Angels in your Presence #4

Omar Suleiman


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Episode Notes

In Episode #4, the respected Imam begins our understanding the role of the angels with our night sleep.

The prophet s.a.w. said when a person makes wudu’ Allah sends an angel that spends the entire night at your head supplicating to Allah to forgive His servant as he went to sleep in the state of purification.

And the prophet s.a.w. said that the recitation of the Ayatul Kursi before sleep would have Allah send an angel that would stand guard and protect from the shayateen.

So for how long does the angel supplicate to Allah and for how long does the other angel protect you from the shayateen? Few hours? The whole night?

To learn the answers make the time to listen to the very end of this episode by Imam Omar Suleiman.


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The speaker discusses the importance of reciting the prophets' words during night to prepare for sleep, as the prophets often prompt people to recite them and promise them success. The speaker also mentions the importance of reciting the prophets' words to prepare for death, as the prophets often make people feel tired and disconnect from their previous actions.

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So much of what you do during the day depends upon how you went to sleep the night before. And there are so many ahaadeeth that talk about the angels involvements in you're going to sleep and the effect that that's going to have on the next morning, you're going to sleep and you have a few choices to make. Number one, you're really tired. So am I really? Am I really going to recite all of the if God all of the remembrances of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam recommended that I recite at this time or should I just leave this to later? Do I really get up and do a lot right now as the son of the Prophet slice alone? Do I go to sleep in that state of purity? I'm having a hard time going

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to sleep. So should I pull my phone out and start looking through my social media, send a few text messages, watch a few videos, there's so much that you can do in those last moments before you sleep.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that every night as you go to your bed, an angel and a devil come to you and they start to prompt you. Now this is in accordance with another Hadith which which is more general that the prophets lysozyme said that throughout the day, the shavon whispers to you and prompts you towards evil and promises you poverty and tragedy and the angel prompts you towards good and to the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala and so you're constantly between those two influences, right? But when you're going to sleep at night, the prophets license that in those moments and angel comes to you and says if them behave if then be higher, if they'll be higher, and

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your night well, and your night well and your night well. And then the devil comes and says endure night and evil endure night and evil engineering evil ended with a bad word ended with a bad sight and it with a bad exchange ended with something evil because our actions are judged by their endings. Okay, now that I'm out of it, how I team right so this is your last moment of the night and you're going into death, right because at night when you sleep, it's a no to soda, it is your minor death. You don't know if you're waking up the next morning, your souls go back to a loss of hundreds so just as you live your life and it's those last moments that count so much. Such as also the case

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when you're going to sleep so the angel says it can be played and your night with it could end your night with the remembrance of Allah and unite with some little hand and unite with those good things, not those things that are bad. And there are so many different things that the Prophet slice I mentioned that we should do at night and they do involve the angels so one of them the prophets, I seldom said that when a person makes will do he said purify your body so that the last time they purify you at night, for when a person goes to sleep in a state of law, Allah subhanaw taala sends an angel that spends the entire night at your head. And that angel says a llama really have deca

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come about to apply hit on Oh ALLAH forgive your servant as he went to sleep in a state of Oh Allah, forgive your servant as he went to sleep in a state of purification. And he keeps on making drought for your forgiveness throughout the entire night. Just because you took those moments to make Will you took those moments to wash yourself and purify your body before you went to sleep. The prophets lie some also mentioned it courtesy to recite ayatul kursi the prophets lie Some said that it would stand guard for you that Allah would send an angel that would stand guard for you and protect you from any shape on that could come anywhere near you throughout the night. And so just by making

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little just by reciting ayatul kursi. by reciting those things. You have an angel that stands guard for you. You have an angel that seeks forgiveness for you throughout the nights, you end your night well. So if you die that night on the ticket, then you return to a loss of hundreds are in a state of remembrance as opposed to in a state of whatever it is that you were doing before you went to sleep. And if you wake up in the morning, you wake up already oriented towards Allah subhanho wa Taala ready to cling back to those things that you went to sleep with so that you can continue your direction and your pursuit of him