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Gatto Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala and obviously low on Ernie he was like a biggie woman well so it's been a while since we've done our Monday night reminders and hamdulillah but I mean we have finished the for those left behind series we've gotten back into full swing with the first series which in Sharla to Anna, we will be reaching a milestone of 40 episodes with an IE Tyler right before the Milan so inshallah tada that's back in full swing. And of course we have Milan now just a few weeks away and inshallah tada with Ramadan coming up, beating it tada I'm going to be putting out quite a few reminders in sha Allah to Allah, about how to prepare ourselves for

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them alone, as we do every year and no matter how much we prepare ourselves of course we're talking about preparing ourselves we can never do enough so stay tuned in sha Allah tada and also, I know that many have asked about the Ramadan series inshallah Tada This year is on hold on series is very, very special to me. Personally, I have been working on this year's on a long series since last year in the sense of how we would actually put it out in sha Allah tala and how we would put it together in a way that would have the same impact in the night Allah that Allah loves hat and that the angel series had which is really bringing our creed into our lives to where our worship and our character

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is transformed. So stay tuned and shout lots out we'll be announcing the noodle Milan series within it Tyler within a few days inshallah Tada. So please make your app for its success and make sure that you stay tuned and inshallah Tana will also be having around 30 for 30 again this year inshallah tada with my beloved colleague, Sheikh Abdullah guru and other Messiah inshallah Tata joining us on a nightly basis so there's a lot of time that a lot of but I mean coming up and I pray that inshallah Tao you'll continue to stay engaged and that you will make dua for our success and that Allah subhanaw taala make you successful. In preparing for Ramadan Allah living now Ramadan May

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Allah Subhana Allah allow us to live to see it all alone and accept our deeds in Ramadan. and beyond. In sha Allah to Allah to tonight, though, what I want to do is actually connect the subject of fasting to the Friday football. So the last few hot buzz have been about our thoughts, how we think of others, how we think of ourselves and how we think in ourselves. And the idea of occupying our thoughts. And Subhanallah, as I was, you know, reviewing some of the material about Ramadan prep, I came across one of my favorite

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portions of the chapter of fasting from any moment has led Rahim Allah to Allah, where he talks about the three degrees of fasting, and it is so directly tied to the Friday hultman that I couldn't help but bring it in now in Charlottetown. And talk about what this means in regards to our thoughts. He said that you should know that fasting is of three levels, and he describes them as the following. He says there's so much more, which is the general fasting, the fasting of the masses, if you will, the most basic level of fasting. And then he says, there are some rules, there is the special fasting, meaning it is a select group of people that undertake this level of fasting. And

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then there is some hustle side hustles, there is the fasting of the special of the special, meaning a small group from amongst an already small group of righteous people. And so that is the highest level of fasting. So he says, As for Solomon at the moment, as for the general fasting, the most basic level of fasting for kephale botany, well, we'll follow G and cola shower, he says that it is to restrain the stomach and the private parts and a lot of shaohua from all of their desires. And what that means is that obviously, when we fast, the most basic level of fasting is the physical fasting, where we reduce or we restrain ourselves rather fully from food and from intimacy. So he

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says that that is the most basic level of fasting, the restraint of the stomach and their straight of the private parts from their desires being food, and of course, drink and intimacy. And then he says, Well, I'm Mel Solomon hustles. He says, As for the second level, which is the the special fasting, that is the fasting of the righteous, so this is the fasting of Aslan to hain. He says For who a calf was summary. Well bacillary well Lisa Annie well Yadier. What originally was that it will jawara he and I thought that it is to restrain a person's hearing to restrain their sight to restrain their tongue to restrain their hands to restrain their feet and to restrain all of their

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body parts from that which is displeasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. So these are the people that realize the goal of siyam the goal of fasting quotevalet como siyam okemah acquity ballerina in public on the helicopter

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talk on fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed on those that came before you so that you may gain taqwa you become mindful of Allah subhanaw taala pious and that causes you to abandon that which brings about his displeasure, so to kill him I'll see to abandoned since. So this is the second degree of fasting and of course we know that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that whoever does not leave off false speech, foul speech, and acting upon that, then Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of them leaving off their food and their drink and their intimacy. Right. So this is where we strive to be, to have our fasting accepted in the spiritual

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sense, and to realize the goal of Ramadan, the goal of fasting, to not use the faculties that Allah subhanaw taala has given us in a way that is displeasing to him, to obviously learn through abstaining from the permissible how to wholly abstain from the prohibited. But then there's the third level and this is what ties to the Juma hotbar, where he mentioned song hustles and hustles. He mentions the fasting of the Select of the select the special of the special, a small group of people. And he mentions that this is the fasting of the heart from lowly thoughts from lowly feelings, well of Caledonia, we, and the fasting of the person from thoughts of this world, and

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leaving off that which does not which is not directly tied to Allah subhana wa Tada. So leaving off the thoughts that are not tied to Allah in the fullest sense. So it is leaving off worldly thoughts and leaving off worldly concerns and occupying your thoughts with Allah subhanaw taala the fasting of the thoughts and this is the fasting of sun. This is the fasting of excellence. To give you an idea when we talk about Salah when we talk about prayer, the emphasis when you're talking about Oh sure, when you're talking about achieving humility in prayer is removing distractions, right, you know, people strive to get to a place where they're not thinking about other things when they're in

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prayer when they are attentive to Allah subhanaw taala in prayer. So it's removing those thoughts, and trying to perfect your salon, that sense of guarding your prayer, guarding the external elements of your prayer and guarding the internal elements of your prayer, guarding your thoughts in prayer, guarding your heart and prayer. But then the third level, or the equivalent of the third level of fasting here in regards to prayer is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam additional behind Beloved, comfort us with an OB Don, where he looked forward to the prayer where prayer was his relief from this world, where he enjoyed his prayer sallallahu wasallam. And that's certainly where

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we should strive to be as well and that is a son, that's excellence, right? That's worshipping Allah, as if you can see him. And this is particularly important Subhanallah when we're talking about you know, the thoughts and we're talking about the greatest goal here is to conquer your thoughts because if you conquer your thoughts, then you will not allow bad thoughts negative thoughts, to you know, to become negative actions and then to become negative habits right. So if you conquer your thoughts and occupy them with good things, then that allows you to move to the next level with Allah subhana wa tada and when you are thinking of Allah more, you are feeling right in

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the in the spiritual sense you are feeling that which brings you closer to Allah subhanaw taala more and you are habitually doing those things that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala naturally and you find the purification of your intentions to be seamless, because that pure intention is arising out of pure thoughts and arising out of a steady connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala we also find some how to lower the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know gives us this this one touch I'm mostly about Tana Fie Dena do not make our tragedy in regards to our Deen in regards to our religion, what tetyana dunya Kabbalah hamina and do not make this world our greatest concern when

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another lover Elmina and do not make us that all that we know about. So do not make all of our knowledge just worldly knowledge, and of course not to place upon us whether to sell it on aina men lay or hamona and do not place on top of us are placed in charge of us those who do not show us mercy do not put us at the mercy of oppressors and those that are cruel so why not attach it to dunya acabado hamina right Do not let the world become our greatest concern. Don't let our thoughts always be surrounding this world. Do not let that which preoccupies our thoughts be worldly. So worldly is not even necessarily sinful. But you want to get to a point where you are thinking more

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about Allah subhana wa Tada. You're thinking more about the hereafter and so

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Your concerns surround that which transcends this dunya and the barriers of this dunya the barriers of this world. And so as you're concerned surrounds that, then your actions, your deeds, that are meant to be pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala are fully pointed in that direction. And you are, you're occupying your thoughts with that, right. And so, that is a clear connection between one of the goals of fasting. And one of the goals of life right is to conquer those thoughts early on, as we said, before they even become off guard before they become settled thoughts, to even conquer our our passing thoughts, right to not let our passing thoughts become settled thoughts when they are

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sinful, and they take us away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And, you know, of course, I'd liken this to a person that has an important exam ahead of them or has an important engagement ahead of them right there thinking about that, that is what is occupying them. And if you think about when the Prophet slice alum, would wake people up for gamma Laila, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would encourage people to do good What would he impress upon them the urgency of the hereafter the urgency of the hereafter hi yellow Salah Hello, come to the prayer come to true success. So we pray that Allah subhana wa tada allow us to achieve the fasting of the stomach and the fasting of the private

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parts and the fasting of all the limbs and the fasting of our thoughts this similan and that that becomes something that we can then carry with us with the lightoller as a regimen in life and Shawn Montana, so Zach, hello, Hayden. I look forward to the next few weeks with you in sha Allah to Allah, getting ready for Ramadan and sha Allah to Allah and planning to put out quite a bit in sha Allah to Allah and at European and sha Allah to Allah collectively we're planning to put up quite a bit in sha Allah to Allah and inshallah tada I pray that we reach on the bond and that Allah accepted from us and that we are forgiven through it and that our stations are raised in his sights

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upon hotaka and that we are brought together in his pleasure in this life and the next element I mean, just like mono height on cinema and equal