The Psychology of Giving Dawah – A Quranic Strategy

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AI: Summary © The importance of Dawa as a popular story in Islam is discussed, with emphasis on following the sharia and following the Prophet's teachings to become a pure person. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding arrogance and finding the truth, while also emphasizing the benefits of purifying oneself and finding the truth. The ultimate goal is to become a pure person.
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some lung hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be here on my blog, short how to rotary as you can tell, my voice is going down today recited sort of 10 yards. And there's few verses in it that are actually very powerful for the psychology of Dawa, very powerful about how we preach to people and what we should emphasize. And of course, in the Quran, we have the story of Musa and Pharaoh and being mentioned over two dozen times, because it is one of the most iconic stories in human history, you have the best of the best walking into the worst of the worst. You have a person who was raised in the very palace of frown, flees, comes back and then approaches

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frown. So the story is, of course very powerful, shallow, we'll talk about it in our stories of the Prophet. But today when I mentioned that one beautiful sentence and sort of the Nuzhat that Musa comes to fit around, and Allah tells him what to say. Allah teaches him the words of Dawa. In these words, there's benefit for us, right? Allah says to Musa go to Freetown and ask him Halakhah and zakah, do you not want to become pure? Do you not wish to become pure? Now this verse, Allah subhana wa taala, is instructing Musa what specifically to say, in another verse In surah Taha, we are told that and in surah, for Kolhapur lane, which was that football Hopper, and so costs that speak to him

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in a gentle way. What is that gentle way? We learn as soon as that when Allah says, Speak to him in a gentle way, what is that gentle way? So then as the gentleness is you preach to the person for his soul? You say, Don't we want to be good? Don't you want to be pure? Don't you want to achieve Allah's mercy? And this shows us in Islam, in contrast to Christianity, we firmly believe everybody wants to be good, we are not born in sin. We are not born in evil, we're not born going down. No, Allah created us in the best of manner, what are the darkness and if he has any talk to him, then shaitan came and knifes comes and we go down. But Allah created us the best of the best, and our

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soul and our fitrah wants to go up in it wants to be pure. And therefore Musa says to fit down and frown is the worst of the worst. And for our has said, I am your God, and our bucola and frown has massacred and killed, but he's still a human. And how do you get that humanity out? How do you reach into that inner psyche? You say, Dude, you want to be pure. And every human being who has even the smallest amount of piety left the smallest amount of sincerity, he will say, of course I want to be good. You want to be good, Allah created you to be good. And Allah created you to like to be good. And that is why even if you don't believe in Allah, even if you're an atheist, right, you don't

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believe in an era. You like to be dignified, and you'd like to have good rap and you'd like to be charitable. It's in our fitrah. Allah created us in our fitrah to want to be good. So Allah azza wa jal gifted us with a human psyche with the soul that wants to be good. Then he revealed the Sharia that tells us how to be good, right? So the inner mechanism, the inner desire, it's created, but how to do it. We don't always know the details. We know generally speaking, be good to people. Be compassionate, be kind, this is in our fitrah we be polite to the adults, we be charitable to the poor. That's why all of mankind when they want to be good, what do they do? They be generous, they

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be kind, how do they know this? It's in the fitrah. So anybody who has the smallest amount of let's not even call it Eman? Let's call it sincerity. This call it humility. Anybody who has the smallest amount of humility, they want to be good? Now, also notice the question, don't you want to be good? You don't go to a person and say, Hey, you're evil. I'll make you good. No, you preach to them in a way Hey, don't you want to be don't let's all come together and be closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So we ask the rhetorical question, because obviously, we don't want to put them on the spot. We don't want to say you are not good. I'm going to make you good. No, we ask them the rhetorical

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question. Halakhah illa Anta Zakka Don't you want to be good? And of course the test gear of the soul. This is the fundamental goal of our religion. Allah revealed the religion and Allah sent the prophets and Allah revealed the books in order that we purify the souls. Allah says in the Quran, or the F

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Herman Zeca Walker the harbor man this the one who purifies his soul has been successful and the one who has sold is evil his soul has been corrupted he is destroyed. So the revelation has been sent down and the prophets has been sent in order to get to this goal of dusky attune us, as Allah says in the Quran, who will lead the birth of Domina Rasulullah men whom yet Lu Allah MIT? Well, your Alia Markita will tell us a key him he sends the prophets why he sent the prophet to teach them the book to tell them the wisdom This is the prophet system is doing what happens with them will use a key him what is the effect of teaching what is the effect of sending the book down will use a key

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him that is the goal of the Sharia. That is the goal of why we are here for Fajr that is the goal of why we obey Allah believe in Allah listen to the prophets as does Gaea to enough's. So Musa, the Prophet goes to fit on the tyrant, and he says, Halakhah enters AKA, don't you want to become pure? Then what idea Kayla, Rebecca for Tasha, how does one become pure? What is this key are based on what idea ILA Rebecca Tasha. Musa says, I shall guide you to your Lord, you need a prophet, you need a profit to to fulfill ultimate does gear without profits, you will not get that skier that is saving in the eyes of Allah, you might get it as gear that people like you might be a good person in

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the eyes of mankind, but not fully good. You will not gain Jana until you follow the Prophet. That's why Musa says we're at the ACA, I shall guide you, you need the prophet to get to that level of Teskey what does the Prophet come with? What does any prophet come with two main components at the ACA, ILA Arabic I shall tell you who is your Lord? How do you know who Allah is the names and attributes of Allah, the divine nature of Allah, you do not know or else if you follow any mythology, if you follow Hinduism or Roman mythology, the concept of Gods is messed up completely messed up. You need the prophets and the prophets will tell you who is your Lord? Well, I had the

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aka in Arabic also the prophets will tell you how to worship that Lord, the ILA Arabic, I shall guide you towards it. There's a path. And this path is of course, of course culture. The Sharia literally means by the way, literally, it means the path. That's what surely means. So Adiga, Illa. robic, there are two things here, Who is your Lord? And how to get to your Lord? That's the Sharia. And for that you need that assume for that you need Musa what are the ACA in Arabic, once you know your Lord, and you follow the commandments, what's going to happen? For Dasha, that is when you will get the Hashem of Allah, which is test gear. So Tez kiya is going to come when you know Allah, and

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you know the Shetty and you follow it with the hashish of Allah and you will attain the test here. Beautiful psychological points here. Final point here, the only person who will reject this simple reality, don't you want to be pure? Don't you want to become better? The only person who will reject it is somebody who is arrogant, not somebody who wants the truth. Okay. Anybody who wants the truth, even if they don't agree with your truth, they will answer your question. Yes, I want to be pious, right? They might say, Look, I don't agree with your version of piety. Okay? They might say that, but they're gonna say yes, I want to be good. I want to be purified, you know, in the eyes of the

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Lord in the eyes of God, I want God to love me. Anybody with an ounce of humility will say that there's only one category that's going to reject the one who doesn't have humility, and that's moto Kabil. That is the arrogant and that's why Phil down What does Allah say for can never Wow saw he negated customer means he knows the truth. And then he rejects it. That's the only category of people who will not accept this question. The question is so universal, anybody will have to answer in the positive. Of course, I want to be good. And of course, I want my Lord to forgive me. But the one who doesn't want that Aslan, he doesn't want it. And this is why in the army loot, we learned

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this psychology as well. When loads came with the *ty out of Allah teaching them the purity and you know what they used to do, right? They did not reject that this is pure. They knew this is pure. But what did they say? Uh huh. Did you Allah Luthor mail courier to come in the home owner soon yet Alpha held one. Okay. Get rid of these people. They want to purify us. They knew it was pure, deep down inside. They realize what they're doing is wrong. It's filthy. So it's not that they rejected wanting to be pure. They reject it sorry, it's not as they rejected purity Excuse me. It's not as they rejected purity. We don't recognize this. It's they're rejected. They don't want to be pure in

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the first place, which is arrogance. And that's why in this beautiful verse, really in two simple verses, Allah brings us the psychology of the hour. And Allah brings us the reality of what we're calling to psychology of Dawa. Come let's purify ourselves let's be better for Muslims non practicing is far away from the deen this

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is the tactic that you use. Yeah, he come now by the way, Musa of course because he is a Prophet he can speak directly to sit down and say let us pure let me purify you don't you want to be purified? But obviously when we're speaking amongst ourselves if you speak like this, the person will consider this arrogance Oh, so you're already purified and you want to purify me. Obviously we have to change the language you actually together let's worship Allah together. Let's try to come closer to Allah Rama. So we bring that together in this year and this is going to insha Allah touch the heart of anybody and then the way we do this, as we said, knowledge of Allah and knowledge of the Shetty of

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Allah. This is a beautiful psychological benefit that Allah has given me Allah subhana wa Tada grant is that this key of the nurse may Allah grant us a knowledge of Him May Allah grant is a practicing of the shehryar Zakouma Lockard Santa Monica. Allah Who barakato