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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses the event of the journey of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to the city of Taif to spread the message of Islam hoping they would be more welcoming to accept the religion of Islam more than the Quraysh.

To his complete misery, the people of Taif were brutal in their dealings with the Prophet ﷺ. The story that transpired between himself and the three brothers (leaders)is explained which ended in the utmost of contempt and sarcasm. 

Surah Yusuf and the life of Prophet ﷺ have marked similarities.

  • The length of time of preaching without receiving a positive and fair response for Islam.
  • The death of loved ones.
  • The rejection faced by the two Prophets at the hands of their own people.

Asbab e Nuzool means specific cause for the revelation of a verse or the Surah. Two specific scenarios that occurred that caused Allah to reveal Surah Yusuf: 

  • Some Jews from Madina went to Makkah and the Quraysh considered them to be superior in terms of civilisation. So the Quraysh wanted a perspective to reject the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW.hence, the Jews asked them to ask the Prophet ﷺ about Prophet Yusuf AS and see if he responds.
  • The Sahabas also questioned the Prophet ﷺ about stories about Prophets so that they could reassert their belief in Islam and the Prophet ﷺ.

Also, an explanation is provided on the first 6 verses of this Surah.

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