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AI: Summary © The Prophet system in Islamic culture is a way to avoid war and has multiple wills for Mama, including activation of peace and removal of woman from the throne. The Prophet system has negative publicity, including the use of "arep" and the lack of recognition from the public, and has had a lot of negative publicity, including the use of "arep" and the lack of recognition from the public. The Prophet system is used to encourage people to eat from the region, and the region is a hub for Muslims.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so heavy on what I'm about

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to do short, hotter, I thought I would do something from the Sierra.

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If I asked you a quiz question, this is a difficult question. Let's see who can answer this question Who was the first Muslim? In the Prophet systems time obviously was the first Muslim to perform Umrah.

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The first Muslim to perform Umrah does anybody know this answer? It's a quiz question you find in the Sierra books to the Sierra quizzes you have, you know, the first Muslim to perform well, who can tell me or Umbra he means he's not living in Makkah. So don't tell me any McCree Sahabi somebody's coming from outside make the Haram and enter. Perform Umrah, his name that's going to be our story for today. His name is Thor mama Ibn with Al and he has a very interesting story from which we can extract many benefits from the zero. So after the incident of her Davia when the Prophet system tried to perform Umrah, he was turned back and they wrote the Treaty of who they be as remember. And

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they said that they're going to come back the next year. So up until now, no Muslim has performed their Amara right the process of them migrated to Medina, no Muslim has entered Makkah to perform their umbra. So this is right after the Treaty of Arabia, and the next year they're planning to go for Umrah. during this timeframe. The prophets Allah sent him sent eight letters to all of the rulers around Arabia, he sent to Caesar of Rome. He sent to Kisara of Persia he sent to my opus of Egypt, and he sent to thuma event without he also sent to Oman and Bahrain Oman had also a king over there, and I had another so he sent also to thermometer even with Al This is one of the eight people

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he wrote letters to who is to Mohammed bin with Al he is not just a chieftain, almost like a king of the bundle Hanifa tribe, some of the Arab tribes, some of them they had more than a chieftain but not quite yet a king so you want to call it what you will feel Mama was the leader not just the Bono honey of her tribe, but of the entire region of your mama, your mama is modern day in today's Saudi Arabia, it is Qassim, and it is real, this is your mama. Okay, that region is called the mama and there were a number of tribes there. The burner Hanifa was the overall overarching tribe. So Ma Ma was one of the members of this but his reputation was like Abdulmutallab of the generation ago. He

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was the undisputed leader of the entire region. By the way, footnote here, the Royal Family of the current kingdom, it is the descendants of the bundle Hanifa tribe, they are from the bundle Hanifa tribe also been Hanifa had Muslim and other so have positive and negative or everybody's over there. So mom was from this tribe de Bono Hanifa and he is the king basically, he's not just a regular chieftain. Now the process and sent him a letter. He became so enraged, he executed the messenger, the ambassador, right, the you know, the emissary. Now what happens when you execute the emissary what happens when you execute? This is declaring war. You're declaring war. There is no way out now.

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So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam announced that through Mama's life has no value in Arabic with a demo Hadar what this means is, you see him you get rid of him. He has no sanctity anymore because you see by no Hanifa before this was neutral before this, if you saw somebody from bed oh honey from from Tamama he's not Qureshi is not his his neutral. After the Treaty of Abia, all of the tribes of Arabia are going to ally either with the Muslims or with the Kurdish. Now the process some sent the letter to mama, and through Rama kills not just the Sahaba number of other Sahaba with him, he executed the Sahaba that went to this delegation. So the Prophet system announced Hollis his life

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has no value he needs to be killed on site, because this is unique this and you cannot you cannot allow your messengers and your emissaries to be executed where it will be your own, you know, standing in the community or in the international community. So Subhanallah Allah had other wills, right? Allah had other wills for Mama. It just so happened that through mama decided that as a pagan that he wanted to do Amara and so he took a small delegation of close, you know, confidants, whatever, and they want to do Omura our Prophet system had sent a carrot, a small contingent to attack a caravan in the nose region, and they did their attack, they're coming back and they come

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across a group of five, six people. Who are you silence? What is your tribe? No answer. So they said, Hollis come with us to Medina. They captured them. Because in Islamic law, if you're not doubted, how did you not enemy we cannot do anything because they didn't know who they were. So they captured them prisoner and they brought them to Medina. Right. And so Mama is amongst them. Nobody recognized they didn't tell

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them which tribe because they understand the mom was not supposed to be there with a large guard but he thought let me just make a quick home run come back it just Allah has other all of this is Allah Tada. So they captured him they brought him to Medina, the Pro and they tied for Mama to the pillar of the Prophet systems Masjid. By the way, Phil Mama was a very tall man, very handsome. They say that he was very agile, he could run very fast. He was a person of great intellect and you will see how smart he is as well. Very eloquent. And that's why they became he became the king amongst his people. So they tied him to the masjid. And this shows us as well that it is allowed for a cafe to

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enter the Masjid. It's not haram, some of us get into multiple times in the theater, a non Muslim enters the mess. There's nothing wrong with a non Muslim entering the Masjid. So Therma is tied to the masjid. They didn't have a prison system. He's just tied to the pillar of the Masjid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam comes outside to pray, and he sees the prisoner and he says, Do you not recognize whom you have captured? This is through Rama even without. Now another benefit here, you know SubhanAllah. Again, these are all very interesting points here we can go spend many lectures on them, but always always time is limited. Some people they think are with a biller that our Prophet

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system had no extra knowledge, except what any one of us has maybe a little bit more than that, or whatever that was. And some people go to the other extreme that he had all of elemental ape at his disposal disposal, and he has a lemon law he will Academy and he has a Subhanallah can't we have a proper middle ground? Do you really think that the EBU Allah and Rasulullah CISM has knowledge like me and you do you really think at the same time do you think he has the enema of Allah? No. Hola, hola, Mo Memphis and my wife after the labor Illa Allah only Allah knows like, the process of never saw through mama before this. But as soon as he walks into the masjid, and he sees this man tall and

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you know, handsome and be Don't you see who he is the sister Mama, how did you know? He has the room that we do not have? There's clearly there's no question about this. But does he have altimeter MLlib No, only Allah has been Muslim. So all Ambia all Rasul have written more than we do. That's what makes them direct communication with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He recognized to mama immediately he says this is through mama even without and then he commanded that give him milk from my camel and food from what I am getting. He's gonna get on this. He was said this in front of tomorrow. Ie you treat him like a VIP. Treat him like a VIP. And this shows us that you treat people according to who

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they are. You don't treat Tamama like any common prisoner. You don't do this. There's a hadith as well. I shall narrated that the prophets ism amarena are known as it Inasa Munna Zilla, whom he commanded us to treat people according to their rank. This is sunnah there's nothing wrong with that if a congressman or senator comes, and if we show extra respect, there's nothing wrong with that some people get irritated and this is the Sunnah it's common sense. If a powerful dignitary comes if a person of respect comes, if a person of standing comes, well, then you give him that extra respect. So through Mama is told in front of his face, it goes, my milk will be your my camel will

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be feeding you and me and my food will be given to you. And the Prophet system left him for a day. Next day he came to and this day you can imagine he's tied there. If he needs to go to restroom, they'll take him come back. He's getting the food or the processing. What is he doing in the masjid? He's sitting and seeing all of the Sahaba what's going on? The next day the process him said hi to mama, mama in the UK, what are you gonna say? What do you have to say for yourself? And for Mama replied with the dignity that comes from that type of position in office. That yeah, Mohamed says no, because again, he doesn't really Rasul Allah. Ya Mohamed, you know who I am in ductile, talk to

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them. If you kill me, my blood is expensive, means you're going to you're going to open up a can of worms, my people, you're going to open up a whole issue. And that's your decision. Right? Well in tune in tune Mr. La Shaka, if you're going to be generous, then you will be generous to somebody who knows how to pay that back and show you what it means to be shocked to be thankful. Right? And into the dual ml. If you want money for sell machine, I can give you what you want. Okay, so he gave him the three options, you're gonna kill me your business, but realize what's going to happen. You're gonna be generous, then I know how to be thankful back to you. And if you want money, I can give you

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what you want. So the process have left him for a second day, second day the same series of questions. Same answer. Third day the same series of questions same answer Subhanallah this shows by the way, you know the the actual of Tamama like he's a calm collected man. He's not going to get if his death is facing him. He's gonna die. Whatever it is. He's there for these three days to mamas in the midst of the profits of Saddam. And by the way, no extra data was given to him. Nobody's debating about argument. I think he's just sitting in the masjid watching

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In everything going on, then on the third day when to mama gave the exact same response. Our Prophet says that I'm said loco Who let him go give him his Camelback and let him go. Instantaneously the Sahaba stood up on tide gave him Campbell and went, not even one man said yah rasool Allah this is to mama. Yeah rasool Allah this is the king no one love. Let him go. The Sahaba let him go look at the summer we'll take a look at how they obey. Even though if it was one of us we say you this is not an average person. He is the king of the of the of the throne of the Hanifa you know, he's the leader of the Yamama How can we just let them go? We can let's negotiate something at least what I

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said nothing. The process that let him go immediately untied him, gave him his Camelback and let him go through mama took his camel went outside, behind some date palms they said of Buckley Air and he took also and he then came back into the masjid of his own now there's no guards, and he came to the Prophet system and said, a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa shadow Unaka law rasool Allah and then he said, Well, Allah He, Mohammed is still saying, Yeah, Mohammed because it's a new Muslim, you know that you were the most despised man to me on this whole earth. And now you have become the most beloved to me. And your religion was the most despicable to me. And now it is the most beloved to

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me. And your land, Medina was the most hated. And now it is the most beloved to me. Subhanallah what happened in three days? And this is one of the points to me. It's a very eye opening. And I've said this multiple times, sometimes I'm going to troll because of it is what I believe you can take it or leave it. I have said multiple times. Real Dawa is not via talk. It is via actions.

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Real Dawa to Islam is not the intellectual arguments and the debates and the back and forth that we love to see the boxing matches of words. This is Entertainment. I've been very blunt here. I've gotten to a lot of trouble. It's fun to watch. People don't convert because of verbal debates. Maybe one out of 10,000 Okay, yes, Hamdulillah. The majority of converts who convert it is something of the heart. Something touched them something they saw the Koran, the o'clock they it's the lived experience of Islam. It's our own actions for three days. What did Obama do? He is seeing the Sahaba what they're doing, how they're interact. Can you imagine if somebody literally is in the masjid of

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the Prophet system for three days? He's seeing all of the Sahaba he's looking at them reading Quran he's doing that's all no question nothing. How is that going to impact him? This is to mama. And that was the goal. So after three days, he accepts Islam. Then he says yeah rasool Allah

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your your writers caught me and I had intended to go for O'Mara. That's why I was without my armed guard. That's why they got me it was just something I wanted to go for Amara so what do you advise Can I go or not now he's asking some how to the king now is asking permission because he's a Muslim. Now he's asking should I go or not? So the problem is that yes, you may go no problem go to Makkah and do umbra. Now remember through Mama is not on Saudi he's not Yanni. So Mama is neutral as of yet, so mama would not have a problem going to Makkah right because he's by no Hanifa and so through mama put on the Haram from Mikado Khalifa and when he got to MCC he became the first person in

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Islamic history since the time of Abraham and whatnot to perform the proper tell via our tell me that we say right through Mama said it fit rotten and it is actually the modified tibia. So again, longer story, but the Quraysh had a perverted Tobia. Right. the Ella Baker luxury car luck, Ill Sheree can who are Noctem li qu Hua mama luck that the Quraysh had a different Tobia Yeah, that oh Allah la sharika like you have no partner, except for a partner that you control and a partner that belongs to so they affirm partners that affirmed chetek So Mama entered Monica and he said la bake alumina Baker Baker la sharika Lukla bake, I'm not going to print the other line, the baker luxury

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Coca Cola bake, I'm not going to go the other line Illa shuriken, hula, he stopped over there. And he kept on saying this. The Quraysh understood that this person has what How dare you challenge are you Have you lost your mind? They didn't recognize him. And so a youth of the Karachi because the ABI just happened. There's a lot of tension, a youth of the Quran, she pulled his bow and arrow out and aimed at a thermometer and said, basically, I'm going to kill you. How dare you make fun of our gods because it's clear when you're going to do the Tobia and you missed the gods. This is an insult another person right and a crowd gathered around the Kaaba. You know people are saying was going on

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until finally somebody said recognized said Hey, hold on. This is full mama.

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If you had better not touch a hair on his head, or else the bundle Hanifa will come and invade the bundle Hanifa were one of the largest tribes much larger than the Quran is much more powerful than the Quran. On top of that, the bundle Hanifa because they control that northern region. So anything that came down from the Roman Empire, anything that came down from the sham region, it would go through the bundle through mama the bundle Hanifa region, right, it would go through that region. And so they had the opportunity to cut off the supply line. So the guy said to her, the one of the horror she said to him, he is to mama, you cannot touch him. He is the chieftain of the banal

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Hanifa. But the damage had been done through mama had almost lost his life at the hands of the Quraysh. And so he said, Wallahi, I'm not going to allow one grain of barley to get to you one grain of barley from Sham meaning of the Roman Empire to come down to you, until the Prophet system himself allows me to do so he got irritated after the humiliation after the close call of death. He goes, I'm not gonna allow one grain to come to you. And he went back up to the region of Yamama. And he told his tribes to block all of the roads that are going to go down to the carwash and months went by and the orange began starving. They don't have they don't have food, because again

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coloration I mean, my car's not green. Maca is not green, they don't have the the crops and whatnot, they're importing their food, and the main supply line was coming straight down in this season from up north and through mama had blocked that supply line. When people began to almost get to the verge of death. Abu Sufian wrote a letter to the prophets of serum. Right. And by the way, this shows us another important point. Economic boycotts or sunnah

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economic boycotts or sunnah, you know, the BDS or you guys know, if you don't know the BDS please, BDS you should all know what it is. Right? We do not purchase and buy from companies that are occupying that are working in the occupied territories. We don't any company that is from that region, you know, the apartheid country. If they're working on occupied territory, and they're taking advantage of their circumstances, we should economically boycott them. It's no problem. If we say this is sunnah. No problem, we should do that. So Mama is cutting off the pipeline. You're not gonna get anything. So Abu Sufian has to write a letter, humiliation and begging and you know what

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the letter said? That? Yeah, Mohamed again, they don't believe in the classroom. You You preach or you claim that you toss it over to him. You're good to family. And here we are starving and dying.

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In other words, they're making the guilt trip. Okay. Where are your family your kith and kin? Well, where was that family when you kicked them out? Where is that family when you didn't let them come for Umrah? Where was that family when you master all of this is gone. Now when the tables turned, you claim that you are a person of family and you do so the Torah him, we are dying, we need food. And so Mama said until you give him permission, then he's not going to let us have food. So we beg you by a law and by silicone or ham. By the way, this word Allah says in a certain niche that right? A lady this is gonna be halal or haram. You ask by the right of allah and You ask by the right of

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kinship. This is not very common these days, but it should be done like you know, you're my brother, you have to help me with Brother, you're my cousin, you're my uncle. So Allah is saying to Saudi Arabia, what I found is what it means. So they use this phrase, we ask you by Allah, and by our ties of kinship, that you allow us food to come. And by the way, this is now the shift in the Sierra from a position of weakness to a position of power. 3d of who they be, was that shift treaty of her day via the Muslims are on the rise now. And even though some of the Muslims thought it was a defeat, Allah said it is a Fatima Rubina. Just wait. Now the tables have turned Now you shall have the upper

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hand. And this is the first indication of that, that with the Treaty of who they be. Now the Muslims are an international player on the scene. Muslim civilization has a stake at the table and they're going to rise. And so the Prophet system wrote to mama and he said to him, let the let them go let the caravans go. And so the caravans came through mama participated only in one other battle in his life because he was not in Medina. And then Subhanallah last point is that when

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will Salem Al Khattab started preaching his you know the False Prophet? So mo Salem and Therma more from the same bundle Hanifa through mama fought on the side of Abu Bakr Cydia on the side of the Sahaba against his own tribe. This is the sign of a true Muslim and Mortman his own tribe was divided

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Some of them supported the False Prophet Messiah, and some of them supported to mama. So Mama became the leader of the faction of the Muslims of the Hanifa tribe and then he died a Shaheed in another battle. May Allah azza wa jal have mercy on through mama so many benefits to learn from the story, and inshallah will continue other stories later on, said I'm waiting for Missoula here barakato