A Box of Gold

Tariq Appleby


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A Box of Gold Short Reminder Sh Tariq Appleby┇Al-Khaadem Youth Camp 2015

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When you grow up, and you're worshipping Allah when the worship of Allah is beloved to you, when the recitation of the Quran when the attendance of Salah when giving Dawa and calling others to Allah is something that you grow up with, then as you grow older, it is easy to remain, and to love the worship of Allah and to say upon the worship of Allah, because now it's like a crooked tree. The tree grew crooked for a very long time. And now you are trying to straighten it so that it grows upright again. And it's very difficult. It's also difficult when the roots of this tree have been nourished, now nourished is the wrong word.

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With this tree has grown in dirt and filth. And now you want to change the soil and you want this tree now to be nourished, it's very difficult. And I will always remember something that my Somali friend told me when we were in Medina, he said that when you have a chest you know a big box and you fold that box with rocks, and then you lightly sprinkle some gold flakes in there. When you want to take out the gold flakes. Is it easy?

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Is it an easy thing to do? You go in there you just take them out. It isn't easy. But when you fold the box with gold, it's only big pieces and chunks of gold and then you'll likely sprinkle some dust and sand in there. When you want to take out the gold is it easy?

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Then it's easier. And that's you like no that's us. I like to think of myself as being young stole inshallah