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Our Prophet Sall Allahu Allahu wa sallam said in a hadith reported by a woman Melba, Haiti, that in one of these three sutras in the Quran, the grand Name of Allah occurs Surah Al Baqarah Surah Al Imran and surah Taha I recited for you the beginning of surah Taha in our salata, Lucia, in one of these in these three Sutras, the grand Name of Allah is Mala Hill algum it occurs Surah Baqarah Surah Al Imran and surah Taha, you find something called is Mala Hill album you will find it in these three sutras in another narration and Timothy on a cinematic narrative that once he was walking with the prophets of Allah Who are they who was setting them and they pass by a man making

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dua and the man said Allahumma in the Iluka Oh Allah I ask you be unethical him do because all Han belongs to you. La ilaha illa and and my nan buddy or semi Watty will autumn Jada, Jada Chromia how you yeah Kurume these are all names of Allah. Before he went on the prophets of sunset to unassumingly Malik, this man has made dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala with his Smola Hill Alvim with his grand name, that name which when you invoke it, Allah will give you what you want, and when you ask, Allah will respond to your plea. So once again what did the man say Allahumma in a Luca be unethical. hamdulillah ilaha illa and Hannon Ullman none, but the Assa T will owe ya they'll

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generally will economia how young are you? This was just the beginning. He didn't even ask yet. And before he asked, the prophet system said, This man has used its Mala halau theme. And yet a third Hadith narrated by Buddha did not say you know, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he heard a man say Allahumma inni Luca and Anta Allahu La Ilaha illa Allah had a summit and let him get it. What am EULA? Well, let me Akula California had once again he hasn't gone on to the actual da This is the beginning is drifta and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam remarked the same thing this man has used is Mala, the grand Name of Allah, that when you use it, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will give

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you what you want. And when you make dua, then Allah will listen to that too. So these three narrations The first is in imager, and the second is in the media and the third is in Dinwiddie, these three narrations, they mentioned the same concept, and that is something called a smaller Hill Alvim. Now I have spoken about the names of Allah and I have briefly mentioned the concept of the grand Name of Allah in previous cookbooks and lectures many years ago, even over here and other lectures I've given today I just wanted to refresh and go into a little bit more detail regarding this concept of is Mala Haleem of the grand the name of Allah Jalla Jalla Dooku. Now, before we get

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to the grand Name of Allah, a quick refresher, I mentioned this years ago here at Epic, and perhaps some of you are not there, that the concept of the names of Allah is a very important concept of Islamic theology. And many of us have a misunderstanding about this concept. And that misunderstanding is that Allah subhana wa Taala only has 99 names. We think the list is finite. And this is as even hedgehog comments. One of the biggest misunderstandings that the average Muslim has Allah subhanho wa Taala has more names than we can count. Allah is never limited, nothing limits Allah. Allah has a list of names is way beyond 99.

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Because if we were to say Allah only has 90 Now we're limiting Allah and Allah is unlimited. Allah is Allah honey, Allah azza wa jal cannot be counted. So when the Prophet says that I've said to Allah belong 99 names he is not saying, Allah only has 99 What he is saying the full Hadith says To Allah belong 99 Names such that whoever memorizes them will enter Jannah meaning out of all of the names of Allah, there are 99 that are extra special. That's what the Hadith means. It doesn't mean Allah only has 99 names, rather, out of all of the names of Allah, how many names does Allah have infinite? How many do we know we know? Maybe a few 100 at max and I've spoken about the controversy

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over the list of names. That's not the time to get into it right now, because it is a complicated topic that requires a longer lecture and I've given a lecture right here. The first year I came I give a number of lectures about the names of Allah and Ubuntu over it and I think some of them are online, but for our purposes, I just want to rehash and reiterate. Allah's names are unlimited. And the Quran and Sunnah has come with hundreds of adjectives and nouns that are describing the Jalon and the magnificence of Allah. And Allah has names and Allah has attributes. And the Quran mentions many direct nouns

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Rahman Al Rahim al medical produce a Salam and movement however the direct nouns the direct actual names that are listed in the Quran do not reach 99 The actual names listed. As for the adjectives, there are many more than 100 There is a difference between a noun and an adjective right? So the noun or Rahaman, the adjective Rama, Rama, Tala, they're two different things. So the concept Rahmatullah these types of adjectives are in the hundreds, the actual nouns are rahman, rahim, and Medic, these are less than 70. In the Quran, they're not actually 99 We have to convert some of the adjectives into nouns and also turn to the Hadith as as I went over, and the longer lecture now, for

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this lecture, we're talking about one of the names of Allah, what name is Smola? Hill out of them, the grand Name of Allah? So what does this mean? Realize as with all such topics? It's not a simple answer. I wish I could say, oh, our scholars said this, no, our scholar said 15 opinions, we're going to go over some of them to give you an idea how complicated this is. So the first opinion basically said, Look, this genre of a hadith, they're not found in Bukhari and Muslim and the chains are not fully authentic. So, you know, the concept should not be believed in. And there are some scholars that said, these traditions are not we are not authentic, so we should dismiss them that is

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an opinion out there. Other scholars said, Actually, we need to understand the names of Allah are all the same in terms of in terms of majesty. So we should not say any one name is better than the other. So what the prophet system is saying, whatever name you use, it becomes its Mala. halau theme is Mala Hill alum. So they had a different philosophy of understanding. And they said, if you look at these a hadith, each Durga is different. There is no one name that is common in all of them. So this indicates that there is not one name rather what the prophet system is saying, The man has used the majestic Names of Allah. And when you use the majestic Names of Allah, Allah will answer you. So

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another group of scholars said, it's not one magical name. It's not one specific name, rather, it is any name of Allah. And if you use any name of Allah in the proper manner, then Allah will respond and Allah will make your DUA and listen to it will respond to your DUA and this is proven or this concept is addressed in the Quran, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, what Allah hill a smart will husana for the root will be her to Allah belong the most beautiful names so invoke Allah using those names, what Allah He a smart o l SNA. Theodorou who be make dua using those names. This is in the Quran, to Allah belong the most beautiful names so make dua using those names. And this is a very,

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very well known prophetic sunnah, which unfortunately many of us do not avail ourselves to, we should always begin our do as with praising Allah, and the best praise to give to Allah is His names. So whenever we raise our hands we don't just say oh Allah give me money. We don't ask like this. We we begin Yeah or hamara Haman Yara Zakia Karim yah semi I do ya Rob Yamo Allah Ya Allah you can meant mentioned names and whatever dua you have. Whatever ask you have, you will find a name that is appropriate for you ask your child is sick. Ya Shafi. Yeah, coffee. You're in some financial difficulty. You're Kadeem, Yara, ZOC, Yama, none, you are in any distress, yeah, Hannon, whatever

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your pain is, whatever your ask is, you will find a name of Allah that is more nasib that is in, in sync and in harmony with what you are asking. And this is what Allah is saying. And our Prophet system, therefore according to this interpretation, and again, there's many interpret, and we're not gonna go over all of them, but go over some of them quickly. According to this interpretation. It's not one name, it is the concept of names. And so we should not understand is Mala Hill Aragon as the one Greatest Name of Allah, rather, every name of Allah is album when you use it, whatever name you use, it becomes the album name. So that is another interpretation, a third interpretation, which is

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very similar to this one, it's really the same concept. And that is that it's not the name that you choose. Rather, it is your own humility, your own loss, your own horse sure, that when you invoke Allah subhanho wa taala, with any of His Names, your horse sure is what counts here. And so the understanding here is that it's similar to the second one it is any name of Allah, what is important is your humility and how sure, then you have a whole list of opinions. The genre will be there is actually one special name and then what is that special name? There's at least 10 opinions. I'm just going to quickly list some of them have been hijacked by the way

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In his fertile body, he lists every one of these and he has a discussion. Obviously, we don't have time to get into the detail, but very quickly of the opinions is Hua Hua some say Hua. And of course there are some groups that say who in reality who is not the name of Allah, it is a pronoun. And so we don't agree with this but even had your listen and it is there some people did say it of the opinions Allah the name Allah itself, and they say this name is the only name that appears in every Hadith that I just mentioned, which is actually true. The only one name that appears in every single Hadith without exception that mentioned is Mala album is the name Allah itself and they say the name

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Allah is the most common name in the Quran. How many times does it occur in the Quran? Who knows? How many times is the name of Allah Quran? The Quran?

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300 200 400

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add another 03 1000 times the name of Allah occurs around around 2970 something or 2000 or 2000 3000 roughly 3000 times ballpark figure the name Allah I mean think about it. Every page has the name Allah multiple times and the Quran that are printing has 600 pages every page has at least three four or five times the Name of Allah, how can it be only 300 that means every two pages wants Allah's name or know the name of Allah is three there is no other name that is anywhere close in ballpark no other name only the name of Allah it occurs in the four digits 3000 Plus every other name of allah maximum two digits you know 50 6070 times maximum no other name of allah occurs even

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more than 100 times except the name Allah itself. So the other opinion the name Allah is Mala album and the name Allah also is Allah Who mother the same name because in Arabic, yeah, Allah becomes Allahumma so ya Allah is the same as Allah Houma. That's why you do not say yeah, Allah Houma that is wrong. The Arabs pre Islam, they venerated the name Allah so much they made a special year for Allah only, and that is Allahumma In other words, Allah Houma means ya allah same thing that's why you do not say yeah Allah Houma because you're doing a double doesn't work that way. So the other opinion it is the name Allah the the next opinion what do we know for the fourth opinion is the

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grand Name of Allah is Al Haj Alka young and they say this is the name that occurs in Surah Baqarah. And in surah Allah Imran and in surah Taha I recited surah Taha right and Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Yo, yo mera occurs there it occurs in, in, in in Surah Imran and it occurs at night till kursi. So the name Heyoka Yom it actually does occur. The first Hadith accorded the name this Mala album occurs in Surah Baqarah. So, the other Emraan surah Taha, lo and behold, hail Kurume does actually occur in those three sutras. And so and they also say, the grandest verse in the Quran is AYATUL kursi. Right, the grandest verse, right, the most blessed verse, and what is ITIL? kursi?

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Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Who Alhamdulillah you so they say the grandest verse and the grandest name obviously they should be in the same so they say a hail costume is the grand Name of Allah the next opinion al Hannon Alma Nan, and that occurs in the second Hadith accorded al Hannon Alma nun al Hannah and means the one who's mercy is very powerful Alma Nan means the one who gives and gives and gives, so Hannon and Manam then there are other opinions those won't just gonna go over them but the or semi watchable or do Jalali will Ekrem Hola Hola. Hola. Hola who had a summit la de la myriad Willem Yoda, whatever call Luca Vonderhaar. That's a whole opinion by itself. Another opinion, Rob.

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The name Rob. And rub is a comprehensive name. Because it means my lord, my cherisher, my master, my protector, the one who's going to take care of me. That's what Rob means. So another opinion is the name of ROB. And another opinion is it is the dua of Yunus when he was in the will the ILA Elantra Subhanak, in the country of Ottoman, and there are other opinions as well. But to conclude, well, Allahu Alem if it is one particular name, it is either Allah or a hail Kurume these are the two names or the two combinations that are without a doubt, perhaps the most powerful nonetheless, I am very sympathetic to the second opinion as well, which is it's not necessarily a particular phrase,

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it is your Nia you're in class and using the right name of Allah in and this is goes back to the reality we as Muslims don't believe that if you say something magically, something happens that's not how do our works does not know how the Bible works. Everybody is a worship of the heart. rabada is humility. Everybody is submission to Allah Riba is not reciting like a parrot.

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So we have a misconception. If I say the magic words then this is going to happen doesn't work that way. Our religion is not a stick for Allah Hocus Pocus, mumbo jumbo stuff but Allah Our religion is for sure our religion is dukkha our religion is if loss is in the heart, so it's not what you say it is how you say it. So if you raise your hands to Allah and your heart is full of humility, it is full of Iman and you then verbalize some of the majestic Names of Allah and of course in every dua you can say Rob, Donna, you can say Allah Houma, you can say your how you yaka you, you can say all of these names and then you add other names of Allah, then for sure, you would have utilized the

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grand name of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And if you utilize the grand Name of Allah, what will happen Allah will listen to your DUA one final point here and I've gone over this much more detail. What does it mean Allah will listen, what does it mean Allah will respond? If you say yeah, how are you okay? You might want a million dollars right now.

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And you think this is this will live album, will I go home and find a million dollars in my bank account? Maybe I will. I hope I will inshallah. But if I don't, does this mean Allah has not listened to my dua? No, this is another misconception. Listening to the DUA means you will be rewarded for having asked it. And Allah will give you something, either what you want or something better than what you needed, you might not even have wanted it because you don't know what's good for you. Allah gave you something better than what you asked for. So Allah has listened to your DUA and Allah will respond, but Allah's response is not now if you ask for the Ark era and you are

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sincere, Allah will give it to you. But if you ask for the dunya, and you are sincere, Allah will give you something that is better than what you asked for, or what you asked for. So Allah will respond to your DUA, you make dua to Allah, and you use the names of Allah and you use the grand Name of Allah. And as I said, What is the grand Name of Allah, Allah who are them, but if you ask me, it is either Allah or al Haile Kurume, along with the names that are similar to what you're not similar the names that are related to what you want, you understand what I'm saying, related? Like what do you want, you will find the name of Allah that is in that vicinity that is,

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has a relationship with what you're asking for. If you use those names with a class with who sure with Taqwa that will become a smaller Hill album. And our Prophet system said, when you ask Allah what is Mullah Hill album, Allah will respond to your plea and Allah will listen to your DUA and Allah will give you not necessarily what you asked for but Allah will give you what you the equivalent of what you asked for or something better than that. So make dua make plenty of dua use the names of Allah subhana wa Tada and Allah has sent me on cloudy or Salah who has said and what Barack Obama did while he was IVIG American was Saddam are they gonna have to lay water

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in mostly me now almost Lima Do you want meaning Well, Mina the quantity now I looked on it that thing was slowed in pain I was born in Ponte wasabi Rena was Slavia before she you know, she

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wasn't for Shireen. I want to call she is the one downside the lino one downside being 14 was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen, one half your warranty was that good enough? Long, I guess even oh, what's going on? I don't know hula

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