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AI: Summary © The interviewer discusses the man hit him by a car and was in hiding, which may have been in a quiet place. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding Islam and the importance of not reacting too early and finding anyone who makes meaningful change in one's life after a moratorium. The segment also explores the meaning behind events like the death of a man and the reward received by the creator of the book, including the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of the Goddamn Earth, the return of
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Mullah hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He also have a huge mine

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we begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and mais find peace and blessings be upon us messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path. We ask Allah to make the Quran, the light of our hearts, the spring of our hearts, and the lights of our chests, and the removal of our sadness, and the Dispeller of anxieties and worries Allahumma Amin, may Allah teach us from his book that which will benefit us and benefit us with that which he teaches us and increase us in beneficial knowledge. Allahumma Amin. So we welcome everyone back to our study of social care for still in the second of the four stories. The

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account, the story of the owner of the two gardens, we spoke about the man that had it to made didn't have to lift a finger had to gardens protected and producing max output and even had crops and produce between the two gardens, how lush it was, and even had other thumb or other

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gains from his profit. He had riches that he had

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accumulated as a result of this extremely lucrative assets, or assets, these two gardens and how it diluted him and got him to say to his companion, I'm better than you, I'm mightier than you. Basically, you're a loser. And I'm not because I'm so great. And he got further diluted and said, look at all of my effort, he said, I don't think there's a hereafter anyway. And if there is, God loves me, this is the proof all that he's given me this prosperity. Therefore, if there's a hereafter, if I have to be pulled from my grave, I'm going to find that upgrade, if anything. That is the summary of all of the verses and the reflections, you can go back to last week's video on

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So tonight, we begin with the response of his companion, his buddy with him that according to most, or at least many scholars, was being walked through the gardens with him. You see, last week, we said he all by himself, his true colors came out. And that is still possible that are unclear, but someone called my attention to the fact that many scholars said no, they were walking through the garden together, or else How else did his companion know that he disbelieved? Because his companion, as you see here in this verse is addressing his disbelief. How else could he have known it is possible He repeated it on other occasions if they're friends, and it is also possible that these

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things that was were said alone, as I framed it last week, were actually said to his companion as well. And Allah azza wa jal knows best if it was one conversation or an eloquent brief summary of many conversations that happened between these two people. At the end of the day, we said these are archetypes These are patterns of human behavior that Allah azza wa jal wants to guide us through.

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So the eye goes on to say, called Allah who saw him who his companion the believer now says to him,

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Well, who are you? How are we to who while he is conversing with him? I thought that'd be lovely. halacha Kevin. So Rob, are you really are you actually disbelieving that you act? Are you actually committing golfer

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from the One who created you from dust? Through mommy, no Topher and then from a drop of water, this spurting fluid, the semen drop, fill muscle Wacka radula. And then he fashioned you formed you into a man, before you even reflect on what he said and his choice of advice to the man how he chose to advise him. Notice what He did not say, you see, the man was insulted. I got a mightier than you I got more manpower than you I have more wealth than you he was personally insulted. Right? The man was essentially taunting him.

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And he didn't address that whatsoever. But then when this belief arises, right, you're being now contentious and diluted with Allah, he addressed his issue with Allah azza wa jal.

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And this is how the color of Allah should always be, never allow people to assume that you're in here calling to my opinion or my ego or trying to leverage the conversation for personal gains or egotistical gains, because we all have that, right. So you always leave the personal stuff aside. Like many times they say, Oh, you use you, right? You use scholars or you movies or you decide on the third, you're always this that and that you guys always have your head in the sand or you're always thinking about, I don't know your stomach or your paychecks and so

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you leave that alone. That's the ideal method right?

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And you address the item at hand. People also if the person in front of you will not notice, the audience will notice that you took the higher road and you will win their hearts and not just the argument, right? Stay objective prioritize, you know, even the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when they were ambushed at or hurt

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when that ambush occurred, and they regrouped, and they were in a very difficult state, Abu Sufian. And the machine again, came about and they called from a distance is Mohammed still alive. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said to his companions don't answer him. They were in hiding. They were like sort of hiding in a quiet place. Is Abu Bakr still alive is almost still alive. He said that to G boo, don't answer him.

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He said then they're all dead. If they were alive, they would have responded to me.

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And that point almost sort of slipped and he said, Wallah, He, Allah has kept alive those who will disgrace you was a peon. You know, it was a fan eventually becomes Muslim, but the idea is, is that don't respond to the personal tones. And then when when Omar challenged him, Abu Sufian said or the Hoban, may hobble our head idle, the Exalted may our God be exalted at that point, and this is the point of reference I want to call you to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said to them, Allah to Ji boo, won't you answer him? The personal stuff you leave it, but when he is making such a statement? You speak up on behalf of Allah azza wa jal won't you answer him? They said, What should we say? He

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said, Say Allahu Allah agenne Allah is even more exalted and more majestic. And so So Fianna responds back Lenin Rosa Rosa la Kume. We have Rosa another you know, idol that they sort of tried to co op Allah's name Al Aziz the mighty and they called another idol Oza. He said, we have a Rosa and Rosa is not on your side. He said, won't you answer him? They said What should we say? He said, say to him, Allah humo Lana, well, Imelda loco, Allah is our Victor. Allah is our ally. Allah is our supporter, and you have no supporter, you are a runaway slave, right? And so this is the idea he didn't even address all of that stuff about I'm better than you and all that. He said, Are you going

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to disbelieve in Allah? This now what did he say? He said the word converter? Did you commit Cofer and COFRA here means denial. It means to deny something. You know, that's why farmers, nothing to do with this man being a farmer, by the way, but farmers in Arabic are called kuffaar.

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That sounds funny, right?

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You can be a Muslim farmer, because Kfar Kapha means to cover something, right? And so the kuffaar are those who plant and they cover the seed and so on, and they protect it from the sun, drying it up and not allowing it to germinate and so on and so forth. And so they're called Kofa. And this is even using the Quran. It's not meant by hear the doctrinal or theological disbeliever or the cover of the truth or something like that. But why am I calling your attention to the root of the word Kefar? Because there's levels of Kefar there's a denial of Allah that's implicit, like you overlooking the fact that he has blessed you so much. That's called an ingratitude right. That is

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why in the Quran, a calf it could be someone who was ungrateful. Ima cafiero One iMesh Sakura, Allah says it's totally insane. We gave him

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discernment to see the path. Either he will be cafard or he will be grateful. And so Catherine here means ungrateful it's juxtaposed with grateful. In other contexts, the more common context that you all know. Kassar is the counterpart of movement of believer. And so what he's saying here actually can apply to on both levels. Are you denying the favor of the one who gave you a life out of dirt? Right, you're denying what Allah has done for you. Because he has denied he kept saying, me, me, me, me, me.

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And also he has denied he has this believed in Allah's ability to resurrect the dead when he said, What am I gonna say?

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I don't think this our thing is even going to happen. The last hour the final judgment and all of that.

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And then, you know, also have the wisdom of, of what this man said to him is that he said to you, He made you from dirt.

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You know, this guy's a farmer.

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He sees the dirt all the time. These are his origins. And also dirt is the same thing. If you want to rewind that me and you are both made of like you're being all hotsy. Here. We come from the same dirt. Your dirt is not worth more than my dirt. And so it was such wisdom of him to remind him of the common origins, the stuff we

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upon this stuff when it gets on your clothes You're quick to just you know rub it off Allah made you from that film them and notice that

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and then from from a drop of fluid right that notify that once again you wash off of your body right real quickly when you find it on you and then he turns you into a man.

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It was reported actually that I'll have celibacy Rahim Allah used to invoke this, this Quranic approach he learned from this man, right that has an basally the Great's apiary, who who met over 300 of the companions of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam. One time it is reported about him that he said, and similar statements are reported about many of the early Muslims but he said, How can it's amazing I just been to how the son of Adam the human being Adam has made from Australia, how the son of Adam can be arrogant on this earth he can walk this earth so arrogantly when he is bought a handful Haefner tomintoul Robbia he is made of nothing but a handful of its dirt.

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And how Workiva it's a cup bar and how can he be arrogant? What Tintin who ARCA? What's aktuell who szarka were two V Heba. It's like very poetic in Arabic, but you say that he is turned rotten by Arca by some sweat.

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And he is ductile who szarka and he is choked up and killed by a drop of water a sip of water shut off. And he is bothered he loses all of his peace of mind.

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By a burqa by a tiny bug.

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You know, he's turned rotten by a drop of sweat means what? Your sweat has a smell right real quick, you smell real bad. You got to cover it up quickly. Or he could mean that just like that you you break a sweat and you die and how when what happened? It's all details at that point. unnoticed unpredictable. You break a sweat and all of a sudden we present as on you.

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Or Dr Charcot and you killed by a drop of water. You know you just drink or water if for whatever reason, there's a hiccup right? And you inhale instead of drinking and it goes down the wrong pipe you could drown yourself right?

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What was he Bucha and a little bug can bother you so much. You know they they asked him to send macro him a whole lot

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Why did Allah create flies that little bug why? God Ali within lebih he Anna called Jabba Vera? Oh Leo the levy Hannah Punjab era to humble with it the next of the tyrants like you can be the biggest baddest president of the greatest superpower and then it like a fly goes up your nose or a fly actually there's a fly in the room right?

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And it just it ruins the whole mood right What are you gonna do? You're gonna you're gonna call like the Secret Service to pull out their their machine guns and you know, to pull up in their you know, bulletproof SUVs what's gonna happen there's nothing that can happen and you know the story of a Nimrod how he died the great tire has been signed with Rahim Allah is set up they say that a fly got lodged up his nose and it caused him you know, such great pain, such great anguish.

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Next slide inshallah. I will speed up of course, then he says this believing man lacking who lacking who Allah who rob be, well, I wish they could be Rob be harder. As for me.

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He is Allah.

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My Lord. And I would never associate any partners with my Lord subhanho wa taala.

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So first of all, a little bit difficult to appreciate without knowing the Arabic but what he's saying here is we're lacking Anna,

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who Allah as for me, Anna, but because he's speaking about Allah, He reduced this the phrase, he didn't even say enter. You know, the other guy kept saying, No, me, me, me. I did this. And I did this. And I did this. If you remember from last week, when he's saying this, he said what I kin who Allah. He shortened the phrase, he didn't say the full i, i in Arabic is three letters, not one, okay. And he said, Well, I can know who Allah but He is Allah, He the actual origin of this word is like kinah when I can enter, but he didn't say I because when the discussion is about Allah, he didn't even want to self represent. You understand? He's tried to be as humble as possible in what

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he's saying about Allah. Contrast that with what the man did a few hours earlier of saying I did and I did and I did. And then he says, I would never as for me, he's Allah alone. I would never associate partners with him.

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Like, he doesn't say to him, You have no right to associate partners with him. That's the more intelligent with Dara right to make him

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To make the person in front of you feel like I'm applying this to myself, This worries me to ever imagine it. And indirectly now, it should worry you, this is less triggering of people's defenses, when you make it clear that I need this advice just as much as you and we do. When you give someone advice, you have no guarantee that you will not fall into what they are falling into right? You will see something shift into question.

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It is assumed and at times you declaring something.

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And this goes back to our discussion of insha. Allah, if you remember our discussion of Insha Allah, we said if you speak about your intention, right, you're not speaking about the future.

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If you're intending to speak about your intention, right, my flight is tomorrow, I will fly out tomorrow. I mean, I'm scheduled to fly out and I don't need to say in Java, right. As opposed to if you speaking about if you're intending what will actually materialize, then you shouldn't be saying Inshallah, right. And so it's really about what do you intend to buy this? And so he puts it on himself. I would never associate partners with Allah azza wa jal as for little meat. He doesn't say Anna, as for little me, I would never associate partners with Allah.

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Now, here's the question, where did he associate partners with Allah? You can say Kefar I could mean this believe and so he just believed in Allah and Allah has power. Where did he associate an equal appear arrival with Allah? Sisters? What do you think? Sisters? Can you see the slides? By the way?

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Are they not visible to you?

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Are they clear? hamdulillah Okay, good. What's the shield here?

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you're onto something, don't doubt yourself. Keep going.

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Yeah. And so this, the scholars calls like Shipka Tila could I will share, you know, it Shrock phenomena. When you're setting equals with Allah, implicitly, this is like a lesser form of shift that will not remove you beyond the pale of Islam. Right? When this is in his reliance, he's relying on himself. And many he'll really fall into this, right? Like,

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we believe that fire burns, but we believe that Allah gave it the quality of burning, he can suspend that quality, he can deem it inactive. Like Ibrahim Ali said, I'm in the fire, right?

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I believe Allah is the One who gives me rest through my sleep, and nourishment through my food, right? And so a person should always engage the means that are accessible to them the means of the their world, the physical and you know, metaphysical, the immaterial that you can access somehow, while always remembering that it's not my effort to pursue them, or it is not them per se, but it is Allah who made it all possible. That is the idea. Otherwise, you're attributing you're assuming you're believing there is power, inherent power in those objects, right? That that Why are talisman *? To believe that this little amulet that you hang up on your neck or on your arm or otherwise

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will benefit you on its own like that without Allah ever saying that's true. This is your right.

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But not necessarily the type of * that would remove you immediately beyond the pale of Islam. That is also why swearing by other than Allah is a minor form of *. Because why would you swear it's implicit, right? It's, it's indirect. Why would you swear by something lesser than Allah? Unless they're they can almost be compared with each other. Right? I mean, if you believe something is equal to Allah, that's a big shift gets major Shirky outside of the fold of Islam. But sometimes you can act that way. As if something is as worthy or as great, right? Or as influential as Allah when he is the ultimate subhanho wa Taala makes sense? So as the shield that he fell into at least

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that check right at least that's one

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next day,

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and then he says to him since there's any questions

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and then he says to him Well, hola if the halter genetic occulta Masha Allahu La Quwata illa biLlah if only you had said when you answered your property, your garden this is what Allah had willed, masha Allah

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this is what Allah had willed. La Quwata illa biLlah there is no power except with Allah in terani and akala min Kamal and we're well other even though you see me inferior to you in wealth and offspring like he's telling him I'm not even agreeing that I'm less than you. But if you see me this way, if you see yourself this thing wished you should have you should have said

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Allah decided this it's all from Allah right? That's why you know it's not necessarily wrong to notice distinction to notice that you have something others don't. But when you do it tribute that to Allah quickly. So when are you supposed to say Masha Allah or La Hawla? Wala Quwata illa villa. I know in Arab culture and I think in Desi culture as well like how Allah quotes a level I mean something really bad has just happened right? And

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it is good it's healthy to remind yourself when something bad happened that Allah is still in control. There's no major power, but the Quran actually. And the Sunnah Actually, why didn't the usage of La Quwata illa why didn't the use of Masha Allah so when should you say you tell me when should you say words like Masha Allah holiday La Villa different times what are they? Since there's given me one

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Okay, when you're looking for strength when you're looking to be supported, right, even if it's not bad times, that's why when the husband says come to Salah, hi yah, Allah Salah, the Sunnah is to not repeat Hey Allah salah, but to say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah there's no ability to change my condition from seated to standing basically law how Allah a letter how Allah, right? That's one of the two interpretations of law however, there is nothing to prevent me from remaining seated. Right except the fact that Allah will empower me Allah Who erect me right now there is no power except with Allah. That's the idea. When else

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so when you're afraid of something, you're hurt by something or you need energy for something like the event example, c'est la hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah What else do you say Masha Allah or Allahumma Baddeck or La Quwata illa biLlah.

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When you feel when you're praised by others, or use your praising yourself, you feel praiseworthy, you see distinction like we just mentioned, then you say that, right? You say Masha Allah La Quwata illa they say man, you're amazing. You know, you've been at the head of your department or the head of this for long so Masha, Allah, you know, whatever Allah wants, he chose to keep me here, right? I could have got hit by an ice cream truck 12 years ago, right? A bird could have flown into one of my eyes. It could have right. Well, I remember

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growing up, there was this. There was this actor, I forget his name. I think his name was like or his like, industry name was Fabio.

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He was this European man, you know, very nice features very nice hair.

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And they used to say like this man is out of Allah, they will just make very exaggerated claims about his beauty and half man, half god and things like this and the most handsome man alive and extremely handsome.

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And then months down the line. I remember reading a news article that he was on a roller coaster, and a bird flew right into his face.

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And the pictures were him coming off the roller coaster with a towel or a t shirt on his face and blood everywhere. That's fine Allah you know, like they didn't have to be this way. Right? It didn't have to be this way. Your handsomeness was just something that Allah chose, right? And so when you feel this or some man feels this about you, you want to always associate and attribute these things to Allah azza wa jal.

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And of course you also when you notice something praiseworthy in someone else, to offset the evil eye, you want to ask Allah to bless that person. Right? You don't just say that for what's a leveler? You know, Allah chose for me not to have this. You're supposed to also ask Allah to bless that person make dua for them. And you know, the angels are gonna make the right for you when you do that. But when the man was very handsome, and the people said, Wow, man, nobody's more handsome than this man. The man became extremely ill. And after a quick investigation, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam found the man that was praising him so much that was mesmerized by his handsomeness. And

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he struck him with the evil eye, the evil eyes and unclear force, we don't fully understand the evil eye. But we know it's a reality that someone can harm another by admiring them, without attributing it to Allah. So he brought him Salallahu Alaihe Salam, this man that was assumed to have struck the other with an evil eye. And he said to him, I am I have to do I had to come Sahiba who had blocked Why do you kill your brother meaning by not saying Allahumma Madico Allah bless him. So saying this is from Allah saying oh Allah bless him in that saying La Quwata illa biLlah is of what you do.

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Next slide.

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Then he says to him, fast out of be a UT any higher Amin genetica Well, uracil Ali, her husband Amina sama II photosphere house la Eden Zelicah. He says to him, You don't know like this is at any moment you could lose it

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He's not, you know, jealous of him right at all.

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He's saying perhaps like, don't feel too assured, perhaps my Lord will grant me something better than your garden. Meaning maybe one day the tables will get turned. Or maybe you will find out in the Hereafter I have nicer estates could mean this world learning or the next the believer does not believe on the condition that Allah gives him immediately. No, right so he's not saying that he's saying Perhaps Allah will grant me one day something better than your garden while you're still Allah spanner and maybe your garden won't even last till the end of your life the garden you said my Ovenu untidy the heavy EBITDA I don't think this one will ever fall apart. He's saying maybe it will

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you know, be subjected to a thunderbolt from the sky it could be a storm one storm lights one tree with a Thunderbolt or lightning bolt and then everything else catches fire and it's all over an incident.

00:25:57--> 00:25:59

Photos we have sorry then Zelicah

00:26:00--> 00:26:19

and then it becomes slide is a plain Zelicah Zela coming slippery, like you know just becomes like a an area of mud and muddy area all this green becomes pure mud slippery mud. Forget see it and enjoy it forget anything from it that you can't replace you can't even walk through anymore. Zelicah

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next slide. I will use be hammer who have Oh Ron felon test of the Allahu Taala or its water, this water that that's flowing between the two gardens could sink into the earth. The earth has just suck it up, downward, philanthropist of the Allahu Taala and you'll never be able to draw it out anymore. It won't even be accessible. If you dig a well, it's extremely possible. You know, there's just like this in Surah Al Maliki the very last night and so then Malta Allah azza wa jal says, pull our item in US Bahama como hora, the same word right? Say to them, if in the morning time you find that all of your water has been drank by the Earth pulled into the earth.

00:27:04--> 00:27:46

For me, it can be met in Marion who after him is going to bring you with a spring who's going to bring it back upward, you're not gonna be able to reach it anymore. Or you know, the eye and so for the walk there follows the same logic as this, like you have water accessible in the earth. What is it just a little bit deeper? Right? And so that what they are Allah says what the parallel, he says, For our aid to Maluma and let the the SRA Boone you see this don't you consider this water that you drink? And Tom and Zell to move him in and Muslim nadelman Zylon do you bring it down from the clouds? Or are we the ones who brought it down? So it can be sucked downward and it can be kept up?

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Right? Then the next eye in the eye says

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Lona shadow Jana who judge I'm following that Ash Quran. And if we wished we could have made it salty. Like we can even let it come down. But it's not freshwater. It's acid rain or saltwater is all you have access to you can have access to water but still not be able to meaning it could be so close but still so far right? Not really offer you anything. For now we'll attach Quran so why don't you just show thanks the ISS. And so he's saying that here? Yes, it's right there today. But it can be right under your feet like today, but in a way that you can't reach for tomorrow morning.

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And so to see the neuron as so close, but not ever in our hands, is how you're grateful for Allah for keeping them right there, keeping them within reach while never assuming that they are guaranteed within reach. That is the idea that he's trying to break to him. next idea. There goes whoa here Bobby, tamari

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and his fruits. And I told you the word thumb out here could mean more than fruits it could also mean the fruits of his fruits like the riches that he made out of selling his fruits, his mansions and his horse right here and so his fruits his properties were surrounded

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and before you read that the rest of the I just stopped because we're out of time.

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What was it surrounded by we don't know. Did like a swarm of locusts come and just annihilate it that happens ruins your crop for that year and sometimes irreparably?

00:29:32--> 00:29:42

Or was it actually the Thunderbolt that came and sort of a forest fire happened and it burned out everything. Maybe that's what happened. Maybe a huge flood came and overturn

00:29:43--> 00:29:50

whatever it was. The fact that Allah did not tell us is also very beautiful. You don't you know when,

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like in in these like law enforcement shows or whatever in these action movies that they say don't move we have you surrounded by

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So you have it doesn't matter how they have him surrounded if you're surrounded you're done. That's the idea. So the is saying just like that caught him off guard no no chance to rebound from this all of a sudden he was surrounded is it was taken care it was taken over from him what we're here Toby 30 He for us about how you unlivable cafe here Alana and Phil coffee here. And so by the morning time he's there flipping his hands you know people do this so many cultures, like it's all over. I'm finished. It's all over. You know?

00:30:38--> 00:30:50

You can label Cafe he's flipping his hands over. Allah man for coffee, thinking about everything he has spent on it. Right It was finally made finally perfect finally set up.

00:30:52--> 00:31:08

Well here how we are to Nala Arusha. While it was it was floored on its roof like the Auto Show is the ceiling. So how we had to enlarge it means it's top became its bottom it all fell right floor down to its roof

00:31:10--> 00:31:14

collapsed upon its trellises I don't know what the word trellises means in English to be honest.

00:31:15--> 00:31:30

Why are called lay tourney lamb or Shrek be rugby are harder. And he continued to say the English as he said right? He said, but the idea does not say he said Wirkkala would be he said

00:31:31--> 00:32:05

Allah said wire Kulu This is the present ongoing tense, not color the past tense wire Kulu and he kept saying yeah, late anymore. Should it be Robbie? I had Yeah, later Neela Mushrik Robbie, I had the I wish I had not associated anybody with my lord, I wish and he just kept saying it like he's his. He's in hysteria. At this point. He cannot believe he didn't heed the warning. You know, he's kicking himself over and over and over why Apolo? And he kept saying, yeah, like any language should not be harder.

00:32:06--> 00:32:07

Next year.

00:32:10--> 00:32:32

While I'm second level theater to Ian Sorona, home in Dunedin he why Mecanim winter Syrah and he had no manpower remember, he said, I have so much manpower, at Kettleman, Camella Asuna photo and mightier manpower now is saying, and suddenly there is no more manpower. What do you do against the storm? What do you do against locusts? What do you do against these natural disasters? Right?

00:32:35--> 00:32:43

When I can, I'm going to tell Sierra and he himself could not help himself. He, of course, on his own, was even less capable, he was utterly powerless.

00:32:46--> 00:32:47

This is

00:32:49--> 00:32:56

this means that he didn't say stuff for Allah and he got his garden back. Right? That's what it means. There's a few things to be discussed here.

00:32:58--> 00:33:05

The first of them is that this man repent or not, were actually not told. And so there must be a wisdom why we weren't told.

00:33:07--> 00:33:09

And there are basically two types of people

00:33:11--> 00:33:12

after calamities,

00:33:13--> 00:33:32

or say, three, there are some people and this is very rare, to be honest, that don't come back to Allah whatsoever. Even in times of calamity, and these are the hardest hearts and the worst of Allah's creation. Right? Even for Allen himself, it was too late, but he still recognized Allah azza wa jal at the end, right.

00:33:33--> 00:33:34

That doesn't matter.

00:33:36--> 00:33:41

In the calamities before it, when it mattered, he didn't turn back to Allah azza wa jal, right.

00:33:42--> 00:33:55

Then layer two or second group, there are people who, who returned to Allah momentarily and calamities. And that's like everybody, the Muslim and the non Muslim, right, you go back to God when you're stuck.

00:33:56--> 00:33:58

And so there's nothing special about that.

00:34:00--> 00:34:34

But the people that make meaningful change in their life, we don't know which categories and we're talking about us, right? The people who make meaningful change in their life after a calamity, then that calamities actually a blessing. You know, people wonder, like, Is Allah punishing me here or raising my ranks? This you know, tragedy I'm going through, it depends on how you reacted to it. Because Allah when he sent it your way, he knew how you you would react to it, right? And so now you discover from your own reaction, was this good for me or not?

00:34:35--> 00:34:43

Right? The person who goes far from Allah during blessings, like the owner of this garden, and that's not a blessing, that's like a punishment, right?

00:34:44--> 00:34:55

And the person who after Allah pulls it from them, they still don't wake up. They just wake up for a moment. Once again, there's no good in this person. But the person who got his punishment in this world

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

and got a wake up call from the punishment, and this was actually good

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

For him, it was a blessing wasn't it? Allah detached him from what deluded him and forgave him for what he did, then that was a blessing.

00:35:10--> 00:35:31

Every favor that removes you from Allah is a calamity. And every calamity that brings you to Allah is a blessing. So just ask yourself, How do I react to calamities? That is the idea without even trying to get caught up in him? Was it a blessing for him? Or was it a punishment? Like because we don't know, we don't know if he turned back. We don't know if this was the end of his life. Like he died.

00:35:33--> 00:35:35

Soon thereafter, we don't know anything, right.

00:35:36--> 00:35:59

And the last thing I want to say here is even if you repented, just because you repent doesn't mean you get your worldly gains back. Sometimes it just could be the tax of your, of your repentance, right? Like Adam Alayhis Salam was forgiven, he didn't just get pulled back to Paradise, he had to remain his stay in this world. This is important to understand we're repenting for Allah and His pleasure.

00:36:00--> 00:36:07

And to be in good standing with him on the day of judgment, regardless of what happens down here. It makes sense. Last slide.

00:36:10--> 00:36:16

Hoonah Lika Allahu Allah to the law Hill help, who were hired on February 7, were fired on October.

00:36:18--> 00:36:21

Here it is, at this time, that works to

00:36:22--> 00:36:25

support or authority

00:36:28--> 00:36:40

comes from Allah alone. The true Lord will help who are higher on Silva were higher on Arauco that he is best in reward, and best in outcome he brings about the best outcome.

00:36:43--> 00:37:24

So what does that mean? This the scholars sort of had two major camps on what this ayah means. At this time, at the time of the destruction of his garden, he realized his status with Allah was actually not what he thought, right? He realized authorities with Allah, he simply gives and takes dunya for whoever he wants. It's not about God loves me or God hates me. He realized this. And then he and then he realized that pursuing the real reward remember we said this story of the gardens came right after the discussion of the real garden, the Janna right after it. Now tell him the story of the man of the two gardens, right, he realized that oh, the real garden is somewhere else. The

00:37:24--> 00:37:27

real garden is paradise. That's one interpretation.

00:37:29--> 00:38:08

When Allah sort of caused the threats of that believing man, his friend to materialize, and showed him the downfall of his arrogance, he realized that oh man, authorities with Allah powers with Allah, Mike is with Allah, meaning he repented, right? That could have could be the meaning. The other meaning here is at this time, meaning fast forward on the Day of Judgment when people are in front of the real paradise, because this story is contrasted with the paradise before it at this time, meaning at this time on the Day of Judgment, there on the Day of Judgment.

00:38:11--> 00:38:28

This is where you will know what being close to Allah actually means. Who now Alec there, Allahu Allah to the law, he'll help you we'll see what Allah actually gives. As for this world, he gives it to the believer in the disbeliever, the grateful and the ungrateful.

00:38:29--> 00:38:34

Does that make sense? Is that clear everyone, that there's there's the two directions that the scholar sort of took this idea.

00:38:35--> 00:38:52

And so at this time, meaning the time of the destruction, things became clear, right? And the true outcome, the true reward of Paradise was highlighted as what is truly valuable, or who naldic at the Day of Judgment.

00:38:53--> 00:39:10

That meaning he didn't repent, and he will realize then that I was just bragging about a dream life I was dragging about a fake garden, a momentary garden, a shallow garden. And then what Allah actually gives is the reward of the greater reward, the great outcome

00:39:11--> 00:39:25

will stop here. I went sort of 10 minutes over today, forgive me, I just wanted to get through the story to its end before moving on to another sort of section of the surah in the coming weeks. Subhan Allah Hemlock shadow Allah, you know, Helen terrestre fluorochemical Willeke