The Stories of The Prophets #01 – The Need of Sending Prophets

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim appraises due to Allah subhana wa tada who raised the heavens and created the creation. He spread for the earth and beautified it with greenery and vegetation. He placed the sun and the moon in orbital harmony and rotation. Thus blessing us with day and night in perfect alternation. He gifted us the faculties of hearing, seeing and sensation, and he bestowed upon us the arkell, giving us intellect and perception. He united us from different tribes and races to make us an oma one nation. And he sent to us a prophet to be a paradigm of virtue and emulation. He revealed to us the Koran guaranteeing its preservation, and he blessed us with the Kadena as our

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solid foundation. He gave us the Shetty as our source of legislation. For indeed he is the king of kings on the Day of Resurrection, and he shall raise the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom on the praise worthy station, All praise is due to him for all that is in the heavens and earth bows to him in prostration. As to what follows I welcome you to our newest series which shall inshallah will be a very, very long series be an ally to Allah if Allah azza wa jal gives us life and health and safety and security, which is what we ask of him. And this will be a series about the concept of prophets and messengers, and the stories of the prophets and messengers that we are familiar with in

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the Koran and in the Sunnah, and the messages and the morals and the lessons that we can extract from that entire series of stories. And we will begin with a series of introductory lectures and then we shall allow the other will then move on profit to profit and messenger to messenger so our first few episodes will be introductory in nature. And today inshallah tada I wanted to begin by talking about the concept of prophecy and the need for prophets and messengers. We're all aware that believing in prophets and messengers is a fundamental pillar of a man. You cannot be a Muslim without believing in the prophets and this is something that is mentioned in too many verses to

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list. Allah xojo says in the last two verses asserted Baccarat on our rasuluh female owns a de la hora be worth more than a colon M and Abdullah he won mela equity he will call Toby he will do surgery he these are the kind of event we believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. We believe in the angels. We believe in the books we believe in the prophets. And of course, the hadith of gibreel mentions the six famous pillars of a man and Allah azzawajal mentions in the Quran, Allah Kindleberger, Rahman M and A biLlahi. At that true piety is the one who believes in Allah subhana wa Taala. And in the last day, and in then there between those who believe in the prophets of Allah

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Jalla Jalla hoo hoo. So belief in the prophets is indeed a fundamental pillar of our Iman. So today, we're going to begin by talking about the need for prophets and messengers. Why do we believe and why do we need the notion of prophets and messengers, and we began by realizing as well, that the concept of prophecy is not universal across all of the faith traditions. In fact, for many of us as Muslims, we consider profits as being a part of any religion. But in reality, the concept of profits is only found in the Abrahamic religions. And in the pre Abrahamic religions, like Zoroastrianism, it is only in these religions that there's a notion of a human being who communicates with the

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divine who communicates with the Creator. And that human being teaches us what we need to know about the Creator. We need to understand that for Eastern religions or the dharmic religions, they don't have this notion of profits. And that is why the pagans of Arabia as well they were disconnected from the reality of profits. They didn't know what profits were. And so when our profits a little lahari said him came to them, they were wondering, what is this called the profit what is a levy? What is it or soon, and we have a number of incidents where somebody even asked the Prophet sallallahu I sent him one nine nebby and what is a prophet as we're going to come to inshallah Tada.

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So we really need to understand a very interesting point and that

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Is that belief in the prophets is not universal amongst all faith traditions. And interestingly enough, the dharmic religions, Hinduism and these offshoots of Buddhism and Jainism they don't have this notion of people being chosen by Allah. The same goes for the for Eastern religions shintoism and Confucianism. It is something that is unique to the Abrahamic faith traditions. And therefore, we need to begin by explaining why, why the need for prophets, Allah Subhana, WA tada created us in the best of all fashions and forms, and he gave us faculties that made us better than all other creations that we are aware of, and of those faculties. He gave us the faculty of reasoning and of

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action and of intellect, and that faculty is indeed of a law's greatest blessings upon us. But with that blessing also comes a test and the responsibility, the blessing can potentially become a curse, the blessing can potentially become a cause of rejection. And therefore, this blessing that Allah azza wa jal gave us with that of intellect. It raised us above the other creation, but it also gives us a false sense of arrogance and knowledge. Our intellects give us this sense of superpowers, almost we feel that we know so much. And when we compare to the other creatures around us, when we compare ourselves to the animals and the bees. When we compare ourselves to inanimate objects, there

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is no question that that sense comes into us that we know so much and yet, and yet, our knowledge can only take us so far, our intellect can only take us so far, our intellect is not infallible. Actually, our intellects have a limited scope in which they operate in in which they can excel in to try to use our intellect outside of that scope is going to mean disaster for us as well. Our intellect even within the scope of its usage is not absolutely infallible. On the contrary, our intellect is fallible, even within the scope that it has been created for. And therefore, therefore, there must be a source of knowledge that transcends the human mind, there must be a source of

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knowledge that is beyond the scope of human intellect, and transcending the biases of our own minds of our own bodies of our own cultures of our own analyses. And there must be a source of knowledge that is infallible, and that is protected. human knowledge is both biased and fallible. human knowledge is tainted, human knowledge is finite, and human knowledge has the potential to earn. And therefore there must be a knowledge that compliments and perfects the knowledge that takes the human mind where it ends, and then causes it to go forward and takes it to places where it could not go without that divine knowledge. And this is where divine revelation and the profits come in. This is

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where the profits are needed and necessary. All we need to do is to examine the history of ideas, examine the history of ethics, of laws, of politics, of human governance of philosophy, and see how diverse and how varied mankind has been, since the beginning of time. Most of us because I'm speaking in the English language, we are somewhat familiar with the trajectory of Western thought, beginning with the ancient Greeks, and of course, going through the Greco Roman civilization, then the Judeo Christian civilization. And then we are here in our, you know, post reformation and post Renaissance, European, if you like, a nation state world, and that trajectory is well studied by any

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observer, and any person who has gone through a liberal arts tradition in our colleges. And of course, the primary philosophy or the primary, if you like paradigm of that trajectory, is the notion that the intellect in and of itself is capable of rational inquiry, and is capable of deriving ultimate truths. That is the fundamental premise of the entire thrust of Western philosophy, at least up until the advent of Kant and post modernism, that is when things began to change. And of course, in our times, our philosophers of the Western tradition have humbled themselves just a little bit. But nonetheless, that concept, that kernel of arrogance of the human

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intellect remains embedded in the entire western psyche and the trajectory of Western philosophy, the notion that we are rational creatures, and that through philosophical inquiry, and deductive reasoning and scholarly discourse, the truth of our existence and the realities of our beings and the correct

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interpretations of our ethics and laws, we can arrive at them simply by this type of conversation and this type of contemplation and this type of deductive reasoning. And of course, one can show the falsity of this pseudo supremacy, one can show that this trajectory is inherently flawed by many methods and ways and of them is to show the fallibility of the human mind, the ease of corruption and the inherent biases that are present in any one person's mind. And of them also is to demonstrate that the conclusions of the very people who claim to follow the intellect the conclusions of the very people who claim to prioritize human reason, these conclusions themselves

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are diverse, and they are mutually exclusive, and they are contradictory. If the human intellect were so perfect as to arrive at all ultimate truths. If the human mind alone were capable of such perfections of reason, then one would assume that all rational inquires and all philosophers would arrive at the same ultimate truths, but what is the reality? The reality is the exact opposite of this, the spectrum of Western philosophy is the best indication that the human mind in and of itself is not infallible, and it is not capable at arriving at ultimate truths, the variety of thoughts and the whole spectrum of conclusions on all aspects of philosophy is enough of an indication of the FAL

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ability of the human mind. And in fact, even within Western philosophy, you have competing methods, competing notions of philosophy, you have idealism, you have realism, you have post modernism, you have existentialism, you have pragmatism. And within all of these you have subcategories and competing branches, so much so that the reality is that people within these different schools, they cannot even have a cohesive conversation across schools, because the paradigms are so radically different, and the epistemologies and the assumptions are so different, that in reality, there's little fruitful conversation about the realities of discussion between these various schools. And

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this is why Allah subhana wa tada has sent to us, prophets and messengers, to transcend the fallibilities of the human mind, and to make sure that we have a source of knowledge that is pure, that is unadulterated that is literally divine. We have communication that transcends one culture and one time and one place at one mind and it is direct from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So we differentiate between fallible human knowledge and infallible divine communication. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran in multiple verses, for example, and pseudo author, verse 82, Allah subhana wa tada references this continual clash between the knowledge

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of men and the revelation from Allah subhana wa tada laughing at our enemy, a pseudo fill out of the don't they travel throughout the lands for jambu and examine what was the end result of those who were destroyed before them. Notice Allah is telling us look to history. Look at all that has happened before you look at how many civilizations have been destroyed. And Allah says, Can you shed them in Hong Kong? those ancient civilizations were more powerful than you are people have the courage to look at the ancient Incas. We have no clue what happened to them. Look at the pharaohs and the structures that they left right, look across the globe, and you will find mighty superpowers

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and empires. And Allah says, Can you shed them in kokua will accept them while and while running. Some verses Allah says they have more wealth, they had more money. And the law says they left behind monuments that are greater than yours throughout the land. But Allah says from a townhome Of what use was all that they had, because why? When the messengers came to them, Allah says, Listen to this Federico Bhima in the Home Ministry, they were deceived and became prideful in the knowledge that they had fairy who behind the human and well how could they be here says you own and ultimately they were overwhelmed by the very things they used to make fun of meaning the message of the prophets

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overwhelm them. Notice here that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions 30 aubema in the hominin. And Allah says when our rushville came to them with beja, not when our messengers came with clear and explicit guidance, the bayona is indisputable proof proof that cannot be rejected, proof that is established and a lot of calls the knowledge of the prophets begin at a low cost, the knowledge that it comes down from the prophets to be certain and Allah says what

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They contrast their knowledge with the baby not of the prophets, they rejected it. Why? Because fairy habima in the home mentally ill me. They were deluded by their own knowledge, not the knowledge of a law, the knowledge they had arrived at. This clearly shows us that human knowledge is susceptible. human knowledge is fallible, human knowledge has the potential to be mistaken. And human knowledge is extremely deceiving. You become deceived by the knowledge that your own civilization produces. And you think that your civilization has reached the end all and be all. And when the prophets come, and they present the truths from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is so common

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that each civilization thinks our knowledge is bigger, our knowledge is better, 30 COVID-19 dominant, and the net result will be what that were, how could be him, Michael will be he Yes, does he own it, in the end, the punishment of a law will come and when they attempt to believe it will be too late at that point in time. And the reality as well is that of course, this is the thrust of Western philosophies. In some of the Eastern philosophies, especially the Far Eastern, it isn't as much the rational intellect, as it is about tradition, as it is about respect of one's culture, respects of one's land, respect of one's heritage, and preserving the ways of one's ancestors. And

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perhaps this is most boldly demonstrated in shintoism, the Far Eastern religion in which the veneration of the elders is the core of what they believe in. But in fact, all of Eastern culture was of a similar mindset and even pre Islamic Arabia as well. And that is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, their main point of contention was what multiple times in the Quran in wadjet in an IRA, we found our forefathers following a custom one in either authority him move to June, and we shall seek guidance and be guided through their customs Makoto doing and another verses, we're going to be following what our forefathers followed. So this is yet another

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clash that takes place the clash between one's heritage and one's forefathers and one's culture and between the knowledge of the prophets and once again, that clash is eternal. It is something that takes place in every single era when the prophetic knowledge comes and when knowledge of the Divine comes and people's heritage and people's culture and people's ways and forefathers clash with that. Then once again that notion comes and of course, Allah subhana wa tada challenges this as well, in response to this in multiple ways. Have them in pseudo Zoho verse 22 and pseudo Zoho first 22 Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran belcaro in the region abon Allah omoton what another 30

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mahkota June that they said that we found our forefathers following a particular way, and we're going to follow in their footsteps, right. And allies origin mentions in the Quran that worker radicals similarly, we have never sent any Warner to any society, except that its elite would say we found our forefathers falling away and we are walking in their footsteps, we're gonna go exactly where they went. And then Allah says, that color he says our to do to come be at the minima was at tamale accom. Even if what I bring you is better in guidance, it is more appropriate, it is more correct than what you found your forefathers upon. Notice this simple logic that is used in the

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Quran, that just because your fathers were doing it doesn't make it right. What if I have come to you with a knowledge of a way, and a methodology and a lifestyle that is better than that of your profits? Excuse me than that of your forefathers. And here we get to another point. If every single society is to use the same excuse, we found our forefathers doing something, then in reality, all societies must be equally valid and correct. But using the excuse of forefathers is something that is extremely shallow, who cares what one's forefathers did? It doesn't make it right? And that's why the Quran says, What if I bring you something that is more rightly guided than what your forefathers

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used to do? And yet still they rejected what has come from the prophets. So what we find here is that the Quran is mentioning some very, very explicit wisdoms, about what prophets do about the function of the prophets, about the role and clash between the rightly guided knowledge of the prophets and between pseudo knowledge of those who think they have knowledge and between the cultures and customs of previous societies. Allah azza wa jal created us know

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Knowing that our knowledge will only take us so far, and therefore he sent to us prophets that are meant to guide us, one of the primary functions of the prophets is to function as a guidance for mankind. And the guidance in aspects that mankind's intellect is not going to take them, because he Here is another beautiful point of benefit. And that is that when it comes to this world, generally speaking, Allah subhana wa Taala has not sent prophets to teach us the minutiae of this world. That's something he has left to us and our intellect, this is the domain of our intellect, go ahead and build your technology, build your towers even higher, go ahead, go to the moon, go to Mars and

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come back, go ahead and do that. That's where the intellect comes into play. And that's why none of the profits came to teach the principles of engineering, none of the profits came to teach partial differential equations. Go ahead, do whatever you want to do. All of the profits came without exception, to teach the knowledge that one's intellect cannot definitively arrive at to teach the knowledge that is more important than the knowledge of engineering and the knowledge of medicine and the knowledge of this world. And that is the knowledge of why we are here the knowledge of who created us the knowledge of the purpose of our life, and what is going to happen after our death,

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that knowledge is infinitely more important than all of the knowledge of this world. And that knowledge is not available to us via the means and mechanisms of our human intellect without any divine aid, unaided human intellect cannot take us to the knowledge that is needed for why we are here, and who created us, and what is the purpose of existence? And how should we live our lives and what is going to happen to us after death? And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala through His mercy, and because he is the Hardy, and the new and the Karim, because Allah azza wa jal is the Rahman and Rahim he didn't just create us and let us be no, it is a part and parcel of a laws

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manifestation of who he is that he sent prophets to us. And the purpose of those prophets, as Allah says, In Surah Surah verse 52, that look at Attica, hyena Rica, rule him in a marina and this is how we have revealed to you a rule a spirit from us makuta de melki taboo, that you did not choose to know what is the book? Well, he man neither GGG know what is the faith? Well, I can join now Who knew? But we made this a light by which we guide whomever we wish of our servants were in Nicoletta de la Surat, in Worcester came and you Yarra Sula, la are the one who will guide them to the Sultan muster theme. What is the salata? Mr. Payne, Surat Illa de la de la humann. Kusama wa T. What are

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the Serato Mr. Team is the path of a law, the one who is the creator and the one to whom belongs the heavens and the earth in D to Allah. All matters will return for judgment. This verse sutra Shura, verse 52. Please open up the Quran and read it yourselves. It's a very powerful versus a very significant verse. And it demonstrates the reality of prophethood and the knowledge of prophethood. Allah azza wa jal uses some of the most profound metaphors in this verse about what prophets do about the role and function of profits. We learn from this verse, a number of things First and foremost, Allah says, What karateka our hayner eleiko who have been emelina and this is how we have

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inspired you Yara Sula, law. So this shows us that prophecy is a blessing from Allah, we have chosen you, we have picked you and we have sent this book down to you. We're going to mention this point in a future lecture. But it is a fundamental point of our theology, that Prophethood is a gift bestowed from a law to those whom he chooses a law chooses the prophets, Allah who Yes, stuffy, minella Malaika, to Loose Women, woman and as a lot of chooses, from the angels and from mankind special that he calls them the prophets, a lot of chooses, and a lot of prefers. Yes, the entire creation is created by Allah, then Allah chooses who to make profits. This is in contrast to some of the more

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fringe movements of our faith tradition. This isn't mainstream Islam, but there were those called them. The philosopher called them others. They basically said that the prophets, they rise up through their own efforts, through the purity of their own intellects, through their own research. They rise up until they become prophets. And of course, that is blasphemy. Because a lot

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As the widget chooses profits, and a loss of a job, confers Prophethood, on those whom He blesses and chooses, and this is what this verse says. Another point event benefits here. Notice what Allah calls revelation. He calls it rule, worker radical hain elica rule henneman a marina. And of course the rule means spirit means that which makes you alive. And this shows us that without revelation, we are not fully alive. Now bodily, we might be alive. We can physically eat and drink without revelation. But revelation, what it does, is that revelation and the message of the prophets, it gives us Ultimate Life. If we did not have the prophets, our life would be meaningless. Think about

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that. If we did not have prophets, we would not have spirit in the lives that we live. And that's why Allah calls the prophets and the message of the prophets and the revelation to the prophets. Allah calls it route. Because through the knowledge of the prophets, the knowledge of what the prophets come with, our life attains, meaning quite literally, without the knowledge of the prophets. We are living a dead life, a worldly life devoid of higher purpose. We're like a corpse. And only when we connect ourselves with the knowledge of the prophets and the knowledge of the revelation, that is when our life acquires meaning, acquires purpose acquires nobility, and that is

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why Allah calls the knowledge of the prophets. waka dyadic ohana de Kuru Hamad Amida. Another point that we that we learned from this verse, Allah says to the prophets of Allah, why do you set up not competitory? melki tableland. Eman? You did not know you had a pseudo law. What was the book of Allah? You did not know it. Neither did you know theology man, you didn't know the realities of faith. And this is another very key point. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Of course for us He is the best of all human beings without any question. He is the greatest. He is the most intelligent. He is the purest. He is indeed the sacred or the leader of the children of Adam. And

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yet, and yet, before the revelation came down, how far could his mind take him? before Allah chose him and revealed the Quran to him? before the beginning of Cora? How much was he able to know? Ma Quinta de mal kita Boylan, a man, you did not know you're a pseudo law, what was the Kitab you did not know what was a man.

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And this from a person who is the most intelligent and the purest of the soul, from a person who would literally sit in a cave, literally sit in a cave, and contemplate and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. The soul and the intellect can only take you so far. And by the way, it did take him pretty far. He never worshipped in idols, and a lot of it he was held up, he lived up to every single good value that the fitrah the human nature tells us. He was an honest person. He didn't drink, he didn't gamble. He didn't harm anybody. He was kind to the orphan. All of these things are coming from the purity that Allah created in mankind, the profits of some maximize that purity. And

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his intellect also told him that I'm not going to worship these false gods. So his intellect and his purity guided him to be the solder and the amine to be an amazing person who was beloved to all of mankind in Macau at that time. But without the Koran, and without the revelation from Allah. He did not know what's going to happen after death. He didn't know how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. He didn't know the details of a man. He didn't know the angels. He didn't know what is to be done. All of this will come with a law's revelation. Mar quintet, editie, Mel kita Boyle and he man, and then Allah subhana wa tada says, Well, I can john know who knew on rather we made this a new we made

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this a newer, this is yet another profound metaphor. A lot calls his revelation and communication with the prophets. He calls it new or the same verse has also called it a spirit of rule. And the same verse calls it a new, therefore, the message of the prophets is a shining light upon the darkness of this world. All of this world is enveloped in darkness, the darkness of human greed, the darkness of human evil, the darkness of sadistic cruelty, the darkness of passions, the darkness of sensual pleasures, it's all dark. And then a laws revelation comes the process.

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It's come and what do they do? They illuminate the world. They tell you who you are, through light. What happens when you have light. When you have light, you can situate yourself. You can see where you are, you can see who you are, you can look around you, you can see the destination, and you can see how to get there. That's what light does. When you don't have light, you're literally immobilized you have nothing to do you just sitting there nothing to do. You can't see yourself. You can't see anything around you. You have no purpose. Even if you did, you wouldn't know how to get there. And so where does that light come from? From the prophets, the prophets bring that light to

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an ever dark world. And that's why Allah says well I can jhana who neuron and then what is the purpose of the route and the Lord net the V Manisha we will guide the hedaya will come. It is the prophets and the knowledge of the prophets through which hedaya comes to be rightly guided, you have to follow the prophets, there is no hedaya without the prophets of Allah, without the prophets of Allah, you are without soul and you're without light and you are misguided. What were Jeddah cobalt?

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For Haider, we found you not on guidance, and we were the ones who guided you. If this is the case of the best human being, which is a cabal, then your intellect and your psyche and your soul and your human fitrah can only take you so far, and you will never be upon the Serato Mr. Team without the neural from a law and that's why Allah azza wa jal says we're in Nicoletta de la salata, Mr. team, and you Yasuo, Allah are going to guide to the Sultan was the team, you will guide the people because Allah has chosen you to be his prophet, it is the prophets who guide to the slaughter, Mr. team, and what is the ceramista team sorority law, it is the path of Allah, the path that Allah has

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chosen, the path that leads to Allah and all of this coming from the prophets of Allah. So without the prophets, we don't have souls that is a spiritual soul. Without the prophets we don't have light. Without the Prophet profits, we do not have guidance. The same sentiment of being alive and seeing the same sentiment is echoed in Switzerland. Verse 122, so that an amorous 122 where Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a metaphor, a parable, a woman can have eaten for a hyena

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can the one who was dead, can the one who was dead, and then we brought him back to life. And we gave him a light by which he would walk amongst mankind, can that person be compared common method of Guru Matt, like the one who is in complete darkness from which they can never escape? And this is indeed how the evil of the disbelievers has been made appealing to them. Once again, Allah gives the motif of dead and alive and aluk is the motif of darkness and light. The one who does not have the knowledge of the prophets is spiritually dead, even if they're physically alive. The one who does not have a knowledge that the prophets come with is in spiritual darkness, even if they're in the

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light of the sun, spiritually, they don't know what they're doing. And will lie This is so true. So true. Look around you look around you, those who don't follow the prophets. What are they doing with their lives? What is the purpose of their life? What do they plan to do? What is their vision, their goal? What do they think is gonna happen after that they don't even think about it. And that's where the knowledge of the profits comes in. Believing in the profits, knowing what they came with. That is what gives our life meaning. It makes us aware of who we are in our surroundings, it enlightens us, and it makes us upon the subtle thermostat theme. And there are many, many such verses in the

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Quran. Another very beautiful verse, by the way, sort of the rod verse 17. look this up that Allah subhana wa tada mentions rain that he sends down from the skies, he causes the valleys to flow with water, each one according to its capacity. And then the currents come from this from the rivers and the streams and they carry the rising form and allows origin says for Amezaga to further Buju for the worthless residue, it is cast aside 1 million for NASA for young good to find out that which is a benefit to mankind. It goes into the soil and remains in the soil had been Tamia comments on this and he says, this is a metaphor of the knowledge that comes from a law through the prophets. That is

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the rain that comes and the valleys are like hearts, people's valleys are small or large, some hearts can acquire a lot of knowledge. Some hearts do not acquire any knowledge and then that knowledge is sifted useless knowledge

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Which goes is of no value, that which is of benefit, the knowledge of the profits that goes into the heart and it seeps into the heart for a miserable failure, would you

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follow NASA for young good without even taymiyah says, and that which benefits the people, which is the knowledge of the prophets, it remains in the heart, that is the ultimate beneficial knowledge. And that is why it is the knowledge of the prophets. The knowledge that the prophets came with is a knowledge that the human intellect in and of itself can never attain. It is the knowledge of the life of the hereafter. And that is why the prophets have come with the knowledge that cannot be attained by a mere reflection, it potamia also writes that the knowledge of the prophets, it teaches us three genres or three types of knowledge that we would not have access to, were it not for the

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knowledge that Allah has given the prophets, the prophets have come with a knowledge that is simply beyond the realm of human knowledge. And he mentioned three primary ones. Number one, he says, a knowledge of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, and a knowledge of his names and a knowledge of his nature and a knowledge of his attributes. And that includes a knowledge of knowledge of other Allah has to tell us the reality of God. And this also includes a number one, the stories of those who believe in a law, and those who reject a law. And so Allah shows how He loves the believers, and although shows the fate of those who reject his message, so the first is the knowledge of a law, and the nature of

00:36:37--> 00:37:19

a law, and the believers of a law and the rejecters of a law, all of this included in one category. And included in this is the stories of the prophets of old that we are now beginning. The second knowledge that the prophets have come with, he said, is the detailed knowledge of the laws and ethic ethics of how to live, the customs, the Sharia, of how to live, what is allowed, what is not allowed this to the prophets come with, and we are not capable of definitively arriving at those laws. And all you need to do, as I said, is Look around you look at the globe, look at society, every single country has its own set of laws, what is legal in one country is illegal in another here in America,

00:37:19--> 00:38:00

we have 50 plus states, what is legal in one state might be illegal in another what you can do in one state or city, if you drive 20 minutes and cross the border, you might go to jail for doing the exact same thing. Why? Because our laws are all different. Our ethics, our norms, they're all different. And so the profits come with that knowledge. That's the second knowledge. And then he said, the third knowledge is the knowledge of the afterlife, the knowledge of what happens after death, the knowledge of Heaven and Hell, the knowledge of gender of barossa the knowledge of gamma, all of this knowledge of rewards and punishments our mind could never derive. How can anybody tell

00:38:00--> 00:38:38

us what's gonna happen after life? How is our brain going to understand that? So these three aspects of knowledge, even taymiyah says, This is the primary function of the prophets to inform us of these three things. Number one, knowledge of a law and included in the knowledge of a law is the knowledge of the believers have a lot and that's the previous prophets. Number two, knowledge of the laws and ethics and customs and number three, knowledge of the afterlife and heaven and hell and of course, this is expressly mentioned in the Quran as well. In multiple verses. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that this is one of the reasons once again that the prophets are sent. The prophets have

00:38:38--> 00:39:28

this knowledge that is beyond our knowledge, and so they are off verse 157. So that our offers 157 Allah subhana wa tada mentions that the knowledge of the Prophet that Allah gave him is what? And levena yet to be Runa rasuna Nabeel Omi, those who follow this prophet the unlettered Prophet, whose descriptions they find in their own books of the Torah and the Injeel Yeah, Morrow home Bill Maher roofie way in her home and in moon curry, while you're here Lula homotopy Bharti where you had Remo la himal haba is this prophet, he commands them to do what is good, and forbids them to do what is evil, he allows for them that which is good and pure, and he forbids upon them that which is impure,

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

and he relieves them from their burdens and chains that they were shackled in. They were burdened by ignorance. They were chained by their own desires. And so Allah says, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will lift that burden will lift that burden of what is the burden here? The burden of ignorance, the burden of not knowing what you are here for the knowledge that the profit system comes with? What will they do? It will tell you how to live your life.

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

It will tell you what is healthier than how long it will tell you what is good and bad. It will tell you ethics and laws and morality and it will free you from your own shackles of your desires. And in fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala rhetorically asks us What else did you expect when I created you? Did you think that you would not be told your profits would not come to you? Did you think that we would just create you and not leave you with a set of laws instead of a Yama Allah says, Yes, I will insert a new a new troca sudah did man think that he will be left in chaos? Did you think that Allah would create all of this perfection and then not send you prophets not tell you how to live? What

00:40:43--> 00:41:29

How is that a part of perfection of Allah subhana wa tada and therefore the prophets fill this void. The prophets tell us how to live our lives, and the prophets inform us of that what we need to know. We also mentioned of the knowledge of the prophets is that they tell us the stories of the previous prophets. And this is expressly mentioned in the Quran as well. Our Prophet system tells us histories that we would otherwise never know the Quran is full of stories that are now long gone. Historians have not recorded them but Allah recorded them. And that's what Allah says in the Quran, what karateka hyena ileka that this is how we are inspired to you the stories of the hype. You are

00:41:29--> 00:42:15

not there when they deferred you are not there when they bickered, you are not there when they decided to kill use of you are not there on the western side of Mount Sinai when Allah spoke to Musa lahmacun tele de him you were not there. But then Eliza just says we have inspired to these stories. So these stories we're going to be beginning in all of this series, it is a fundamental reason why Allah sends the prophets, Allah sends the prophets to tell the believers of the stories that they need to know. And that's what we'll be covering as a part of our own series. Another source or wisdom of why Allah sends prophets is to purify our souls, the concept of desert skia the concept of

00:42:15--> 00:43:08

purification. And this is another interesting point. One of the Divine wisdoms of sending prophets is to purify our souls. This is mentioned in multiple verses in the Quran, already by different Amina Suleiman whom he is the one that has sent amongst the unlettered nations, meaning the Arabs, a prophet rocks them, what is that Prophet do yet to either him it, he recites to them the book of Allah, and he teaches them the knowledge and wisdom, and they use the key him, and he purifies them. So one of the functions of prophecy is to purify the soul. You know, I think this point, you really don't even need to contemplate, open your eyes, and look at the spiritual bankruptcy of the cultures

00:43:08--> 00:43:53

we live in. Look at the decadent lifestyle, look at the hedonism that is rampant across the globe. Look at the sensual pleasures that have become the gods that people worship, there is no purpose of life other than enjoyment for the bulk of so many of mankind. And this is the reality of those who have turned away from the knowledge of the profits, even those that attempt to follow the profits and they're misguided in their attempts, like the people of the book, there are infinitely better than those who don't even care to follow the prophets. Those people who attempt to follow Jesus, even though they have misinterpreted Jesus's statements, those people will attempt to follow the

00:43:53--> 00:44:37

Mosaic Law, even though it has been abrogated. We still find amongst them decency, and we find amongst the morality and we'll find amongst them a higher purpose. Why? Because they have some linkage with the prophets of God Subhana Allah, they have some linkage in connection with the prophets of God, and those that have turned away from any connection with the prophets of God. What has happened to them, there is no Ischia in their lives. There's no spirituality, there is no reason or cause for existence. It's all a selfish, narcissistic, bacchanalian, hedonistic cause of existence, and that's what Allah is saying, the prophets will purify you, you will have a sense of

00:44:37--> 00:44:59

inner peace when you follow the prophets. And this is done by multiple ways of the ways that it is done. Allah says in the Quran roussillon MOBA sharina woman zerene profits were sent as Bashir and Montville. This is another function of the profits. Why does a loss and profits mobis should and mundare Bashir on one

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

Veera, and Bashir here means you are giving glad tidings, you're cheering them up, that if you obey your law, there's a eternal life of bliss that will wait for you. If you are pious, if you are righteous, then all of the pain and suffering of this world is worth living. If you turn to Allah Subhana, WA Tada, your lives have meaning, and your death is not a death, it is the beginning of eternal life. That is mubashir. And the opposite.

00:45:29--> 00:46:23

The opposite if you turn away from a law, if you reject a law, if you live for your own self, and not for the higher purpose, then wonder, Nazir, Warner, careful, don't waste the opportunity given to you or else there shall be punishment. And so the profits come as mubasher and munther, Bashir and the and this once again necessitates it implies that the prophets are teaching mankind about heaven and hell, afterlife, reward and punishment about obedience to Allah, about how to attain a less pleasure and happiness. All of this is one of the main functions of the prophets of Allah to give glad tidings and expect the rewards of Allah if we're righteous, and to warn against punishment

00:46:23--> 00:47:10

if we commit sins. And this also indicates purification occurs, the test gear and the Bashir and then they are all linked together. If we purify ourselves, then we will be rewarded and we have something to look forward to. And if we don't, then the opposite is there. Yet another reason for sending the profits is to act as ultimate role models for us as mankind. You see, we are so weak brothers and sisters, we are so weak, we need role models. And when we don't have more role models that are religious, we create role models that are not religious, all you need to do is look around you, it is human nature to create role models. And therefore rather than leaving role models to our

00:47:10--> 00:47:55

whims and desires, Allah subhana wa tada has chosen for us the best of all role models. And these role models are meant for us to look up to, for us to emulate for us to learn and benefit from. And that is why we are starting this entire series, because we will discuss each and every one of these role models that Allah has mentioned. And we will discuss their lives and their trials and the tribulations and what we can benefit from their stories in a very powerful series of verses. And I encourage you to look them up so little and arm versus 83 to 91. So that an arm versus 83 to 91. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a long list of profits and I'm going to go over it because this is

00:47:55--> 00:48:39

what we're going to be doing in this series of ours that Allah mentions the story of Ibrahim with his people. And then in verse 83, Allah says, What tilaka Pooja tuna artina Ibrahim Morocco me This is the argument that we gave Ibrahim to his people, you know the argument of the stars in the movies, we're gonna come to there to that story Charlottetown when we get there notifier da da da Tim inertia, we raise and elevate in rank whomever we please, indeed your Lord is all wise and all knowing. And we blessed Ibrahim with his heart and Yaqoob what will happen that I was happy aku coolin Hi Dana. All of them we guided and before them, we guided notes, and his descendants as well.

00:48:40--> 00:49:33

The route and Sulayman and a tube and use of and Moosa and how rune and this is how we reward the good doers. And also zecharia and yahia, john the baptist, and Isa Jesus and ilias Elias, all of whom were from the righteous, and we also guided a smart, Ishmael. And then yes, sir Elijah, and Eunice Jonah and Lupin lot were cool. And for Belinda and amin, and all of them, we favored over all of mankind, woman about him, and from their fathers were very yeah to him. And their descendants were acquired to him and their brothers were jetavana, whom we chose them, what are they now whom in our slot muster team and we guided them to the straight path. Now notice, by the way, the series of

00:49:33--> 00:49:59

verses is one of not D, but one of the longest series of prophets names in one page. So within an arm, verses 83 onwards, Allah mentions all of these prophets by name. And then there's one other passages that Allah mentions even more profits, and we'll talk about that a shallow tangent In our next lesson. Now after all of these profits, what is Alessi? vladika who the lot this is the guidance of a law that he guides whomever He wills

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

of his servants. Yeah deepin Manya sharmin arriba de wallowa shockula habitat Houma, Kenya Maru had the associated partners with a lot, even their good deeds would have gone to waste. Then Allah says, These are the people that we gave the book to. And we gave the wisdom to and we gave the profit to for in yuck Furby Ha ha, Ola II. If these pagans disbelieve in this message, then we have already given it to those who will never disbelieve in it meaning the oma of Islam us a lot is saying, if the Quraysh reject, don't worry, the Muslims already believe la cadena hasta la all of these prophets were the ones whom Allah guided Furby Huda who motto today, this is the phrase I wanted to

00:50:49--> 00:51:41

come to after all of this long, I wanted to come to this phrase, Fabio Hooda, whom you're quoted. And so through their guidance, you as well attain guidance, Allah is commanding me and you to look at all of the profits and to gain from their lives guidance to take them as role models Furby who there who look for Teddy guidance is sought through all of the knowledge of the prophets. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, After mentioning all of these prophets, one other la hakoda de and they did not show Allah Subhana. Allah, the respect that a large is deserving of when they said, a law has not revealed anything to any human being. This verse, verse 91, of Sudan and

00:51:42--> 00:51:45

it shows us a very powerful point.

00:51:46--> 00:52:20

To deny that Allah sends prophets is to deny the perfection of Allah. In this verse, Allah links His Majesty and His power with the concept of prophets. And Allah says, And Allah says, Those who negated that I'm sending profits, they haven't given me the quarter that I deserve. One quarter aloha Coco De Palma de la vida shimmy shake,

00:52:21--> 00:53:07

to negate the profits is to negate the perfection of a law. That's how important belief in the prophets is. And we explain why this is the case, that a law being who he is, could never ever create mankind and let them be a law xojo could never just create this perfect world, and then not send prophets to us. And this is the only way that Allah subhana wa tada has chosen to communicate with us, if allowed one to two, we could have had a different creation, but it is Allah as well. And we do not question the will of Allah, He created us with an intellect that takes us so far. And then the profits come and they complement and the profits come and they go beyond that intellect and the

00:53:07--> 00:53:51

profits come and they teach us what the intellect cannot tell us. And together with our intellect, and our psyches and our filters and the knowledge of the profits, all of this is complimentary. When we put it together, then and only then will we attain ultimate guidance, and the hedaya have a lot gentler gelato. So to conclude our first lesson, we have to still continue this topic to conclude our first lesson, the necessity of sending profits is actually an extension of the power of a law and of the knowledge of a law. If you understand who is a law, and you understand the names and attributes of a law. The necessary corollary to that is that Allah azza wa jal would never leave us

00:53:51--> 00:54:34

without guidance. And so he chooses from amongst us, a category of people called prophets and messengers, and he communicates to those prophets and messengers, a knowledge that we would never arrive at if we didn't have them. And he then sends those prophets and messengers to all of us in order that we have access to that knowledge and in order that we have that hedaya and that new and that rule that comes from him. Without the prophets, there is no spiritual ROI. Without the prophets there is no spiritual light. Without the prophets, there is no hedaya We ask Allah azza wa jal for his desire and we will need charlo to either continue the series of introductory lectures before we

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jump to our first profit and that is our father undivided Salaam. Until next week, she's alchemilla head set on wanting to Lahore Baraka