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In the number 11 salatu salam ala Sharif Columbia Allah Allah He was heavy here one Voila, but my dear brothers

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in the among the lessons from Hajj, which of course comes from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salam and his family is the lesson of the importance of making effort and how when you make effort Allah subhanaw taala completes that effort with his power.

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The best example of that is the effort that HYDRA Allah has salaam she made for the safety and sustenance of herself and Elsa,

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when she ran from one hill to the other Hill, and she actually climbed today we we do that on on a marble flooring in an air conditioned environment. But when she was climbing Safa and Marwah, there was no marble flooring, no air conditioner environment. She climbed one hill and she came down and she went up the other one. And she did that. Allah subhanaw taala rewarded that effort by sending gibberellin Salah who dug the well of zamzam.

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Now, important thing to understand one is that, without effort, nothing will happen. And secondly, when you make the effort, Allah subhanaw taala does not necessarily produce the results from that effort. Allah produces the result by himself with his power, not necessarily because it's not as if when she ran up and down the hill, she saw something or she's know that effort on the face of it was wasted because the zamzam gave out from because of Allah subhanaw taala Hueco it could have happened even without the effort, but that's the Sunnah and the holder of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah wants to show his own power, but it is related to what people do what we do, with Eliza Eliza Lillian Sunil Amasa,

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insalata Naja, and let's say that for the human being for the man there is not except that what he makes effort for. So if you make the effort insha Allah Allah will your success, but success is not necessarily related to or in the same line as the effort. Success will come from Allah subhanaw taala from sometimes from other sources, not all it's not always from other sources but from any other source. Another example of the same thing in the issue of hands on the life of Abraham reserve is the whole issue of calling people for Hatch. When you primary Salam completed the kava and Allah subhanaw taala said call the people give the other forage, wherever they sell, Hamza yella, there is

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nobody here

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who is there to listen to the other than I will call the other but there is no one here there's no habitation and nothing. And at that I just imagined just Ibrahim alayhi salam and his immediate family, no one is there.

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Visit I'm calling the other four.

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I was gonna say to him, that's not your problem. You call the other and he said Allah will send the people who you want to say. And he said Allah subhanaw taala mentioned is an opera unless we address it, they will come through deep valleys on lean cameras. And today, they come from all over the world on every means of transport you can imagine.

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And who brings up that same as on one as an African I'm Alicia.

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How many for 5000 years Allah knows best. And then Alain is still echoing in the in the world and still calling people and it will continue to call people till Allah subhanaw taala decides to keep the Kaaba and keep the Hajj. So the effort of the human being is very important. And that is something do for us to keep in mind. Because a lot of us have a lot of aspirations, a lot of dreams, we I want this, I want that. But then if you see the effort that is made for this dream and aspiration, there is no, you know, connection, I mean, it's some effort. In some cases, there is no effort. In some other cases, there is effort, but it has no relation to the kind of dream that you

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have. So if you have this big dream, then the effort also has to be big, if you don't make that big effort, you know, just sort of move your hands and feet is not gonna help. It's not enough. It's not sufficient if you need that, the kind of dream that you have, it needs that level of effort. It needs that level of dedication. And dedication means that you give up something for something else. If you have something for something else, because if you don't do that, then there's the dedication. If you want all the you know the frills, and at the same time you want this great success, it won't happen. We have to give up something for something else. And that's the reason why it's important to

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ensure that we have our priorities right and then we focus on the right thing and we make the effort that is required. It's not just any effort, the effort that is required for that success. And that is a lesson from Hajj that we learn we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to think about and focus on the lessons that we learn and to bring them to bear

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At least in our life, that's the purpose of all this is not only just to tell stories it is to say that therefore going forward, what will I do in my life? What kind of effort will I make? What can I do? How will I make with this effort because that's what also has really celebrate. That's what also Grammarly salaam did, they made the effort that they made the DUA and Allah subhanaw taala then granted them success in keeping with his power, not in keeping with the effort that they made, the effort they made was enough but when Allah gave Allah gives, according to His Majesty and Grace Salas was one of the law started a well, which gives water to millions of people. And it has been

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given giving water to billions of people for 1000s of years.

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met this one way and

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then Allah subhanaw taala sends people for Hajj, millions of people come from all over the world. And this is the the power of the

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Power of the Blessing and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala when he decides to give it to you ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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to accept the head of the hijab, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept their DUA and to accept our doors for them and they'll do it for us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us also the opportunity to make Hutch those who have not made for them to make at the first possible opportunity which is next year and for the others who have made had already we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the opportunity to make Hajj again and again inshallah and to accept it from us. Most of Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was savaged by the erotica.