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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's identity and deeds, health, and health-related issues, as well as not compromising on deeds that come with a history of war. They stress the need to have clear understanding of the world and not lose one's position. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not celebrating or supporting anything, maintaining faith, and showing one's kindliness in order to achieve success. The segment ends with a mention of a coronavirus cancellation and a touring event.
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I begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his busted path until the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah, I mean, the brothers and sisters, this is meant to be in sha Allah to Allah, sort of a final football in regards to what we've been speaking about for the last few months of the times of fitten how we hold ourselves in times of great tribulations and SubhanAllah. It seems like every week a new tribulation unfolds, a new trial unfolds, whether that's in the form of what the prophets like some prophesized in terms of violence, where people would kill to an extent that

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neither the one who is killing nor the one who is being killed, knows why that is happening, or whether it is mass deception and misinformation being spread all over the internet, and somehow penetrating things that circulate amongst people that are righteous, and people that are not righteous, that are nothing but plain deception, or whether it is the cursing and the foul language, or the debauchery that we see around us and lifestyles that we see around us that seem to be departing from any sense of the fitrah any sense of what Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. But Subhanallah what I want to come to at the end of this is that you notice that the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam emphasizes, with all of this, that there is one thing that you should hold on to through it all, and that is your deen. You don't lose your principles when everybody else loses their principles. If everyone else in the world becomes dishonest, you don't lose your honesty. If everyone else in the world cheats, you don't lose your integrity. If everyone else in the world slanders, then you keep your tongue safe from that, if people harm each other as commonplace and as norm, you don't harm anyone. And instead, you make it a point to say that I will be from the one who is oppressed, not from the one who oppresses if oppression becomes that which overtakes the society

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altogether. And subhanAllah when you meet Allah on the Day of Judgment, if you had property that was taken from you unjustly, then Allah subhanaw taala will surely replenish that on the Day of Judgment. If you lost honor in this world, as a result of that fitna, then Allah subhanaw taala restores honor on the Day of Judgment, if you lost your life in this world, and may Allah protect us, we don't wish harm on ourselves. But if you lost your life, then Allah Subhana Allah restores that, on the Day of Judgment. But if you lose your dean,

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what do you have on the Day of Judgment, to restore all of that, to hold on to what is so precious to you, your faith, your Eman and to make it so independent of anything else that's happening around you, whether it is changing circumstances or changing trends. And what is very interesting in this regard is that the challenge becomes for the believer in these types of times to simply hold on, and that holding on in and of itself is extremely praiseworthy, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions in the famous narration that in them in what I call a Yama sobre, that behind you are what comes after you are days that require great patience and that patience in those days is

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like holding on to a burning hot cold called the knowledge jump. In another narration, and you know, the prophets like some, of course, was speaking to a society that had peaked in terms of morality peaked in terms of brotherhood and harmony. They could not see a moment where people would be at each other's throats again, because that was supposed to be the era of disbelief. And then, as we said last cultiva Subhanallah what brings Mohammed bin Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Taala and Hong Kong the son of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, to be holding a sword against Earth nominal the Allahu Anhu because of the lies that he had hold, held, or that he had heard and now held as sacred to where he

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wants to kill a companion of the Prophet sly summon his father. They couldn't imagine that and the prophets lie Selim says many Irishman come many Irishman come whoever is going to live for sejarah tea life and cathedra you're going to see a lot of difference you're going to see a lot of dissension you're going to see a lot of dispute, for it can be sooner it was sooner till hola Rashid in alma de when that time comes, hold on to my way and hold on to the weight of the rightly guided pull up and the profit size some set out boy they have been no urges. He said SallAllahu Sallam literally cling on to it like a person that is holding something with their molar teeth. So in one

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narration, you got a burning hot coal in your hand, which is like, it feels so much more relaxing to just let it go. And another narration the prophets lies I'm saying look, hold on to it with your back teeth like someone's trying to pull it out.

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Wait from you. Hold on to your faith. Hold on to your principles. Hold on to your deen. Don't lose it no matter what changes around you. If you have to flee with it flee with it. If you have to sacrifice for it sacrifice for it. We're coming into the days of the Pedja with Ibrahim Ali Salaam and the whole story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam is sacrifice. We have a sister that is going to be taking shahada with us again today beaten it to Allah, may Allah help her in her sacrifice Allah who I mean, it sacrifice, it's hard. You end up being expelled, you end up being mistreated. You end up losing loved ones, it can happen that way. If you hold on to your deen, that's the way of our father

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Ibrahim Marni has Salam. And he wasn't always the most celebrated man or one of the most celebrated people in history and Ibrahim already has set up. But he never lost his deen and when he's imparting to the next generation, and then that generation is imparting to the next generation as they're making their preparations. The main thing is my time we're doing them in Baghdad. Look, what are you going to worship after me? What are you going to hold on to? What's your anchor? Is your anchor still La ilaha illAllah. When we talk about not losing your deen and not compromising your deen and the willingness to endure anything that comes as a result of that, then that has multiple

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connotations. And I want to break them down briefly because it's hot outside. So I really want to break them down briefly in sha Allah to Anna, but I do want to break them down briefly, holding ourselves to higher standards and abandoning doubtful matters. That's part of it in sha Allah to Allah. And that's something that a group of people take on, and it becomes something that's greatly greatly rewardable When it comes to the doubtful matters, and when it comes to things that are in the gray area. That doesn't mean that when you have difference of opinion on things, you condemn someone who takes a lenient option from the established fatawa within the Quran and the Sunnah, that

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takes lenient options, because it's easier for them. But it's always good when you have a group of people that insist on higher standards, right? So when you have people that insist on their higher standards with their finances, when you have people that insist on their higher standards with their food and consumption, even if it's not an area of that which can be condemned at Hamdulillah. What that does is it preserves a place for Deen, in multiple facets in society, and in elevates the standard and that's good, we should welcome that. As long as we maintain our priorities, we should welcome that idea of elevating the standards always as much as we can.

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And then you have the things that are completely completely unbreachable and that is called Allah wa kala rasool Allah is Allah, Allah Ariosa. What Allah and the messenger have said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what is established through the companions, and through the consensus of the retina.

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And what's happening around us constantly is a shift.

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The world looks so different every year. And then the pressure on you to change, to abandon, to adapt, become stronger every single year, not to become less hateful, but to endure, you're actually enduring hate just because you're doing the same thing that your parents did, and that your grandparents then you're worshiping with a religion and abiding by an instruction. That's 1400 years old. And you didn't get the memo on Twitter that things have changed yet. And you're trying to maintain and hold on, and that takes a level of endurance. And sometimes that comes with great sacrifice. And sometimes that comes with great abuse, and SubhanAllah. You don't just have to look

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at the profit slice. I'm going to his companions. For these examples of endurance. Sometimes you look at the modern day heroes, but look at them holistically, by the way, Muhammad Ali, of course, Rahim Allah Tala, one of the most celebrated people in American history, and certainly the most celebrated American Muslim in history.

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When he refuses to be inducted into the draft. He was the most hated man in the country.

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I mean, he risks his career, he risks prison, he risks everything. And he stands tall and proud upon this idea that I'm not going to go kill people that did no harm to me, I'm not going to participate in the killing of innocent people can celebrate him now for that. And they always talk about how some how long, we're just coming now past six years after his death, that they only loved them when he couldn't talk anymore. Because what would he have said about police brutality and militarism today, and certain suddenly, now everyone was championing him and holding him up. So that's one elements of it. But also look at the other elements that don't get talked about much which also come

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from the same place of being morally anchored indeed, when he refuses to put Muhammad Ali on the ground on the Hollywood Walk of Stars because he doesn't want people stepping on the name of Muhammad. That's a man of principle. He could barely talk at that point in his life. But I don't want people stepping on the name of Muhammad. You have to adjust. You want that star there you feel like it's you know, it's in copper

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Hensel that people will go there and not see the name of Muhammad Ali? Well, you figure out a way that it's not stepped on like everyone else and you go to that Walk of Stars And subhanAllah the only name that's up and not on the ground is Muhammad Ali. Because he refused not because of an arrogance with his name, but because he anchored himself in some sort of principle, in a faith that No, I changed my name, I changed my life. I adjusted to this religion and No, he wasn't perfect, but people aren't gonna step on the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I'm not okay with that. Well, many of us might not also know as Muhammad Ali turning down the beer advertisements. What

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would they have said about Muhammad Ali today, if Muhammad Ali refused to wear an advertisement that he felt like went against his faith? Would they still praise him? Would they still hold them up as an icon of justice? Or would they blast him as a religious zealot? You don't have to look much further Subhanallah than when you look at France today.

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And you have a brother by the name of Risa, Ghana, gay, who is a Senegalese French football player, or soccer player. Depends where you live. But all he does, is he sits out a game because he doesn't want to wear an LGBTQ pride flag on his uniform feeling like it undermines his faith and SubhanAllah. Because of that, suddenly, he's lynched in French media, all sorts of racist rhetoric is hurled against him. There are calls for discipline. All he did was take a dignified stance, man said I have Dean, this is my deal.

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Yet he's the problem. He's the one being, you know, lynched in the media in this way. He's the one that's being called upon to be censured and mistreated this way. Why? Well, we see time and time again that liberalism becomes awfully illiberal. When people refuse to abide by ever changing, sanctified, secular norms. The minute you choose to step out of line, you're the one with the problem. And we should be able to say as Muslims over and over and over again, whether it is popular in the Justice arena or not, that we have the right to not celebrate or support anything, in any fashion that is opposed to our deen in any way, theologically, socially, morally, or politically.

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That's our right because we believe in the Quran and listen, we believe in our deen and we hold to our deen, we could still follow the way of life prescribed by Allah subhanaw taala and practice most perfectly by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at the same time, serve our neighbors produce harmony and benefit in society demonstrate beautiful prophetic character, all while holding on to our commitments. We don't have the problem. If someone has a problem with us, living that way, that's not our problem to solve. We have to maintain our faith holistically

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and be willing to endure what comes with that. And subhanAllah this is something that the Prophet slicin teaches us and

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when he teaches us sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala tagit animal see button FVD Nina will attach and it dunya a Kabbalah Hamina wala blogger Elmina, what are two solid Elena Mandla your hamona it's a part of a giraffe, very powerful, the prophets lie. Some says don't make the greatest calamity in our in our lives, be in regards to our religion. Let it not strike us in our faith. Let not this worldly life be our greatest concern. And do not let those who have no mercy rule over us. We have to anchor ourselves in something sometimes that comes with sacrifice SubhanAllah. I just came from London, Canada, where they had an Islamophobic attack. Last year, a man running over a family of

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four and I was sitting with the youth of that community. Some of them were friends with the young lady amongst that generation of people run over.

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And subhanAllah she said she chose to start wearing hijab after that incident. Can you imagine? I almost broke down hearing that from her. She chose to start wearing hijab after that incident because she said that the goal of that man was to cause us all to have so much fear that none of us would want to be identifiably Muslim in public anymore. We need people of Azim people of determination. People that have confidence in their faith, people that will not buckle people that draw from something greater in terms of strength, and my sincere and I'll say hi to everyone and myself. If you have to lose everything in life, don't lose your deen. Don't lose your iman. It's the

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most precious thing the most precious provision that which will that which you will need in your grave and that which you will have been denying Tyler when you stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala that will make all other sacrifices worth it. We know it because of Ibrahim and es Salaam. We know it because of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this idea of confidence that doesn't mean that sometimes it's not going to be difficult it may be but this idea of confidence, no matter

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What? And so I know that many of the brothers and sisters at their workplace, corporation, whatever it is, are being tested right now to relinquish certain elements of their deen and you might lose your job. May Allah subhanaw taala allow you to be replenished in everything that you lose everything that you sacrifice brothers and sisters in these corporations, but Subhanallah what you might be guaranteeing for yourself a reward in the hereafter and also making it easy for the next Muslim that comes the next conscientious objector like Muhammad, he made it for everybody else after him. You might be paving the way for someone and my sincere advice to anyone that's going into

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politics and Wallahi I say this from the heart. This is not the heart from the heart because we have a lot of young people that want to make change. We have a lot of people that have dreams and hamdulillah make change. But don't lose your deen whatever advancement you think you're going to get for the Muslim community isn't worth your AF Euro if you're forced to champion that which is opposed to the deen we don't want mobility as Muslims without Islam. And we have to reject this idea that we have to choose between annihilation or assimilation we love our deen and we can be confident and beautiful with our deen Bismillah he to Allah wa tubal it Allah He Jamia and au had me known Allah

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Allah come to flee Hoon. And we all repent to Allah subhanaw taala and turn back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah O believers so that we may be successful. We were talking about haram and handle the Allahu Taala and Hoo, hoo, even as he was being killed, he said, first to Robin cabin, I have succeeded by the Lord of the cabin, we have to embody that spirit as much as we can, that he can close with Kabir. That's where success comes from. That's where we have to hold each other strong. Knowing that it's going to be difficult days Subhanallah word of encouragement between each other to hold each other strong, you know that your brother sister friend is going through a difficult moment

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a challenge, support them colossal but happy with the loss of support one another and truth support one another in patience. And I want to end with one story. And this is a profound incident that happened here in Dallas.

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And it was a sentence that shook me so much, that it's more impactful than probably anything I've read outside of divine revelation last year and a half since I heard it.

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I was performing the Nikka have one of the children of the HLF five May Allah subhanaw taala free them and make it easy for them. Allahumma I mean, five men who are in prison for feeding Palestinian children, it's nothing else, the largest charity in the United States. And that happened here in Dallas, by the way, five men who are in prison for that reason.

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And that was the third Nikka had performed within a year from a child of one of those men.

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And they were playing his message over the speaker. Some of you may have even been there. And of course, because in the United States when they incarcerate you, they want to humiliate you in every single way possible. Every 510 seconds. This call is from a federal prison, breaks his message breaks his sentences.

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And I'm sitting there listening like this man has been erased from society

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for all this time,

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And subhanAllah you know what he says? He gives this advice to his son

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and to everyone that was president. He said learn to compromise and everything except for your deen

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learn to compromise in everything except for your deen.

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And I'm sitting there thinking to myself, how do you say that in a prison cell? Except that Allah has preserved something very special in your heart. Learn to compromise in arguments learn to compromise in your family relationships. Learn to be someone who's kind who is courteous. Learn to be someone who's dignified in the face of insults. Learn to be someone who's always in a place of showing Rama and mercy but don't compromise on your deen. May Allah subhanaw taala MAKE IT firm in our hearts firm in our ways may Allah subhanaw taala preserve us upon it and protect us from slipping off of it Allah Amina Kurokawa stuff Allah Allah commit yourself Muslimeen festival in a

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holdover for

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him did he long Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Juan Ernie he will succumb to your Manuela Robin Allah to fitna in Siena our partner Robin Allah Tamela Elena is on camera Hamilton who are the Latina and Kalina Robin Allah to have melanin Allah Takata and Abby, WA for ANA Orfila and our Hannah Antimo Lana from sadhana a little caffeine about Allah Allah Allah Hi I'm Robin annual x&y, eternal Cordoba and Harnett fascia it will carry with me here I look I'm looking to the Coronavirus Corolla he has croquembouche crew on their mount use it look what are the Corolla Akbar Allah

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