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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the value of knowledge in the context of the Bible is emphasized. The mother of a Muslim parent is the source of the value, and learning to read and write the Bible is crucial for personal growth. Al Qaeda Muhammad was considered an essential person and a source of knowledge in the Arab world, and he was sent to Makkah to study there. The influence of parents on children is phenomenal, and the mother is seen as the source while the father is seen as the source.
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I want to talk about is an imam Shafi, which we all know. So who is it Imam Shafi? Right? Imam Shafi, we all know is the fucky. Everybody knows that. So he is the scholar of flick that he was a student of Imam Malik, but he made his own,

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which is a good amount or a good number of the Muslim countries follows Imam Shafi part of Egypt, you have the the sham Syria, Jordan, some of Iraq, some even in the girl, even in the east, so Imam Shafi, right, his mother,

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described as the following. She was originally an Arab, but she's not from the people of Polish. She was takia, she was ALLAH hearing Allah conscious, or fucky hunt, she was also knowledgeable, and fairly smart and intelligent, and she knows the value of knowledge. This is very important. I will not study, I will not teach well, I don't want I will not push my children to study something. I'm not talking about religion, unless I know the value of this. So you want your child to become let's say it person, because you know, the value of it in this time only want your child as many parents to become a physician or become a lawyer. Because you know the value of it. She knew the value of

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knowledge. So that's the first thing mothers and I will say fathers, in general, Muslim parents, you really need to know the value of knowledge of this Deen what impact it has on the house, on the children, on your offsprings and their children. And the value of this knowledge in the sight of Allah and the value of this knowledge as a day of judgment. So the mother of Imam Shafi a in you can attack it fully Lamia cuddle, she knows the value of it. She pushed her child to learn. She puts the child to learn and all these children had obstacles. So we talked about the same as he was.

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She was a single mother. She was he was her only child. She pushed him to the house of Asante sana Sana to to learn and manage. It was not only a fact he was not he was not only the founder of the fic Shafia, or the school of thought of a Sharpie, he was the first one who puts on he started or he founded the discipline of asanas, the principles of not flick the principles of it. And he was also an imam Shafi. He was a scholar of commentary of the Quran, and he was a scholar of Hadith. And he was a poet. And he was a very famous poet, and he was a excellent Archer. And he was a traveler, well educated traveler, Al Imam Muhammad, which is another scholar, his mother also involved in his

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up in the result of what we see, he said about Imam Shafi and Imam Ahmed, he said, Can an imam Shafi because surely dunya and Imam Shafi was like the Son to this world, and philosophy alumnus, like health for people essential that's what it is. Why do I need the sun? I can't live no sun. We can't live we how do we feel when there is no sun? And I love fitness like health to human being if I am sick or you're sick, how do we feel? If you are not healthy? How do we feel essential? So he said Imam Shafi to the people was an essential

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and he said if it was not for Imam Shafi, we didn't know what's the hadith of Rasul Allah He saw to a sinner.

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Now, he was an orphan, and Imam Shafi. His father died and he was two years of age, two years of age, and he was an orphan, his mother took care of him. Now she took him to Makkah.

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why tourists? His father Julian was from Makkah so that you will have someone in some family close by and he has little bit of inheritance that they can live on but it was very little, and the main reason that because maca was the source of knowledge was maca was the source of knowledge. She spent she focused on the

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teaching him

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in which way he finished memorizing the Quran at age seven. Now memorizing the Quran with understanding, memorizing the Quran we value of the Quran at age seven. Then she took him this is all the mother single mother minimum amount of money was very tight for them. She took him by her hand to the Masjid Al haram in Makkah, to the teachers, to the scholars. And

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she told him, I want you to learn from this from this color, I want you to learn from the scholar and I want you to learn how to read well the Quran and I need you to read to know the commentary of the Quran. He was 13 years of age 13 one three, he was absolute scholar of that age in these disciplines, in the Quran, in the reading and in the tafsir and he memorized the whole mo of the book of Imam Malik at age 13. And then he made or he founded his His own and His own discipline and his mother, his mother,

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aged 15 or 16.

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She said now time to travel to Medina.

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I want you to go to Medina and I want you to learn from Imam Malik because Imam Malik was the scholar of that time. Now when I say these when I say these stories, what do you need to think mother's parents,

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children, children, I It's like a doll. You move them the way they are. And this is how Rasul Allah is Otto CERAM said, he said called me Adam Kulu Kulu any other musical football Kulu do you have to have a filter everything born will be born and then filter on the natural instinct which means that every child when he is or she is born, they will be born they know there is a Creator

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for Ebola, who then his parents, you might you might design how your how are we done here, sir, on his parents will make him Muslim Christian Jews. Others. What is this hadith teaches me it's the parents influence in the house, the parents influence in the house. And he was specifically the mother has a huge impact on the on the child. And there is many, many usual sings in in different parts of the world about the influence of parents on children, and let the mother and there's a very famous scene in the Arab world, the meaning of if you

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turn the container upside down, the mother the daughter is like the mother in times. Like you look at the daughter, you say this is her mother or you look at the mother, you say this is her daughter. The influence of parents on the children is phenomenal, is phenomenal. And even in studies we have seen it if you move a child let's say the child was born in Japan, so he is by genes is Japanese. But if you bring him to live here in the United States, you will grow up as an American although the genes are Japanese meaning the influence on the surroundings and the force surroundings is the parents. So his mother took him Imam Shafi at age 16 1516 to two

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took him to Medina took him to Medina

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to learn because she said Medina

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is where more knowledge are there. Basically Imam Malik was there and he stayed there for nine years. And he didn't leave Medina just to come and visit her. Now she didn't even teach. She didn't teach him early knowledge, Nanny, go and learn. But she also taught him character she said,

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it is said that she used to teach him to be generous and donate and she said every time you come to Makkah to visit me don't enter Maccha before you give up a charity

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had Titus on how much he had younger man, how much he had every time. What do I need to do now if I want to use it these days I will say to my child, every time you go to the masjid number one, I'll take my child to the masjid

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because the masjid is the place when we live in a non Muslim country. The Masjid is the place where the child will see and will feel and will be connected with his religion. Where will you and I learn the religion when we are outside? Who will remind me of Allah who will remind me of Allah so Allah Santos

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And the masjid does one and number two if you want to apply this from if you want to like copy, the mother of Imam Shafi look in the masjid in the community where there is a scholar, where there is someone who knows, I will have my child spend time with them.

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Rather than I have my child spend time on, unfortunately the iPad and all the games and all this I'm not saying we shouldn't not give them time for play, that has to be also part of the focus. And then if I want to be like the mother of Imam Shafi when my child enter the masjid, I teach him every time you enter the masjid give her charity. So he grew up charitable, pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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That, and also she was one of the stories about her that she was absolutely very smart. And she was very

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honest. And

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when when, when when you look, anyone you look at these mothers, it's amazing that even the name as I said in the beginning, we don't even know the names of these of these woman, but we know the mother of so I always ask a mechanic we should ask ourselves right how people will remember me, the mother of okay and the mother of often off what is that child or she or he or that son or that daughter brought to this life?

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What again, what footprint we will leave after us when we leave

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other than the we enjoy it and have learned everything is good, but what did we leave? So the mother of Imam Shafi look at who's Imam Shafi, and she was a single mother with minimum resources, but her focus was to have her child pleasing to Allah Japantown No, these are a man of Shirky, a man, NSW Malik. These were not only knowledgeable men, but they were righteous men are righteous men, Allah feeling a lot connected. If they didn't see this in their home, it will not come to them just by the knowledge, just by the knowledge Subhanallah

Great Lessons from Mother of Imam Ash Shafi’i

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