Yasir Qadhi – The Message of Surah Ya Sin

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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So recited the ending of surah Yaseen and Surya sin is a surah that every single Muslim in the world loves. Of course, we love the whole Koran. But surah Yaseen has a special place in our hearts and there is a reason for this. In our famous books of Hadith and kotoba sitter, there are at least five narrations about the blessings of surah. Yaseen. Perhaps the most famous of them is to different Heidi to two different chains in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said that he has seen is the heart of the Koran. Both of the chains are slightly weak but put together the concept is authentic, that you are seen is the color by color here, it means that just

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by color period means basically the summary. It is the most important it is the literally in English, the heart of the Quran, everything has a heart and the heart of the Quran is your scene. There's another Hadith as well into the movie, which is week one, it goes back to an SNL basally and it has celibacy is a great Tabori. But he is narrating with a missing chain. So there's a missing link in it. So at least has an ability said this, whether it goes back to the processor or not. We don't know it so it's slightly weak. And in this narration, our Cassandra varsity said is intermediate that whoever recites Surya seen in one night meaning in one sitting, has seen she'll be

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forgiven. So this is another blessing. And of course, definitely the most authentic blessing of surah Yaseen and we know this because we have multiple reports of our setup. Our early roadmap to do this, of the most authentic reports is the one in which we are told to recite surah Yaseen over those that are about to pass away. Whereas we're told to recite surah Yaseen over those who are about to pass away. Now, what is the message of Surya seen and I only have five minutes to have to summarize what he has seen in a few minutes inshallah, but inshallah it will be done and of course, much more can be said. So, the scene has an introduction, three parts and a conclusion. So, Dr.

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scene has an introduction, three parts and a conclusion. In the introduction, Allah subhana wa tada mentions the introduction, the book, The Prophet, the Xerox and the destination, you are seen, and the Quran will Coronel Hakeem and the prophet in their criminal mursaleen. And what is he doing either scrotum was tucked in. So you have the message the messenger, you have the way you have the light and the guidance and you have the destination, which is Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the introduction that is set up. The first part of it is the past history. The second part is the present the signs around us. And the third part is the future, the day of judgment and heaven and

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*. So in the first part, we study the story of the past. And in each of these stories, and in the introduction, and in the conclusion, there is one theme, and that is the theme of resurrecting the dead, the theme of Allah's power in being able to resurrect the dead and being prepared to meet Allah when we are resurrected. That is the essential theme of surah Yaseen. And by the way, that is why we're supposed to recite surah Yaseen, upon those that are about to die, you're not going to really die die, you're just going to die in this world, which you're going to live forever. In the next world, this death is the bodily death you will live on. So the purpose of your scene to be

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recited on the dying one is actually it makes it easy to depart. Because the rule has been told you're going to live forever, the rule does not die. So in the introduction, we have the reference of life and death in the story, which is the first part of the first of the three, we have life and death, because the man is killed. And then what happens to that hole in Jannah, he is entering Jenna. So we have life and death over here, in the middle part, which is the signs which is the current the present, Allah mentions three signs. Well, Ayatollah homall aren't the earth and the heavens, that's the second sign, and the signs of our own creation. So we have the sign of the

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earth, it'll come back to life, we have the sign of the heavens and the one who is that powerful you think life and death is a problem for the one who created the heavens and the earth, and then we have the sign of the fool. So by the way, these three signs are very profound, because the first sign is around us the earth. The second sign, it is on top of us, it is the heavens. And the third sign, it is the miracles or the I should say, the blessings that Allah has allowed us to do, right? Well, I took the one that is the full, write the full, we actually make it with our hands. It's not to the same genre as the idea of the heavens and the

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Northwich alone makes directly, but what we are able to do with our hands, Allah is saying, I gave you that knowledge. I gave you the qudra to ride the oceans to build these cars to go in aeroplanes down supercomputers, I gave you that power. And in this is an idea, the very fact that you have these technological advancements, you didn't get it, how did you learn it, I gave you the brains, I gave you the strength, I gave you the utensils. And so all of these ayat is also a sign that I am there. And I'm able to do this. So these are the three signs of the present. So we have the past, we have the present. And then of course, we have the future. And of course, the futures wonderful, have

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a sore, the trumpet is blown. And then what we recited in South Asia, in those horrible gender, and then the US harbor Now I mentioned as well, so we have Heaven and *, we have resurrection. So we have past, present, and then the future and then of course, the conclusion, and the conclusion is literally hitting home we all know the famous story of obey the one who rejected the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that he picked up a bone and he crumbled in his hands and he said, Yeah, Mohammed, do you really think that our UAE away

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from him? Do you think that Allah can resurrect this bones after it is crumpled in dust and in front of the Prophet system, he crumpled the bones so Allah subhana wa tada revealed surah, Yaseen, WA Baba and MSL, and when I see a Holocaust, he thinks he's giving us an example by crumpling the bones, and he forgets his own creation, or the manual form over here. I mean, he asks, Who is going to resurrect the bone? So Allah quoted the oroshi, Allah quoted him before surah Yaseen was revealed he didn't know what's going to be revealed. He asked the question, so the scene comes down as a response to that question, while barraba method and when I see a Holocaust, he gives us a challenge,

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and he forgets himself. Look at yourself, you flesh and bones, you that is breathing, eating, living creature, you that is able to walk and comprehend, don't you see where you came from? Have you been blind to your own creation, that you're worried about a bone or barabara method and want to see a falfa and that's the problem of arrogant people who reject God, no sign is greater than your own sign. No sign is more miraculous than you yourself. And if you yourself are not assigned to yourself, do you think anything around you is going to be assigned if you are blind to your own creation, and you don't even realize that you needed a creator, then what other sign is going to

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guide you? Well, I thought about NMF when I see a parliamentary Obama here, I mean, he led

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the one who created you for the first time, the one who created you, oh cafard, who rejects Allah azza wa jal who rejects the Day of Judgment, who rejects Heaven and *, the one who created you can create all of this because all he has to say is good for your Kuhn if there is one idea that summarizes all of Surya seen it is summer the Mercedes the first of the first page of the ayah and that is that when Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran that in the Hello know he'll Mota when equitable market demo. This is the area that summarizes all of surah Yaseen in motor one up to wuma demo wakulla Shana suena movie Emma movie, we are going to resurrect the dead without a doubt we're

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going to resurrect the dead and not only are we going to resurrect the dead, but all that they have done will also be resurrected with them and what their legacies are and what their deeds are all of it will be resurrected because we have recorded everything in a magnificent book. May Allah subhana wa tada make us understand the beauty and the blessings of surah Yaseen, may Allah make the Quran a chef for us on the day of judgment and cause it to intercede for us on his day was saramonic masala he

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