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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of memorizing verses of optimism in the Quran is discussed, including the verse "optimism" in a spiritual context and the loss of a woman in various verses. The importance of trusting oneself to overcome challenges and testing one's faith in Islam is emphasized. The transcript describes various verses of the Quran, including the version of Surah Tober and the version of Hareen Hana, and emphasizes the significance of testing one's faith in Islam and affirming his success in achieving the promises of the Quran.
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was salam ala Rasulillah. Early he was so happy woman wala Hammerberg. Today I wanted to cover some verses in the Quran that should be memorized by us. And some of our scholars have called them verses of optimism, verses of getting our spirits high verses that are going we're going to use them and recall them during times of difficulty times of stress times of crises. Because the one thing that is a part and parcel of our life is difficulty and struggle. No human being, no human being lives, a Janna on Earth, you might think a person does when you see him or her with something that you don't have. But the reality is that every single human being without exception is struggling in some

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fashion form or manner. Now, I'm not saying it's all the same, no doubt those people that are worried about bombs dropping on their heads, those people whose families have been split, split apart, those people who lost you know, children, may Allah protect all of us, no doubt that is a level of difficulty. But nobody is living agenda on earth because this earth is not meant for agenda. This earth is meant for trial and testing and tribulation. So the one who is wealthy is being tested in his way, the one who is poor is being tested in his way. The one with family is being tested in his way, the one without families being tested in his way, every one of us is being

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tested. That's what life is about. So there are certain verses that we should memorize and use so that we can in sha Allah to either overcome these struggles I'll mention some of them obviously, as usual, time is limited. And then I'll conclude with a verse of optimism on a spiritual note. I want to begin verses of optimism from a worldly perspective from a dunya we perspective when we face a dunya we problem we should be optimistic. First verse all of you know it, for in nama Aleister used to run in nama Aleister Yusra, this is a rule that Allah azza wa jal reminds us of, it's a rule that we should all memorize. For in number three use straw. Allah never sends down a difficulty, except

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that along with the difficulty, there is a use of an ease. And then notice as we know that the spirit of the verse, Allah den says for in Omarosa in nama agradecer Yusra with the same rooster is another useful, Ibn Abbas said, Never will one difficulty be able to overcome two or more ease always the ease will win out over the difficulty for a nama I looser the elephant I'm here for inna ma looser and then user is without Elif lamb, my lucidly, Yusra the meaning here the same difficulty Allah sends down he will send down multiple ease. So if you are struggling financially, Allah is saying Don't worry, your health will be good. If you haven't health issue, Allah is saying you have

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loving family. If you have a family problem, Allah is saying society is at peace. In other words, whatever difficulty you are facing, Allah is saying, I'm gonna give you multiple ease that will make other aspects easy for you, even as you struggle with this difficulty. So have this as an optimism. The second optimistic verse, again, we all know this, these are all basic things, we should just memorize them so that we, when we have a problem, when a financial issue happens when a family issue happens, we remind ourselves the second verse that we should remind ourselves of is, now you can live Allahu dapsone Illa WUSA, you all know what this verse means? No soul is going to be burdened

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with more than what it can bear. And what this means is, this is a rule again, these are rules of the Quran. These are the rules of creation that Allah is sending down. What this indicates his beautiful.

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Some people, they think, I can't bear this, it's too much for me, the struggle is too hard. I don't have what's in me. And to them, we say your Creator knows that you have it in you to overcome this struggle.

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You might not trust yourself, your Creator trusts you. You might not believe in yourself, Allah knows that you can do it. Or else you wouldn't be having the struggle. If you could not bear this burden. The burden will not be on you so simple as that. Now you can live for long enough son in law was Aha, Allah knows you have the strength. You have the courage. You have the fortitude, you have the Eman Allah knows you have the inner capacity and the external will to overcome this issue. That's why you're facing it. If Allah knew that you couldn't face it, you wouldn't be facing it. So trust in Allah because Allah is trusting in this case you get my point you

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know that Allah is trusting in human in the sense here that Allah knows you can do it. So this is a second verse of optimism, that no matter what trial you're facing, no matter how difficult the situation is,

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Allah knows that you have what it what is inside of you and external factors to overcome the struggle and you shall be the ultimate and the victor, if you turn to Allah never does a calamity happened to a believer never does a tragedy occurred to a believer, except that at the end of the tragedy or the calamity, the believer is the victor. It doesn't mean the calamity goes away. If you lost a loved one, the loved ones not going to come back doesn't mean the calamity goes away. It means your internal struggle will make you a victor over that particular issue. You will come out better, stronger and with more Iman, unless it's your time to die. And if it's your time to die, you

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will come out of Mothman and maybe even Ushahidi then you'll still be the winner, the Mothman the believer is never a loser. This is what the Quran and Sunnah teaches us never does the believer come out a loser because Allah has set the system up for you. Allah has set the system up for you that whatever situation you face, if you turn to Him, you will be the winner. Now you can live hula hoops and Illa was the third verse of optimism. Learn it from the mouth of our Prophet Musa alayhis salam when he was fleeing, the children of Israel are in the desert, and they are a ragtag group of people no army, no weapons, literally a group of peasants and slaves for generations they don't have

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military training horses power might a group of peasants and villagers and slave running away and behind them is who the mightiest army in the world the army of fit around train soldiers on horses archers the whole entire nine yards. The military is there and they're running and fleeing on foot and they get to the Red Sea. And what do the Bani Israel say the Bani Israel they don't have that Iman Inala mudra cone Hollis we're gone for hours is gonna catch us up. We're gonna die. What did Musa say? Memorize it and then use it Kela in Mary Rob be saya Dean, I have Allah How can I possibly lose? Allah is with me in America, Europe B. How can I possibly lose when I have ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada. My lord will find a way out for me. That's what you call optimism. He had no weapons, no army, no training, no horses. Behind them is the mightiest military force known to man. In front of them is the massive Red Sea. They don't know how to swim, they have children, they have babies. And Allah says or the Musa says, Nope, it's not gonna happen. I have Allah on my side, Allah will show me a way out. And what did Allah do? Allah showed that way out. When you believe in Allah, and you put your trust in Allah. That's when the miracles happen might not be as mellow dramatic as the parting of the Red Sea, but every one of us will law he we can we can experience many miracles in our lives

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Wallah he, as Allah is our Lord, we will face and we will see those miracles, many miracles for our personal lives. Sustenance will come from a place whenever expected help will come from a source we never thought about. And this is the reality of lived experiences when our prophets of Allah who either he was selling them was in the hot field, and once again, I will bucket his trembling or the Allahu Abubaker is trembling and the people around them and he knows he knows literally it's a millisecond. All they need to do. There's an opening right there, they look down and they see and what did our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say? What is the verse guys? Lotta Hassan, in Allah

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humma Anna, the same philosophy of Musa alayhis salam, of course it's the same. They're both prophets, letters and in the La Hermana Kela in the mire of visa Deen. That's the attitude of the movement, the one who follows Musa the one who follows the NABI SallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. They have to say the same phrase, no matter what happens. Allah is with me. Allah is with me in no matter your rugby in the Lahoma Anna, how can the one who has Allah on his side ever fail? Who cares who's on the other side when Allah is on your side? But you have to attest to that you have to testify. You have to affirm you have to say Allah, I am your servant, I'm beseeching you, you are my rub and

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you will protect me. So this is another verse of optimism. Canada in the mayor of Pisa Dean in Nehemiah, rob the Murghab is with me, he will find a way out for me. And again, so many can be said one other verse, which is one of the most powerful verses of optimism when we're facing a calamity or a tragedy. Memorize this for Surah Toba beautiful verse. And this Allah revealed after one of the most difficult tragedies of the world

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slim Amma at the time of the prophets of Allah who said they face their own tragedy and Allah azza wa jal revealed who will learn you'll see by now in Khattab Allah Who learner who am a learner while Allah He failure to work Khalil, whichever que

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se Allah is telling you to say this. Allah wants you to memorize this say, Nothing shall happen to us, except that ALLAH has already decreed this for us. And who is Allah? He is our protector. Our caretaker? Do you know what Mola means? Mona means the one who's in charge of protecting you. That's what Moeller means. Moana means he is in charge of your nourishment. He is in charge of your health. He is in charge of your safety. That's what molar means. So Allah is telling us to remember nothing is going to happen except his predestined it's already there. Allah knew it. Allah decreed it. There are no surprises in the book of Allah. There are no surprises for Qatar. Everything is planned by

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who? By Allah Who is Allah? He is our Mola who am Oh Nana. So if Allah has planned it, and he's our protector, he's literally our protector than surely the one who is our protector will protect us and guide us and manage our way out. Maybe not the way we understand maybe not the outcome we particularly want. But that outcome will be for our own good in the long run, even if we don't understand it in the short run. Allah azza wa jal is our Mola. So we have to have our Yachty in our tell what could in Allah pull. Then you'll see burner, Ilana Khattab Allah hula Anna, who mo Lana. These are how many three or four verses about optimism of the dunya because time is limited. I'm

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just going to finish off with one of the verses of optimism of the optimism of the soul optimism of our sins and mouthfeel and again, there's many verses actually there's if we have quick time. I'll do two verses because these two verses according to some of the stuff, they are the most optimistic verses of the Quran.

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One of them is again Surah Tober

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Well, hold on I told her forbidden obey him. Hello to Iman on Salah Han. What are Hora say ye and last Allahu on your toolbar ie him.

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There are other groups of people, not the elite of the Sahaba not the Duquesne and the Shahada. No, this is now we're moving down. What are Haroon not the MaHA Judah non saw not high up there. What are Haroon after them? What are Harun there is a group of people here a total fool between obey Him. They recognize that they have committed sins. Hello to Ahmed on Salia Haniwa Hara say they have mixed together evil deeds and some also good deeds. They're not pure evil, they're not Shayateen in human form, they pray, they fast they give charity but they also have sins and they recognize that they have committed those sins, a total fool. They recognize they're sinners, I sulla who on YouTube

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either you him, surely Allah azza wa jal can forgive them. Even Abbas said, whenever Allah says Assa, it means he shall do it. Whenever Allah says Assa, it means he's going to do it. Allah azza wa jal shall forgive them as Allah Who on your toolbar I am, one of the scholars of the past said one of the tab everyone he said, out of all of the verses of the Quran, this verse, it describes me the best because he said, I am a sinner, and yet I have some good deeds. And I confess that I have committed a lot of sins. And this verse describes me exactly what our Haruna I tell off will be the norm be him hello to Ramadan salah, and we're gonna say, he said, it describes me and I say if a

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great scholar of this type your own could say this, surely me and you were included in this verse as well. We are not, maybe to that level of Abu Bakr and Omar that's sort of the Allahu Anhu but this verse gives us hope. We have mixed together good and bad deeds, as long as we acknowledge those evil and we ask Allah for forgiveness. I Salah who on youtube I lay him, Allah shall forgive Assa here means he shall forgive them. And of course, the single most optimistic verse, according to the majority of scholars of Islam, and of course, it's an opinion, which is the verse most optimistic is the verse that our kadhi recited was a two days ago. Kalia Eva dear lady and a sort of other

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unforeseen hem, la choco notto mill Rahmatullah in the law her yo Fudo Vinoba Jeremy in the hula photo Rahim. Unconditional Allah flung the doors open and did not put a single limit or restriction. And Allah addressed us in the first person directly. Call ya ybody. Allah is saying, Oh my God, he's speaking to us in the first person. Oh, my worshipers anybody who worships Me, ya everybody and he ascribed us to Himself despite

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Our sins he ascribed us to himself. He said, These are my everybody. Anyone who worships Allah is in this verse, ya everybody, and then Allah azza wa jal is talking to whom those who have committed lots of sins against their own souls in this verse, Allah is talking to me and you he's not talking to the Saudi ain and the Saudis clean he's talking to me and you all my servants who have sinned their whole lives against their own cells. La taco now to mill Rahmatullah. Don't despair of the Rama of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, indeed Allah Islam afford and Rahim, the most unconditional, open ended, flung open verse that tells any sinner, any sinner, don't worry, Allah will forgive you

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And then Allah says why? Because I am therefore I am the Rahim. So these are some verses in the Quran that we should memorize, and we should use them to always have a good opinion of Allah personal one in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah always think positive, positive thoughts, dear Muslims, will Allah hate your sins are nothing compared to the Rama of Allah, your sins are nothing compared to the Rahman and Rahim? Do you not realize? Do you not realize the blasphemy that shaitan puts in your mind in my mind, the blasphemy when shaytaan says to us, you are too sinful to be forgiven? Do you not realize that that thought that thought is a bigger sin than any sin you possibly could have

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committed in your actions? I repeat, the belief and the thought that Allah cannot forgive you is a bigger sin than any sin or sins that your whole lifetime could have possibly committed. Why? Because that thought limits Allah subhanho wa Taala whereas your sins are nothing compared to the Rama of Allah. So when you say I cannot be forgiven, when you say I am too sinful, you are limiting the Rahama of the hammer raw him in Who are you and your sins compared to the infinite mercy of Allah that You dare say? How can Allah forgive me that thoughts is shaped on it, get rid of it, take it out of your mind, Allah can forgive all sins indeed, who else forgives other than Allah subhanho wa

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taala. So we think good thoughts of Allah we have Christina Vaughn and Allah we always have positive thoughts about our religion and about our faith and our Creator and Inshallah, day by day we overcome our struggles until we meet our Lord and He will be Rahman and Rahim if we put our trust and do up in him in sha Allah to Allah with this, we will continue tomorrow. Well, in my case, who's giving the call? I am actually tomorrow. So I will continue tomorrow. Sharla and then we're going to start our day

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