When you disobey Allah – Scary Reminder

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The speakers discuss the importance of disobeying oneself and the need for a culture of peer. They use shay keyword and "has been seen" to indicate a desire to be greater, and emphasize the importance of showing one's true values and a long-term relationship with Islam. The use of "Grindled to Me" in certain situations, such as when someone is in charge of a project or when someone is the one who takes actions.

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Vanilla matters. karoon how little you're grateful welaka Kala Kanako sama, sawako somaclonal mala cottage Julie Adam Casa de la police very straightforward. I had to go through a brief transition before we get to the heavy subject we created you were the ones that created you were the ones who molded you. So I know what you like, because I made you and I know how I fashion you and I know the things I put inside of you. I don't know every one of your body parts and I know every one of your cravings and every one of your temptations. And then after creating your body, your physical body then I put something you know, something fascinating in you which Allah doesn't mention here but

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says from Nicola Monica to Julie Adam, we said to the angels makes it that Adam, all of them that will be accepted with the exception of at least let me come in a Saturday. He wasn't going to be from those who make mistakes that he wasn't going to do it on a Saturday, as opposed to saying masala mustard. Lamb jacobina surgeon he was never going to do it alone knew all along. He wasn't going to do it. Carla manaka Natasha is Mr. Talk. Allah said, what what have anything what possibly prevented you to make such that when I told you when I commanded you, Allah And I don't mean the story is not the focus of the day to day but it's important to build this conversation. He says I'm

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better than him. Kannada Hiraman, me now.

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You made me from fire. You made him from clay. You know, a cafe does not believe that Allah made him.

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A cafe does not believe that a less harlot.

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These are the words of a police and the police says Halekulani. You made me. He doesn't just believe in a lie. He's talking to a lion. He's acknowledging that allies his creator, his gopher is not just have not I don't believe a lie exists. Has this belief is actually his disobedience. I'll say that three times. Is this belief is his disobedience. His disbelief is his disobedience. His disbelief is his disobedience. Why am I saying it three times? Because there are people in the audience who disobey Allah and they say it's not that bad. At least I still believe.

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At least I'm still sound like I'm a kafir I do some stuff. I know it's messed up. But it's not like I'm a disbeliever his disbelief was his disobedience.

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shaytaan shavonne will not he doesn't need to get you to disbelieve. You can still call a lawyer creator.

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All shaitaan has to do is get you to what? disobeyed.

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All he needed to do is get you to disobey you have to understand that and if you keep telling yourself at the end of it at least I still believe in Allah. That should be good enough for me then shaitan believed in Allah to he did exactly that. That's why I'm repeating that three times. He got that point that's really important for this conversation conducted even Dr. human thing

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Amalia cannula and Taka Baraka and Allah said get down from here. It is not appropriate for you to be to show your arrogance here to think to consider yourself big here to make yourself big before Allah. What is the thing we say every time we go into Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater, Allah is greater, Allah is greater, which means I am not. I'm not. I am not. And Allah says when you disobey, that means you're greater. You think you're greater? That's this obedience. So Allah says to him, it's not appropriate for you to be arrogant in this place. phosphoprotein Naka mina salvini then get out of here, leave your cast out. You are from those who've been humiliated,

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assaulted on here means humiliated, call me in Iommi, Bastogne?

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He said, just give me time. Wait for me, allow me a little bit extra deadline until the day these people will be raised again.

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Until the day where human beings are going to be raised again. He asked Allah give me time until Judgment Day. Allah says Kala intercommunal mazarine Allah says you will be given time until you are among those who have been given time, I am allowing you to stay that long or low might disagree whether it bleeds diet or not. These are the progeny of uglies or whether this is obese himself. But the shout out endo Khurana he stayed there he stayed and he was like even there are Hadith in which he had like the prophets. I saw them face him. You know, I saw some so he did stay and he's around that at least that same oblique is still around, and he's got his armies and he's got his minions

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that continue to do the rest of us on his behalf, including himself. So Allah says, I'll give you time until you know,

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intercommunal Marine, basically he got in trouble with a lot because of us.

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In his mind, who does he blame

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You know, your your your two sisters in the house, not sisters in Islam, siblings.

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Your two sisters in the house. And you're both in the room. And one of them is on the phone and the other one says, get off the phone. I was talking on the phone.

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And then the other one puts it down and says you can't tell me what to do

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and start fighting each other. And then one of them gets in trouble. I'm not going to tell you which one.

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One of them gets in trouble. Now she got into trouble with the parents. But who does she like? Look at with these eyes that could shoot lasers.

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You blame your sister. It's your fault. You hate you.

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My parents hate me because of you. There's nothing that's wrong with me. I don't have a temporary issue.

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I don't have any problems. It's you that made me look bad.

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So this is now vanilla masala. It's still a relationship of quorum, at least is what he wants to show his close to Allah. And now he's been humiliated because of the presence of who human being he develops this hatred for human beings. And he says, yellow Let me prove to you You made the wrong choice. Let me prove to you you should not have honored them You should have honored me. Let me prove to you that you should not have gotten me in trouble. They should be the ones in trouble. Give me time until Judgment Day forbid my attorney because you made me slip because you made me do wrong. You trap me into the second secondarily, he blames Allah to the Aqua Roden Allah home Sara takamasa

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team, I will sit waiting for them God Allah who in Arabic means to sit somewhere and wait to ambush somebody. Cada means to sit somewhere and would allow means to wait and you're waiting to ambush somebody. Like imagine on outside the door. One of you guys is behind the door of the machine with a baseball bat. Waiting for your friend to come out

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with a baseball bat with flowers or something I don't know.

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But the idea is you hide and you wait for somebody to show up and then you attack them.

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And somebody who's waiting in ambush is exposing himself or not. He's not exposing himself and does he attack all the time or at the right moment? He waits for the right moment and then he attacks right so that's captured inside the awkward Odin Allah home salata kalvista team, I will be on the straight path, but I won't come out all the time. I'll find the right moment. And then I'll slip something in and slip out before they can realize I was there. And that I that I said something to them. So Malati and now Khomeini ad him, then I will come at them from right in front of them. What is what is right in front of us the straight path leads to agenda, I will come at them and say don't

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go here. Don't Don't go too far. Man. I gave you something right now. You got to work for Jenna. I'll give them short term benefits. I'm giving you one of the one of the many interpretations of each he'll come at them from in front of them woman hug female come from behind them. I'll come from behind them pulling them. You know, someone who's attacking you from behind wants you to stop, you're making progress and they want you to stop and they want you to head back. This expression is using the Quran and caloptima aka be calm, you can turn back on your heels you're going to reverse you are making progress towards Allah you start reversing, I will see that they're making progress

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and I'll start yanking them back I'll attack them from behind while I'm Shama in him and

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in him I'll come at them from the right and from their left this has been interpreted in many ways but they're right means they'll be among good company I'll still come to them they'll be in Bad Company I'll still come to them

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because on your you mean you're on You're doing good. I'll come down the right side is associated with good deeds. The left side is associated with mad deeds. So from your from the right even when they're doing good deeds, I'll still slip myself in. Even when you're reading Parana slip He'll slip himself in that's why les has failed Karnataka on for size Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. You reading Quran seek refuge of Allah from shaitan Why are you doing a good deed? Once you're done got to do with a good deed? No, I'll come at them. When they're doing good deeds, I'll attack them when they're doing bad deeds, I won't stop. I'll find the opportunity when I tell you to accept a home

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shocking and then you'll see you won't, you'll find most of them are ungrateful, you're not going to find most of them grateful at all. In other words, when they disobey you when they obey me, that means they are not grateful to you. Where did this passage begin? Allah said, we put you on the earth and we gave you lots of means to live well, right? Remember that? What is he? What is how is the continuation of speech going here? Allah is teaching us look that Allah asked us a few things that we shouldn't do.

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There are a few things we're not supposed to do. Most of what is on this earth is halal for us. How many meats are haram for us? We can count them. Compare that to what are the things that are allowed for us uncountable how many drinks are haram for us? Basically different variations of the same product, right? And how many kinds of drinks are halal for us?

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You can count them there. That's an uncountable amount. So the comparison between what Allah

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pindus for us to enjoy, and the things I said to stay away from these things. There's no comparison and you still go after the few things he told you not to do, then you are ungrateful. And we believe says, look, the entire world you've opened for them and you've made halaal for them, but the few things you've made Haram, I'm going to make them do those. And you'll see they're not grateful. They don't appreciate all the things you did give them. They only appreciate they only want to go for the things that are forbidden on them. When I told you to accept a home, Shackleton called Afro German hammers.

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Get out of here. You've been you're guilty, you're humiliated, and you're being cast away, pushed out kicked out lamentably are coming home, whoever follows you among them, whoever follows you among them. Allah doesn't say whoever disbelieves in me.

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That's not a condition. The only condition I'll put here is whoever listens to you, whoever pays attention to you. shavon among them, is it possible a Muslim will listen to shape, we're a bigger target, whoever follows you among them. And jahannam amin come in not mean how much money I will fill Hellfire I swear to it with all of you all together. He doesn't say all of them. He says all of you. This is this is actually latonia to scare you, ready to challenge you. The one reading Quran is like Wait, where did you come from? I thought Allah was gonna say, I will fill Hell with them. He says I will feel hell with you.

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You're reading the book and all of a sudden it's pointing at you. It's pointing at you and me.

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not follow shirt on. Because the only way it's pointing at you is if you follow Chet on.

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So you get really terrified.

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You know, it's a means of terrifying to go switch immediately to the second person.