Tafsir of Surah Taha #7 Excuses People Give To Deny God

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The history of Islam is discussed, including the potential for conflict between Islam and the western world, the " sighting of" culture, and the " sighting of" culture. The " sighting of" culture is emphasized, and the " sighting of" culture is discussed as impossible to see the physical presence of people. The " evils of a woman" challenge is mentioned, and the importance of avoiding lie and fabricating in magical culture is emphasized. The importance of being straight out and not giving up on negative deeds is emphasized, and the importance of being straight out and not giving up on negative deeds is also emphasized.

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Tina Kula forget

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all edge eternally to curry Jana Amin Lena visa free Korea Musa further naughty and

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Miss Lee federal Bay in Anna however you know camo Merida federal begging on whatever you're not gonna worry that learn or leave who know Allah

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Allah don't worry do Camilla Xena do a shot on Sharon nurse although her fatawa Phaedra I will not get you that will

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spit out hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah hamdulillah in Hamden you off in traffic one was either or solid Allahu Allah say you didn't hammer the nail early was so heavy engineering Alana Lim nama in federal now in front of me I lived in I was in an argument. Yeah, kidding. I'll be sure to have the surgery was Sidley Emily will have the data Melissa and EF bajo Cody are visiting your element or visiting element or visiting Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah my Doctor Who Salah wanted your other has an either shift as

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we're continuing on with the zero sort of Baja and with the scene in which the dialogue between Musa alayhis salaam where they set up on the one side and Farah own is now at its climax or its height. Now they're really getting to the point what should we do about this? You have a message and your message is basically contesting my entire dominion. This is the idea that your own is taking home now. So Allah subhanaw taala says that well according Reina who, Tina Kula Africa's dibawa, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we showed this man we showed fit around at the hands of her own and Musa alayhis salam. We showed him all of our signs, okay, what he means by that is all the signs that

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were given to Musa alayhis salam, so that your own and his people would then accept Islam accept the faith and submit to what Allah Subhana Allah had sent to Musa of commandments, such as letting go of the Israelites, right? So there are nine signs that Allah subhanaw taala had given Musa alayhis salaam, two of which Allah already discussed in the Surah, one of which was the staff for the stick of Musa alayhis salam. When he threw it it became into escape snake and the other one was when the end of Musa alayhis salam as he pulled it out from under his right armpit it would become white and then vice versa it would become back to its normal complexion yet again. Right? So those are two

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signs that Allah already discussed and of course Musa Ali said I'm showed them to frown as well. But there are nine signs altogether nine signs. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, I showed him all of the signs Welaka Reina, who iOttie nachal kula, we showed all of our signs to your own kids.

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And despite that, he ended up denying the message of the messenger. And he ended up What about and he rejected everything, right. He rejected everything that the messenger had brought to him all he said, I Gitana need to create dynamic or Lena be so Hezekiah Musa. So he said to Musa alayhis salam, that have you come to us so that you may lead us out of our land with your Sahara, so that you may drive us out of our dominion. I've got all of this land, we're having enough and how to add him into it. These are the and how they flow from right below me. This is a person who is a tyrant believes everything in His dominion is actually his ownership. He doesn't understand that, in fact, in the

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grand scheme of Allah subhanaw taala, he himself is even owned by Allah azza wa jal, right? This is this tyrant that Musa alayhis salam is facing. So he says, Do you want to lead us out of our dominion with your said ye the sacred because he's afraid that these signs if people are able to get rid of it, and people are able to see them and view them, they may end up truly believing Musa alayhis salam to be the messenger, and there goes the dominion of this particular tyrant. And this particular thing, by the way, doesn't change till today, those people who happen to be tyrants, who oppress their people regularly, who are oppressed, do act in very unjust ways towards the people who

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happen to be civilians living within their lands, within the lands that they think are their lands. They're all the lands of Allah azza wa jal, they always have this fear that maybe there'll be an uproar and uprise and there goes their entire entire kingdom. That's

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The same thing that I was afraid of that do you really want us to have you brought this simple this magic over here so that you may drive us out of our lands, there was no set of course, Musa alayhis salam staff, his stick literally turned into a snake his hand literally became white and his and literally became the original complexion again, and the other signs as well. There was no center. He thought it was sad. Because the people of Musa the people of Iran, the people who he used to, used to keep under his care if you would like to call it that, right? Those people were really advanced in terms of magic, okay, magic was a trade that they knew really really well right. Every single

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nation had something that they used to be very good at. So the messenger would be given something that that basically I did them in whatever they happen to be good at. Musa alayhis salam was given things which appear to be magic, but magic simply makes you look makes makes it appear before you that such and such thing as converted into such and such, that particular person, his body has been cut into half or so on and so forth. Magic simply makes it appear like that. That's an appearance is to show Musa Ali CERAM staff literally turned into a snake his hand literally became white, and so forth. So though he around thinks it's magic, and he wants to explain it away like that. It is

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actually beyond magic. It is much greater than that it is a true miracle from Allah azza wa jal. So this is the miracle that was given to Musa alayhis, salam, these are some of the miracles that are given to Musa Instagram, to show the inability of the Sahara of the magician's of that time, so that other people say, well, now this person is even greater, right? What he must have is actually in fact, much greater than what the magician's that we thought were very, very great and the soothsayers that we thought were very, very great. He has something greater than all of them, right? Similarly, the prophet does send them was given the Quran which happens to be a linguistic miracle

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because the Arabs, the one thing they used to boast about, they were nomadic, they had nothing but the one thing they used to boast about was the Quran, what was their language, their ability to express themselves and so forth and their, their rhetorical culture that they had, they used to boast about their language, and they knew that they had really outdone rhetorically speaking a number of different pretty much the entire world at that specific moment in history. So Allah gave a miraculous will on which the linguistic miracles of which till today people continue to discover and find this is the power of Allah subhana wa Taala in every single way, shape, or form Allah gave each

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each messenger a miracle which would be suitable for his times. Of course the Quran is suitable for all times, because language is something that people will boast about across cultures and every single time and Allah subhanho wa Taala made it so that nobody can come close to the rhetorical power that is within the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that again quoting for our own fellow natty and Mcebisi method he he thinks it's magic so he says, definitely another shorty fella and aptean Naga lamb lit Toki it right no no Toki the cicada known of emphasis Lamb of emphasis we will shortly bring to you and known at Tokyo tequila not just new to Tokyo, not just new emphasis known of great emphasis. So there's three emphatic instruments over here that we will definitely have assurity and most definitely bring to you what we're going to bring to you sir magic that is even greater or at least equivalent to what you have brought. This is a myth of the magic which happens to be equivalent to your magic. Find

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your Albanian Anna are they in a coma where either lie no clue. So make a millwright make a an appointment between us and between yourself that will knock neither of us neither party is going to do a class of neither of the two parties is going to

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is going to not come to this meeting. Okay.

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So you have a meeting. You have to make it to that meeting. You have a promise you have to make it to that promise. So he says none of us are going to overlook this meeting. We're all going to make it to this meeting. All right. Learn Oakley for no one and McLaren sua neither are we going to skip the meeting nor are you going to skip the meeting we are going to make it to the meeting the place that should be appointed time and the appointed space okay more it means the appointed time and also the appointed space the place so wherever you decide I'm going to be there Musa that's what for our own is basically saying

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McCann and Sue ah, a makan which happens to be Sua. What is so I mean, Now, normally when you're let's say both of you are living you have an appointment with someone and

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both of you have a reason to meet that at that point, right?

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You're going to decide on a place which has equal distance between yourself and the other party, right?

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So let's say one person lives lives in one end of Toronto, and the other person lives in the other end of Toronto. You guys are going to decide on a meeting ground or a meeting point which is the middle comfortable for both parties. So that's pretty much what the only thing you would decide on a point you decide on a place and make sure that makan happens to be so

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what Jordan abana gana Halaby built that in Swan Bay interface in ACI Ilana will visit it we found our father he had he had stationed himself in a place which happened to be su one but in a facing ACR Ilana will physically which happened to be equal between the between the land or between the stations of base or Elan a tribe. And also between visit as well. So it had to be it was an equal spot. That's the point. Soon, it means a point that is between us. So this is point A and this is this is point A and this is point B. So I would be right over here. Okay. So decide on a point in which neither one of us has to go further than the other. So Musa Ali Salam decided, he gave him an

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even more comfortable decision than what he had asked for. He decided on a day in which he will be out anyways. Okay. And that is the day of Xena the day of festival, they used to have a festival known as Young was Xena, the day of beauty that day of beautification. Now, of course, on festive occasions, people end up gathering together perhaps in one place, a lot of people in one place, right? So there's going to be very large, very large crowd people already be out so they won't have to go out of their way there already be a day off work. So so to say, right? So all of those things will already be there. It will be the perfect time to get together and do this particular do this

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particular challenge and come to terms with this particular challenge where that I want to say I'm going to bring something similar to your Sahara your magic and Musa alayhis salam is saying I'm not really doing magic this is a miracle from Allah subhana wa Tada to prove my prophet right. So he says Carla Marie do come Yama, Xena, you're married and our appointment and the time of that appointment, he's gonna give the time as well. By the way, the your appointment happens to be the day of Xena the day of beauty. Now, some said this happens to be the day of Ashura and other said there happens to be another day. Anyways, whatever happened to be in that culture, the culture of

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Iran, and so on and so forth, that this particular day was a festive occasion whether it was a day of Ashura or happened to be another day, that's not necessarily important. And Allah subhanaw taala just told us, it's the ALMA Xena, it's the day of beauty, which was a festival known to them, right? And what's the time now now he's already given a place, he's given the date, the date. And also he's not really given the place as well, because there was one specific notion location in which people will gather on the day of Xena, right? Till today uncertain celebrations, people of a certain city know that they'll have to be in Times Square in order for them to, you know, take part in the party

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that's going to occur on such and such date on perhaps New Year's Eve and, and so on and so forth. So people know that on this occasion, in this day, this is where people are jamming. This is where the party is happening. Yo, Xena, everybody knew this is where people are partying. This is where it's all going to take it take effect this is and now he gave a time as well. He can give a morning time you can get given evening time. Remember, they don't necessarily have the same sort of lights that we have today. Right? So considering that Musa alayhis salam picked the perfect type time, not too early, not too late.

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He didn't pick it too late. Why? Because then they wouldn't be left there wouldn't be so much time left in the day. He didn't pick it too early, because people will be sleeping at that time. So he said, Well, Sharon nasil, Doha and I'm going to give you a time for Loja, which basically is after the sunrises by 1520 odd minutes. That's what he means a Bashar it starts right after sunrise. Whereas Aloha starts 1520 minutes after sunrise, which is basically shuru time in your calendars and your prayer calendars. Right? So he gave him a time which is very easy, which is very comfortable. People have you know, people have already woken up people have already perhaps had breakfast and

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they've already had ample time to arrive to the location of this contest or this competition, or this challenge that I want is made to Musa alayhis salam What are you short on NASA so that people would literally go through a hashes which means the wretched resurrection and gathering a large amount of gathering. They come at a time of Doha so that all of the other things that they may be occupied with that's done. So figure out what is they do fit our laughter I will not find

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Gemma Arcada with him. So for our that's it, he's like, okay for us the challenge is done. It's mean, he turned away, though a lie turned back. And he collected his plot meaning he, you know, he asked all of the best Sahara that he knew all of the best magicians that he knew asked about the town of who is is it that can help him in order for him to win in this challenge and so on and so forth. And the numbers vary. The numbers vary from 70 odd to 900,000 Different magicians are very, very large amount of people basically right that he gathered in order for him to try to win the challenge

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for Gemma Arcada, who so he gathered his plot through my dad, then he came on the day of, of Xena on the day of the festive occasion. God Allah Who Musa Musa alayhis salam spoke to them. Now what's happening? All of these magicians are standing before Musa alayhis salam. Now it's the day of Xena now it's the day of that celebration or that festive occasion or that festival? And so on and so forth. People have already had their breakfast, they've already reached this challenge. Now is that the zero hour right? So now is the time in which people will figure it out whether Musa alayhis salam is telling the truth already, by the way. The historians have it that the Dawa, the call of

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Musa Ali Salaam and already circulated within. Within the society. People already knew there was someone called Musa alayhis salam. And there was someone called hold on Ali salaam, and that they're claiming that they are in fact, prophets. And they are in fact messenger. So this claim already became popular and famous. So this was not something that was a mystery to them. And they were definitely very, very keen on attending this challenge, because this challenge would either lead to the loss of Musa and his Dawa, or the when of Messiah and His Dawa. And then obviously the loss of your own. So, Musa alayhis salam speaks to all of these magicians, because they're magicians. This

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is their art fair, I will may or may not be able to confuse other people within society. But the magician's they know what they're doing, whether it's right or wrong, they know whether they're just making it appear as if this happens to be a snake, right? Or whether they are actually taking a staff and turning it into a snake. They know that, right? Because there's something called illusion as well. So you can make illusionary

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form of magic as well it be appears that way. But it really isn't right. And there's many forms of magic like

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they call it sleight of hand and so on and so forth. So it may have appeared to them, as if the staff is truly turning into a snake but that's just appearance it appears that way. However, magicians know what sleight of hand and what's real transformation of staff into a snake they can see that so he started giving Dawa to the magician's who will definitely know what they will see today. farla whom he said to them, Musa alayhis salam said to them, Why isla? Come Woe to you oh magicians ladder fellow Allah Allah He Kizzy ba Don't be lying upon Allah subhanaw taala not after who Allah He could be about Don't be fabricating lies upon Allah subhana wa Tada for us hate that

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kumbaya because if you fabricate it lie upon Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah will destroy you with a punishment. Allah will annihilate you with a punishment. Allah will finish you off with chastisement, what are the hardware manufacturer and that person who lies the person who fabricates he will always be indefinitely of assurity be at loss as well. So this is the this is the message of Musa alayhis salam first and foremost, telling the magicians not to be liars, right? Because one of the things magicians are really good at is is lying. Many times they'll harm someone and do something and this not the other and they will lie internally they feel what they're doing is wrong,

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but they will continue to lie. So lying is part and parcel of magical culture to begin with, what if it's sleight of hand and you're telling people this actually happened that in and of itself is a lie, right? So lying is part and parcel of magical culture. So he knows the right thing to get to in the right data to give him the right point to share and that is Stop lying. And if you lie, then you will always be at loss and definitely a majority be at loss. Right? You know, the last part of this verse rapid haba manifattura This is a golden principle. You know, in the Quran, sometimes Allah Subhana Allah finishes off the statement with a principle, okay, as opposed to talking about the

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idea, particularly that particular object or that incident itself, Allah sometimes gives us a general principle within the Quran. So this is one of those general principle principles within the Quran. Perhaps this was from the statement of me

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Sally's setup to the magicians and perhaps this was the completion ate the deal by Allah subhanaw taala for the statement of Musashi Sara walked by the hardware manufacturer. In either case, the statement says, The person who lies they are definitely at loss. So no matter how witty you think you are, if you're lying in one way or another people are going to find out that you're lying and when they do, you will be at last whether you thought you won, or you thought you did it right. You will always be at last. This is the principle in the Quran, right? People sometimes lie to their bosses at work. People sometimes lie to their teachers people sometimes lie to their spouses.

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Eventually, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reveals their lies. Eventually Allah subhanaw taala unveils their plots. Eventually ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada shows the realities and they will be at last the people who lie and fabricate in this life and they will be at last in the hereafter as well. And that's why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Osaka yesterday in Alban, we're in El Dorado de la Jana, while I was on Raju, Yasuko. Hatha Yoga and the law is to deepen while I as an over judo, he had to hydroset Cohutta, hatha yoga and Allah he's a deacon, that a truth full word, it true word, it leads a person to goodness and piety and the piety leads a person to Jannah and if a person

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continues to be truthful, Allah subhanaw taala will consider him a Sadiq, which means the extremely truthful person. And similarly the prophets I'll send them continued and he said, What in hell kpbsd It'll fool What in hell Fujimura de la na. While I was out of Raju, Yakubu Hector, Hector, bang Allah He, because the oven that indeed the Kevin the lie, it leads a person to evil acts, you know, good deeds lead you to more good deeds. Similarly, evil deeds lead you to more evil deeds. It's like a slope, when you start going down one direction, it's hard to come back up to the peak. And that's the justice that's the the peak is that area, which is flat, which is which is basically the plane

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in which you want to stand, right.

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And if you and now I'm talking about the peak undecided which happens to be evil, okay, so if you go down the direction of evil, then what's going to happen you're not going to be able to come back up very easily. Right. Now, however, on the other side of the plane, on the other side of this peak, if you go down, then that is definitely good because you're going to be led to another good deed and another good deed and another good deed and so on and so forth. And all of these deeds, they will pretty much encircle you. And once they encircle you they become like a barrier between you and evil. And that's why when you pray salah, what happens that Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran

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in the salata, tinhorn infection in order Mancha. Indeed, prayer stops a person from evil and from obscene things as well. So it acts as a barrier between you and your between between you and evil deeds and similarly evil deeds act as a barrier between yourself and goodness as well. So if you fall down this direction, then you are in the evil direction and it's going to be very hard for you to get right back up to the peak so you can start going down the right direction. If you go down this direction, then you will be preserving yourself and protecting yourself from the from the evils I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you and I from evil Amin yada but I mean that's why the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in AlkaViva deal. Lying is going to lead you to evils are evil foodora yada yada yada not an evil deeds are going to lead you to hellfire. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to protect you and I from hellfire. And the Prophet continued and he said, once a person lies second time, third time and the person continues to lie. Allah subhana wa Taala ends up writing this person in his scrolls as a cadaver as a regular liar, right? As a person who happens to be a perpetual liar. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect us in yatta yatta mean,

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Allah continued, and he said what God ha bam and if Tara so this person who lies he becomes at loss in this life, and he becomes at loss in the hereafter as well. And the prophets of salaam said to us in a hadith when Canada Alia muda muda Ramadan for the Mikado, human or not, whoever lies upon me intentionally then let him take up a place in hellfire, let them take up an abode in hellfire let him secure for himself and abode in hellfire. So Allah upon Rasulullah saw Salam secures for himself as seated hellfire. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect and preserve all of us within this life as well. One day or another people will figure out that you're lying and that's it. That boss who

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you are lying to all of your life now figured it out. When he figured it out. That's the end of your job, the spouse that you've been lying to throughout your life, perhaps you lose their trust.

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And once the trust is lost in a relationship, that's the end of the relationship as well thought by the word hob. So this person who lies that's it, he's lost it. He's lost the plot. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect you and I. So the message to take home here is that never to lie because this is the golden principle never to lie. Even if the situation happens to be bad, you don't lie. You know why? Because Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, oh, who you believe, fear Allah wa uno colon sadita and say the straight out word. You know, sometimes speaking straight out is very difficult. It's very difficult. Why? Because you're afraid that that person happens to be in a

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position for him to actually affect your life negatively. But you when you feel that you have to remember that Allah is in a position to always make any negative situation positive. Because Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the one who's controlling all affairs, even the action of the one you who you may be fearing. When you speak the street outward Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, Whoa, no colon sadita You will smell a comb Allah, Allah will reform your affairs for you. So just as truthfulness just as lies end up leading you to destruction to haber to Allah OS similarly Allah subhana wa Tada Tada is in the Quran, the truthfulness and being straight out leads you to having

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your affairs reformed people end up resulting to lie lies because they think through the lie, they'll be able to fix this situation. Allah subhanaw taala said no through the lies, you'll mess the situation up further through truthfulness, you'll be able to fix the situation. Even if you think through your finite vision of the world that if I tell the truth, things will go wrong. Allah subhanaw taala is telling you know if you tell the truth, things will go right. They will be in your favor. And even if they don't happen to be Allah subhanaw taala will if he places you through a test, he will reward you greatly and Allah Subhana Allah Allah will fix up your situation as well.

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We'll go to Poland study that you will see, Malcolm, Allah will reform your affairs for you. Well, you have a Fiddler on the Roof. And also Allah Subhana Allah will forgive your sins for you ask Allah subhanaw taala to reform our affairs and forgive our sins Joseph Kamala Hannon for listening was on Allahu Allah say you did an AMA didn't want early. He was so happy