outward duck feet here. But we were going to really open up our our stance, grab the earth, and turn our toes in from the hips. And once you can activate your hips, you'll recognize a lot of us are out here, a little duct to cut that kind of duck foot. And a lot of us have a lot of tension in the hips and the knees. So let's assume

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that your baseline came from toes facing the law, knees, hips, your midsection, you've kind of sucked in that lower abdomen, your chest, shoulders, give you a posture again here. And as you're squaring away, how would we set that posture of dignity, let's say you make your first gesture, and you will say I exit the world a lot.

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From here, what I'm hoping you can do is you find your comfort zone, you unlock this shoulder, it will take some time. So when you're turning, when you're turning around, and notice, oh, wow, the clavicle, the bone across the top, and my shoulders have a lot of tension and like this half the day. So I'm rounding out the best the top of my spine, let's assume we've been working opening up the upper half. And we've reached the point where we can identify our hips and bring ourselves down to a free posture, we're not locking out those knees. And as I have myself here, lumbar spine, the pelvis of the law, my lower back few drops of water leaked from a from a leaky roof. Once they

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gathered in his lower back l one through five, hence the belly sucked in and the spine is in a good elongation, we knew that the shoulders had that jar or that pitcher of water if you want to call it and from here, we brought ourselves freeing up those hip flexors. Remember the knees for free the whole time. Now, I don't imagine might be the most beautiful creature in the universe being taught to pray by an angel would fall forward up in a disruptive pattern to the knee. Knowing how the body works, we bring our body into simple simple decline. Because I'm opening my hip flexors, I'm not falling like a freefall, it's really bad for your body. So in part two, we'll pick up from here,

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we'll bring ourselves out whether you want to go hands or knees, that's between you and the way that you want to bring your study the way you want to bring your study of Salah. But once I'm here, I'm free. And now I'm personally going to come down to the knees. Now while I'm coming down to the knees, I want to make sure all five toes engage the ground each foot. So that's the baby toe as well. And the second episode of this is the ground game, you'll see that coming up. So if you can't get all five toes, you probably can get these last twos to grab the earth because we use this a lot. So just take your time, my feet are turned in the ankles a little bit sore because you don't use it.

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I've grabbed the earth, my knees are down now create some space, there's no idea the Prophet peace be upon him would have tucked in so tight. So I am going to ask all of us to keeping the toes gripping the earth all 10 toes facing forward, they're less clear. I'm not going to reach out but I'm still grounded to the earth. And when I come forward will recognize that hasn't been Hussein all the a lot of data and we're able to climb underneath of goat was able to go so we're going to create some distance. And from here, I don't know if you can recognize that we're just going to isolate my shoulders were broad wide. We don't see a very flimsy man You see, and the character of a nominee

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who picked someone up once and they said I felt I might put my head back and they left me and other pockets allow me to sell them. So a very wide chest, go ahead and ground into the earth. A lot of us do not ground. We do not find all of our body. We'll just kind of like Yeah, because we're preying on a pretty Johnny mas with three inches of carpet with one inch of foam inside of a house. So you're never really hitting

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The ground. And as a result, you may never get to unlock would get that pressure of what's called grounding. From here with a good amount of distance enough work, like you're giving a child a piggyback ride, I isolate these two pillars into the ground. And now I lower myself into the prostration. Now key fact is a lot going to happen here. But in this single movement, in this single movement, I'm going to bring myself presents myself. And here it is the bridge to the next world grip, ground grip, lower opening myself up, really, I'm not just not just here, right, I'm here, balancing the forehead, nose. And from here, again, with clear attention come up. And I present

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myself, I'm not just plopping myself down, we'll talk a little bit more, but in between the sitting, keep the tension and sit. Okay, here assaulted law a lot more similar how they are or silence. And here, I returned back ground body parts, and I'm lowering myself into that posture. And from here again, it's not, it's not without the ritualized movement, make your movement a little bit more formal, a little bit more measured. So from here, let's assume it's the second record, a lot of us really get sloppy here, they let the hips go left and right. And so we lose this. And then when people say, I'm going, I sit on my left foot, no, you're not friend, you're stretching the ligaments

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out this way that's not sitting on it, that's stretching it, I want you to find a place where the foot is still firm, all the bones are being respected. And I'm sitting upon,

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you feel that I'm sitting upon the full foot. And now that's again, that's going to take a lot of time, because your ankle is tight. But I wanted to show you at least the baseline. So I'm sitting somewhere around here, if you can't sit on that flat part again, it's okay. And as I'm sitting here, and I apologize, if I say that's okay, it feels demeaning. But I just want to get us a baseline and we'll go from there. From here, I'm in my commitment. I'm here identifying those hip flexors, I'm not just kind of falling through lumbar spine, and the entire pelvic region down here, it's stacked. And in this posture, a shadow Allah, a guy in the law, identifying that the shoulder. From here, I'm

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clearly able to I bear witness and testify in this portal in this rocket ship from here to Gemma, I aboard say, a bear witness and testify my opinion counts and cares about me. From here, I entered the world, can you enter the world with me, I want you to tuck, tilt, and bring it in. So we're going to go back, I am here. I'm going to bring my chin down in bringing it down. Now I'm going to bring the L that chin to the armpit. So from here, what does that do that's opening up this side here. And I'll allow you to see if it's opening up so that I can see the chin. You imagine if I came into Saigon the laws not only going to the law, are you acknowledging the shoulders are

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acknowledging the angels? Was that just a metaphor? No, they're angels with us. And we represent that. So that's respected chin choke, we're opening up here, the neck, we're opening up the jaw got a lot of tension in your face will be great benefit. So drop and tilt. Here we are coming back,

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drop and tilt. And we're opening both sides. This completes our baseline. Now for some of you who felt that this is slightly rushed. Well, I'm rushing so that we can get to the healing part, five components. And as I dropped back into my heels, I lift the body, there's no tension. There's no concept of Oh my god, how come I can't do that. It's not about strength. It's about openness and flexibility. From their five baseline postures, we went from the stand from the access point

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from the entrance into the bridge.

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And here in the bridge, if you want to take a look, we open ourselves up grounding, laying ourselves into the posture where the heart is above the above the brain. And in this I keep that tension staying in between to my into my commitment here. So I'm not sloppy. I know that I'm in between I'm not just

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crushing some body part. And from here, I'll make my Shahada. I've made sure to turn those risks, not just bunching up, like I'm sitting on a keyboard. But again, it's that full performance, you are the creation, and the creator wants to see that movement. Once I'm done, I entered into the posture, I enter into the world by saying a set Amati mark with the law set on money from the law. What's the final thing you do before you get back to the world? You acknowledge to invisible unseen creatures called angels? And then you're like, yeah, let me get back to the world. That's a very powerful statement. So from here, friends, back in the heels, we have some work to do, you have some work to

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do, you have some work to do. And what we're going to get on together is we're now going to start from our ground game. So let me hold that metaphysical hand of yours. Let's get into our feet. Let's open up those. And I want to throw this at you right now. 50 bones in your foot 260 Plus, in the body of that 50 are in my feet. Let's talk about that. Isn't that important? In our next episode, always a pleasure to spend this time with you, and to address those who are excited but saying, where's the proof for all of this, I do want to just give a quick shout out there's a beautiful 36 page PDF from Apple on the postures of presence. Please do look through that and take the course

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find that if it's available for you. But for all of you who are kind of almost looking for the proof to have good posture, let's rewind the cassette here, you give me proof that might not be slam his knees into the ground. You give me proof that a man who tried a stone to the stomach had a 30 pound sack of flour when he made ruku when I'm talking about that Gigli gun, that to me, I need proof from you. So let's rewind the cassette because we're usually going in the front door saying give me your truth. Tell me where this came from. Why don't we ask the question to ourselves? How did we learn to pray? The prophets of alarm if someone was told to pray 50 times a lot turn that into 55 eventually,

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but did God say go up, go down, or did an angel acts you got it and Angel actually showed him. So the most beautiful human being taught to pray by an angel. You fix the pastor's on that but for any of the technical parts of the water, and how his back was how he stood abroad to submit shoulders, I'd ask you to take a look at the PDF and start an in depth study in how the Prophet sallallaahu it was some have looked in every detail that we can come up with. And then you'll start to see a different skeletal structure of unabie somewhat equal, walking into life in the sense of peace upon you, around you and from within you until postures of presence meets you again, we'll set out why

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you want to walk