A connection between humanity

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Let's start off with someone who's not a Muslim. If a person is not a Muslim, they have rights over you, you need to help them you need to reach out to them. You need to be honest and genuine, you need to be a person who cares in the sense that a single life as per the Quran, if you were to save a single life, it is as though you have saved entire humanity, that rights is not just for a Muslim, but it is for enough for anyone like Allah subhanho wa Taala says, women are here. For

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whoever saves a single soul, a single person, no matter who they are, it is as though they have saved entire humanity, it goes to show how sacred life is. So that is, even if a person is not a Muslim, but when a person is a Muslim, they are related to you in two ways. One is humanity. And two is they share the same faith. So we share the same makeup. That's why I'm related to you. I tell you why. Or I tell you how.

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Your brother or sister from your mother and father, how are they related to you? And why are they so important because you share a common parent or both parents agreed. If you have both parents in common, the relationship is far greater than if you were to have one parent in common. But that two is a great relationship you are Maha Maha meaning you cannot marry each other. You there are so many rights to be fulfilled. And the bond is you have one set of parents. What if you have one maker who made you? You are related? What's my relationship with the rest of the Jews and the Christians and the Hindus and the Buddhists and whoever else?

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My relationship is, I believe I was created

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and I believe that that creator created them too.