Adnan Rajeh – Islamic Core Value #18 Refusal of Oppression

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "open space" and how believers will continue to be safe and not be in danger until they are in a safe space. They also mention the use of "harana" and "harica Halophytic tafsir ba Swati Suna" to communicate with others.
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In the moment well how do you feel so Hey, Abdullah hit me up on the on the Allahu Anhu mercon. But in the view of Allah Allah you only have 708 likes the man behind Atrus maybe

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they may make this the final Hadith within the theme of anti oppression.

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And just for the purpose of not boring people, even though there's many more to go through, honestly. So I may make May, I may make this the last one, I may not have to contemplate this over the weekend. But here's what he said out of his salatu salam. And I love this hadith. And I hope that if you've, if you don't know it, to try to know it and memorize and hold on to it, because it's an important teaching

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you can start anywhere really doesn't make a difference. If you start from the left, that's fine, you can close it up till the end of the because we have only entrances on the right so if we start from the left is fine. And if you start in the middle, it's also okay as long as we just make sure that we fill out the left as we fill out the right so we don't NWS with them all that we care about is you don't end up with people starting in the middle and just closing up the right and then the left being empty so that's really the only piece that matters

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game started

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Sure, so it's best whatever wherever it started to join whoever wherever it started. So if you come in it's already started at the left just go there and we start at the middle of the thing go there but just as long as when you walk into this message because just because our entrances are all from the right which is

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abnormal usually massage at the entrances or from the back so you don't so you get to see so he says we're on the right just want to make sure that the left is being filled up as well so we don't end up with just lines or just going towards the right there's like a look at

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so the Hadith that he that we have in the question about Buhari report, but it also says the following, but let me let me know. First hatin mendini he Miralem USIP Damanhur, Rama linears, Earl McMeel. First hatin mendini, Mariela Musa abdomen haram, the believer will continue to be first time means in space, open space. That's what firsthand means and are in first has also recess as if you went to school in the Arabic world, it's recess or when you get some time off. But the concept of it is that there's some open space where you're not, you're not being pressured, and you're not at the edge of something. So what this means figuratively is that the believer will continue to be safe

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within their faith, safe regarding their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala safe regarding their their outcome on the Day of Judgment, they're not playing it close to the edge. They're not in a position where they're where it's dangerous, they're safe, it's an open space, and they're safe where they are, the believer will continue to be in a safe space regarding their religion. Mariela Musa abdomen haram, until they have blood on their hands until they have blood on their hands until they do something that causes harm to another person. That's what Dum Dum and Haram is forbidden blood. What he means by that solicit him is that you've now contributed to bloodshed somehow, and

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there's blood on your hands, you will continue to be as a believer in a safe space, meaning inshallah you'll make it regardless of all the mistakes you've made and the shortcomings and as long as your hands are clean, your milk came from blood, you don't come your milk era and you owe people and people are oppressed because of you, or you contributed somehow to the bloodshed of others. Because once that's the case, you're no longer and first time in DNA. You're no longer in a safe space. There is no there's no space anymore at all. Now you're standing right at the edge you're in a very dangerous position. Because what he's explaining to us today is not to decrease the value of

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Salah and CRM is the guy just to say that look, you want to make sure you make it on the Day of Judgment come with clean hands where you did not contribute to the bloodshed and or witnessed it and allowed it to occur with no

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this is what he explained that he also was

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dumb and held on continue to contributing to so imagine those who just don't care

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Yeah, so So for example, what's so dumb How long was dumb had so if someone's in execution, just that's their job and someone was condemned to be executed and then that's not dumb haram. That's dumb. Because so that's what he means by this because there's there's HAC. Sometimes that need to be taken from from people and being a part of that is not is not considered them haram. But being a part of any form of oppression, causing bloodshed or causing causing harm. That's that you come You're welcome. And those stains, those stains are there and those things don't go away. Know what no amount of water will clean them off until until you pay your dues. And then what men will

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continue to be safe as long as they're not in that category. As long as they'd stayed away from that throughout their lives and something worthy of contemplation. Yellow email will go out

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Are you with me? So he and I believe me, I'm Robin hopper. There'll be Allahu Anhu MA and Barnaby also Allah hi to you early, we're setting them learning years, let me know, first Hatem mendini. He also abdomen harana, Saqqara Sula, he's of Allah Allah Sweco connection Allah Allah.

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Allah was sitting in my book, I'm getting my hands on his writing and Sharla halophytic tafsir ba Swati Suna. How are you the container Dr. Thomas Fashola for solace to know

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