Mohammed Hijab – Christianity Was not Spread by the Sword

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the Bible as an author for Prophet Muhammad's teachings, particularly in the west of Jesus Christ's. They also mention a recent statement from the Roman government that they were not afraid of the Holy Spirit, but rather focused on showing the power of the Holy Spirit. The speaker suggests that history is misread and that the difference between Islam and crisis is due to the spread of the holy Spirit.
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One question from a job. Thank you. Great Debate, Mr. Job. Sorry. Yes, sir. Yes.

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The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam uses the Bible as his basis to validate his prophethood, especially in the west of Jesus Christ where Jesus Christ said, I'm going to the Father and I'll send you a comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who be with you and teach you into all truth, like one of your famous apologists are making that refers to that scripture as the validation for Prophet Muhammad's Prophethood. Now, what do we make of what Jesus Christ said emphatically to His disciples, that they should go and wait upon him in Jerusalem, and then the spirits will come on them. And in the book of Acts, we witness a spectacle where the Holy Spirit comes to the disciple as

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cloven tongues on fire. And we see a significant transformation from in the lives of the disciples. And from there, even the Roman government could not resist the power and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit at work into disciples. And over the years, Christianity has prayed not by sword, but by the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. How do we reconcile these demonstrations of the Holy Spirit? reference to what?

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Okay, so there are a few points. First thing he said is about taking the Bible as an authority. Yes, the Quran says the engine, the Torah, but the original one center of Moses and Jesus and the evidence of that as chapter five verse 46, where it talks about a feminine body in the eyes of the Miriam and then it goes well, yeah, engine demanded Alavi the lamb here is a lamb Talia says this meaning it goes back to the previous passage. And the next verse, chapter five, verse 48, says, well, Mohammed and Allah the Quran is a garden over the Bible. Yes, this book is a garden over this, so isn't authority in as much as it does not contradict the Quran, according to the Quran. Now,

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that's point 1.2. about Christianity not being spread by the sword is a misreading of history. Actually, if you look at Constantine and the theodosian code, actually, the only way presents is spread through the Roman Empire was through the sword, look at the primary source material, but the theodosian code from theodosian is the second he enforced Nicene trinitarianism by force, according to all of the historians across the whole of the Roman Empire until the pagan religions of the Romans were completely disappeared, not to mention, of course, colonialism, not to mention, of course, the Spanish colonists, not to mention, of course, one of the biggest, one of the biggest

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casualties in war in human history. Yes. One of the biggest was when the Spanish Empire and the French Empire and the British Empire spread. It's your country and Africa is spread everywhere. Don't tell me.

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Don't tell me it wasn't spent by the sword. What are you talking about?

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The difference between Islam and Christianity in this regard was that Islam spread organically, whereas Christianity required a man who was an empire at that time to spread it forcefully. We fought as Muslims, the bigger enemy, you were the bigger enemy fighting the smaller people. That's the difference. Tell me about these things. This is misread history.

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