Yasir Qadhi – What is Magic?

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the myth of the Sahara and how it is the only man with a life of his own. The speaker explains that the creature is a man who wants to destroy the creature and is a god who wants his money. The creature is a man who wants his money and wants his wife to be his partner. The creature is a man who wants his money and wants his wife to be his partner.
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Magic Sahara is the intersection of the world of men with the world of jinn. These two worlds are not meant to be intersected. These two worlds are meant to be separate. And if an accidental crossing takes place, it is easier to repel as any rock knows if a jinn comes into our world and causes some fitna and for that on its own, it's much easier to repel rather than Sahara. Because what sad is is the following Listen to me five minutes and you will understand magic and inshallah never be scared of it for the rest of your lives. Magic is an evil person who has sold his soul to the devil. In order for the shayateen to perform some tricks for him.

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It's like you feed your horse or your pony to go gallop fast. The only difference is you're not feeding a horse or pony. You are feeding a demon, a Shavon. So what the SA has is doing is giving the gin the one thing that the gin wants, what does the gin want your American Express card with expiration date, your cash? What is the gin going to do with your cash? What is the gin going to do with your money? They don't have currency in digital world. What does the jinn what what has it always wanted? What did the jinn want? superiority? So are they going to get it? What do you have to do? Lower yourself in front of the demon. You have to become the slave of the jinn. The biggest myth

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I want to destroy is the false idea that the Sahara controls the jinn, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the jinn that controls the side.

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The magician is the filthy, evil disgusting creature of a human excuse of a human that has sold itself and its dignity and its reserve and its Eman and its taqwa in order to do sacrilegious deeds for the demon. And that's why these things of get a toad of you know I have a newt and go to the graveyard at 3am and get the blood of a donkey. Why? Because the gin wants to see that saw her humiliate himself go to the graveyard at 3am do throw off around the grave who's going to do that? Only somebody who has sold himself to the devil. So the shaytaan feels a sense of ego. Look what I can make this guy do. Right? Run him around with the tip of my finger, do whatever I tell them to

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do. So the Sahara becomes the worshipper of the jinn, not the other way around. How can a human being control the jinn? How can anybody believe this by what when a human controlled the jinn, whips, chains? What How will a human control the jinn, there is nothing that the human has that the jinn can be controlled by. That's what Allah gave to Sulaiman. No other person has that power. The Jinn controls the human Emotionally, it tells the human do this, do this, do this, the human does it in return. What does the jinn do? Some tricks and trades to make the magician happy. You want me to go and harm somebody, I'll go harm somebody. Now you got to go and worship me in this manner. You

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want me to go plant some bad stuff in a person's house or possess a body or break up a marriage? Okay, I'll go do that. And now you continue to worship me. The Jinn does something utterly trivial for its world. In its world, it just does something that it is physically capable of doing. Allah gave the jinn certain natural powers to be invisible, to be super fast to do things hidden manner. For example, the most common type of magic is euphoric want to be here. But mario is old, you were a husband and wife are not able to have a happy marriage and if conjugal relations are attempted, perhaps something supernatural perhaps the husband feels a physical pressure, perhaps something

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happens. These are things that are manifestations of the gin. It's not that difficult for the gin to push a man back. How is that difficult? Why are we scared of the gin? The Gin is simply like a bug and insect you understand? It has certain irritable qualities, but you understand it. It's not something you need to be like supernaturally terrified of. If you understand that the magician is the one selling himself to the jinn and the jinn is returning the favor. And so why is the magician doing it? The magician wants your money. The magician

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She lives in our world. So you go to the magician and you pay the magician in American Express he'll accept American Express helix a visa and credit card he'll accept cash in any currency give me $100 And I'll do the potion you give the guy $100 And the magician will do the potions that the gin wants and then the gin will then go and basically listen to the magician only because it wants more worship being done

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