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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome to amazed by the Koran, a series in which I like to share with you things I find amazing about the Quran and today inshallah, it sounds geeky, but I'll talk to you about the difference between singular and plural in the Quran and actually sometimes different kinds of plurals. In the Quran, which, yeah, it sounds grammatical, but I'll make sure that it's easy easy to understand. Our first case is actually a description of judgment. A Allah says about people who are lamenting on judgment day there, they're about to be thrown into devastation. They didn't make it to heaven. And they're saying family, and I'm in chapter 18, well, as a defense, I mean, we don't

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have people that are going to make a case for us, we don't have any friend that is intimate and close. Now in this in this language, the first group that they complain, they don't have in their favor, on their side is shaffir, in which is plural people who will make a case for us. And then they say, we don't have a single friend that is close to us. So you can have him an intimate, close friend. So they go from people who will make a case for us, which is plural, to a single friend, which is really powerful. Because, you know, if you ask around somebody, hey, what do you think of this person? You're right, they're cool. You know, it's, you can find lots of people that are okay

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with you, you know, they don't know you well enough. And if they seem like a good person that says shafia, that's someone who came and said, Yeah, you know what, you're not that bad. But then to find someone who's close and intimate and knows you deeply well, and then cares about your well being and stops and tries to plead on your behalf that please don't let him go into the hellfire. And, you know, I'll vouch for him, etc, those are not going to be a lot of people, there's not a single one, right. So the the ones you tend to have many of the plural is used. And the ones that are maybe if you find one, even if you could just find one, that would mean a lot, the singular is used. So this

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is an immediate switch from the plural, to the singular, it's very powerful and beautiful thermal and diamond sharpening. When I said you can have even in doing so let me just describe something that happens on judgment day. As a matter of fact, he described the nature of relationships, you know, casual relationships, where people have good opinion of you are lots of them, there's acquaintances that think highly of you or think okay of you, they don't have a poor opinion of you, they're shafia, you know, but then, to have people vouch for you that are the closest, most intimate friends, that's actually a testimony of character, because people that are very, very close to you,

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they know your flaws, they don't just know the good things about you, right. And so when they speak highly of you, that's actually it means something, it actually genuinely means something that when they speak highly of you. So that's kind of a subtle lesson that's taught just by the switch between the plural and the singular. Another example of the plural, the single singular that I find really beautiful, is actually about, again, the day of judgment, where there's a comparison made between heaven and hell. And in describing Heaven, Allah says, you'll feel who Jonathan, demon, Tatiana, and how, Holly Deena here. So it begins with whoever would obey Allah and the messenger which is

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singular, whoever would obey Allah and His Messenger woman, Allah who you will he'll who he will enter him, all singular, enter him not enter them, enter him jannatul drymen tequilana in gardens at the bottoms of which even at the bottoms from the very bottoms of which rivers flow, Holly Dena, Fie her in which they will remain forever, so that he will be entered, he will enter him into the garden, but they they will remain in it forever. Holly dielines immediate switch. And if you compare this to the next aisle, many as a la hora de la da, da, da, who, you who are on holiday, and whoever would disobey Allah and His messenger and cross the limits that they've said, He will enter him into

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a fire in which he will remain. So there's they will remain, and then there's he will remain immediate switch. Right. So what's really fascinating even about the first one is it started with he, like, he will enter this person into heaven, where they will remain so it went from here to there. And the second one was he and then still remains he. So I want you to appreciate this, this, this switch that happened, especially when talking about heaven. Allah is describing the scenario of someone who didn't have much company in this life, perhaps because of their faith, they were left alone, perhaps because of their faith, everybody around them, abandoned them, their family disowned

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them, their friends left away from them, you know, and maybe because even when even if they were around Muslims, they were the they were the only one who took their Islam seriously or something. And as a result, they felt isolated, they felt pushed away from other people, you know, and these are people who did not let go of their commitment to good deeds and obedience to Allah and His Messenger, regardless of the pressure that came, regardless of the isolation that they felt. And alone. One of the first gifts he gives them when he enters them into garden and into the garden of heaven, in general, is that they're in company they're not, they're never going to be alone again,

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they will remain. So I'll actually put

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In the reality, it gives them a new family. It gives them company things that they lost out on missed out on as a result of their Islamism as a result of their submission. Subhan Allah. Also Additionally, the subtlety here is that we're being told that one of the joys of Heaven is company. One of the joys of genda is actually friends hanging out with each other talking to each other for Aquila Babu, Hamada berlinetta saloon, they're going to be facing one another, asking each other all kinds of questions, man where you been? Haven't seen you forever? Well, you made it to her like things like but you know, they'll be asking each other hanging out. They're going to be reminiscing

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about old times in Kanaka, Bluefin Alina machine, man, we used to have such a hard time with our families, man. Like literally, they're not like that. Like they're they're reminiscing about old times. And that's one of the joys of heaven. On the other end, though, Ally's describing the disbeliever No matter how much he thinks he has company, no matter how many people he or she surrounds themselves with, no matter how many people are dancing around with them in the club, they're actually always alone. They're never, they don't never, they never genuinely have someone with them, or relationship that will last you know, especially now it's not just any disbeliever The

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one who violates the laws of Allah and His Messenger, you know, that we're not just talking about any non Muslims here, we're talking about culprits, who go out of their way to disobey Allah and His Messenger, they they take the one thing that will give them peace, they never find peace in other people's company, they just don't. They're always out only for themselves. And then what happens? One of the one of the, like, the torments of hell for them, is that they are in it. And they feel like they're the only one in it. You know, one of the worst kinds of prison evil in this world is solitary confinement. It's like, it's, it's prison itself is torture. But on top of that, the

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solitude and the loneliness that you are, that is imposed on you for months on end, you lose track of time, people lose their sanity as a result, you know, and that's actually the feeling these people get. There is not even the constellation at least I'm not the only one being burned. At least I'm not the only one being punished. No, it's not like that. They're gonna feel like they're the only one Holly Dunphy, her mother who are double mahina and he will have humiliating punishment May Allah make us from those who are punished, you know, so that these are just a couple of quick examples of the singular and the plural, and how these quick switches create such beautiful lessons

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and such powerful insights barakallahu li walakum wa Salam Alikum See you next time.

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