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The transcript discusses the tragic events that occurred in France, including the deaths of mothers and children, the use of deadly drugs, and the need for people to take responsibility. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing one's weaknesses and weaknesses in order to hold on to their position. They also discuss the negative consequences of Prophet salallahu's actions, the use of negative language, and the need for universal values and principles in Islam. The importance of acceptance and acceptance of one's own values is emphasized, as well as the need for everyone to be loyalty and supportive of their brother's success. A disturbing situation, including the deaths of Elizabeth Kari, is also highlighted.

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Allahu Akbar

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smell him Hamdulillah I do want to start in one little one a study when when we went to to Killarney he went to the villa Hila alumium and surely unforeseen Armand sejati Armanino. And yeah de la HuFa will martyred woman Yoga will follow her the Allah, masha Allah, Allah wa the Hodesh recolor the whole coloane hunt. You're here where you need to hire more to be able to heal hired Wahoo Anna aqualisa In Kadir shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu Rasool wasafi. You who were Khalid Abdullah, Manitoba la hora de salud Manasa Halal uma Casa Loma what's rockin out in my head little by little How can a hearty her leg as Eva and her Hurlock father he often was followed to automata sleep while Ernie he

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will be one minister maybe sooner Tahiti on with Dean llama John I mean home I mean Alladhina amanu I mean all signing how to Otto also Bill Huxley, what was the sub? I mean our blood I mean we'll see come on up see we talk Allah or Amara

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Wakanda to Allah you have Latina Ahmed otaku Allah haka to car to hear whether to moto in a low anti Muslim en un NASA taco Rebecca Mala the Holika como nevsun Wahida or Hala come in has Jaha orbit seminoma Deja and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up Allah Allah DITA, sir I'd want to be here a lot of harm in hola Hakuna Alikum Reba, you Halloween Armand otaku La La Kulu colon studied up la Malecon we offer la cama de Nova come wanna you're in La La La Sula, who forgot the Pfizer, frozen Alima from Ahmedabad.

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We bear witness that there is only one God worthy of our worship and unconditional obedience. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his peace and blessings upon His Messenger, his family, his companions and those that follow until the Day of Judgment. Dear brothers and sisters, I know that many of you would probably expect a lot about what happened in France. But I think I would speak for everyone here that we're all kind of numb

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And we're all feeling exhausted, emotionally exhausted. And it's a matter of which tragedy you choose to speak about which bombing, which attack, which injustice. And it's really overwhelming. And many times, we have to remind ourselves not to allow the media to dictate our emotions, that there are attacks that are as gruesome and sometimes even more gruesome that take place on an almost daily basis. Sometimes they're in continents that people don't care as much about such as Africa, sometimes in countries that people don't care about, much such as Iraq. And it is a constant cycle, a vicious cycle. And there is no doubt that what we saw in France last night was sickening it, it

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actually, it literally is one of the most sickening things that I've ever seen in my life, I unfortunately, accidentally, like many of you probably did fell upon a video or two of the tragedy unfolding. And so how many people don't know, the first person that was mowed over according to some of the reports actually is a Muslim mother of seven. So these were mothers, fathers, children, muslims, non Muslims, that did not deserve to go in such a gruesome manner. And obviously, it is an ugly injustice that we saw an ugly transgression that we saw. And as usual Ark, our community will have to take responsibility for it. But obviously, we can't allow that to happen. But I'm not going

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to spend much time on that at all, because I know how exhausted we are. Because many times we wait to see the effects of injustice and the effects and manifestations of transgression. And we wait to see the effects of evil in society. And until they show up on our front door, we don't care much for them. And we forget that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam put things in place, to ensure a sense of justice for people, before those things would take place. Now, obviously, you will always have transgressors, you will always have a process, you will always have people that will do things that they were commanded not to do, you will always have people that will harm innocent people. Even

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if you have a perfect system. We are an imperfect creation. So we're not always going to be able to stop everything things are going to happen that are going to be unfortunate that are going to hurt our hearts that are going to hurt our families at times, and there's going to be nothing we can do about it. Because we are inherently imperfect. But at least we learned from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam about how to strategize about how to build about how to take measures to prevent things before they ended up happening, about how to strike a balance in society. So that transgressions that naturally come out of many inbuilt imbalances, whether they're political or

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religious, or or economic, so that those manifestations do not become the norm, but rather they become the exception. And I wanted to reflect on an incident that is well known to most of us in the Muslim community. But I thought back to myself, and I said, I don't think I've ever given a hotel data and I can't remember the last time I've heard a hotel about it, and that's helpful football, which was the League of justice, that the Prophet salallahu it he was salam took part in that pact, where people from numerous tribes came together before Islam in Makkah, when the prophets lie, Selim was a young man. And they came together in the house of Abdullah bin Sudan. And they took an oath

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and they took a pledge, be no slotted mudroom, to support the one who was wronged the entire pledge centers around and it could be summed up in these two words, no, still lots of room that we will support the transgressed, we will support the one who is wrong, we will support the one who is oppressed, whether that person is from our community, whether that whether the one who was wrongdoing is from our community, or from our religion, or from our tribe, or from our geographical location, we will always support the one who is being wronged and not the one who is doing the wrong thing. We will always take the side of the oppressed and not the side of the oppressor. And Allah

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subhanho Its Allah brings it in the Quran to a point that even if that means speaking out against our own selves, even if that means showing idle against myself, being just by acknowledging my own injustice, then all of that is a part of our deen and all of that is entailed within this pact. The summary of it, five tribes came together. Bento Hashim benomyl polyp, Ben Zahara Ben who acid and Beto Tang. These five tribes came together in response to a man

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him who was an outsider, he wasn't from Mecca. And he went into a financial transaction. Obviously I'm paraphrasing the story for reasons of time he went into a financial transaction. And he was wronged in Makkah, and because he was an out of Towner, and because he wasn't from one of the dominant tribes of that society, many of whom I've mentioned here bento Assad has the likes of Khadija been toilet about the Allahu taala. I'm her bedroom of Taalib has the likes of Abdullah as available the alongside on who and so on so forth, you have the bedroom of Zoom's of Abu jehlen, and an earth mammal, the Allahu taala, and who you have all of these powerful tribes that sort of run

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the scene and Mecca, when he didn't belong to any of those powerful tribes. And he was an outsider. So he has many things that are working against him. And when he couldn't get his rights because he was a second class citizen. In that situation. He went next to the Kaaba, and he protested his situation. And he called out and he mocked the people of Mecca, for claiming to be a people of a higher moral standard. Now, this is where it gets interesting. He invoked the carrabba, even though these people were not yet Muslims, he invoked the kava, because it was a sacred place. And he invoked the supposedly ideals that they had, because they were a people who prided themselves on

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upholding a higher system, which was a very smart thing for him to do, to challenge you to live up to your own standards, essentially saying to them, you know, you claim all of these things of righteousness and justice and count on the nobility, and all of these different ideals and virtues. You're not living up to your own standards, I'm not trying to enforce something upon you that's from outside, live up to your own standards, it would be the equivalent of someone standing up today, and invoking the Constitution and saying, you live up to your own constitution, you claim to be this, you claim to be that you claim to uphold this, and you claim to uphold that. Why not? Show that with

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your action, why not demonstrate that and move it beyond words and empty rhetoric. If you listen to any national anthem, or any Pledge of Allegiance, or read any of the ideals of any nation on earth, they sound pretty much the same. You know, even the greatest tyrants in the world and the greatest dictatorships in the world. If you read what they say about their own countries, they don't spell out that we are dictators, we brutalize our own citizens, we are racist, we treat people that are not nationals of this country as second class citizens. It's always the flowery rhetoric. And this man was smart enough to invoke those ideals. That look, you people claim to live by a certain set of

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ideals, you need to live up to those ideals. And by doing so, he put them on the spot. He put them on the spot. I'm not a foreigner that's trying to force something foreign upon you. I'm telling you to live up to your own claims, and to do right by the standards that you've set by yourself. As a result, a group of men got together that Oh, Hashem, Benoit, Paula Ben Ozora, better asset than retain. And they put their hands together in henna.

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And they as they dip their hands, they put them against the cabinet. This is obviously the end of it. And they took a pledge that we will not allow anyone to be wronged. No matter what tribe he comes from, no matter what city he comes from, everyone will gain the support of all of us. If one person transgresses, then we will all turn against that person that's transgressed until he returns the right to the one that he transgressed against. One of the lessons that we take from this of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam participating, and of the people coming together for this is economic injustice. And when you study injustice, and you study oppression, and you study what we

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see today, much of the chaos that we see today, there is often a root cause of economic inequality.

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There is often clear demarcation in a city or in a country, between the elites and between the poor. And we live in Dallas. So we do know what that's like. There are very clear lines in the city of economic welfare, zoning is your is your best friend and your worst enemy as well. That put people in different regions France is probably one of the worst countries in the world, when it comes to that. Where the poor live extremely poor and the rich live extremely rich. And if someone from that lower class or that lower castes is wronged them, their lives are inherently less valuable to society.

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And Allah subhanaw taala shifts that

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in the

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But, but even here, the fact that they came together to root out in a time where killing was quite the norm wars, Tribal Wars were quite the norm. They came together to root out economic injustice shows a sense of farsightedness, a sense of understanding the way that their society function. So the prophets like some took part in that pact. And after Islam came, and after the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was was appointed as a prophet and a messenger of God at the age of 40. And after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam moved on to Medina, where the prophets lie Selim was now a head of state. There are different McGraw Hill different states that you have to recognize here. If the prophets lie Selim would have invoked that pledge conveniently in Mecca. While he was of the wrong class, it's one thing

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but he invoked it against Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam while he was a ruler. You know, it's very easy for us to criticize people in authority, we always do it. Right, we spend half of our time criticizing people in authority and talking about how we would do things differently. But Camerata corner to Allah Alikum as you are, you will have placed upon you, the leading and ruling class is often very much so reflective of what that society is like. And so if you and I were there, we probably do the same thing, if not worse, we can say it now. But there is a fitna of power. And the prophets lie Selim did not belong to that elite class when he took that pledge the first time. But

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he recalled that SallAllahu it he was salam, when he was in power, which is a sign of sincerity, and a sign of his dedication, his commitment to that it has salatu salam. And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa salam lay with your E to Isla Mifflin, he found a slum that adapt to dairy. If I was called to call to a pact like it after Islam, then I would still respond to that call. Meaning what? That there are things that Allah subhanaw taala has called us to that are universal values and universal principles. And when you can build coalitions and build alliances and build pacts with people that might not share your faith, but that are also calling to those same universal values that are also

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Islamic values than you should do so as long as you don't contradict your own faith. So you can hold on to your faith, but where there is room to build coalitions to ensure that those universal values are realized. Then all of us should take part in those things in Allah Yeah, moral badly will axon Allah subhanho To Allah commands you and enjoins you towards justice and compassion. So when people come together to call for justice, most of us in my room, justice for the one who's being wronged justice for the one who's being transgressed. It doesn't matter at that point, where do they come from or who they are. It's a universal value that's reflected in our faith as well and the Prophet

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salallahu it was set up did not abrogate any universal good. There is a sense of o'clock and not sooner than theatrical fidelity or Islam. People are like precious stone. Those of you who were bused in the days of ignorance, or those of you who are bused after Islam, so long as you have understanding meaning Allah subhanaw taala took those characteristics of a sada can Amin the Prophet saw my son being the honest and the truthful one and polish those traits. And Allah took those ideals and polish them through Islam Islam did not negate or abrogate any of those ideals, or any of those virtues it polished them and embolden them. It put them centerstage and beautified them with

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to hate and call people to the ultimate justice, which is that the one who created us deserves to be worshipped and unconditionally obeyed without having any shriek that is associated to him Subhan Allah to Allah, but the Prophet slicin A maintains and upheld the sense and he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I was called to that pact again, then I would uphold it. I would have listened to the dairy. I've been hudgell Alas, Kalani Rahim Allah points out something very beautiful here. He said that the prophets lie. Some says Allah jumped to dare I would have responded to the one that was calling to it. What that means is you don't have to be the one that's initiating the pact.

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But prophets lie Selim is not necessitating that he is the one that is calling people to this. The prophets like Selim says if you find people that are calling to good and people that are initiating alliances and people that are building pacts that realize those universal values that are also Islamic values, you should respond to them. You don't always have to be the initiator. And one of the ways that we have limited our potential as a Muslim community is that everything has to be a Muslim thing.

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Everything has to be initiated within the Muslim community, as opposed to being part of some of the beautiful efforts that are already out there and emboldening them and putting a Muslim presence there as well. It doesn't always have to be initiated from amongst us. It only has to be agreeable to our values and to what is universal and also, it also confirms what our religion confirms as well. So the prophets lie Selim says adapt to dairy. He also said sallallahu alayhi wa salam and another authentic hadith he says to hit tomorrow mama to healthful Mapa up, he said that I witnessed with my uncle's he was a young man, I took part with my uncle's helpful Mapa UBN, which is also

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helpful for doing the Pact of the perfume because they dip their hands in henna, he says from our headboard and Kufa, who were anally Hamra. Now, he said, I would never, I would never break that pact. And nothing would cause me to break that pact. Even if I had read camels, red camels, are the most precious possessions of the time, meaning even if I had all the money in the world, I would never want to turn my back on an oath of that sort.

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Because many times when do we find injustice convenient, when we are now part of

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the class where it's easy to be amongst those who are unjust,

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where it's easy to be amongst those who have privilege, where it's easy to be amongst those who close their eyes and shut their eyes to transgressions that are around them. It's very easy at those moments to take a back seat, because you are directly benefiting from it. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says nothing is more beloved to me than upholding that. Even if I had all the wealth in the world, which shows his dedication, his sincerity, sallAllahu it he was salam. One of the beautiful things we take from this practice well, is that it was invoked throughout Islamic history, even by the companions of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. They didn't view

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it as a thing of the past, they still viewed it as a present binding obligation. In the time of is even more Alia are smarter than me. Soufiane was the Emir of Medina.

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And he got into it. He's the governor of Medina, he got into it with one of the lower classmen of Medina.

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And so I was saying, if not, it'll be a low tide on who he came forth. And he said, he shouted out, he says, Well hola hola in them to La Humala. He said, I swear by Allah if you don't return his wealth to him. Now, now the end, maybe infant followed, then I will invoke and fulfill doors, I will invoke the League of the just once again, I will invoke that pact once again. I'm belovedness obaidul, the Allah Tada and who has stood up and he said, Well, unAmerican, I am with you. I had stood up and said, We're an American, and I am with you both Muhammad, Allah has stood up and said, We're gonna come and I am with you all. And that caused him to back off from that, and to return the

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money to that man, because he saw that he was being held accountable, a sense of accountability, that through these PACs and through these allegiances, and three through these universal values and principles, and through these Islamic values and principles, things that we know are important to us. They become binding on each and every single segment of society on each and every single person if there was anyone to be exempted would have been Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, everybody in the haram to

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oh my servants, I have made oppression haram for myself, wa jal to Hubei in a coma. And I've made it haram for all of you as well fell out of animals. So do not wrong one another. Do not transgress one another do not allow for transgression to take place amongst you,

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amongst you, your humanity don't allow that. And subhanAllah no one can make anything binding on Allah subhanho wa taala. He is subhanho wa Taala ever have any completely independent of His creation. And he says that I have made it forbidden for myself. So How dare you wrong one another, or tolerate wrongdoing amongst one another. And so when we see the injustices that take place in our society around us, that's a call from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for us to say something, to build coalitions to build alliances, to build packs, in which we say that we are not going to tolerate any of those things. And subhanAllah the Prophet slice and I'm brought it even to our common

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interactions and even to our family lives and even to the ways that we carry ourselves. He said, Sal, Allahu Allah, he was suddenly on sort of a haka of Adi Minh or mother Norma

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support your brother when he is wronged or when he is wrongdoing. Because support is often understood as unconditional love and approval. Support is not equivalent to approval support is that you want to see the benefit of that person. The benefit of that community, the benefit of that nation, the benefit of your OMA that supports so when someone's being wronged, you stand for them. You stand by them, no fall in love alone. But they said the ATO said Allah for Kayfun unsettle, Halima. How do we support someone who's wrongdoing and who's transgressing and who's oppressing in any space and any scope?

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In any walk of life? How do we start? How do we how do we support that person when he's alarm when he's an oppressor himself because they understood it to mean that support is approval just as we would in our common language. And the prophets lie Selim says, Hold the phone call your day,

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you will stop him from oppressing.

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He will, you will check him, you will hold him accountable, and he will stop him from oppressing. That is loyalty to your brother. That is actually loyalty. Because usually the only one that stops an oppressor is that I do is an anime. But the prophets lie Selim said out of brotherhood, you check each other. No one is free from being checked. No one is free from being held accountable. No one is free from this concept. Why? Because we all want to make sure that when we meet Allah subhanaw taala, we have purified ourselves of transgression and oppression. And as honorable hakab Radi Allahu Taala and who said has evil and forsaken cobbler and to Hannibal, hold yourselves accountable

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before you are held accountable by Allah subhanaw taala we hold ourselves accountable, we hold one another accountable. And we pray that when we meet Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we are not a people of Gollum, that we hated our own introspection and we heeded the advice of our brothers and also the main message that I delivered to you as a Pete as a community as Muslims, here in this ummah, and in this weird situation that we're in it is a traumatic situation that we are witnessing today. You know, subhanAllah, it's literally all over the world. It's literally every time you turn on the TV, and every time you look at your phone, and every time it's another Pfitzner after the other, that be

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a part of the solution. Otherwise, you're part of the problem. And when the prophets lie, some says adapt today, I would respond to the call of those that call towards those allegiances. And those leagues and those oaths and those pacts of goodness and justice, then we have to be at the forefront with the light and it is a sunnah of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us the people that comprehensively apply his sunnah that comprehensively follow him it his salatu salam and gained the love of Allah subhanaw taala through that Allah Amin Akula We heard there was stuff like you like my son must mean for stuff we do in a hole for wine

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever it wanna illa Allah wa the meanwhile our people too much have been Allahumma salli wa sallam America Abdi Kota suka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while already he was Samuel salam to see him and cathedra llama filming in minutes. Well Muslim ina will Muslim out here even Holman and words in Mecca Semia on Caribbean Mooji without a llama thrillin Our Hamner wife one hour to our Libnah alumna and first and our inlanta for Lana what's our Hana learner Conan nominal ha serene Hola, hola, familia Valentina, Robert Hama, Hama Kamara bonus era Robina habla nomina as well as you know the reality Anna Kurata Aryan or Janel mucha Karina Imam

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la Matsuda mustafina when mobile Domina FEMA shout it will be Allah Malik could be either you can either Diem Allahumma honokiol lining up with vitamin origina with one and beating him certainly mean rebelled Allah and Allah Yamato gladly will x&y ito little Corbeau inherited fascia you will one carry well belly Yeah it will come and Allah come to the Koran first Corolla scuro come wash kuruva Nana, is it luck on? What are the crew Allahu Akbar Allah Yamato sinner own walk in the cellar.