Zakir Naik – Killing an Ant or Any Living Creature is Wrong. Why do Muslims then have Non-Veg Food?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The digestive system of humans is small and can only digest food. The digestive system is not like a sin and humans have a small understanding. The digestive system is important for survival and humans need to eat healthy foods to prevent deaths. killing animals is not a sin, as humans have a small understanding of the system.
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The brother posted a question but

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the killing of an end and even if it is an and that it is harmful, but on down the broader side Muslims normally what they do is they try to slaughter cows, and, and everything. So they, according to him that Muslims eat more of beef, mutton and so is that not wrong? Because in more than guida and Bible and Quran everywhere you should show mercy to all animals. So but that's not being followed

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without the question that even killing an ant is wrong

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and killing living creatures wrong. So why do Muslims have non weightbearing? mutton, beef killing animals in the wrong should we show mercy? I do agree with the brother the first part of his question, and I understand that he can understand English but you cannot speak. There are many people there who can understand English but cannot speak English and ask me not to do so I believe the brother can understand English. But he can't ask the question in English because more fluent in Tamil.

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As far as killing any living creature unnecessary, it's a sin in Islam. In Islam, it's a sin to kill any living creature unnecessary. And there are these invade the Prophet has said when a person was there making a bonfire.

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The Prophet said, Don't make a bonfire there because their hands shift the position that the Prophet also was worried that that bonfire may kill the ants. So he asked the sahabas to shift the position so that the ants don't get killed. Now coming to a basic question, that why do Muslims have non wage killing animals for non wage etc. First lll tell you that a Muslim can be a very good Muslim, even by being a pure vegetarian.

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Eating non veggie, it's not compulsory in Islam, but because

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our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala has given permission to have non veggie Why should we not have it?

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If we analyze

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it mentioned the Quran is reminder chapter five, verse number one, that eat of the forfeited animals eat of the forfeited animals which have been made lawful for your grandchildren, *, chapter six, verse number five, that

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Almighty God has made for you to eat the meat of the cattle and sell places. So, remember November 23, was 21 many places no scientifically if we analyze that there is no vegetarian food, which has all the requirements for a human being, the human beings require amino acids

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require 21 amino acids, out of which most of them are produced in the body, but it has to be supplemented from the diet. These are called as eight essential amino acids, there is no vegetable which I know of which contains all the eight amino acids.

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So there's no vegetable which is a complete food.

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So you have to take this, which is present in the non wage.

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Furthermore, if you analyze

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non rich food, it's nutritious, rich in vitamin K. And furthermore, if you analyze, if you see the teeth of the herbivorous animals,

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the cow, the goat, the sheep, they are flat set of teeth. They only eat vegetables, they only touch grass. They don't eat fresh food.

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If you analyze the set of teeth, of the carnivorous animals, Tiger, Lion, leopard, Cheetah, they have appointed set of teeth, they have a combined set of teeth. These animals are known as carnivorous animals, they only eat flesh, they don't eat vegetables. If you analyze the set of teeth of the human beings if you go in the mirror and see we're human beings, we have got flat teeth as well as pointed teeth. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables, why did he give us this pointed teeth can any set of teeth Why?

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Because Almighty God wanted us to have both vegetables as well as non rich flesh food, if he wanted us to have only vegetables while he was appointed. Furthermore, if you analyze the dicey system of the human beings, it can digest both which I will acknowledge the dices system of the herbivores animals, the cow, the goat the sheep, it can only digest vegetables, it cannot digest flesh food. The digestive system of the carnivorous animals lie in Tiger leopard, it can only digest flesh food, it cannot digest vegetables. But the digest system the human beings has a small understand analyze industry time, it can digest both wage as well as fresh food as well as non rich food. If Almighty

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God wanted us to be a pure vegetarian, why did

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Give us the dices have never got I just bought, but natural to have it. So if you analyze, Almighty God made the human being in such a way so that he could eat vegetables, as well as flesh food, which I've done which, and many people have a misconception

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that most of the religions, they prohibit the eating of non rich food, and many of the Hindus,

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they will misconception, and they think that Hinduism prohibits the eating of non rich food.

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In fact, if you read the scriptures,

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if it matters at chapter number five was number 30. It says, Almighty God created some animals to eat and some to be eaten.

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Those who eat the Animals created by eating you're not doing a sin. It's mentioned Monroe's, Matthew chapter number five, personal 39 Almighty God created sacrificial animals. So if we eat the sacrificial animals, we're not doing a sin. Morris Millichap novel The 41 says that killing of the sacrificial animal is not a sin.

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There are many quotations in the in the Scriptures, which talk about eating of non which, if you read Marc

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Andreessen para chapter Limited

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Edition was the eldest brother of the pandas, he asked Bheeshma that what things should he give in Yagna in Puja, so that our ancestors will be satisfied. So wish my replies that if in puja if in Yagna, if you give Herbes and shrubs and vegetables of ancestors will be satisfied for one month, if you give fish satisfied for two months,

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if you give

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meat for three months, if you give hair for four months, if you give God for five months, if you give bacon for six months, if we give deer

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for six months, if we give birds for seven months, and the menu keeps on continuing, and it says that if we give buffalo in Yagna 11 months, if you slaughter a cow, our ancestors will be satisfied for one full year. And if you give a rhinoceros

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then our ancestors are defined inexhaustibly there's a full menu given in Marbella.

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So if you read the VEDA and Hindu scriptures, the shades then found they are non white, David and beef.

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But the reason you find many Hindus, they say that eating non veggie is probably because they're being influenced by the non volley philosophy.

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You know, even the gens and what these people who believe in normal in say, that killing of living thing is prohibited. Therefore, killing an animal is a sin. So I agree with it, that if killing any living creature,

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unnecessary is a sin. But if you say kill a living creature, a sin per se, then I tell them that even the plants you have, they have good life.

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Previously, we did not know that plants have what life therefore they used to think that killing brand is fine. Today we know that even plants have what life so the question is, can we agree plants have what life but plant can feel pain for killing a plant, having vegetable a lesson as compared to having non rigid flesh for

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reasons that they have come to know that even the plants can feel pain. But when the plants cry out, we human Miss cannot hear the cry of the plant. Because we can hear only between 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second. Anything below and above this we can't hear. So even the plants cry, but we cannot hear the cry of the plant. The plants feel pain responses to the logic exchange.

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We understand that plants have got life they can feel pain. But you know, the plants have got two or three senses. The animal I've got five senses, the for killing animal is a good lesson, if I agree with them for sake of argument that plants have to three senses, animals got five senses, and that there isn't killing animals is a good lesson. So as the question, you know the person

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who had a brother was born deaf and dumb, could not hear could not speak and someone goes and kills him. Suppose you have a brother, who was born deaf and dumb, cannot hear cannot speak. And if someone kills him, will you go and tell the judge me Lord, give the murderer less punishment because my brother who had two senses less he could not hear you could not speak when you say that.

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Or you will tell me Lord, give the murderer double punishment because my brother was masumi innocent. He could not you could not speak

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to an Islam. It does not mean that you have to centralize you have less punishment or you have more sensitive more punishment.

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Grant says, eat of the good things you have provided to you. As long as the thing is good and it is permitted you can have. So, in Islam, we are allowed to slaughter animal only for eating unnecessary for hunting for sports is prohibited

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like making a bonfire and serving Killa profits, they don't do it. So killing any living creature is probably unless it is for eating for survival. And it is among the permitted animals which God has given permission as metalsmith detail. God has created some animal to eat and some to be eaten. If you kill the animal to be eaten, you're not doing a sin.

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Otherwise, generally, I per se, if you analyze, I've got no problem if the non Muslims don't have

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non wage, because if every non Muslim in India starts having non wage then the price of mutton and beef will go high.

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So I've got no problems if the non Muslims don't have non red but if anyone takes an objection that killing animals the same that that I'm I give this answer otherwise in Islam, you can be a very good Muslim even by being a vegetarian. But since Allah is given permission, there is no harm if you have non wage as long as it is among the permanent animals. Hope answer the question

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