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A minute with the Aware Academy #01 – Try or Do

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Wael Ibrahim

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Hi, everyone, my name is Wally Brahim, the founder of the aware Academy global. And I'm here to address you on a very, very important topic. And that is language the importance of using language and its impact on our behavior. And in particular, I want to address the word try versus do. You're watching a minute with the aware Academy video series, where we will be giving tips and tricks in a minute or so time to help you cope with your porn consumption, porn addiction and other perhaps sexual dysfunction so that you can do your best to get rid of your addiction. You see, I've been dealing with porn addicts for the past 13 years or more. And most often repeated sentences or

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phrases that I've heard from them was, I'm going to try my best or let me give it a try. Look, the word trial is good and everything and it's good to try. However, it's not that great. It does not really help you to achieve greatness because the word try leaves that room for excuse that you know what I tried my best, and I couldn't accomplish what I wanted. So I'm not going to get back to it. But the word do is a different word. It helps you to keep doing what you have started no matter what even if you failed once, twice, thrice, you're going to keep doing what you have started in order for you to reach your destination. So as john Maxwell said on once before, let this day be a due day

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instead of a try. They do yourself a favor and go do your best