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The speakers discuss the rise of anti- Islam rhetoric and the need for people to take a step back from their spiritual and pragmatic views. They stress the need for people to sympathize with those who feel the same way and take a step back from emotions. They also discuss the use of media and the importance of protecting oneself and not being confrontational in the face of evil. They emphasize the need for individuals to become more knowledgeable about their religion and to open up a channel of communication with Allah to alleviate pain and suffering.

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In that hamdulillah nama do who want to stay you know who want to still fiddle. Whenever we do biller Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Molina manga Hila HuFa la medulla, what are you doing who Fela ha de la? Wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de Honda Shadi Kela wash her do nm Mohamed an avid Hora pseudo? Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. Allah helper to call it. What are tomato Illa? One two Muslim moon? Yeah Johanna so Taco Bell como la de Hala Kocoum enough Sinha Haider wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha Weber Semin Houma de Jalan Kathy Iran one is what Hola, hello Eddie Tessa, Luna, Obi Wan or ham in the law, how can i Li Marathi Abba, Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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Typically, my hope was, as you know, are about spiritual issues to make us feel closer to Allah subhanho wa taala, and to the religion of Islam. But occasionally we have to veer away from spirituality, and talk about an issue of a pragmatic nature, an issue that affects all of us. And I felt that in light of the unprecedented hatred that is arising around us in this land, and of course, some of us have been born and raised here. Some of us has come here recently, but all of us realize that the type of rhetoric and the type of language that is being used, and in fact, the rise of anti, if you like Islamophobic crimes across the country, has reached unprecedented levels, even

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the offices of care, they were sent a suspicious package and a number of our messages have been vandalized. Hundreds of minor incidents of harassment of our sisters in hijab and being intimidated have been pointed out and reported across the country. And Allah knows best it looks like this situation is getting from bad to worse. So in light of this reality, I felt that it is necessary for all of us to take a step back and not just from a spiritual perspective, but also from a pragmatic from a realistic perspective, what is to be done and asked for a spiritual perspective I gave that hold up last week, and as well I remind myself and all of you that in fact, this is the reality of

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being tested in this world. Allah says in the Quran, I'm Huseby to mentor the whole Jana, do you really think that you're going to enter Jannah? Well, Allah may Allah may Allah Allah the ninja Dominica, animals sobbing, Allah does not yet know who has struggled and who is patient. Allah says in the Quran that did you think you would not be tested and tried when those before you Zulu, Zulu, they were shaken to the core must set to mold Betsa Obara, they were afflicted with one calamity after another until they said, Where is the help of Allah? And before I move on to the practical one spiritual Hadith, that when our predecessors, the Sahaba, were being persecuted in Makkah, and

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Wallahi our persecution cannot even be called persecution, in light of what they went through. It is even insulting to say we are being persecuted No, this is in the grand scale, a minor nuisance compared to what they underwent, when they were being persecuted. They want to the prophets or some complaining, they said the outer swill Allah, why don't you make dua to Allah that this stop? Why don't you make dua to Allah that this finishes and our Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with his back against the Kaaba, he was relaxing. And when they said this, he stood upwards, he move forwards to show them how serious this was. And he says, You are asking for help. Now, do

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you not know what happened to those before you, one of them would be taken and a saw would be used to cut this person in half. And he would be told to give up worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he refused to do so until he is literally cut into half. This is nothing what is going to happen is even more than this. And of course, the Sahaba were persecuted even more and more until finally, of course, they won in the Battle of the conquest of Mecca, and so on and so forth. The point being that Wallahi if we compare to early Islam, if we compare to what happened to those who struggle before us, this cannot even be called a genuine struggle. This has been a minor irritation and

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nuisance, but today's hotbar is not really meant for the spiritual aspect is meant for a little bit more practical and pragmatic and historical reality. Realize My dear brothers and sisters that at some level, what is happening around us this type of hatred, this type of animosity, this type of misrepresentation and negativity, at some level, we need to understand

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that the people expressing this hatred to us, they mean good for their own system. They're actually believe it or not genuinely feeling threatened. And unless and until we can I know this sounds bizarre, we can actually stand in their shoes for a second, we will never be able to reach out to them. Right? Believe it or not, I am telling you that in fact, we need to to some level sympathize before we correct put yourselves in their shoes. The average person who feels this way, who is not somebody who has been to university is not somebody who has seen other cultures is not somebody who has traveled outside of America, do you know The average American does not have a passport, they

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don't go outside this country. They're living in a land in an area in a small village or town where pretty much everybody around them is of a similar background, church going and believing in certain things that are religious in nature, cultural in nature. And then they are presented a false narrative, Fox News narrative. And all they see constantly is brown skinned Muslims doing their terrorist attacks and violence and this and that, put yourself in this person's shoes. genuinely believe it or not, this person feels threatened, he feels terrified. And then he is spoon fed and agenda of paranoia that other people in this land are going to take away your your civilizations and

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freedoms, and they might already be have certain racial tendencies. He's already looking down towards Barack Obama and others of this nature. So put together Believe it or not, they genuinely feel that their culture is under threat. Now we need to understand therefore, that at some level, they want to protect their family. At some level, they want to protect their civilization. And unless and until we can understand that there is no hope. Again, Don't misquote me, I know that they're wrong, right. But what is this stemming from? The base element might not be hatred, it might be fear of losing your own civilization, it might be a desire to protect what is sacred and special

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to you. And imagine, if you will, that will Allah, it's very easy to imagine that if in one of our lands,

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non Muslims came and began to increase in quantity, and their ways became well known, and we saw on TV most wild misrepresentations of their culture, imagine seeing maybe some of the talk shows that take place in America as being symbolic of all of America, that this is how all Americans are. Imagine seeing the violence in movies, the gun statistics, and then thinking that, Oh, this is how all Americans are, then you see some Americans or Christians coming into your land, and then you start feeling worried about your way of life. It's easy to imagine the opposite as well. That's the point that I'm trying to say. And yes, of course, there's no denying that there are people that are

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outright bigots outright racist as well, there is no denying that. And we, as the people who are the target of this attack need to differentiate between those who are scared but sincere. And between those who are genuine bonafide card carrying racists, the two cannot be treated equally, even though what they say might sound the same.

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The two cannot be dealt with the same, even if what they say to us sounds the same. Because the first category actually is sincerely diluted. So there's a chance to get to him or her, there's a chance to clear up the air. And the second category, the bigot, the racist, that is a miracle from Allah, you cannot do anything. That's a miracle from Allah to correct this person, the person has made up his mind. And he fears anybody who does not have his skin color his background, he already hates people of another race and civilization that in number hemraj book, you have to leave to Allah subhanaw taala. But we need to differentiate. And the only way to do that is by dialogue is by

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seeing where this person is coming from. And let me tell you my own experiences that as you all know, I'm a college professor teaching at a predominantly Christian University, almost all of my students 95 97% of my students are basically have a Caucasian background, and they are coming. Some of them they tell me that you're the first Muslim that I have met. This is because they're coming from the surrounding states that are from the elite families of those states. You know, the college that I teach in, and they go to this university, and they have never seen a brown skinned person in their lives, never. And they enter my class knowing nothing. I have taught six years at this

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university. Every semester mice every course is sold out every course is packed to capacity. I have to turn people away because of the topic not because of me. The topic is so exciting. Everybody wants to come and take it every semester I have to turn people around from my personal experiences six

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yours as a professor, will Allah Hilda de la ilaha illa, who every student that has come in, by the time the class leaves, I have not had a single bigot or racist leave the class. By the time it's over. By the time they spent the whole semester, I have had racist enter into the class. Yes, well, Allah He, yes, I have heard people the first day they come up, and they say things that are very bigoted, straight to my face.

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I would say the average student that is coming to my own classes, has no exposure other than Fox News. And this, they themselves have told me that all day long, that's all my family watches. So when they take the class, this is their perception. But what is the purpose of telling you this anecdote that there is hope, there is hope people do change. And now of course, the demographics I'm teaching are college students, they're open minded anyway, they want to know the truth. But the point is that in my own experiences, being with a person for a semester, teaching them, showing them demonstrating for them Alhamdulillah 100% of the students I can say, that have come and taken my

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class, they have left with a different mindset about Islam, that they know that they need to cut through a lot of the media, they know that there are good Muslims and and bad Muslims, etc, etc. In other words they humanize. And the purpose for quoting you this anecdote is to tell you, you know what, even a person who has an incorrect idea, don't give up hope. Realize that deep down inside, if they're sincere, you can reach out to them. And also realize brothers and sisters, and all of us know this, but I need to emphasize so that we are even more aware that the campaign to misinform our country about our faith is an orchestrated campaign. It's not just random that people are bigots.

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No. This is an orchestrated campaign that actually has a political agenda. The sad reality is, this campaign isn't even primarily meant to be anti Muslim. It's meant to be anti democratics did that the Democrats, it's meant to be something that certain segments of the Republican Party are using us as a scapegoat. The reality is, which is so painful because in fact, they don't even intend us. They intend higher politics, we are the pawn, we are the scapegoat that is being used for something far more sinister, far more political, not religious in nature. And this at hamdulillah has now been brought to light. Unfortunately, it's not common knowledge amongst the masses. But anybody can read

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this. And I ask all of you to Google this after the hotbar you go home, Google, a report called fear incorporated fear Incorporated, that was done by a policy of for research, and education and science. And a group of people came together some of the Muslims, some of the non Muslims, and they and they followed the money trail, they figured out who's paying these people. And they discovered that at last to count around $85 million, at a bare minimum, this is what is publicly recorded. What is not an Off The Record probably doubled this about probably around $150 million, but around $85 million has been spent intentionally to finance a campaign of fear about our religion. Why? Because

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there is an underlying narrative that the person in the White House and his party hasn't done enough to stop us. So the other party says, vote us in, we will get rid of this problem. And we'll love it, we see this yellow line, we see it exactly with the latest presidential candidate.

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I think everybody with a positive IQ understands that he doesn't mean what he is saying, how can he win half of his business partners or rich billionaire Muslim Arabs? How can he he knows that Islam itself is not a problem. But he needs to boost his final his campaign, he needs to boost his ratings. And he knows the more provocative he gets. He's going to appeal to a certain segment of this country. So we as Muslims need to realize that, in fact, sadly, we are not even the target. We are not even the primary thing. It's just the pond, the sacrificial pond that is being used in a far bigger game of chess, that this is just an incidental thing. And the sad reality is we are the pond,

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we will suffer. We are the ones harassment, maybe even death is happening already in this country, violence and whatnot. But we need to understand and be aware and cognizant that this is not about Christianity versus Islam. Not at all. Yes, it's being used at that level. Yes, some people are being sucked in because of that. But the people that are financing, the people that are the brains, the people that are the spokespersons? No, it's not even religious, it is 100% a political reality and

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What this fear incorporated report has done and there is also a movie that has been released a documentary about this whole issue is that there are in fact a series of, if you like pseudo intellectuals, semi educated people that are being used to spout forth these lines that are going to be used against Islam, people like Daniel Pipes and Frank Gaffney, David, Euro Xiaomi, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, these are all some of the big names that are being used to basically propagate misinformation and lies. And of course, each one of these names by the way, they're so easy to discredit. So for example, Donald Trump right now he is using Frank Gaffney for most of his

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lines, right? He because these people don't know, Trump doesn't know what Islam says he can't say anything. So he goes to these myths, experts or pseudo experts, and he's using Frank Gaffney. And he's the main person and Bush before him used bencher and others. So the point being that it's very easy to discredit these names, Frank Gaffney, for example, all you have to do is listen to him online. These are non known unknown people, he barely has a few 1000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. And these are not people that are that are accredited by any university or any prestigious institution, each one of them, runs his own think tank goes to show, you know, intelligent think

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tank will employ them because these people can't think they're not qualified to actually be in a legitimate Think Tank. So what have they done? They founded their own think tanks, every one of them without exception. They have their own think tanks. And of course, who is the person thinking one person, that one person so it's basically a corporation that they can get money and pay themselves salaries, as we will talk about in a little while. This person Frank Gaffney, for example, he has so many outrageous, outlandish claims, claiming that Barack Obama might be the illegitimate love child of a rock star of the 60s claiming that the Oklahoma bombing the Oklahoma one, right was engineered

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by Saddam Hussein. This is Frank Gaffney. Okay, and I can go on and on a complete lie, but just a buffoon, no, no internet. This is the person that Donald Trump is using to get his statistics and nobody of intelligence takes them seriously, unfortunately, who does take them seriously people who want to hear this type of stuff, and therefore, these people, they give the Meet the media, these talking lines, and these talking lines are then amplified. So these small voices, each one of them is unknown, but who knows Akira, but what happens is these ideas, these bullet points are fed into amplifying machines. What are these amplifying machines? Fox News is one example. Washington Times

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is another example. You have these radio personalities, Rush Limbaugh, you have these individuals like Sean Hannity, you have Mike Savage, another radio personality used to be Glenn Beck, he was, of course led off, but he has his own channel, but these are the voices that then take these talking points mainstream. They make the average person of that demographics. Be aware of what these people are saying. And there's also another category of people. They are called the validators. So once the host of any program will say anything, they'll invite a validator. And the validator will basically say yes, you're right. Yes, you're right. Yes, you're right. Yes, men, and these validators, some of

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them are claiming to be Muslim. Okay, so if d just said is the most infamous amongst them, and others basically have left Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for example, right. And yet others have never been Muslim, but they are spouting as if they're experts to Brigitte Gabriel, who's Arab Christian and others. Pamela Geller is another one of these types of individuals. And these people are typically brought in after the host says whatever outlandish things then they're brought in as an expert. And of course, none of them is an actual expert. And they have this list small list of people and these are then brought in so the average person hears fact x and then corroborated by the

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expert. He says, Yes, fact X is right. And then he lost the person is psychology, the person says, Oh, it must be right. Okay. And we have seen already how ludicrous This is. One of them came on Fox News and said there are so many places in England that are no go zones, right? All non Muslims are scared to walk in. Recently, Donald Trump himself said that in London, there are places that the police are too scared to go into because they're run by the Muslim community. And I had been to London over 50 times and some of us have lived there pure ludicrousness. But still, this is the reality now. Why are these people doing this? We know that the main people who finance it are from

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the far right from the Republicans, we understand that how about these people? How about these validators? Why are they doing it? Well, some of them sheer hatred, because you have people that are bigots right Pamela Geller. Brigitte Gabriel mean Christian Arab, she is coming from a background we all understand. These are bigots they hate us anyway. They didn't they don't need any other any

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incentive, some of them, they like taking the spotlight. Some of them, they want to scapegoat and remove, if you like far bigger issues. So for example, a far bigger issue that we as Americans need to talk about is gun violence. A far bigger issue we need to talk about is police violence, shooting people for the for absolutely no reason, you know, Black Lives Matter movement, but what happens, you talk about Muslim terrorism, and these more important issues gets pushed away. So we need to understand that there is also an agenda here. And let us not forget, and this has to be said, each one of these individuals is making quite a lot of money.

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Do you know that Horowitz one of these big names and the think tanks, his public because he has a corporation, nonprofit so you can see all of this is public news. Last year or two years ago, I forgot which here, you know what his salary was. This is just salary by the way, you understand he gets more for speaking fees, you understand that travel expenses, all just the take home salary? Half a million dollars?

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Of course, he's founded his Think Tank, how else is he going to get rich? Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Hart all of them are making a killing Wallah, they would not be make making minimum wage at McDonald's or something because they get fired the next day, they wouldn't even get that. But pretend you're an expert on Islam, say the most disgusting profane things, and you will get paid mega bucks, another of them $200,000 A year another and on and on. I mean, I can all of this distance statistics are here. But time is limited. You get my point here, right? For appearing once every few weeks, your salary is 200,000. That is your take home salary, on top of this speaking

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engagements and campuses and organizations. So in reality, these people are rolling in money. Why would they not continue their complete falsehood. And of course, we all know that if you want to make a buck, just criticize Islam, you'll get to the New York Times bestseller list, you will be on every single show. If you really want to sell your religion for money. Allah will give you your money in this world, and your humiliation and your ASVAB. In the next these people have chosen that path. These people have chosen that path. They prefer the money along with the humiliation and the other. So they will get it unless Allah wills that they repent. So realize that there are many

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incentives here. And of them indeed, is fame and fortune and money. And every one of them has what they had wanted in this regard. Now, brothers and sisters quickly now the question comes that when somebody comes to you and brings up these issues, brings up these issues that Oh, I can't be Islamophobic Islam isn't even an ethnicity. I'm not racist. Islam isn't even a race. Islam isn't even a religion, they will say Islam is a political system. So it doesn't have first amendment rights. Some of them say this. And of course, they say that, Oh,

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your religion is a religion of violence and terrorism, that and this is a common thing. Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim. Okay? These are common things that they say how do we respond to all of this, and again, time is limited, and I don't have time to go over each and every one of these things. But very simplistically, brothers and sisters, very simplistically, you need to become more knowledgeable of your religion, and of the modern culture and of statistics. Brothers and sisters, you cannot call a share or an alum or, or a person when you're talking with your colleagues. I'm sorry to tell you, each one of you will have to do your homework, each one of

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you will have to learn. Because in the end of the day, when somebody says something to you, you can call me that you don't have that. What is that hotline that the shows have that I want to have my phone call, you can't do that. You have to do your own research and know these facts before somebody says something. Know your statistics, brothers know your own definition. Somebody says, Oh, you guys aren't a religion, because you follow a system of law? Well, you need to say, look, tell me, what does the Constitution say? Do I have the freedom to practice my religion? In my private life? He'll have to say yes, you say to me, this is the Sharia. I get to define my religion, not you. I have to

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define my shirt. Yeah, I'm not imposing my will on you. He will say, doesn't your religion have legal laws as well? You say How about Christians and abortion and gay rights? Haven't they taken their religion and translate it into politics? What's problematic is not where the motivation of change comes from is how you want to change. How do you want to change if if you want to use the system, the First Amendment guarantees you the right to do that. If you don't want to use this system that's illegal, and therefore we are against anybody that is doing anything illegal. As for this issue of that all terrorists are Muslims. Wallahi This is

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is a blatant lie. And again, I have a whole page of statistics, but time does not allow me to do this. But you should realize brothers and sisters that that's your responsibility. Look up, there's a website, www shooting tracker.com. It tracks shooters shooting tracker.com look at the statistics. Up until today, around 350 mass shootings have taken place. How many Muslims one or maybe there's another case somewhere else, maybe to one this whole year. Right? One person of a Muslim or one shooting incident. The famous magazine Mother Jones compiled a detailed analysis of every single mass shooting that has taken place in the last 35 years. And this is I read the article I have it is

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online as well. And they said the almost exclusively the profile of a mass shooter is a white Caucasian male. This is the standard profile. So White Caucasian, if you'd like male of a generally of middle class background, not even lower class or exterior generally that in terms of socio economic as for the notion that every terrorist group is as a Muslim group, the FBI itself and I logged on today morning to make sure that this is still the case list that the terrorist threats from far right militia groups is actually a far more realistic threat than from Muslim groups as well. We need to point out every single terrorist attack from a Muslim for because I say this

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because it wasn't a real Muslim doing this. But every single terrorist attack coming from Islamic background has been what we call lone wolf individual radicalized by themselves. There is not a single actual cell that has been uncovered. Not a single network. Every one is just somebody internet goes crazy does something in contrast, look at the far right militias. Look at the hate groups. Look at the kk k. These are organized militias. They have a hierarchy, they have a network, they have clout. If locka Allah any one of them wanted to get military wanted to get militia, they would have 10s of 1000s of people across the country. They're publicly training, they have

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literature that's very anti government, anti this and that they pose pose a far more radical threat, which is why the FBI lists them as being far more radical since 911. Since 911, a grand total of 45 people have been killed in attacks that have been called Islamic radicalism. Do you know more than this have been killed by hate groups who thought they're killing Muslims far because sometimes they kill a Hindu or a Sikh, they attack the Hindu temple. The point is that more than this almost double have been killed by people thinking they're fighting Muslims here in America. So let's contextualize 45 People in 15 years since 911 14, and a half years since 911. Compare that and of course, there

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are so many surveys done, you are 5000 times more likely to die of a misdiagnosis in the hospital, sorry, doctors over here but of a misdiagnosis in a hospital, then you are from a terrorist attack, you are hundreds of times more likely to be killed by police violence, gun violence than by a terrorist attack. In fact, and this is the joke here that was made into a meme, you are five times more likely to die because of your furniture, you tripped over it or it falls on you then because of a terrorist attack. put things into perspective, that this is paranoia, people are intentionally, literally being brainwashed for political reasons. And we need to explain this to the people that

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are falling prey to this, there are at least 8 million Muslims in America, if Islam were a violent religion, we would have seen hundreds and 1000s go crazy. 8 million, and in the last 15 years, barely barely 10 such attacks, which have resulted in 45 deaths 10 even less than this, to be honest, but I'm just being simple for you can remember less than 10 in 15 years, from 8 million, do the statistics that calculates and I did it 0.00001 to 5%. This is a violent religion. So we need to know our statistics. We need to know how to defend ourselves. And one final point and again, I have much more but unfortunately, time is up that when they bring up anything from anywhere else. Why do

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Muslims in Pakistan do that? Why do Saudi Arabian ladies can't drive brothers and sisters? You don't have to defend anything happening anywhere else?

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It's none of your business. You say I don't know. Go ask somebody else. That's not me. My wife drives they quote you something about another line. I don't know what you're talking about. This is my religion in my country. See, this is some of our problems. We don't understand what to say when to say it. Do not there's no need to talk about foreign policy. No need to talk about anything. You have to defend the constitutional right to be a Muslim. This is your ultimate goal right now. Another time another place Yes. Bringing

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more detailed conversations. But the average person when you begin a conversation, you don't care about his sympathy he can he can do say whatever he wants about Islamic Christianity. You want just one thing from him? Do I have the right to practice my religion in this country? That's what I want to ask you. That's you, you, you will have to win this argument. But the minute you open your mouth about philosophy in and Pakistan and Timbuktu, this is an irrelevant conversation, because we are asking for our freedoms to be American under the Constitution and worship in accordance with our religious teachings. That's the conversation keep focused on that point. And the final point,

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brothers and sisters is that of course, you only open this conversation, if and when you feel that your life is not threatened. The number one priority is to protect yourself. And if you feel that there's any chance of anything happening, then walk away, walk away. If you have your phone handy, try to start recording, because that's going to be used as evidence. If you have to call the police, we want to go to a more public area. There are also certain apps if you have a smartphone of them is be safe, and there are other apps that inshallah will email you our email group we're going to send out to all of our MIT mailing lists. These are very helpful apps, especially for our sisters in a

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job they need to be monitoring because as we said, in the last few days, hundreds of minor incidents have been reported across the country, especially targeting our HIV sisters. Firstly, because these people are cowards, and they target women instead of men. And secondly, because our sisters who wear the hijab are visibly more Muslim. They're identifiably Muslim more so than a person who might be brown skinned or whatnot. So they know that this is a Muslim. So sisters as well be a little bit more cautious. Maybe not go out alone at night. And frankly, the problem comes even in daytime things have happened. So it's not just about night, but be conscious, be aware and do not be

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confrontational, because the ultimate priority is our physical safety. If you feel that is just some rudeness and he can dialogue. Then you open the door and have a polite conversation and always be polite. Do not return nastiness with nastiness with nastiness. Do not return evil with evil. This is the time to be extra polite, extra sweet. If our ability here as you say, respond to evil with goodness and kindness, smile, don't scowl and frown or smile say You misunderstood who we are. And we are just as opposed to terrorism as you are. Try your best to be as polite because at the end of the day if this person is sincere, if this person has just been misguided your politeness will win

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this person over not your facts as much as the fact that you are a good human being a good Muslim that's what we need to do. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah is to protect all of us in this in this masjid and and all over this world and country inshallah Tada and the second hotbar I'll give some more spiritual advice Baraka labor Consequently all the wonderful anyway yeah, come be my feet and he will declare Hakeem Akoto Mathis Marone was stopped for over an hour the video decided was to record them and festival photo in the whole of a photo right.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit Allah de la mera wala mula, voila, Mia cuando hookah for and I had to do. Of course, this is a horrible and it is essential that I do mention some spiritual advice as well, along with the practical and historical stuff that I mentioned in the first part. And I want to conclude this hutzpah with one of my favorite verses of the Quran or series of verses of the Quran. And it is in a middle makan verse, it was revealed when the persecution the first Islamophobia raised its evil head. And our Prophet Muhammad Hassan was facing that Islamophobia. What did Allah subhanaw taala tell him? What are Kaduna Alamo? uneca yado Sodre

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kabhi Maya Kowloon. We know we are rasool Allah, that your heart is in pain because of what they're saying. You know, it's completely fine to feel hurt. It's human to feel pain. Wallahi It's human. Brothers Sisters, if anybody comes and says something about you, if you didn't feel pain, then something's wrong with you. If you didn't feel hurt, if you didn't feel the type of embarrassment and awkwardness, it's something natural, somebody is going to make a slur about you. You say something about your skin color say something about your background, go home terrorists this and that all of us have had that experience I to all of us have had that experience. People come home

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and they say nasty things to us to our face or behind our backs. So Allah is telling our Prophet system yada Sula, we know it hurts Allah that is so overwhelmingly peaceful to know. Even Rasul Allah system was in pain. And Allah azza wa jal said, We know your Rasulullah It hurts so what what should you do? What are called the NA Alamo and

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Kowloon for sub Byham the ROB Baker welcome Mina sagittis why Buddha Roberta had to call you again. When you feel that

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destress always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and fall down in such the meaning when you are able to pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala and continue to worship Allah until the inevitable meaning the death comes to you. Meaning that you know this pain and suffering, one of the ways to alleviate it. In fact, the number one way to alleviate it is to open up a channel of communication with Allah is to praise Allah make dua to Allah fall down in such depth and continue to worship Allah. When the world seems to hate you know that Allah azza wa jal loves you, when everybody else has cut off from you know that Allah azza wa jal will never cut off from the one who turns to him. So our Prophet

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system is being told that as the animosity increases, you should increase your Tadlock your relationship with me, and this is an explicit verse that as Islamophobia goes up, so should our connection with Allah subhana wa taala. This will calm us down, this will bring us the the courage, the fortitude, the patience, it will bring us the stamina to withstand all that is happening around us. If we don't have Allah we have nothing. And if we have Allah, we don't need anything else. So this verse is directing our Prophet system that when they speak, and they hurt you physically, verbally, never forget, continue to praise me continue to worship me continue to fall down in

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frustration, and it's as if quite literally ignore their hatred, ignore it, you're in your bubble of worship, just keep on going and eventually Allah's command will come. What is that Allah has come on, some people said, the victory and the conquest of Makkah. And that's true. Eventually the religion of Allah azza wa jal will prevail over the darkness around and some have said even if you don't see the victory, your death will come and you are worshipping Allah. And that is really the ultimate goal. We might not achieve ultimate happiness in this world. But if we're able to achieve it in the era, that is the ultimate success. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the Eman and Taqwa

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that is needed Allahumma nd dine for amino Allahu Allah Tada and then if you had to deal with them and love a filter when a Hammond Illa for Raja whether they in an illogical data whether marulan Inertia feta whether I see Ron Illa your CELTA Allah ma fildena What is one in Alina? Saba Kouwenhoven Iman, what a treasure I feel Cubanelles Linda Linda Dena Robina indicado for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam or when Muslim in Allahu Allah Azza Islam or when Muslim in Allahumma is Al Islam or when Muslim in Allahumma aracena our radical Islam old misdemeanor be sue in federal who been upset which outed me the whole theater to be to hear but we are as he is right about Allah in

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Allah to Allah Amara Combi Ambien better behavior NFC within Abimelech como se was hailed as a become a Johann Minolta Manjinder he were insane for zooming in Idema in Allah wa Mala eco Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you heard that in Amman sudlow la he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik are under him and Abdi Kurosu Rekha Mohammed and while early he was a big marine about Allah and Allah to Allah yeah Moodle will add they will extend it with the CORBA 100 fracture it will Moon curry will belted your Illumina Allah karoun Oh the Corolla la mayor the curriculum watch guru who yesterday. What are the Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar welcome Masada