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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala and Abby Avada dear Muslims, the doors of Ramadan the doors of Jana and Ramadan are about to be opened. And when we look at the excitement that people have for this dunya when we look at when the latest iPhone is coming out and people are counting the days down when we look at the the Thanksgiving sales that take place, you know, on Black Friday, people are lined up the night before. To be brutally honest. When we look at the latest movie coming out, was it the Marvel or whatever Batman or whatever these things in our kids are literally maybe even the kids parents are counting down the days that they

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can go see that latest movie? Well, the doors of Jannah are about to be opened up, as we all know, barely a few days or left before Allah subhanaw taala will command the angels to fling open every single door of Jannah How excited are we? How eager are we to be lined up like the people of this dunya are lined up to get something of this world? How excited are we like our children are excited when something amazing is about to happen in their world in their paradigm when our Lord Jalla Jalla who who will announce to chain up every single shape on when our Lord will announce every single night that people will be saved from Johanna and people will make their way to Jannah because of

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what they're doing in this month of Ramadan. And you know all of us to be honest, our spirits are a little bit down because of this lockdown because of this pandemic. But what better time for Ramadan to come? Because we need something to cheer us up. We need something to break our routine we need something to do and Ramadan is the opportunity to do Ramadan is the time of action. We all know that this month of Ramadan is the only month that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has mentioned by name in the Quran. No other month is mentioned by name shahada Ramadan Allah says in the Quran, the month of Ramadan is the month that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed this Quran. The month of Ramadan is the

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month that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting in Hadith Hara was contemplating and when Gibreel came down and said to him if Quran, Allah intentionally chose the month of Ramadan, and intentionally chose the day of later to cut the the night a little crowded the day after that was the day that Accra began to come down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the month where one of the main causes of forgiveness for the Muslim our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whoever prays the five prayers and whoever prays Jumar to Joomla and Whoever fasts, Ramadan, Ramadan, all of the sins in between them are going to be forgiven. We all know the blessings of the

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fast we've heard whispers about the blessings of the fasting, inshallah we'll be reminding ourselves today's Club boasts about that. And the rest of the next hot bus as well throughout Ramadan are going to be about all of these ayat and a hadith that we always hear about the blessings of Ramadan, the famous one, the Hadith, which is beautiful Friday, in which Abu Huraira said our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah azza wa jal says, so this hadith could see that every single deed that the son of Adam does, it is his, and I shall reward him from one to 700 times from 10 to 700, times every single deed, except for the fasting, that deed, I have taken it. And when

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Allah says, I have taken it, it is a matter of honor. It is a matter of wanting this great and magnificent thing for himself. Allah is saying all the other deeds, I'll let the son of Adam take it, and I will reward him from 10 to 700 times, but this one deed that he does the deed to fasting, I want to take it myself, it is something that is an honor, in Arabic, we call it a Sharif It is Allah shut off that he is saying that the fasting is a deed that I will claim directly for myself, and only I will give the son of Adam his reward, meaning the rewards of 10 to 700 will not apply to the fasting. If I give $1 in charity, the minimum I will get back on the Day of Judgment is a reward

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for $10 Some people for that same dollar might get 100 reward. Some people might even get the reward of $700 It depends on their intentions on how much they needed it on the circumstances. So $1 can literally stretch 700 In the eyes of Allah. every deed can stretch from 10 to 700. Except for a few a few of those deeds they go

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behind it hisab without counting and over them of course is the fast of Ramadan. And this is why this month of Ramadan is so precious This is why every single Muslim on the face of this earth no matter how weak their Iman is, no matter how much they're struggling in this month of Ramadan, every one of us who has an atom's weight of iman, we raise our bar, every one of us who has a beating pulse of iman, we do something extra we would not do outside this month of Ramadan. And that is a great blessing from Allah subhanho wa taala. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the Day of Judgment, the fasting of Ramadan and the Quran of Ramadan, the both of them will

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intercede on behalf of the people who would faster the people who will recite Quran and the both of them will say that, Oh Allah, the fasting will say this person I deprived him of his food and his drink, so forgive him and the Quran will say, Oh Allah, this person I deprived him of his sleep, meaning here his preamble in his head, Judas Tarawa, I deprived him of his sleep, so forgive him. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala will insha Allah Who to ALLAH forgive those who are righteous in this month of Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that this month of Ramadan comes with so many blessings. As I already mentioned, the doors of Jen are opened the gates of

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Jahannam are shut every single shape one of the evil gltn are locked up. And every single night the angels announced every single night whoever wants to be forgiven, come forward. Whoever wants Jana come and whoever wants other than this, then go you will be destroyed. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in that famous Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that the one who is not able to be forgiven and Ramadan will never be able to be forgiven. If you cannot be forgiven and Ramadan, there is no hope for you because of Ramadan has all the opportunities laid out for us now, today's brief lecture I'm not going to be talking too long. I didn't want to talk about the blessings of Ramadan. You've

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heard them all before. We've all heard these ayat and a hadith and inshallah we'll continue hearing them in the Hotbox. And in the other lectures, what I wanted to do is to talk a little bit about Ramadan, in light of the lockdown Ramadan, in light of this COVID-19 And in light of us, all of us being at home and give us some practical tips that what can we do in light of this reality that we are we are facing and then inshallah to Allah mentioned some of what our Masjid EPIK is going to do as well in this month of Ramadan and how you can help out especially in this month of Ramadan. Now realize that this question of Ramadan or this issue of Ramadan is in fact an opportunity that Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah has given us the movement always looks at every single thing that happens as an opportunity. The movement never has a losing attitude. The movement is always optimistic. The movement sees whatever happens and says, Allah wants good for me. Allah is doing this for wisdom that is going to benefit me. So there is a lockdown taking place. All of us are shut in our homes, all of us are not even socializing. And now this month has come it is there's no question an element of depression we all feel it, I feel it, you feel it that we're not going to have that spirit that we're accustomed to. Fair enough. But this means we need to rediscover a new spirit of Ramadan, we

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need to rediscover the original spirit of Ramadan, we need to go back to the way it used to be in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at the time of the Sahaba and realize that this notion of optimism, this notion of reading in the best this notion of striving, this is the whole point And Alhamdulillah insha Allah hooter Allah because this Ramadan is taking place in this lockdown, we actually have the opportunity to make this Ramadan, our best Ramadan, but in order for that to happen dear Muslims, dear viewers, dear fathers and mothers, dear sons and daughters, dear every one and I speak to myself before I speak to any of you, we're going to have to get into the

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right frame of mind. We're gonna have to get rid of these shackles of pessimism damn depression, and we're going to have to shake off the laziness that has struck so many of us in the last three weeks, we're gonna have to shut down those soap operas and those dramas left and right that we're watching. We're gonna have to to get out those copies of the Quran and to get into the mode in the frame of mind. Dear Muslims, if you're not going to stand up and do something, nothing is going to happen. You have to put in the effort to see the result. Remember what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said once again this is a Hadith Bootsy that Allah subhanaw

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taala said that if a servant comes close to me a hands with I come close to him and arms with and if a servant comes close to me walking I can

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come to him running. And if a servant comes to me with an earth full of sins and asks my forgiveness, I shall come to him with an earth full of forgiveness. Notice this hadith, if my servant comes close to me a hand span, I come close to him, an arm span an arm's length meaning what you put in a little bit, and Allah will bless it manifold, you walk to Allah and the process that Allah is gonna come running towards you, you put in the effort, if you are not going to put in the effort, if you're going to be lazy, if you're going to be pessimistic, if you're going to be depressed all day long, well then don't blame anyone but yourself. Ramadan is around the corner,

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barely five days or left in all likelihood, Thursday night is the first time we're it's already Friday night. So Thursday, most likely, depending on again, you know, the circumstances you know, but most likely Thursday is going to be our first taraweeh we had better get into the spirit we had better start preparing from now and insha Allahu taala. In light of this, this this lockdown in light of this COVID pandemic. In fact, let let us look at the Silver Linings let us look at the positives rather than the negatives. As they said, we have the potential to make this Ramadan, the very best from Oban of our lives, why? And how? Well, let us look at the differences in the past, we

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will always give excuses that I'm too tired. Work has been very long for me, I have a full day of work by the time you get home. By the time you've you, you've used all that energy in your office, you're you're mentally drained, you're completely psychologically tired, you're physically exhausted, most of us now are working from home, most of us now don't have the same type of schedule and the same amount of pressure that the workplace itself gave us. And we have some more leeway now that we're at home. So in sha Allah hooter, Allah will have extra energy for the ABA of Allah subhanho wa taala. In the previous years, you know, we would spend so much time in the car driving,

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driving the kids to school, driving ourselves to work, maybe some of us would spend an hour maybe even two hours every single day in the car back and forth doing this doing that chores. Well, all of that has now been shut down. There is no long car journeys. And so we have that extra free time. what excuse do we have then for not using that time to do extra Quran? what excuse do we have for not opening the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and paying attention to the Quran, which is this this is the month of the Quran shahada Madonna lady own Zilla V Hill Quran. Dear Muslims before Allah tells us that Ramadan is about fasting twice Allah tells us Ramadan is about the Quran. Let

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that point sink in. Ramadan is more about the Quran than it is about fasting if you read the actual verses, and yet for many of us, the Quran does not play a central role. Now in sha Allah we have the time and we have the energy to spend more time with the Quran And subhanAllah previous years. The fact of the matter again, let's be brutally honest here that previous years a lot of times that Ramadan was not our healthiest month, many of us would in fact to gain weight in the month of Ramadan despite the fact that we're supposed to be losing weight it's an opportunity to make our health you know better. And the reason of course we all know is that almost every second day or some

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of us everyday mashallah were invited to some sumptuous meal, some multicourse meal that we don't even get on an average, you know, feast outside of Ramadan. Now, every single day of Ramadan, we will be eating fancy meals, well guess what? All of that have hamdulillah in some ways that hamdulillah It has now been shut down. So what better time for you to sit down with your family and literally plan out a healthy meal plan, plan out a meal plan that insha Allah to Allah will take care of your body? Yes, we're taking care of our soul I hope so. Now Ramadan is also the time to have a smooth positive excuse to to get our body in shape. Add along with the spiritual regiment of

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the Quran and the Torah, we add some time for exercise, add some time for some type of house activities, some type of ways that you can burn some calories, add a healthy meal plan. Now you have no excuse that somebody's inviting me and the host is going to be not feeling good if I only take the salad and leave all of that as if that was the real excuse. Anyway, we all know we want to samosas and pakoras but that's besides the point there is no excuse you can give now right? It's your house you are in charge now. So sit with the family and make a healthy meal plan so that insha Allah Who to Allah you take care of your body along with taking care of your soul. And you know what

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that is Islamic as well. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it at the cooler the hawk and alcohol give everything and every person the right that is due to your body has a right over you. The hadith says literally

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illegit Jessa Dakka Dakka help your body has a right over you. Many of us are neglecting the health of our bodies. This is a month where Insha Allah, Allah Allah, we have that entire month we are not going to be eating for more than 15 hours a day. Let us not overeat and splurge for the rest of the eight nine hours let us eat in a healthy manner and we will realize how beautiful it is. When we eat healthy and we live healthy, we're going to feel spiritually better and we're going to feel physically better as well and give some time to the body like we're giving some time to the soul also in the previous years. In the previous years, we would go to the masjid every single night many

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of us most of us would go every single night we would leave our houses half an hour before Tara we spend time you know in the parking lot figuring out where to park get out and socialize and then stand you know very tightly packed you know in cramped in cramped rows. There is noises here, you know people not everybody is smelling all the way the best. Some people are belching and hay and awkward and whatnot. This is the reality. Now at Hamdulillah. We are in charge of our own rituals. Nobody's going to tell us what time no parking lots, no busy crowds, it's us and ourselves between in front of Allah subhana wa Tada the way that private rituals are supposed to be our prophets of

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Allah who I sit and pray to had good and clear and well laid and Tarawa by himself. It just so happened once or twice in his life that some people pray behind him accidentally, he never announced Tarawa taraweeh was never a public ceremony in his lifetime. And in the lifetime of a worker. And

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even when Omar Abdullah who and allowed tarawih to be prayed, he himself would pray at home along with the elite of the Sahaba because they understood that pm and tarawih and tahajjud is better at home because you have privacy. So you can do as long as you want. You can make the recitation as long as you want. You can choose the sutras that you want, you can make the DUA that you want. You have no worries about people looking at you or jostling or shoving it is between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is the ultimate spirit of the dear Muslims, this opportunity might not come back again. Because let us be honest, and I will be the first to admit that who doesn't love

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praying behind somebody with a good voice that has a beauty, no question about that. But I'm not going to deny or I'm not going to change the fact that more important than the beauty of the Quran is the spirit of your DUA. More important than somebody else's recitation is your own class in your heart and that class and that sincerity and that humility, it can be developed. In fact, it is only developed in secrecy and private, you cannot have the level of class that is necessary. When you're always in public. You have to put yourself in the privacy of between you and Allah in the middle of the night. That is the ultimate aim. And I remind you, especially dear Muslims, I remind you,

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especially of the last third of the night, perhaps no other opportunity will come when we're able to pray regularly in Ramadan in the last third of the night, wake up the last two hours before so that'll Fajr wake up at that point in time and spend some time in dua in privacy and secrecy between you and Allah subhanaw taala no one else needs to hear your DUA open up your heart to Allah subhanho wa Taala began a conversation the likes of which you've never had, because that is the ultimate point of Ramadan and in fact, really, of the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And what better time to discover the sweetness of that conversation then this lockdown and pandemic, what better time for

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us to gain Allah's reward and Allah's mercy and Allah's protection and Allah's Mo Farah than right now when we need it the most. So this might be the very best chiamo laden Tarawera we have ever prayed in our entire lives if we have the correct spirit, as well dear Muslims, typically speaking in the previous years, typically speaking, Ramadan was at the expense of the family. The schedules were so busy, you're bustling between your job between your sleep between the masjid you hardly have time to sit with your family. Well guess what? This will be the Ramadan of and for the family. This is going to be the Ramadan where we rediscover the importance of the ties of kinship and we

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strengthen and we solidify that bond that Allah azza wa jal wants us to solidify. Let us look at this Ramadan as the opportunity to perfect that bonds of the family or in Arabic that is called pseudo Russian. In the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the the skeletal RAM or the concept of family it's an interesting Hadith, the family how it did so we do not know but the family

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It held on to the Throne of Allah when Allah created the concept of family. So Allah created the concept of family and a Raheem or the concept of family it held onto the throne. And it asked Allah what status do I have? What is my MACOM? Oh Allah and Allah azza wa jal said, Are you not happy that whoever fulfills you, whoever connects you is connected with me and whoever breaks you has broken off with me. So whoever connects the family is connected to Allah subhanho wa taala. Whoever breaks off the family are stuck for Allah but he has broken off with Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the month of connecting with Allah through and via the means of connecting with the family, and go ahead

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and be selfish. What do I mean by this? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mon Sol, Rahu and usato theoretically he will use it for your solo Rahima who whoever wants to increase his wealth and to live a longer life? Let him be good to his family. This is an authentic hadith in the Sunnah. And that our Prophet system explicitly told us go ahead and want to be wealthy and want to live longer. And I'll tell you how to do that. How do you do that be good to your family established the ties of kinship with your family. We're kind of all of us suffering economically these days, right? All of us were pinching, you know from what's going on. We want more risk from Allah. Well, then

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let's make this Ramadan, Ramadan of the family, let us spend spend time with our children. Try Dear parents to inculcate some Islamic knowledge, sit down together as a family, listen to a HELOC, or read a book or go over a hadith a day, or go over a chapter of the Quran a day or even an iron a day, try to pray tarawih and if you are able to combine between a group Torah we and then the private one or the last third, that would be ideal, maybe two or four cards with the kids. And then maybe at the end of the night by yourself or however you want to do that, but try to spend some time of riba with the family and insha Allah hooter, Allah, the bonds of love that are established Yes,

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with the yelling and screaming and shouting, the comes with the love the solid part of the family, the bonds of love that will be established in sha Allah, they will last a lifetime after this crisis in sha Allah, I pray that decades from now, all of you will look back to this timeframe, you're with sweet memories with fond memories with nostalgic memories, because you might never have this opportunity, again, to form the ties of kinship between siblings between spouses, try your best to make this the Ramadan of the family concentrate and prioritize on that. And this leads me to my next point, which needs to be said as well, that Subhanallah let us be honest here and I speak to the men

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folk, but let's be honest here, dear men folk, that a lot of times we had expectations on the women, that they would spend a large amount of time in the kitchen, preparing the soul doing the Iftar you know, most of the Ramadan might even be in the kitchen. And we would say the excuse for those women who didn't work I'm talking about that. The men would say, Oh, I'm too busy, because I'm working. I'm too busy, because I'm not home. And our women had to share the how the lion's share of doing all of these chores, and you know, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was not the commanding husband, he was not the husband who had snapped his wife do this and do that. When somebody asked

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her I showed her the Allahu anha, what was the clock of the Prophet sallallahu I said, she said he would stand up and milk his own goat, he would mend his own shoes, he meaning he wasn't a domineering person do this and do that and make my tea. That's not the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is an opportunity, dear husbands to be honest here. And I know maybe my wife is looking at this, I'm putting myself in this spot as well, when I say this, that we have to increase our share, we have to take charge as much as is reasonable. And maybe if the husband is not working and the wife is working, then the situation is reversed. But I'm talking

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about the default. Generally speaking, I'm speaking not as a gender role, but as a generality within our customer and culture, that typically the men are the ones who work more than the women. And so, they would say that you have to do more chores, well, now the both of them are at home, and the both of them are within the confines of you know, the house and therefore, let us be fair, and let us try to take on and help those that were in charge if it was the other way around and let the women do more than they used to. And if it was the typical scenario, let the men do more than they used to. And as well go back to my three points ago, cut back on the quantity of food cut back on this lavish

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meals because truth be told that is not the spirit of Ramadan and we all know that deep down inside, that's not what Ramadan is supposed to be. It has become a time of festivities and a time of festivals. Ramadan has become eight course meals every single day. Ramadan has become delectable dishes on a daily basis and that is definitely definitely

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plead not the spirit of Ramadan. So let us use this opportunity, this Ramadan to rediscover you know Subhanallah when I break my fast I always think, how a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, we eat that one Cujo one one date and we move on to the full meal. Our Prophet system, the meal was the dates, that's it, he would have five or 10 dates and that is it. That was his dinner, his supper, that is what he would typically eat, that is all that he would eat. And he we that is just the token one date to sweeten our mouth before we jump to the entire dishes in front of us now Hamdulillah we thank Allah that Allah has blessed us you know to to have the opportunity to eat I'm

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not saying don't eat anything more than this we're all going to eat more than dates but don't have to go overboard we don't have to have that much quantity at the expense of one person who also has to worship Allah subhana wa Tada rather let us take on some chores cut back you know the quantity of dishes and insha Allah Tala together worship Allah subhanaw taala in a better manner as well, this Ramadan, we don't have the opportunity to even host multiple if tours because as we know, every household every one of us, not only would we visit we would host and when we host we would spend a fortune. And we would go to great extents and decorate and you know, cutlery and this and that. Well

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guess what? This is the opportunity instead of spending those 500 or $1,000 on the Iftar is for hamdulillah middle and upper class people let's use that money and gift it to if tours for those who cannot afford it. Let's find the opportunity where are people who cannot even afford a meal we would all spend money on our lavish if tours let's be honest here. This Ramadan, there are no lavish if stars let us make sure we spend the same amount or even more on if stars might not be as lavish but Wallahi they are more essential and there are more rewarding and there are more Mobarak than our fancy lavish stars that we were used to doing. So let us spend that money that we would spend in

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other previous Ramadan's let us spend it on those who don't even have that meal a day. And there are plenty of charities around the globe, there are plenty of opportunities in refugee camps in smaller places or villages, in places where socio economically there are underprivileged people, so many opportunities are there. And you will always can find this online or also many of you have family or friends that can help out no people elsewhere. And even here in Dallas, there are opportunities as we are coming to as well. And one other point as well, before we move on to some of our programs here for this month in shallow data, one of the points as well that in this month, we will kind of

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sort of be locked up right not fully locked up like prisoners, but still locked up. And perhaps we will get just a partial, just a a 10% or even 5% or even 1% of what it's like for people around the world who might be refugees who cannot go anywhere because they're in camps, who might even be in prisons like the Uyghurs like the people who are unjustly put in prisoners by tyrannical regimes who are torturing them just because they say there are Muslims and I'm not out of the villa with the villa comparing our five star luxury treatment here in our houses with what they are doing, oh the villa, but there is just a with just a small pinch that you know, if we are finding this awkward and

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difficult How about people that are far more difficult than us? Perhaps this Ramadan, we can be reminded of their plight not so that so that we can be more grateful to Allah and then do whatever we can to help those that are less in need. My point for going over all of this list to your Muslims was so that insha Allah Allah we have a different frame of mind. Do not approach this Ramadan, as if it's going to be your worst. I am telling you, we have the potential that this Ramadan is our best Ramadan of our lives, we have the potential that this Ramadan will be the sweetest Ramadan that we have ever experienced. But only if we put in the effort because we have to put in the effort. Allah

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azza wa jal may even give give us a miracle if we put in the effort. You know, by the way, even the miracles of the prophets, they had to put in some effort, every single miracle without exception when Miriam is giving birth, and she is starving and there's nothing to eat and there's nobody around her. What does Allah say in the Quran? Well, who's the Leakey budget in UCLA, go and shake the tree and the dates are going to fall. You know, if Allah had willed, it would have rained the dates and Marie and couldn't even have stood up and she's in the pains of birth. Still. Allah says reach over and shake, just shake, then the dates are going to fall when Musa is with fifth round,

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and he's rushing and he sees the sea and he doesn't know what's going to happen. And he asked Allah I need your help give me a miracle. Oh Allah, Allah could have said blink and I'll show you the miracle. But what did Allah say who

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Raise your staff and strike the ocean, even when the ocean is going to split and it is going to split right that point in time when the Red Sea is going apart, even then Musa has to put in the effort and Musa has to do something to get that miracle if that is for a blatant miracle that the Quran talks about, how about the small miracles that we want the miracle of iman, the miracle of sweetness, the miracle of the leather are very bad. We're gonna have to put in a little bit of effort to get that miracle back from Allah subhanho wa taala. And if we don't put in that effort, we have no one to blame but ourselves. So there's a lot of opportunities dear Muslims and because of

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this Insha Allah, Allah Allah, we here at Epic we had we sat down multiple times, not physically, we had meetings online and whatnot, don't worry, we were being very careful about the six feet social distance thing, and we figure it out and we tried our best what is the best way forward? What can we do here at Epic, so we're going to have a bunch of lectures. Specifically for every single segment we have youth lectures, we have lectures for the sisters, almost daily sisters Tafseer, almost daily was

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set by Jude is going to have a daily lecture a daily, every single day before if thought he is going to teach you a new DUA. Imam, the dean is going to have a lecture as well every single day, myself, I'm going to team up with Hafiz Sajad, and every single day at 10pm, from 1110 to 11, every single day live, half Assad is going to recite a little bit of Quran and then I will explain that Jews we're going to do 30 Jews in 30 days in sha Allah to Allah every single day, we're going to have a summary of that Jews and maybe concentrate our one or two verses the goal being many of us have never ever read the Quran cover to cover with meaning many of us don't even know what juice number

00:31:50 --> 00:32:30

three says juice number seven says so the goal of this is in 30 days inshallah get a bird's eye view, it's not going to be a detailed of see it. I've done that for a number of suitors. You can log online, I have a 30 part series of sort of five to 15 party pseudogap I have many very detailed pseudo use of I've done in many, I think over 20 lectures I haven't seen the use of so that's a detailed of see. And that's one genre of deceit, this Ramadan, I've decided to do something I've never done before brand new class. And that is essentially a summary of the entire Quran is specially for our youth who have never read the Quran. And even for the adults, if they've never

00:32:30 --> 00:33:06

read it in a simple language is not going to be advanced and going into hermeneutics and philology and reason why it was revealed and the different resit. None of this know is just going to be in a nutshell, what do we need to know from the first use than the second day? What do we need to know from the second use? What do I want my own children, I'm going to have my own young teenagers in mind when I'm going to do this class like what do I want them to come with with this juice every single day so that insha Allah Allah when we finish this journey, at least we'll have a bird's eye view, a holistic, you know, summary of the teachings and the message of the Quran. And that's the

00:33:06 --> 00:33:36

goal that I have, I'm very excited, it's a new class for me, and that's going to be every single day insha Allah live at 10pm from the beginning to the very end and insha Allah Allah is going to be in later Allah, something unique and an interesting so this is, you know our programs in a nutshell. And before I move on, I wanted to show a brief video as well about some of the social outreach programs, I want you to see the video then I'll come back and explain to you a little bit of what I'm doing and what we're doing here at Epic so Bismillah if we can play the video now insha Allah

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40


00:33:41 --> 00:33:49

epic has initiated help your neighbor drive through pantry, this program will happen every Saturday from 6pm to 7pm.

00:33:50 --> 00:34:11

We have many volunteers who are dedicated, we hope to help as many families as as we can as they drive by through it's a very simple system that we created here and the volunteers dropped the box maintaining social distancing requirements and safely the people come to benefit from this they leave.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:22

So we encourage that all those that want to come and benefit from this program come to Epic every Saturday between six and 7pm in Sharla local affair

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

So, Inshallah, that was the brief video, we're gonna have more videos about this. I want to just conclude by reminding by explaining what you just saw. We have already begun our social outreach programs and in particular, I'm

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

Want to emphasize four programs that Epic is doing? Firstly, we're doing help your neighbor. And this is going to be every single Saturday is going to be a drive by you saw the video over there where anybody and by the way, all of these programs, all four of them, they are for anybody regardless of background regardless of race regardless of faith regardless, anybody who needs it, that is here. And we need you to spread the word to those who need. This is what our religion commands us to do. It's not just talk, it's not just going to the masjid part of our religion, much of our religion is a clock it is service, it is hidden. It is feeding the poor Ramadan is about

00:35:40 --> 00:36:14

feeding the poor, rather than those fancy of thoughts. This is what we're doing this Ramadan insha Allah hooter, Allah. So the first thing we're doing is we're having your help your neighbor program, and in this help your neighbor, every single Saturday, from six to 7pm, we will be standing outside the masjid and there's going to be a line of cars a row of cars, and they're going to come because we've advertised to them, we've handed out pamphlets Inshallah, we're thinking of actually getting paid advertisements, if possible. And we want you to spread the word to those who need anybody who needs food, no questions asked, if you feel that you need food, then we are here for you in sha

00:36:14 --> 00:36:52

Allah wa Tada. And we're going to give you a box of food products, pasta, and rice and wheat, anything that was long term, we're going to be giving it to you in sha Allah to Allah, and we're going to keep our social distancing, we're going to make sure it is done in a proper manner. And inshallah tomorrow, we plan to distribute over 250 boxes, that's just tomorrow, we hope insha Allah to even increase the number every single Saturday. And we need you to spread the word if you know anybody that needs any type of assistance, you can even anonymously tell them just come and just come by here and just stand in line or drive up the car and from six to seven o'clock insha Allah to

00:36:52 --> 00:37:33

Allah every single Saturday. The second program is help your neighbor delivery service and this is with collaboration with Aigner, the Islamic circle of North America that help your neighbor delivery program. It is instead of you driving up here, if you are not able to drive for whatever reason, if you're not able to go shopping, then you call us up and inshallah to other we will deliver groceries to you or we'll deliver our pantry box to you, we'll deliver our food packages straight to your door if you're not able to leave your house. And this is especially if you know somebody who's elderly know somebody who's sick know somebody who doesn't have a car, they're not able to come and drive up

00:37:33 --> 00:38:09

to the masjid or they're for, for medical reasons, they're not able to go outside, then please give them our number. And we will arrange to have the food delivered to them. And Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah it's not even Ramadan has not even begun. And we already have over 120 houses that we have delivered food to at Hamdulillah. Well, we thank Allah subhana wa Tada for that. But once again, we need your help to advertise the program. Maybe you have a neighbor, who's elderly, and they're not able to go shopping, maybe you know somebody who's sick or who has a child and they're single parent or whatever it might be and they're not able to leave, this is the perfect thing that

00:38:09 --> 00:38:57

they can week that we can help them out with and inshallah to Allah just give them our epic number. And they can then call and have their name added to the help your neighbor delivery program, which is being done in collaboration with Akena. The third program that we have is the epic medical call in clinic. And this is a hotline, it's a call in clinic and the number is 972-277-1523. I'll repeat it again 972-277-1523 And maybe if that can be put on the screen as well. If you can put the number on the screen and see if you can keep it there for a while. So the epic medical call in clinic and what the call in clinic is is that during office hours, we have medical staff we have trained

00:38:57 --> 00:39:07

doctors who can answer generic questions questions about if you feel you have COVID symptoms or any other issues of a medical nature just a generic call just for your

00:39:08 --> 00:39:55

information sake you can speak to a trained doctor a physician and get your questions answered again, people of all backgrounds and all faiths when it's the open service everybody who wants to they can do this is the epic medical call in clinic once again it is 972-277-1523 And the final thing that we have right now is the epic tele clinic, the tele clinic it's also a medical service but this is a medical examination is not just a call and it's not just a quick service to have a generic conversation for those who need a little bit more analysis to have a diagnostic done then over teleconference and of course they have the the you know video and whatnot to do that you can

00:39:55 --> 00:40:00

schedule an appointment and the doctors can examine you via video conference

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

rinsing Skype call or whatever it is the technology they're using. And you can schedule a time in order to get that done. And you can get a more detailed one on one with a physician. All of these four programs are absolutely free sebelah absolutely no questions asked no money at all from the people that are benefiting. And no, I mean, everybody of all backgrounds can benefit equally. We're not it's not just only for our epic members, it is anybody in the Greater Dallas community because we firmly believe that this is what our religion calls for, as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that whoever wants to enter Jannah should spread salaam to the people and feed food to

00:40:42 --> 00:41:24

the hungry, and be good to their family and pray at night. This is the month we can do all four of those things. So let's try our best insha Allah hota Allah. Now, we don't expect anything from those that are benefiting from these programs. But we all know that these programs they have a cost. And we expect all of us all of you watching that Alhamdulillah are able to we expect all of you to chip in and I'm being brutally honest here. This is the program that we should all be proud of this is our flagship program. This is what Islam is about. An epic is going to raise the bar for what a masjid should be like in any city in this world. And in this country. And in this state of Texas, we

00:41:24 --> 00:42:00

will be the epic Masjid insha Allah who Allah in this country, I am really proud to be a part of this community and this masjid, and to have these four activities. And that's just the beginning, we need to do much more than this. We want epic to be the number one center that this whole city knows that if anybody is hungry, anybody needs a clinical advice, anybody has anything, they can go to the Muslim community, because they're number one in feeding the hungry. They're number one in distributing pantry, food is the number one and helping the poor and underprivileged. That's what we want. But in order for that to happen, you and I both know, we need not just you're not just your

00:42:00 --> 00:42:36

support, not just your volunteer hours. And by the way, we also need that and for those who are in our volunteer groups, they know that we're going to be reaching out to them for some of these things with social distancing, making sure everything is done. But yes, there will be people that we're going to have to bring in to actually volunteer to carry the boxes, that's you will be contacted if you're on the volunteer list, but we also need all of you without exception, we need your financial donations if you're able to do that. And I ask all of you to please be generous from now and throughout the month of Ramadan and continue to give because I can't think of any better project and

00:42:36 --> 00:43:15

cause than to feed the hungry of your own city and your own locality than to be the flagship Masjid. This is real Dawa. Real Dawa isn't handing pamphlets and Quran Zelle that's 1% of our real Dawa is showing what Islam is through your actions not through your tongue showing the clock showing the reality of our faith which is service to others for the sake of Allah not for their sake for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada as Allah says in the Quran, where you are immortal Tama Allah who behaved Miskin And we are Team and was zero. They give food even though they need that food. We are all pinstripe. Now, maybe not as tough difficult as the Sahaba of course, but we're all pinstripe.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:54

Now, Allah says they give their food when they most needed and they give their food to the miskeen to the team to the prisoner, and they say in mono to mo calmly wedge Hilah we are feeding you for the sake of Allah learn who didn't come Jessa and Willa, Shakira, we don't want your thanks. We don't want the people who come to even feel that they are some type of burden. We want them to understand. We appreciate them more than they appreciate us. That is the spirit of Islam. We want them to feel honored. And we can do that in sha Allah hooter. Allah, by Allah's help, and then by your generous support. So please, dear Muslims, dear viewers, if you are a part of this committee,

00:43:54 --> 00:44:33

or frankly, even if you're not wherever you're from, this is something all Muslims should be proud of, Please do help out the information to donate is on your screens right now. So please give whatever you can, and if you're able to even sign up continuously, because really, this is an amazing project. And you know what, if this program launches successfully, the sky is the limit to what we can offer, honestly, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, we have the potential to go much more. Why should we only feed 250 people? The joblessness rate in this country has been the highest it's been for 100 years since the Great Depression. This is the opportunity for Muslims to come out as the

00:44:33 --> 00:44:59

winners of this entire timeframe to show the people what real faith means. All of this negative PR that's happened for the last 15 years. I swear to you we have the opportunity in the upcoming months to erase it and all of it we have the opportunity and already look at what's happening in England by the way in England, the frontline of the doctors and medical service. People have been Muslims as you're aware of and all the deaths as of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

yet have been to from the Muslims and from the, what they call the the the NHS staff or the the hospital staff, they're all of them have been people who migrated to England, and the majority of them have been Muslims. And this has caused a huge support for the Muslim community and for the quote unquote immigrant community and the far right parties and the racist people that were always spouting their hatred. They've been very quiet for the last few weeks, because they cannot say anything, when the dedication of the Muslims and when the dedication of those who came to England is being shown that's happening over there. And of course, their crisis is much worse. In terms of the

00:45:37 --> 00:46:14

number of deaths, the percentage, as you know, in England and whatnot, and what's happening over there is slightly different. Still, we have that opportunity here to show them what real faith and real Islam is. So I encourage all of you to join with us and inshallah we can all get the rewards the same in the end of the day. We're all working together as a team Epic is doing its job. We need you to do your job as a part of epic and put together insha Allah hooter Allah for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, we will raise the bar and we will show people with the meaning of Islam is and with that, I conclude for today's lecture and I'll be back insha Allah on Tuesday to talk about some

00:46:14 --> 00:46:33

fifth questions of q&a of the Gam and the rulings of fasting. And then Wednesday we'll have our final day of judgment talk before Ramadan and then we'll continue that series after Ramadan Jessa Kamala who Clara and Santa Maria Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh shareholder on

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Nancy was

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you read a lot more you saw wanna you read to me.

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