Yasir Qadhi – The Story of Jesus Christ in the Quran

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the history and characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad sallavi's teachings, including the birth of a child by a beast and the discovery of the first holye in modern India. The discussion also touches on the origins of various theories for the Bible, including the theory that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that it is the son of God. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of preserving the culture of the western world and cautioning against the use of celebrations like Easter weekend.
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and hamdulillah Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah Who created the heavens and earth in six days, and then rose over the majestic throne. He created our father Adam from soil and clay shaped him with his own hands, and into him the roof was blown. He commanded nor to build the ark, and Ibrahim to construct the caliber within which is placed the sacred lock stone. He gave an ISA the gift of healing the sick and resurrecting the dead. And he saved Musa from the armies of Freetown and he chose our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be the final messenger and the most respected of them and well known. He created us all in stages, from a mixture of fluids than an

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embryo than a child until we are fully grown. And he ordained for us our livelihoods until the angel of death shall come to us at a time that shall not be postponed. So we ask Allah to have mercy on us on Judgement Day, when we stand before Him with our deeds all alone, as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds us to be conscious of him. When he says in the Quran, Oh you who believe have the Taqwa of Allah and it is befitting that you have Taqwa of him and do not die except in a state of submission to Him. Dear Muslims, today's hookah will be a summary of the Quranic story of our Prophet Jesus recently Imodium either his Salam and a contrast with its equivalent in the Bible

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and in modern Christianity. And of course, much can be said, but a hobo will attempt to summarize, especially for our youth, and our younger brothers and sisters. The name Jesus itself is not the name he was known by. Originally, his name consists of letters in Aramaic. Yeah, SHA N ame. And when this name was transliterated into the ancient Greek and then into Latin, it became Jesus. The Quranic equivalent in Arabic is Isa which is much closer to the original Aramaic. The Prophet Isa was born over 2000 years ago, our Christian Era marks of course, his birth, in an era and a time and a place where the state religion was Roman paganism. They believed in many gods that they could

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carve and they worship these gods and the people of Israel, the children of Israel, the Jewish people, were a small and persecuted minority. However, due to a particular incident in Roman history, the Roman emperor had placed a Jewish Governor over the land of Palestine, by the name of Herod. And this Jewish Governor considers himself a king. So he called himself King Herod. And he constructed or he attempted to reconstruct the original Temple of Solomon. And because of many of his own antics and his background and his persecution, He was despised by the bunny is thrown in. Even though he claimed to be a member of the Bani Israel. He the people themselves did not like this

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king. It was during this time when Maria Maria has set up the mother of her Isa was born. And when she has well conceived, the Prophet Isa, the Jewish people at this timeframe, had been Allah's chosen people. This is what the Quran itself tells us, and Allah gifted them and bless them and honor them above any other civilization of their timeframe. And Allah bless the children of Israel in a way that he never blessed any other nation of the blessings He gave unto them, which is unique to them is that he gave them a continuous line of Prophets, from the time of Moses, up until the time of King erode. There was a continual line of Prophets, over 1500 years, every time a prophet

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died or even was killed, Allah sent another prophet. Can you imagine any era you're born into, and there's a living prophet amongst you? And this is a blessing that Allah gave them that he did not give anyone else and the children of Israel

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during this timeframe had begun to stray from the commandments of Allah. They had abandoned and disobeyed ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And arrogance had crept up in their hearts and this is something the New Testament itself mentions. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them one last chance before he would lift the blessings upon them and confer them to the other side of the children of Abraham. Because Ibrahim had two sons, his smile on his house and up until this point in time, the children of his house the children of Israel, were the blessitt people were the chosen people, but because of their transgressions, and because of their disobedience, Allah azza wa jal wanted to lift that from

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them. But Allah never punishes without a warning. And so he gave them one final chance, he gave them one chance to redeem themselves, and if they chose to do so, then they would have remained in that preferred status. What was that final chance, instead of sending any other Nebby instead of sending any other prophet like the previous prophets, Allah sent them or Rasool a mighty Rasool the mightiest Rasul they had ever seen and one of the mightiest of all Rusu in all of human history, how could they deny this Rasul? How could they turn this Rasul down? They should believe in this Rasul honor this Rasul this Rasul should revive their Eman. It should make them come closer to Allah. And

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if they do so, then they shall retain that preferred status. But if they turn their back on our soul, if they conspire to harm maybe even to kill this sort of soul, then how can that preferred status remain amongst them. And this is exactly what happened because that Rasul was none other than Risa, the son of Mary, in Sudan and Iran, verse 35 onwards, we learned that Mary's mother, the grandmother of Jesus, Mary's mother, herself, was a righteous lady, her whole family, the family of Iran, and Iran is the grandfather of Jesus. And Ron is the mother of Mary. And Milan is the father of Mary, the family of Iran, the mother and father of Mary were themselves righteous people, and

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they would pray to Allah for a righteous child. And when Mary's mother became pregnant with Mary, she assumed that Allah had answered her job. And her goal was that my son, she wanted a son, my son shall be an Adam, a rabbi, my son shall be of the greatest of the people of the temple. And the only way to do that was to train the son from the beginning until he became a magnificent rabbi, a magnificent scholar. So she said, I will dedicate this song to the Temple of Israel, he shall be raised among scholars, he shall live his life a righteous person so that when he becomes older, he will become one of the greatest, if not the greatest of the Adams of the rabbi's of the children of

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Israel, and Mary's uncle was none other than the Prophet Zakariya. One of the prophets that Allah had sent was Mary's uncle. The last or one of the last of them was the Korea Zacarias wife was Mary's holla. Then there are other interpretations as well, but this is the one we'll stick for the Mary's mother sister was married to Zakariya. So Zakariya is the call is the uncle of Mary and he is the prophet of Allah. Now, when Mary's mother gave birth, she discovered it was a girl and not a boy. But she had already made a promise to Allah that this child shall be gifted to the temple, and this child shall be raised in the holiest of holy places, which is their temple, and this child

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shall worship Allah and learn the commandments of Allah from a young age. So when the child came out a girl she said, era you knew what I did not know. And I have given forth a birth to a girl, and you know that it is a girl, but I must honor my covenant. And so she decided to honor that pact and she gifted the girl to the temple. Girls were not raised in the temple. That was not their law, not their commandment, girls were not raised in the temple. But an exception was made because of that family. And because of the Covenant and the oath that the mother of mme had had said when Madame was in her stomach so Zakariya her uncle took charge of Madame Zekeriya took charge of Miriam the uncle

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took charge of the niece, and he was the one who raised her in the temple and she was in a secluded area that no men were allowed to go even Zachary would have to go through doors to get to her to bring the food but the Quran says that the Korea had no need to bring food to Merriam Kula the holiday has occurred el Merab watch other in the disco. Every time he entered into that prayer place of Madame he found a feast already there. He found food and fruits and vegetables. He found a whole platter of food and he would say who has been here who can do this. I have the key nobody can enter

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mme said this is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah blessed Meriam even when she was a young lady and Allah subhanho wa Taala praise the mother yum like no other lady in the Quran Miriam is the only lady that is mentioned by name in the Quran. Maria Maria has Salam Allah says that Allah has chosen you a stuff Aki What are how to keep purified you will stuff like you either Nisa in Allah mean and Trojan you above all ladies of all of human history, Madame it has Salam is the only lady that there's an entire chapter in the Quran named after the 19 chapter surah Maryam so when Zekeriya saw the status of Madame when he saw how holy and righteous she was, when he saw with his own eyes,

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miracles were happening in front of him. He desired a miracle. And so he said, Yeah, Rob. Yeah, Rob, I too want a miracle. I am old. My wife has grown feeble and barren, but I don't have a son. So give me a son. So when he saw the miracle of Meriam, he said, Oh Allah I went to miracle to and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him a miracle, the miracle of having a son even though he was 100 years old, and his wife was 90 years old, but still they had a son, and they named the son. Yeah, so yeah. And Isa, they are some say first cousins, but they are second cousins. Yeah, he and Isa are second cousins Once removed, however you want to call it and so yeah, and he said were born at a similar

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timeframe. And yeah, became the final Nebby to the children of Israel. And Risa became the only Rasool to the children of Israel, after Musa, the children of Israel began without a soul that is Musa and they ended without a soul, and that is Risa. And so isa became the final Rasul. And yeah, here was the final Nebby, to the children of Israel. And we learned in this as well and so that are there in Milan, and in surah, Miriam both of them mentioned a story that when Miriam became one Madame was a worshipping in the cubicle, the angel God came upon her, and she did not recognize who he was. And she became worried what is this strange man doing in my chambers? Maybe he wants to harm

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me. So she turned to Allah in refuge. And she said to this entity, if you fear Allah, then do not touch me. The entity said, I am not mortal. I am an angel in an aura suit or a biggie. I am a messenger that Allah has sent to you, to give you glad tidings that you shall bear a child. Now, Miriam from the beginning was supposed to be celibate. She was not supposed to get married, she was never to touch any man. So she said, How can I give birth to a child? When I have never touched a man? I have not had any immoral character, no man has ever visited me, how can I give birth to a child and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has said, in response on the tongue of God in all academic, he

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called her a book, who are the Yin, it is easy for me to do. Allah has decreed this way. Whenever he desires something, he says goon fire Kuhn, he says, Be and it is, and so precisely his Salam was conceived the only child who has ever conceived in human history without the biological intervention of a father. He says birth was a miracle and this is agreed upon by both Christians and Muslims. And Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran, why is it surprising that isa had no father in method or ISA in the law, he can method Adam, Adam had no father as well or mother. For the both of them. Allah said couldn't fire corn, Allah said b and they were our famous scholar Imam Muhammad remarked,

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can isa be Khun William who William yaku Akun Risa became who he was by Allah saying Kuhn. And Isa was not the Kuhn of Allah. This is a deep point here, because Christians believe that Risa is divine because Allah azza wa jal said couldn't so he became the Word of God. Imam Muhammad said, Risa became by the word and he wasn't the word, he said became who he was by the word, and he said did not become the word. So Isa was created by the word he did not become the word of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the difference or one of the differences between Islam and between Christianity, Madame it has Salam gave birth to isa all alone would not without a single helper, but Allah helped

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her when she was all alone in the in the middle of a land there was no human there. Allah subhana wa Tada set out to her that don't worry, do not worry, we will take care of you shake this tree and fruits will come down and be comforted. Cooley will still be will curry Aina be comforted we will take care of you. And we give you one commandment now that you are banned from speaking for three days don't say anything for three days. So she was told by Allah to not speak

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But she needed to go back to civilization to resume. So she went back to the city of Jerusalem and she's carrying the baby. Everybody recognizes this is that lady that was raised in the temple. This is the most pious and righteous of the family of Iran. This is the niece of the prophets that Korea, and yet she's coming with a child. So they surrounded her. What is this, you didn't get married? There's only one explanation, and that is you did a crime you should not have done, you're with somebody that you should not have been with. And this is the product of that crime. But she was told by Allah to not speak, she did not know what to do. So she simply pointed to the child and pointed

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to Allah trying to indicate it as a miracle. She did not know that Allah subhana wa Tada would bless her with another miracle. And this miracle would be the first of many miracles of the Prophet Isa, Isa said from his mother's arm, from the cradle. Reese I spoke to them fluently eloquently. Risa spoke to them in a voice they could hear and he says said on in the Aboriginal law, I am Allah servant, tawny al Kitab. He gave me the book, which either Nene be Yeah, he made me a Prophet. Isa was barely a few hours old, and they could hear his voice and he saw was saying, I am the Prophet of Allah. Can you imagine how could they possibly reject this prophet? All of society is seeing hearing

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this baby speak. The baby's mother is known the baby his grandmother is known that baby's grand uncle this the profits that carry Yeah, how can they possibly negate or deny the miracle that is this baby Isa. And so reciting his Salam spoke to them as an infant. And this is the first miracle of ERISA. By the way, this miracle of ERISA is not found in the New Testament. It is not found in the Gospels of Mark and Jun, and Matt. It's not found in the four gospels, that canonical gospels, but it is found in some of the gospels that had been discovered in the recent years. They are not the ordained gospels, they're not what is called the canonical gospels. But there are some gospels

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that were not included in the original because they didn't fit church teachings. So these are called the apocrypha. They're not considered to be authentic by the Christians. These Apocrypha include stories, some of which are found in the Quran. For us. This is a miracle because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Arabs of Arabia did not have access, not just to the New Testament, but to the Apocrypha, they had no access to these books. And these manuscripts that were only recently discovered in the last 100 years, we find manuscripts written in the 300 400 CE, our Prophet system is preaching 610 ce 600 years after isa he's preaching who knows that there's a

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gospel called the Infancy Gospel of St. Thomas, this Infancy Gospel it has that isa spoke from the cradle. It has the story of the birds that are isa shaped birds and blue into them. This story is not found in the New Testament. We don't have any knowledge of it in modern Christianity, but we have discovered ancient manuscripts that have these stories. How are they found in the Quran? How did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam know them? This is from Allah subhanho wa taala. So isa has Salam began preaching at a very young age as a child, and of the things that he taught was to be dutiful to his mother, and to be faithful to the commandments of Allah subhanho wa taala. When he said

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became of age, he began traveling and preaching throughout the land of Palestine. By the way, Risa was Palestinian, and Risa was a Jew in Palestine. Let this be something that we remember when we see that land and what is happening in that land. He himself was an immigrant and a refugee in that land where the people predominantly were Roman pagans, and the Jews were a small minority. So he said, began preaching in that land and began spreading the good news. What is the good news? The good news is that whoever is righteous will have the agenda of Allah which you call the kingdom of heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is a phrase in Hebrew that meant Jenner. So that is the good news. If you're good,

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Allah will bless you with Jenna, this good news in Greek is Evangelii on and from Evangelion, we get injeel which is what the Quranic Arabic calls his good news. We gave him the injeel. The Injeel is the good news. The Quran also says I'm giving you good news MOBA Shira, I'm giving you good news. The good news are children of Israel, if you're righteous, Allah will bless you. That's the good news. If you stay firm to your commandments, you shall be the chosen people and you shall enter and inherit the kingdom of God in the next life. But you see the Bani Israel in at that time, were not interested in the next life. They were not interested in Allah's pleasure. They were not interested

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in Jannah. They wanted power in this world. They wanted a kingdom. They wanted political strength. So they wanted a prophet who would be a revolutionary who would overthrow them.

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King Herod and his evil kingdom, who would give them the original Kingdom of the of the Prophet Solomon and David, that is what they wanted. They wanted worldly power, when he said kept on saying to them, it's not this world that I'm preaching to you. It is the next I want you to concentrate on when he said kept on saying no given to Caesar what is Caesar's given to Allah, what is Allah, I'm not here to cause political revolution, I'm here so that you will return to the path of Allah. They didn't like that message. It didn't live up to their expectations. And so after a few years, when he kept on irritating them by telling them you are not faithful to God, they found this irritating by

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pointing out their own hypocrisy is by showing them how they had fallen short. In their own teachings. They became frustrated with this prophet with this sort of school, despite all the miracles that they had seen, and the Quran mentions many of them, the Quran could heal. The Quran mentions that Risa could heal any sick person by the permission of Allah, even somebody born blind. Nobody can cure somebody born blind even to this date. Even somebody who was a leper left Percy was had no cure back then, Risa would go and touch him and mentioned Allah's blessings and make dua and this person will become cured so much so of his greatest miracles, which is a miracle that hardly

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anybody had been given, is that in front of everybody, Allah azza wa jal allowed him to resurrect the dead. He called out somebody from the grave who had died the mysterious death, and he called him in front of everybody and said, Who killed you? Who was your murder? And that person pointed this person killed me? He literally stood up from the grave, and he said, That person killed me. Everybody sees this, how can you reject this prophet? How can you claim this person is not a messenger of Allah? But that is exactly what happened. Why? Because the message of ERISA was not conducive to the Bani Israel. They didn't want to hear to be faithful to God. They wanted political

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power. When they didn't get it. They conspired amongst themselves, how do we get rid of this pesky irritant? He's always reminding us of our own sins. We don't want this person. So they decided to concoct a story. And they went to the governor, and they went to the people in charge the Roman pagans, and they said, This is a political revolutionary. What an irony What a strange and blatant lie. They were the ones who wanted political revolution. They were the ones who wanted overthrow will, not ESA. But when he said didn't give them what they wanted. They accused him of what they themselves wanted. So they went to the governor, and they went to the people in charge. And they

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said, This is an evil man, he pretends he's the king, he wants to be the king instead of the king. He is this he is that. And so when all of these people came, the government got involved. The government is pagan, its thought involved in the intra Jewish affairs. But now that somebody is claiming to be a political revolutionary, they had to get involved. And so the government got involved, the Jewish rabbis and the leaders, some of them not all of them, they testified against Jesus, they made up lies, and they concocted lies. And then eventually the verdict was given that he shall be arrested and executed, like all traitors are like all revolutionaries are. This is where

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one of the fundamental differences between Islam and between Christianity now takes place. One of the fundamental differences that exists between Islam and Christianity is that Christianity believes that they actually caught Jesus Christ, and they put him on a cross, and they executed Him on the cross, and He died on the cross. And then he was resurrected from the grave, and he came back to his followers. So Jesus, according to Christianity, died on the cross. He was dead for a number of days. And then he came back from the dead and told his followers to basically go on teaching Christianity. As for us in Islam, we have a completely different and unique understanding. And the fact of the

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matter, it is so unique, that to this day, people who are studying Islam and are not Muslim, they're scratching their head. Why would an Arabian Prophet make such a big deal about an obscure aspect of Jesus's death? Why is the Quran having a narrative that is so different from everything else in the books of history? Allah says in the Quran, will only him in a potential miss you have Nevada Yum, they boast they may need the children of Israel they boast we have killed Jesus, the son of Mary. Then Allah says and memorize this phrase, why ma kata Lu wa sada boo hoo, what I can shoot Behala home, they neither killed him, nor did they crucify him, but rather, it was made to appear to them

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that this had occurred should be at home, something happened, that they assumed that Jesus had been killed, but he had not been killed. They neither killed him nor crucified him. Then Allah says, and those who disagree about what happened are themselves full of doubt. Fie Schuck mother whom behemoths in they have

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no certainty electable oven there following guesswork when Mao Cthulhu Yaquina. For a certainty they did not kill him. Now, why is the Quran so adamant that Isa was not killed? Risa was not crucified. Why is the Quran saying anybody who says otherwise is speaking out of guesswork? This is because the only one who knows what happened is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala everybody else even the eyewitnesses did not know the reality. Even the eyewitnesses assumed something asked for Jesus's followers, they did not see they fled, they would have been killed as well. So the people around him were the bunnies, right? And the pagan Romans and they saw an image they thought it was Jesus, this entity was killed.

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So they said he has been killed. And Allah says no, they neither killed him nor crucified him. Whoever says so is in doubt I have a little Melia key in the Quran is saying Allah is saying Whoever speaks otherwise is in doubt. Well, Cthulhu Yeah, Tina Bell, Rafa hula who in a Allah raised him up to himself. Now what exactly happened here? Do your brothers and sisters, the Quran doesn't tell us the details, and the sooner does not give us any more. So what we have is interpretations. So whatever interpretation when follows, as long as the Quranic wording is met, that is fine. There is a diversity of thoughts, the majority of our scholars, the majority of Muslim historians, and this

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is history. This is not theology. You don't have to believe this, but it is what our scholars have said, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala substituted another person to be on the cross who looked like Jesus, who was that person. Most say it was the traitor Judas Iscariot, it was the traitor who betrayed Jesus, Allah punished him by making him look like Jesus. When the Roman soldiers entered the garden, they saw this person they thought him to be Jesus, they persecuted him, killed him, tortured him because he deserved that death. Another interpretation, one of the disciples of Jesus volunteered to become that entity so that Jesus could be say, whatever it might be, the majority

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interpretation is called the substitution theory. Some somebody else was on the cross. And by the way, very interesting, very interesting. In early Christianity, there was a small group of Christians, pre Islam, who actually believed that Jesus was not on the cross, somebody else was on the cross. And this is a group called the Gnostic Christians. So we have this notion that once again, Islam comes by the time Islam comes, nobody believes this in 600 CE, but the Quran comes and makes it a central tenet of our faith. We believe Jesus did not die. We believe Jesus was not crucified. No Christian on Earth believe that. But the Quran made a very firm case in this regard,

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because ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala knows best. And the Quran also tells us that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask Jesus, did you tell your followers to worship you? Did you tell your followers to make you into a God, and Jesus will say, Subhanak Praise be to you. I never said to them anything that you didn't allow me to say to them, all that I said to them, that they should worship my God and your God, Allah subhanho wa taala. But whoever changed after me I am not in control over them. So Allah xojo will verify Jesus never preached the Trinity. Jesus never preached redemption. Jesus never preached this notion that he is divine or the Son of God. And the Quran mentions as well

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indicates it's not explicit. The Quran indicates but the hadith is explicit that at least I shall return towards the end of times, he said did not die. Risa was not crucified, but Rafa Allahu La Allah raised him up to himself. Then Allah says there are two verses that indicate he shall come back. Allah says in surah, Allah Imran will emit a halal Kitabi Illa Allah you may not be here Kablammo tea. Every single person of the People of the Book shall eventually believe in Jesus before Jesus dies. What does it mean that every person every Christian will believe in Jesus before Jesus dies? What does it mean? Our scholars have interpreted based upon the Hadith, that when Jesus

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returns, every Christian alive will recognize Jesus and so they shall embrace the true faith of Jesus Christ. And as soon as Allah subhana wa Tada says, verse 61, we're in the hula in molissa, Jesus Christ is one of the knowledge and the signs of the day of judgment. Jesus Christ, we're in the who is Jesus Christ here, Jesus Christ, His coming shall signal the coming of the day of judgment. So there are two verses in the Quran that indirectly indicate and there are over 30, a hadith that directly mentioned, we believe, he says, shall come back to this earth. That is our belief and it is also the belief of Christians. The difference is Christians believe he will come as

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the sun

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God, we believe he will come as the Prophet and the worship of God. And when He comes, no two people will disagree about him that he is not the Son of God. He is not one of a trinity, but rather he is the Abbot and the Rasul and the Kalima of Allah that he gave to Maryam Ali has Salam May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you within through the Quran, and may make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan, as call this forgiveness you as well ask him for his liver for under a man.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He answers the Lord he answers the prayer of the oppressed and the answers the dua of the week as to what follows if Jesus never preached the Trinity, which he never did, if Jesus never preached that he was the Son of God, which he never did. If Jesus never preached that people should no longer obey the laws of the Torah, which he never did, then where did all of these teachings come from? How did modern Christianity evolve when he saw himself never taught any of the fundamental doctrines of modern Christianity? This topic is a very long one that 10 minutes cannot

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do justice to. And I encourage you to do research and to read books in this regard. And in particular, there is a modern author who used to be a Christian fundamentalist, but then he left this His name is Professor Bart Ehrman be AR T H, AR ma N, he has written over a dozen best selling books, and his research and his conclusions are so much in line with Muslims, even though he's not a Muslim. He is an independent researcher, but his own research has caused him to leave Christianity. And one of his main points is that the Christianity we follow today has nothing to do with the original Christianity of Jesus Christ. And he's written many books in this regard. But a very, very

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brief summary, dear Muslims, is that because the Jewish people were persecuted, and because they didn't have power and, and because the followers of Jesus dissipated when Jesus was raised up. This allowed for bizarre theories to become mainstream. This allowed for things that were not known to become known and become mainstream, and in particular, a very obscure person at that time by the name of Paul who never met, Jesus claimed to be the real disciple of Jesus. After Jesus was raised up, Paul became a Christian, and he was not an actual disciple. And Paul because of his charisma and his power and his contacts in his wealth, Paul became the main propagator of a version of

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Christianity that even the disciples of Jesus did not like the New Testament references, the clash between the disciples and Paul. And eventually Paul wins over for reasons beyond the scope of my hope. But Paul was the one who began preaching that you don't have to follow the laws of God, kosher and the laws of Jewish you don't have to follow them. You must believe in Jesus, then you don't have to follow the laws. Paul was the one who began preaching that because Jesus did not have a father, he must be the Son of God. This was a phrase that Paul used the Son of God. And eventually, 100 years after Jesus, a church father by the name of Tertullian, began preaching the Trinity. Even Paul

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did not preach the Trinity truly and was the first to start preaching a trinity. 300 years after Jesus, the Roman Emperor Constantine became the first emperor to make Christianity a state religion. For 300 years, Christians were persecuted Christians were killed, you couldn't be a Christian for some times of the Roman Empire. Then Constantine converted to Christianity, and he became the first Roman pagan emperor to become a Christian and make Christianity the state religion. This happened 300 years after Jesus Christ. Do you know how long 300 years is, America was barely founded 300 years ago, imagine 300 years after Christianity is allowed to become official. But the version of

00:34:10 --> 00:34:53

Christianity that Constantine chose was a very bizarre small version. This version believed in the Trinity, this version believe that Jesus is an actual Son of God, this version believed in the redemption, which is that if you believe in Jesus, you don't have to follow the law, and it has its own ideology, much of which goes back to Roman paganism, but because he was the emperor, he banned all other versions of Christianity, he executed and killed any other sects of Christianity he caught he banished them from his empire, and his version became the state version from that version, slowly but surely Roman Catholics came and the Eastern Orthodox came and the Protestants in the 15th

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

century came, all of these versions go back to Constantine's version. What happened to the original Christians?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

They were banished and they were executed but small remnants remained when our Prophet sallallahu I said them came. We know the story of Sandman and fantasy read his story. Sandman and Fantasy had read had met some of those original Christians had met the real teachings, but he himself said they are all gone at this time. So by the time the Prophet system came, original Christianity had been corrupted. Then the Quran tells us what is original Christianity, Risa is a prophet and Rasul Rissa taught the people to worship Allah and to follow the commandments of Moses. Risa never claimed to be the Son of God. All of this came later on and that is why Allah azza wa jal says Whoever says

00:35:39 --> 00:36:21

anything about this, they are speaking from their own desires. Allah explicitly says in the Quran, modern day Christianity is based upon a one a Coleman, a double lumen kabwata by Luca Thira. Based upon the whims of people, they themselves are misguided and they misguided others. This is a reference to the church fathers and the early Christians. So dear Muslims, the version of Christianity that we have today is a version that has very little to do with Jesus Christ, many pagan concepts have been incorporated. And we can see this perhaps most clearly around this festival that would take place today and tomorrow, the 25th of December has nothing to do even with the

00:36:21 --> 00:37:02

original teachings of Jesus. It is a pagan festival, the winter solstice to mark the shortest day of the year to mark the change of seasons. The fir tree is a Celtic symbol, the ornaments that are put on it, the notion of there being a Santa Claus, this goes back to mythology that is Celtic Nordic has nothing to do with the original teachings of Jesus Christ. And this is something even many fair minded open minded Christians acknowledge so dear Muslims, as we see the festivities going on, we should thank Allah subhana wa Tada for our own beliefs, our own theology, we have to be careful to preserve our faith and our tradition. Every religion has its rituals, we have ours and our holy days

00:37:02 --> 00:37:41

are IID. Our holy month is Ramadan, we have our own festivals, we stick with them, there is no need to participate in the festivals of other faith traditions. Yes, if somebody is a convert, and your family is still doing this, then I understand you may go there to be a part of the family but do not participate in the rituals do not participate in worshipping other than Allah go as a family member to show your Islam no problem. But as for those of us who are in Muslim families, why should we import festivities and icons and symbolism that has nothing to do with us? We thank Allah for our faith and tradition, and we allow others to worship as they see fit, but we do not agree with their

00:37:41 --> 00:38:23

theology. And if somebody greets us in this time frame, we may give them a generic greeting in return. May God bless you may God guide you anything of this nature. Last point dear Muslims, last point, the Quran is very clear that we do not believe that God has a son. The Quran is very clear that to believe that God has a son goes against the purity of monotheism, Allah is too dignified to have a son Allah does not be fit Allah to have a son. So the Quran criticizes Christian theology, at the same time, out of all of the face of the world. The Quran also praises the sincere Christians. Allah praises them in the Quran. Allah says they are the closest to us in the faith, they are the

00:38:23 --> 00:39:04

best in virtue and honesty. Allah says the righteous amongst them, they recognize the truth of this religion. So we should appreciate this aspect as well, that the Quran recognizes that there are pious amongst them as well, even if their theology is wrong. Their manners and their godliness is something we should appreciate, especially dear Muslims, because Christianity itself is a dying religion in the Western world. Look at the reality around us how many people are actually Christian now in this land, less than 1/3 of people, less than 1/3 of this country goes to church regularly less than 1/3. And every year and every decade, Christianity is on the demise. It is already known.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:47

And it is predicted that within 1015 years, Christianity will be a minority here in America. It's already a minority in many European lands. So as this we see the demise of religion, we need to understand your Muslims. We cannot take our faith down that road. We have to be careful. We have to preserve our legacy. To be brutally honest. We are the last living faith on Earth. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Our Eman is alive amongst our people. We cannot afford to water down our Eman. We have to keep it firm to pass it to the next generation and realize that we are Allah's shahada on Earth. We are the ones who will tell Christians what their own prophet told them. We are the real

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

followers of Jesus Christ, not those who claim to follow him dear Muslims know that when he said returns to this earth, the people who will be on his side will be us. We will be the Muslims. He

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Come to our side because he will recognize within us the real followers of his teachings. So the real followers of Jesus Christ are us in this messenger than in every Masjid in the world. Because whoever follows Jesus knows and recognizes that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the only prophet who talked about Jesus the way that Jesus himself talked about himself. Allah hum in the mineral Allama letter if you had to meet them, but in love of water, well a Hammond Illa for which the weather then ended up called later whether Medina Elysia feta when I see it on Isla sorta llama Filipina what is one under this appointment Eman? One, HIV pulmonary Lilina aminu Robina. In

00:40:38 --> 00:41:18

Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah who is in Islam I will Muslimeen Allah Houma Aldana our other Islam and Muslim individual especially human FC word your altijd Mira who fitted BT here Kuya Aziz rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Campoamor embedder bohemian FC within NaVi Malacca the Kudo se will sell data become a U haul minuman Genie he will insert for call Azim calling Idema in Allah Hamanako saloon either Nebby you already in Amanu Sallu either he will sell them with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallam robotic one M and optical silica Mohamed why the early he will savage marine rebar the law in the law it's either you're moving badly when you're 70 or 80. The quarterback will

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enhance fascia it will move very wealthy. You're either coming into the Quran or the Corolla and Alima is critical. Which guru he has come what are the crew vitae? Allah Akbar famous Allah

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say, Gu Li

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Zanjani either call

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me, Mr. Hayden da Seanie

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we want to feel

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