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Protecting Oneself from the Punishment of the Grave

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smilla Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine about so I had mentioned talking about some of the explicit reasons for a double public and I had not finished the list, and today inshallah we'll finish that list and then move on to protection from our double cover. So to begin very quickly, number one was Cofer.

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And of course gopher and shark number two is nifa. Number three, which is primarily for the Muslims the common cause of a double cover will be not purifying oneself from urine is ninja number four I had mentioned the Mima which is tattletaling number five Riba? Number Six we had done arrogance or not number six, we did arrogance kibber. Okay. Okay, number seven now, arrogance and pride number seven. Today we begin with number seven. Number seven of the explicit reasons for Isobel popper mentioned in the Hadith wailing over the dead, wailing over the dead. And there are a number of traditions in this regard. And this is a very interesting topic as well. Or modibbo have thought about the older one when he was stabbed to death, and he was bleeding to death and he was taken to his room, and the doctor said to him, call us we cannot save you. One of the companions sohaib Rumi entered in and he began to cry. And he said wha ha wha Sahiba This is an Arabic expression wha

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something ah means all What a tragedy This is, oh, how am I going to live after this? Oh, the loss of a noble brother. This is a specific type of Arabic phrase that is used when somebody dies. Why something Ah, Wah ha, wah, wah wah, something. So, it's the type of whaling that is done for the dead. I'm gonna talk about the last one. While he's bleeding to death. He literally has a few hours left. He says also hate. Are you crying over me? And don't you know that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in May yetta you are there will be valuable Katya Haley, he I lay, the dead person is punished, the may hit is punished for some of the crying that the dead does or the the people do over him. So he forbade him to will and cry. So this is a famous Hadith reported in behati that in Elma yet the dead person is punished for the crying of the living over him. Now, this Hadeeth generated controversy from the time of the Sahaba up until our time

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the first person to reject it in its explicit wording is none other than I should have the loved one. Hmm. She said no. This is not what the profitsystem said.

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This is not what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam said, and this hadith also in Mojave, so this is a type of back and forth between the Sahaba themselves over what is the meaning of this hadith. And I shudder the Allahu anhu said, may Allah have mercy on Omar rhodiola, Juan, Yanni she's not criticizing Omar she's criticizing the memory of Omar. May Allah have mercy on Omar rhodiola one, rather, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law her lazy dual calf era either been dibaca li ie the calf fear his punishment is increased when his family cries for him. Then she recited the famous verse in the Quran, while Tesla was zero tune wizard or Ohara. Now, before I move on what is going on here? So very, very deep topic that I want you all to understand. It is a topic that raises a lot of questions. Unfortunately, today's lecture will not answer all of them, but it you should start thinking along these lines, I shadow the loved one who is saying, how could the

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professor Some say that the mate is being punished for the crime of the living over the immediate? It's not possible? Because a law says what it says it was a rotten wizard.

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No soul shall bear the burden of another soul and who is crying the living who is being punished

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The dead eye shadow the law under saying How is that possible? Now this is very deep I hope you guys are following. She is saying this is not possible because it contradicts the Quran.

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And this is the beginning of what is called later scholars called it mutton criticism. Criticism of this mutton the mutton is the statement of the Hadith is not as the chain of narratives are the most of the science of Hadith is dedicated to analyzing the chain. But there is a sub branch, which is highly contentious. It's something that a lot of people talk about, and it's a topic within the science of Hadeeth. How and when do you criticize the content of the Hadeeth?

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What if something doesn't make sense about the wording of the Hadith? And you understand why this is problematic? Because where does this end? What if you don't like something that Hadith is and he likes it? What if he doesn't like it? And she likes it? What if where does this end, and that's a very good topic needs to be discussed. But for now, I simply want to lay the parameters. The concept of criticizing the mutton is nothing new. It's not something that goes back to only the modernist and aquilani Union, the progressives, which we become very critical for and we should be critical. There is a Sunni methodology of criticizing the method itself. And when you criticize the mutton, the goal is not to argue to Villa to build or criticize the Profit System is to criticize the memory of one of the narrators, somebody messed up. That's the point here, that the profit system could not have said this. And the narrator is making a mistake when he is ascribing this wording to the Profit

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System. So much and criticism a lot of people get highly. Understandably, the only concerned method criticism is not rejecting Hadith, because they don't make sense to you know, Metin criticism is criticizing the memory of some narrator that somebody messed up, he mentioned something you shouldn't have said, because there are other facts that contradict this wording of the Hadith. So one would have no authority alone. One is saying, in the later years, there will be buka highly highly.

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This is exactly what our mother said, well, the last one, the may yet is punished for the crying of the living family over him. And I Isha when she hears this or the alarm on her, she says, may Allah have mercy on Omar, I'm not accusing Omar mela Mercia, but I am a lot more. But the prophets are some could not have said this.

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And she mentioned another Hadith, which is not the exact same, but you can see that it is possible that a variation occurs and that had the eighth is the calf or who's being punished anyway, he's going to be punished for his Cofer. He is also punished by hearing the crying of his family over his death. You see, it changes the whole meaning all together. Right now. This has generated controversy from the time of the Sahaba up until later scholars as well. And as I said, it is a very interesting topic. But I just want to put into your heads this notion that don't be surprised when I or anybody else comes and says Look, this mutton this wording does not make sense, not because it goes against my outcome, your outcome. But because there are other issues that don't match up with this and then you quote something that is more powerful than this one wording because you see the wordings are fallible, the wordings are narrated by meaning the narrators are narrating by meaning not by exact,

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they are just giving the gist. And sometimes when you give the gist of what you heard, you might bring a word that the speaker didn't say.

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So this is what nothing criticism is. Now, to make a long story short, and this is a very long story. Our scholars tried to decipher what is going on here are these two separate Hadeeth did or model the last one narrated by wording an Irish has has the actual meaning, or did I show you know what is going on here. And some have said that actually, this is something that the mayor will be punished for. If he made it a habit that in his family there will be wailing over the dead. And he didn't stop that. So when he dies, then he will be punished that why didn't you stop your own family from doing this sin? This is one interpretation and it is an interpretation. Okay, now, by the way, you all know what wailing over the dead it is. How do you know this right? What is wailing? wailing is not the same as crying everybody should know. Our Prophet system cried multiple times. Because of death. He cried when he visited his mother's grave Amina and his beard became wet.

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And he cried when his son Ibrahim was about to pass away. And there were tears when oma his granddaughter as well. What so there are multiple narrations of tears in the eyes of the Prophet so set up for the issue of any sickness or the issue of death and there's nothing wrong with that. And our Prophet says, and when Ibrahim was on his last and he was gasping like this, he was gasping the narration goes he's about to pass away. The Prophet system is sobbing. Why would you not solve it is his son. And they were surprised. They said, Ted chiaro, Sula, la do you cry or sort of La meaning we thought it is haraam. And he said that crying is the Rama that a lot of places in the hearts of his servants, there's an authentic hadith in berhadiah has a wording a Muslim man has the Muslim Imam and has a longer wording that crying but his mother a lot of places in the hearts of his servants. And this is by the way, a very important tangent Oh brothers especially it is not a lack

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of manliness. If you cry rubella, some people think if I cry, then I'm somehow showing that I'm not a regular man. And the Profit System is crying. And to be cold hearted that you don't ever break down crying. This is not to sign up for a hammer, it is a sign of that you have a tender heart that occasionally that for a reason that is understandable. Even a man will break down crying not a problem. It is something that is human nature. And it is a sign of what I'm about to do so. So our profit system is telling us it is a sign of what I'm not to a problem to cry when there is a crisis taking place. So crying is definitely not forbidden. Now, here is the point though, and I have to be honest here. Clearly,

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I would have no authority Allahu wa and his understanding was not the same as an issue of the loved one how he felt that anybody crying is going to be a cause of punishment for for the one that is made, because sohaib rhodiola, one did not use an expression that is haraam. He simply said, oh, whoa to our companion, I feel sorry for our companion in and of itself. So however, the law one did not go beyond the red line. What is the red line? The red line is to say something that is essentially any linguistically or technically, Cofer. How am I going to live now? Who will take care of me? How will we survive? This is wailing that is how long you understand all of us that are key that is contradicted when you say this, you understand this, if somebody says, Who will take care of me, I will be the one who took care of you, when this person was alive will take care of you when this person is dead. The One Who allowed you to live when the person was alive will allow you to

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live after the person. So this phrase, how will I live after you? That is Hello.

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But to say a whole I am hurt? Ah, life is going to be difficult. This is all Helen, that's not crossing the red line. I am sad. The profitsystem himself is saying he's crying. And he is saying what in that article Abraham What am I doing? We are very sad or Abraham that you're leaving us still think how wrong to say that I am sad. I am life is going to be difficult. Okay, life is gonna be difficult. Yes. That's not how long to say anything like this. So what so what are the law one said is not the technical definition of whaling yet or omata said don't do that.

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So this clearly shows that our model the law, Hawaiian, and I shall the loved one had their understandings were different. Some later scholars, they try to any always they tried to bring tofield Oh, that's good for them. But technically speaking, I think it is obvious that there are two understandings were different, another interpretation.

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And this is a good one, that when the Prophet system is saying the may yet UI VUB, he is not talking about the technical Isobel cover that we are talking about, he is talking about distress, which is a type of either in other words, there may it will not be consoled by the crying of his living ones, when they cry, when they will, the May it is not going to like this, they may it is not finding comfort in the crying of his family. So this is one interpretation. And this is a good interpretation that

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the one who goes on to the next world does not benefit from the Wailing of the living. And it is possible that they might know of that wailing and it will cause them distress, but not as loud in the sense of a dub like punishment, because our Prophet says listen, I'm setting an authentic ID in suffer Lakota Dakota to monitor that traveling is a type of either up traveling is a type of job. Now the job of traveling is not like the job of janam it's not like the job of the cover, right? Even though some of you in economy all the way to Karachi feel that way with the kids around

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During the quality of the food, but come on, so powerless, not actual, any jahannam. Don't Don't make fun of gentlemen by comparing something like this, but what did our profit system call it suffer? Travel is the type of job. And is it not the type of data is not the type of either he called it either, but it is not either black either above copper or either above janam. So, the may yet is distressed by the crying of his family.

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This is an interpretation, and it is a valid interpretation. And it appears that a number of Sahaba understood this interpretation that is not as I will cover the way we're talking about in our series here, it's either meaning distress, so, when the dead one goes on, when he goes on, realize that whatever you say will not comfort him, say good things, not bad things say the only positive things and not things that might cause distress, and this is shown in another narration that will musella Shadi rhodiola one when he was on his deathbed and he's going in and out through the psychological mode, that one of the ladies of the household, she began crying out to wa Jalla wa say you da that oh my rock Geobella You are my rock Danny some doctor or some wife is saying to a moose Allah Shadi, you are our rock Now technically, it's okay to say this and you are giving us confidence support and you're nothing wrong with that was say Yoda, you are my say yes. And if she was a slave girl, for

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example, this will be even technically correct that will most unless it is her, say it. Then when of a masa Allah Shadi came to when he came back, he said that every time that I came that every time you said this, an angel said to me, are you like this? Are you like that? So when he passed away, none of the family cried over him.

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So what does this and this hadith isn't Timothy? So what does this show up? Well, Mo Salah Shadi understood that and he is actually telling us that when I was in my Psychonauts when I'm coming in and out that when you are crying that all our rock is dying. Oh our say you this dying on Angel taunted me. Are you there rock mint, you understand what rock means here? Even in English, we say you're my rock. You might You're my source of strength. Are you their source of strength? Right? Are you their leader and master? Now this is either in the sense of taunting, it's not either in the sense of actual punishment. Okay, so when he passed away, none of his family then said anything like this. And the famous author or sorry, scholar Abdullah, Mubarak, the famous Deborah Tabby, Abdullah Mubarak, he said, I hope that if the person made it his lifestyle, that he did not allow his family to well over the debt, that even if they will over him when he dies, he will not be punished for

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what they have done. Okay, so, long story short, there are a number of interpretations of wailing over the dead, and either we'll cover and I'll just mention two of them, even though there are more. The first interpretation is that this is actual Isobel cover. And that if the person consistently allowed the wheeling over the dead, it was a part of their lifestyle, and he didn't stop them. So when he dies, he will actually be punished in a genuine Isobel Cobra, because he allowed his family to do a major sin and he is responsible for stopping that major sin. That's one interpretation. The other interpretation No, no, no, no, this is not as I will cover in the sense of our series here. This is our double Cobra meaning a nuisance and irritation, that if his family or if the loved ones go beyond, yeah, not even the red line, the yellow line, they do things they shouldn't really it's not what's the habit to do, but it might not be how long to do, this person will be irritated that

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this is not the son of Allah, the son of Allah, you are dignified, even if you cry, but you don't say you know, what are the prophets or some say, I am sad, you are gone, or Abraham, this is dignity, to go beyond this, for example. And it the wrong thing to say is how am I going to live? This is clear cut, hold on. But the examples I've given here are in the gray area, you are our source of strength.

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It's not the same as saying how will we live but still, anyway, say something like this, a lot is the source, why it's due this gray area. So this interpretation says if the family members say these awkward phrases, then the person will be punished in the sense interrogated or find it hurtful, because it shouldn't be said. So this is some interpretations of this. Analyze

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The agenda is best in the end of the day. So this is point number seven, point number eight of the explicit things mentioned. stealing the minima of the battlefield, stealing the name of the battlefield. And this is an authentic had his body and Muslim in the issue of the Battle of word that somebody died on the Battle of Auschwitz. And the Sahaba praised him and they said, Oh, he died, a Shahid, honey, Allah who Good luck to him or congratulations to him. And our Prophet says, I said, No, he is being punished right now. Because the cloak that he stole and didn't declare, because you have to declare in the battlefield, the field called the Shetty, I says, anything you take, it must be declared and it will distribute distributed equally, you cannot just hide something in your pocket and go away. This is a type of stealing from the common good. That's the The rules are beyond the scope of our class. But this what the guy did, he stole something before he died a

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martyr. He basically took something without declaring it. And our Prophet system said, that cloak that he stole. It is wrapped around him and it is burning him right now in Jannah. That cloak that he stole. So when the people heard this, they began returning items they had put in their put in their things so much so somebody even returned a shoelace, Sherlock, which is their version of a shoelace. Sherlock actually is the strap that goes over your toe. Right? Somebody had taken that from a dead body. Right? And he put that back into the the pile and our profit system had you kept this, this would have been a shoelace of Johanna.

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Had you kept this this would have been a shamrock from Johanna. Now this is stealing from the honeymoon point number eight point number nine debt dying in a state of debts.

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deign debt, and you die and you owe people money. And we know from our traditions that dying in the state of debt is a very, very big issue.

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And our profit system would seek refuge in a law from whatever today any other region from having debt that is overpowering. We should try our best to live debt free to brothers and sisters try our best to never owe anybody money. It's a big Amana on our shoulders. That's why we should pay it off as fast as possible and only take called if we really need it and ask Allah to help us pay it off immediately. So the one who abuses this, the one who doesn't care, it's not on his mind. He doesn't prepare and the one who is callous and lacks in this regard. This is a major major sin. Now as for the one who is needful, he needs it and he's conscious inshallah This is a different thing. But the one who just Oh, can you give me a 10,000? Can you give me 5000 and he just wants the money. He doesn't care about paying it back this person, it is a major sin. And when this person dies, this is a major sin when he was abusing other people's generosity. So our Prophet sallallahu I sent him said

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Hadeeth is an urban Marja. The rule of the moment is more Allah suspended back until his debt is paid off. So our scholars mentioned, this is a type of either his role has not in peace, his role will be more luck, it is suspended. What does this mean? It means literally, the rule will not be in peace.

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It's not here, it's not there. It's not in its Mr. Car its final place. So the rule is held back. And it is in a state of anxiety until the debt is paid off. And there are many ahaadeeth about this, of them the famous one when a person's janazah came to the Prophet system and they all of his family came. And the Prophet says that I'm asked does he have a debt Jubilee, you must have told him and these because he usually did not ask this or sometimes he would not ask it. They said Yes, he does. So he said this, he said this to make a point. He said, then I will not pray somebody else pray for him. So one of them said Yasuda law, I will pay off his debt. Can you pray for him? So then he prayed for him. This was to make the point clear to all of us, don't take debt, something light. The point was to make it clear, don't take something likely. When the person says I will pay his debt, then you pray for him. He said then he would pray for him. So the point is that a major sin is to

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live a life of constantly being in debt for no valid reason. Again, we're not talking about somebody that needs to an end in our times. Usually we need the house and whatnot. This is understandable. Don't take this idea and go any to the level of extremism here. No, we're talking about somebody who takes advantage of other people's generosity, and he's just greedy for money and he doesn't care about paying the debt off. This is our scholar say this hadith applies to him. This is number nine, number 10 1112 and 13 four of them that are mentioned in one Hadith all of them are mentioned in one Hadith and these are

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CNU one

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Eating rubber and lying and Zina and not praying on time. These are all things that are mentioned in one Hadith is a very long Hadith it is in Bahati and Muslim. And it's a hadith that perhaps many of you have heard before. And it is a hadith that some people, some people assume occurred in the night of Islamic marriage. But Allah knows best This is a separate Hadith is not on the strong Mirage

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istorie Mirage, have other incidents, this had these in particular is not historically marriage. Someone had been Jude narrates that whenever the process and prayed for God, he would turn around and he would ask us who amongst you saw a dream last night. And if anybody saw a dream, we would tell him that dream. And so one day, he said, instead of asking them, he said, I saw a dream last night. So he's telling them of his own dream. I'm going to summarize it as long as it's like a page and a half of it. He said that I saw a dream last night that two men came to me. And they took me to have dhammapada said the Holy Land. This is why some people think that this is a strong mirage. However, this hadith is very clear. He saw it in a dream.

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It's a mirage. Was it a dream? Or was it a live event? Live Event please, nobody say it was a dream. I have a whole lecture about this. If it was a dream, there is no miracle in Asana, Mirage, is thrower Mirage was not a dream. It was an actual event. This Hadeeth is a dream. He said, I saw in a dream, two men came to me also it started Mirage, two men did not come up really came it started Mirage buraq came, etc. As such, so this is not a strong mirage. So a lot of when you hear the story, one Mirage, a lot of people take this, and they put it in there. And Allah knows best. This is a separate incident. So they took him to all of the others. And then he said I saw a person sitting down, and there was a man standing on him. And he was hitting him with a scalpel or a type of a knife and carving one side of the head, then he would turn the other side and do the same by the time he did on the other side, the first side would be cured. So then keep on doing this back

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and forth. So I said What is the matter with this man, they said, keep on going. So they kept on going. So we saw another man, he was lying down on his back, and another man was hitting him with a rock. And whenever the rock hit him, the rock would roll away, the first mount would go after the rock. In the meantime, the first one would be cured, he would then come back and hit him again. I said what is this they said keep on going. And again. So there are a number of things are mentioned of them. There is a that he saw a pit of fire in it that was shaped like a cylinder. And they were men and women upside down and there was fire in it and they would come up as the fire went, then the fire would come down and they would come down that would go up and down. And so on and so forth. Then he said I saw a person that was at a river of blood. And another man was standing on one side and a person in the middle of the river, every time that the person came to try to get out of the

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blood of river, he would be hit with a rock so he would be pushed back. And this would also be going on and on, so on and so forth. So I said Who is this they said keep on going. Then we kept on going until I saw a beautiful garden with a large tree in it. And there was an elderly man and lots of children around him. And

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there was in front of this man, also a fire. And they told me to come and I went into this garden and I saw a house it was more beautiful than any house I had seen. And the idea that goes on and on. I'm just quickly finishing up because I need to have a longer lecture after this. Then at the end, he says the profitsystem said to the two of them, you have taken me on a long journey. Now explain to me what I saw. So then the angels explained as for the one that you saw his head being split, this was the one who would lie about others and his lie would spread everywhere. In other words, this is the Mima and LIBOR and slander board and on top of that, he is saying something that causes harm to other people. He's saying something that it's lie, it's a slander and bohdan it's hurting the honor of families, it is breaking the marriage of people that is doing this his lie would be spread everywhere. So this will be done to him until Judgment Day.

00:29:46--> 00:29:50

As for the one whom you saw that his head was being

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

crushed open. This was a person whom Allah taught to the Quran to yet he would sleep the whole night and he would not act upon it during

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

The day and this is going to happen to him until judgment Dana sort of Los Alamos mafia. And as for the one whom you saw that the the men and women were hanging upside down, these are the people of Xena. And as for the one you saw swimming in the river of blood, these were the people who ate Riba and ask for the old man you saw with children around him. That was Ibrahim. And the children around him were the young kids who passed away without reaching Bulu. You know that, in our tradition, Ibrahim and sada will take care of any toddler and the infant who has passed away, they will be their caretakers until they're reunited with agenda. And as for the,

00:30:41--> 00:31:22

the house that you saw, that is your house. So the prophets of the law who are and as for me, this is God then asked for him, this is me guide. So God in the maker introduce themselves. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Can I enter my house? And they said, No, you still have life left in this dunya. When that life is over, then you can enter the house then I woke up. Now, this hadith is in behati and Muslim, it mentions Bhutan, it mentions eating Riba. It mentions Xena, and it mentions the one who knows the Quran but sleeps at night. Now our scholars say that this is the one who does not wake up for fudger

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This is the meaning of sleep the whole night because it is not wajib to pray to hedge it, it's not about to hedge it, it is about sleeping the whole night until the sun comes up means what he missed fudger Alright. So, the one who does not pray fudger the one who is lacks about treasure, the one who is not act upon the Koran. So, the one who is way too normal saline alladhina masala to him sarehole this is that one. So, this is point number

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1011 1213. Now, from all of these points from point number three to 13, I mentioned 10 things that Muslims do from all of these points, it is correct to extrapolate that any major sin can lead to either of the hub is as simple as that any major city whether it is arrogance, whether it is LIBOR, whether it is kozub, whether it is eating Riba whether it is Zina whether it is spreading a lie that other people are hurt by essentially what are all of these things, major sins kabyle. So from this, we can extrapolate that any khedira potentially leads to either bill Cobra, so, this list is not exhaustive is not like the end all and be all rather this list is illustrative This is what the Hadith mentioned. And from there we extrapolate the one who does not pray regularly, this is a Kabira all of these things are from the major sins and Allah knows best no With this in mind, we now get to the second half of our lecture, how do we protect ourselves from that what we talked about?

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What are the explicit and as far as I can did my research today if I if you have anything else, please any benefit me, but I did not find anything explicit other than these 10. But as I said, these 10 are illustrations. In reality any sin can be extrapolated from this now how do we protect ourselves from either we'll cover some protections have already been mentioned before because we mentioned how to protect ourselves from the fitting of the cover and the pfitzner of the cover. You all know the difference between fit nine either correct. We did it many times. The fitnah is asking Monica and Nick is asking the examination, the trial that I that comes after this. Remember,

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if you are protected from the fitna, can you ever then be punished?

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Anyone who's protected from the fitna automatically is protected from

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as up Is that clear? Right? Anybody who's protected from the fitna, Yanni if you walk into the examination hall, and the teacher says oh you Why are you even here you got an age just go away. Hello, and the story if you don't have the fit that you don't have to add up. Now is the opposite true?

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If you have the fitness This means you must have either or what.

00:34:16--> 00:34:24

In fact, the default is the majority of Muslims will have the fitna but not the other.

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

This is the default of righteous Muslims.

00:34:28--> 00:34:38

The pfitzner will be the default. Only a few people we mentioned who are some of them remind me number one, Shaheed hamdulillah. Remember number two,

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

the one who's protecting the border the more are built right so the boss is called right the one who dies even so the one who dies a natural death but he is doing that about and we said from this we extrapolate the one who dies doing something a very good deed insha Allah we hope for him is the type of

00:35:00--> 00:35:52

Robot right? Some have said the one who dies on a Friday but I'm going to talk about this right now. But the point is that these are some things that are mentioned. So the main thing is the the Shaheed and then doing the robot, and we said as well that insha Allah included in Shahada is somebody who dies from any disease, the mobile phone, the one from the the whatnot. Now, as for dying on a Friday, I mentioned this as being a protection from fitna but other scholars say actually insha Allah This is a protection from the verb and not necessarily the fitna because sometimes some of the narrator's are mentioning that and they use the word fitna because fitna is synonymous to either, but technically fitna. See it from the technical definition fitna, neither are different, but from a linguistic perspective fitna and either are somewhat synonymous, is that clear or joined? Explain that.

00:35:54--> 00:35:55

You explain it.

00:35:58--> 00:37:02

So from a linguistic point of view, fitna and adab are similar in meaning every fitna is a type of either every other type of fitna linguistic point of view, but technically speaking when we talk about the stages of the cover, then fitna is at a stage and that is at a later stage. So it is possible that some narrator is trying to explain Isobel covered but he says fitness will cover this is what I'm saying. And so when it comes to dying on a Friday, the prophet Solo is set up in one version of the head. He said, Whoever dies on a Friday is protected from the fitna of the cover in another version from the Isaiah above the cover. Now, he obviously only said one or the fitna or either and which wording did he say? We both are have good is nuts. But which wordings do you say? Allah knows best summary lemma set and this makes sense to me. That what is meant is the valuable upper because that is the bigger thing. As for the fitna, the default everybody goes through the

00:37:02--> 00:37:28

fitna of copper. Moncada Nikita is the default only a few people get saved, dying on a Friday is a good sign. Insha Allah We hope the best to be saved from Isaiah will cover. So point number three and of course we cannot This is a blessing from Allah to die on a Friday you cannot take any you cannot to choose this result. It's a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Another way to protect ourselves from the double copper, it is mentioned in the Muslim environment

00:37:30--> 00:37:31

in the Muslim Ummah,

00:37:32--> 00:38:01

narrated from Mohammed Divina Moncada, that a smart been to be berker the sister of our Isha narrated from the prophets of the law why they he was sending them that's when the person enters his upper if he is min his salah and his siyam surround him and the angels meaning of punishment come and the Salah, push them away, and they come from another side and the CM push it away.

00:38:02--> 00:38:10

And the headache then goes on and ask for the car for nothing can push the angels away. So the headache goes on as a long Heidi.

00:38:11--> 00:38:13

What protects from either we'll cover

00:38:15--> 00:38:18

Sala and siyam but then we can extrapolate

00:38:19--> 00:38:22

and any good deed excellent pointer.

00:38:23--> 00:39:27

What protects from a double cover? Any good deed is explicit here salah and cm stand as protections now, salah and CR or the other the other can of Islam. And they include Koran and liquor and Dora and sagitta all types of worship are included in here. So we can say one of the ways to protect from our double cover is to make sure we have lots of good deeds. This is one of the ways to protect from a double cover. Just like one of the ways to get into a double cupboard is every major sin again, it makes complete sense. Complete complimentary here, right. Okay, point number one now for point number four of the ways to protect from a double cover. And this is really the ways that we should start practicing specifically memorizing and reciting frequently suitable rock solid suits and molk should be on our agenda brothers and sisters. Out of all the suitors in the Quran. We should make it a point to memorize some of them, even if we don't finish all the Quran. And by the way, by the way,

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

all of us should have the need to memorize the whole problem. What's wrong with having the knee you just put it in your heart? Try strong with that. I will give him solid lectures about this but I've known her father became her father at the age of 65. And it's possible when I add a to it just put it in your heart anyway. Whatever you memorize and and by the way, you should always try to memorize more Why stop at the 510 suitors. You know why? I mean what's stopping you? Just everyday just concentrate on one small pseudo extra day and one suitor that should definitely be on the top of your list.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Surah Al mulk and it's only

00:40:05--> 00:40:13

30 verses brothers and sisters 30 That's all. There are so many a hadith that mentioned the blessings of Surah mulk of them.

00:40:14--> 00:41:26

Our prophets Allah Allahu Allah, Who is seldom said in authentic hadith in the Mr. Coble hacking surah to tabarrok. He'll manioc tomb in either bill is explicitly linked Surah tabarrok is the preventer from a double cover and the story what more incentive Do you need brothers and sisters? If you haven't memorized Surah mulk start memorizing it today soura to tabarrok he alemannia two min a double cover it is the surah that will prevent a double cover and as authentic hadith in a number of books including ottaviani and unhackme. And also we have in tuna Timothy, that there is one surah in the Quran. That's only 30 verses are processing Seth hoonah ayah and it made shefa in front of Allah until Allah forgave him. It is Surah two Tabata khalidi big hill mark, very explicit and it is in Timothy. And even Massoud said, this has been Massoud saying, even Massoud said, a person will be brought to his cupboard and two men will come to him and when they come to him, it will be said or a

00:41:26--> 00:42:29

voice will be heard. You have no way to get to this man he would recite Surah Al mulk. To angels will come meaning meaning the angels of punishment will come and a voice will be said it will be heard a voice will say meaning another voice an angel will say lay silica lay he said you have no way to get to this man he's protected because kana Yakumo you yakata ob Surah Al mulk he would stand and he would recite Surah Al mulk then they will try to come from his chest and it will be said to him go away Come to his face will be said to him go away come from his top it will be said to him go away and even Mr rude said for he'll money to Tom narrow Minh either bill copper he said the same thing as the Profit System but he's explaining it longer it is the money our money means preventer it will prevent from either will cover and so this is even Mr. Rude saying something elaborating on Surah tovala or certain mold being a protection from either blue cover. So how does pseudo

00:42:29--> 00:43:26

antibiotic prevent from high level cover? The one who frequently recites it the one who memorizes it the one who loves it the one who recites it insula This is the one who because this version says kinda your home or he would stand with salted milk and Salah so not just reading it once or twice but being frequent in its reading being of those who are out and it is also reported even though some have said that it is Allah knows best of us we cannot but one Version says he the Prophet says and would recite Surah mulk every single night there is a narration like this as well he would recite suitable every single night but even if it's not every night these traditions that mentioned protecting from herbal harbor they simply mentioned frequency of milk so this means Surah mulk should be on your regular list along with Klaus and Caldwell laughead and Falcon us as sort of milk as well even if you split it over 234 o'clock or something or you recite it every few days but it

00:43:26--> 00:43:35

should be in your regular reading list sort of milk as well okay. So this is point number what five I think or whatever one Okay, the last point for today inshallah tada

00:43:36--> 00:43:42

and that is what else protects us from either will cover this is something all of you know, what is it?

00:43:45--> 00:43:46

Sister says what?

00:43:47--> 00:43:54

Very good Mashallah da the sister said it none of the brothers got it. Mashallah. The most obvious, da

00:43:55--> 00:44:59

da protects from a double cover. And there are many narrations about da and I'm going to mention some of them to show you how powerful these narrations are of them in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih, Muslim sided nebi will cause more difficulty sadly, what costs said that sorry, it is narrated that sadly, if nobody will pass would teach his children this da the way that the teachers would teach kids alphabet the way that you say it, but I thought he would teach his children this. What is this? That he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us at after every single Salah. We say say this there are Allahumma in the doobie, communal geovany were to become raw data out of the living room or what are we do becoming fitna to dunya What are we to becoming either bill copper, he would teach his children this day, the way the teachers teach the alphabet to their kids, and he would say to his kids, the prophet system taught us to say this after every single sight out of a law

00:45:00--> 00:45:54

Seek refuge in You from cowardice. I seek refuge in You from living to a senile old age. We don't want to live to an old age where we are no longer capable of taking care of ourselves, you know, that's not something that it is not, you know, I mean, if it happens, it's not necessarily any, you know, a curse for the person or bad for the person. It's a trial for those around him. But let's be honest here, do we want to be in that situation? No. And our Prophet system passed away at a beautiful age of 63, an age where he had all of his senses and his powerful, still strong still, and he relatively all the who was there, so he would seek refuge in Allah, Allah, I seek refuge in You from living to a senile old age or dayla out of that era, when again, you are not no longer coherent. You don't want to live that long. So number two, number three are to become in fitna to dunya all of the trials of the dunya and number four are also becoming either below copper.

00:45:55--> 00:46:03

When would our process say this guy's when would he say this? After every single salah and this idea is in Bosnian Muslim?

00:46:04--> 00:46:06

Isha sorry.

00:46:07--> 00:47:12

Abu Bakar narrates Abubakar, not Abu Bakr narrates that and this is in an SRT that the Prophet system would say after every single Salah Allahumma India would you be committed to free will *ery wise verbal poverty after every Salah Allah I seek refuge in You from Cofer and from extreme poverty I don't want to be extremely poor, and from either below cover the the best outcome there is a Muslim said that I am only teaching you like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us Allahumma India with obika Mineiro z will Kasliwal juvenile Bali while harami was below cover again after every Salah I double cover I seek refuge in You from being lazy, and from being incapable and from being cowardly and from being stingy and from living to an old age and from either bookcover against a Muslim and our Asian cyber hottie said our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was said he would always seek refuge in Allah with this door again after every Salah so we have I just quoted you five

00:47:12--> 00:48:18

Sahaba five and I want to do this on purpose to demonstrate five different Sahaba are telling us after every single Salah our Prophet system would seek refuge from a double cover. He says that he would say a llama India or do becoming fitna to knock woman either been knocked woman fitna to cover woman either below cover after every Salah he would make drop seeking refuge for a double cover. Now you tell me, the one who seeks refuge from or double cover five times a day for 50 years of his life will alone not accept even one two or one cent that's gone. Think about that. So brothers and sisters from now on after every Sala at this drop. At this drop. Allow me to do bigger and you can use any of the middle kufri will *ery with Holly woman either will cover woman fitna to make it your habit don't just rush after Salah remember dear brothers and sisters in Islam of the best times of Dora is after Salah finishes Why? Because the lazy people want to rush out and go back that's

00:48:18--> 00:48:21

when the righteous sit down and they do their car

00:48:23--> 00:48:41

that's what the angels when the famous had these were the angels fighting over what are the angels fighting that what is the best deed of God badass ahlawat sitting down after the sidewalk and just doing your thinking when everybody wants to rush away say the Salomon hollows before you know it have the audience's out okay is hi no problem but this is where

00:48:42--> 00:49:40

the Delta jet are raised up. This is where the race is one the Salah is over. You don't have to sit just sit for a while and do a panel large panel last panel look I haven't done that. Long but loving the Hello Hello, Chica. And then you say these two hours there's multiple doors either courtesy as well. That should also be done remember our prophets has said whoever recites ayatul kursi after every single Salah The only thing that is between him and Jenna is his own death will lie he brothers and sisters 30 seconds How can you not invest 30 seconds for gender? Come on? how lazy can we be? 30 seconds 40 seconds reciting idle courtesy after every single Salah The only thing between you and gender is your own death. Why can't you do that? Don't be lazy. Aim for gender by the small things. So add all of these make it your habit. This is the difference between the movement the motion and the the average Muslim This is the difference. This is where it all goes these small

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

things, right the most beloved things to Allah are the smallest. The ones that are the consistent sorry, even if they are the smallest what we're talking about here so number five is do our for the for for ourselves now. How about for other people? Yes to offer other people as well. How do you

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

isn't a Buddha would wanna profitsystem attended the janazah he announced to the people is still Fuli ahikam was sallallahu sabat for in the whole arena use

00:50:12--> 00:50:32

ask forgiveness for your brother and ask a lot to make him firm for the either for the 15 or sorry for the fitna ask Allah to confirm because now he is being asked by the angels now he is being asked by the angels. So this means when we go attend the janazah

00:50:33--> 00:50:37

if we want people to make the offer us we should make to offer others

00:50:38--> 00:51:44

we should stay there and again not be lazy and make a specific dollar for fitness to cover and cover our law. Give him a bat against the fifth now Allah give him the right answers or Allah forbid to withhold acerbity Phil had to do. This is an explicit command of the Prophet system. When the burial is taking place, and the sand is being put on him. He didn't say go and rush back to your house. He said Now is the time to ask us forgiveness. And to ask Allah for throwbacks because he is being questioned now. And how about the schelotto? janaza? Are you forgetting that? What is the salata janaza a part of it? Why filament spy narrated that the profitsystem taught us to me yet. And he said, Oh Allah Allah home in the finale been food and feed emetic were heavily jovetic Allah this person is now with you and he has left this world that he's in your company for p min fitna to public weither been for tea. So therefore protect him from the lab and the fitness of the caliber

00:51:44--> 00:51:46

and the knowledge and the head it goes on.

00:51:47--> 00:52:49

When is this done? In the janazah and after when the person has gone. So you mentioned him by name, or a law full on even full on is now with you. So Oh Allah protect him from the fitna and the other of the cover. This is the least that we can do, especially to those that have asked over us, our friends, our relatives, our deceased loved ones, the least we can do we make to offer them by name. We say Oh Allah, protect them from the fitna and the other of the cover reporting Sahih Muslim alphabet Malik said, I heard the Prophet says make the Dar insalata janaza. And he said a llama fella who wore him while he was one who worked in Russia who was samudrala who was seated with money with LG will borrow one of the hymnal hahaha como una casa will be alumina Denis What did who Darren Hiraman daddy what vitamin D he was ocean vitamin zoji Walker he fitness company was up in NA explicit explicit in the Salah of the janazah we have that beautiful do our supposed to memorize.

00:52:49--> 00:53:44

And by the way, it is the opinion of some other mine and I include and I agree with this opinion in case you have not memorized this Diwan in Arabic You are allowed to say it in English or any language because it is a device not the Quran. So after the third that could be if you have memorized this and Arabic Alhamdulillah in case you have not memorized the dua in Arabic don't just sit there and stand there and do nothing. It is a dua and do or is in any language it is not put on Quran is only an Arabic as for it it can be done in any language if you haven't memorized the long dry in Arabic Say it in any language and say oh love forgive him make his grave a vast place or lunch exchange his evil deeds with good deeds Oh Allah, increase his inaud in the hobbit etc etc. Oh Allah protect him from the fitna to cover and protect him from the double copper. This is explicit in the drop of the meat. Okay, so these are five ways to protect ourselves from a double copper. And

00:53:44--> 00:53:53

then our final point inshallah for today, and then we are done with a double copper completely. And our next topic will be mentioned after I'm done with this last paragraph, what is the last paragraph?

00:53:55--> 00:54:45

Is the double pumper permanent? Or will it stop? If not, I am in his famous book keytab row. And this is a book you should all be aware of. And I believe that there is a translation in English but as the one that I saw was not very good, but it is one of the most detailed books ever written about the soul in our history of Napoleon wrote keytab rule. And he actually wrote this when he was a young man in his early 20s tapanuli. Annie, what did we do when we were in our early 20s. And he wrote this massive volume about the rule, one of the most difficult topics you can even think about, he has this massive bookatable row, which is still referenced used to this day, hardly anybody before him after him ever wrote a book as comprehensive about the rule. And he wrote an entire book about this. And he talks about these issues of the buzzer in ways that hardly anybody ever does, again a very detailed book and he mentions this issue, what is the issue

00:54:47--> 00:54:59

is either will cover permanent, or will it stop for some people? And he says that some ahaadeeth seem to indicate that that will cover will last until judgment day and he mentioned that

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

Have them have them. We talked about the four sins and the Hadith and SIBO Hadith the dream, the phrase says, his skull will be split open, he will swim in the blood of river, this Isla yo middle qiyamah

00:55:12--> 00:55:56

until Judgment Day, that will not be stopping. And the other hadith of arrogance, that was last week, that there was a man walking with pride and kibin wearing his fancy garments, the earth swallowed him up, and he is falling constantly, either Yo, middle qiyamah it says explicitly. So these Hadeeth mentioned no stopping until Judgment Day. Then he says, and there are other ahaadeeth that mentioned that they shall stop after a while, although he does not quote anything explicitly. And he says, and this is the case for their assault for the sinners of the believers, that they will be punished in accordance with their crimes, after which the punishment will stop.

00:55:57--> 00:56:22

So not everyone will be punished for all of eternity. No, some people don't deserve that longer, but not all of eternity meaning until judgment, I mean, meaning in the buzzer, some people will not be punished for all of the buzzer, some people will stop. And he says that it is also possible that the double pumper will stop because of somebody who are in this world for the millions.

00:56:23--> 00:57:25

And it will stop because somebody gifted sadhaka for them yet. And it will stop because somebody made it that far for the immediate. And it will start because somebody that had an armada for them a yet and it will stop because somebody ran around for the millions. So this is some hope for us, that our loved ones and that will be the topic for next time in Sharla the relationship of the living with the dead, that will be the next class. So he says these good deeds will act like a chef Ah, and will intercede on behalf of the sinners if they have shortcomings that their sins stop. And the scholar Illuminati, who was a scholar in the mamluk Egypt, he is a commentator of Hadith. He said the double puppet is permanent. But there are narrations that indicate that it will also stop. So therefore it appears that it depends on the person for some people that will cover will be permanent. Meaning when I say permanent, I mean, I mean until when until the trumpet is blown. And

00:57:25--> 00:58:21

for some people, they either will not be permanent and it will stop. And this seems to be obviously the correct opinion. And a lot of xojo knows best. With this we conclude and open the floor for q&a with the announcement that next week Wednesday, I will have to take one week off. And we'll resume after two Wednesdays I'm going on a fundraising tour by the way for Syrian refugees. And this winter is coming up and we have to build houses the micro houses for them. So I'm going on a fundraising tour in England for five cities. So I won't be here for Wednesday inshallah. So one week I won't be here. The week after that inshallah we'll be coming back and the topic will be one of the most important topics that everybody asked questions from day one about that will be the first we'll have a number of topics like that and it will be the relationship between the living and the dead. What do we do and how can we work and candidate here and and all of this will be that class inshallah. So

00:58:21--> 00:58:23

quick questions before we conclude for today Bismillah. Yes.

00:58:30--> 00:59:33

So as I said, the debt the brother is worried about the mortgage loan. And I said this, our scholars have said the debt the sin of debt applies to the one who was careless, because locally for low enough sound levels haha. And also the debt is not forgiven when there's nothing to pay the debt. As for these mortgage loans, regardless of whether they're home or head out, I will answer this question one day inshallah. By definition, there is a mortgage there's a collateral, by definition, the debt can be paid off, and that's the house be sold and whatnot. Generally speaking, there's always a way to pay it off. The sin is for the one who takes money without necessary reason and has nothing to pay it off. So insha Allah having a mortgage, we'll talk about whether it's how to how to Morehead but the point is, don't interpret these ahaadeeth in this manner, it is meant for the careless one look at all of the other sins mentioned. Right? The one who's going to me my breaking

00:59:33--> 00:59:46

the one as for mortgage in this land and whatnot, and we'll talk about that but you already hear from the tone of my voice. Don't mention, don't mention those things in light of these ahaadeeth and Allah knows best sisters, any quick questions he has in the back Go ahead.

00:59:55--> 00:59:59

This is all debt issues related debt, what is the obligation of the inheritors to pay off

01:00:00--> 01:00:47

debt, it is the number one obligation after the janazah. There is no inheritance until the debt is paid off. There is a list of things you do when the person dies with his money. Number one, his janazah comes from his own wealth, right? A lot of people don't know this, actually, the janazah and expensive of janessa come from the person's wealth, the first thing that you do, you write the check in his name from his wealth to his own janazah. Number two is debt even before the will see you even before the one third, even before this money goes there, even before the son and daughter and wife though debt. If the debt is paid off, then you move on afterwards. If all the money goes into debt, there is no inheritance and whatnot. So the debt is definitely the obligation of the the inheritors, but from the wealth of the person.

01:00:49--> 01:01:03

As for the wealth of the individuals, that's a more technical issue, and I can't answer it very quickly. But if it's from the person's Well, the definitely his obligation. Yes, Miss Miller, brother in the background, who's raising his hand, he's so tall as well, I can't go ahead Bismillah.

01:01:14--> 01:02:18

So our brother says, Can you make do art in language in any language other than Arabic in any Salah in any Salah? This is a more technical issue. inshallah I'll talk about this in the q&a, but the position of many scholars, including many of my own teachers, and I heard this from my own years, and I study with with many of them, amongst them chef shank at the famous chef, and I'm so honored to say statens halaqa for 10 years in Medina. And he strongly defended this position, that dou R is an act of worship that is not restricted to any language, unlike the haoran, which is restricted to Arabic. And since dou R is not restricted to any language, then it can be made in any language at any time in or outside of Salah. So he was and there are many scholars who say this as well. And we'll talk about this energy cylinder q&a. But in my humble opinion, I followed the position that and those who say otherwise, with my utmost respect, you are making Arabic into something that it is

01:02:18--> 01:02:53

not the only way of communicating with Allah Who said this. The Quran is an Arabic Yes. And the God of Salah that are kind of sold out of Hyderabad Allah Allahu Akbar, Lama, Surya, Allah Mohammed wa these are the kinds of Salah Of course, we keep them in Arabic. But suppose, a person was in such de and he said so proud to be the artist. And then he started making a draw from his own heart or will live in a difficult situation, who will help me in the situation and he said it in Amelia Egyptian, he would say as Helen

01:02:54--> 01:03:04

he said an army of Moroccan new says hello, even though Amir Moroccan is so different from me a gyptian most people would not even understand it who speak and they send

01:03:06--> 01:04:02

it off to whatever each one is a different accent. And these accents are so radically different from one another right? Many of us non Arabs would say oh this is all hello hello hello. Even to amongst them these are almost different languages. Where does this gradation come from? Who said that one has to be only in Arabic? No famous scholar said this. In fact it's not even actually that's not something that makes sense. Do ah is from the heart to Allah subhana wa tada Yes, if you know Arabic, and you know the Quranic da who can argue that anything of course are better than ever jr has an offer of course. But what if you have a DR house that you yourself have? You are in a distressing situation your loved one is sick would not it's a special Dora or will law so and so cure him? What's wrong with saying this Dr. in Farsi in order to do in Arabic in Swahili, any language is to do or from from your heart to Allah subhanho wa Taala no problem in Salah outside of

01:04:02--> 01:04:17

sada but this is only done after the Alcon after some hydro bill LVM or some hundred bit Allah, after you say what needs to be said, then you have some extra time and you can fill it with Nuffield or that's when it is allowed to make this to Allah and Allah knows best okay? He has really good

01:04:20--> 01:04:25

no to hate is a part of Brooklyn of Salah at the Hyatt. It is not the Koran.

01:04:29--> 01:04:55

Our scholars say the one who embraces Islam and cannot memorize these two as in Arabic may temporarily use them in their language temporarily until they learn them in Arabic. So the first few weeks of the convert that he says these doors in English for example, no problem. But you should strive to learn the Akan and the YG birth of sada in the language of of Arabic And Allah knows best Okay, sister is good

01:05:03--> 01:05:48

The ones who don't pray on time means like the Hadith mentions they wake up after sunrise and they don't pray fudger which means the time has gone so beginning to end time and they don't pray at all in that time. That's exactly what the Koran says for a little more saline levena whom Ancelotti himself Hoon, even Massoud said, they pray, but they pray after the time is over. Many of us May Allah forgive us, but we don't we feel embarrassed to pray the hood and work. So we do Kabbalah knowing that's Kaaba. And we come back and we pray in our rooms or in our houses. This is this is right here for way to limosa Lane, a levena humann Salatu himself hoon. That's what it means. Okay. Last question. His brothers before we go, I'm sure that's good.

01:05:57--> 01:06:15

Our brother is asking, I guess, is the problem. My lecture today is about the borders of right not I'm quoting various ahaadeeth you're asking the question is, travel is a type of either the brothers saying my job forces me to travel is the law punishing me?

01:06:17--> 01:06:29

No, no, no, no, no, no. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam is making a statement of fact he's not making an Islamic verdict. He is saying travel is a type of torture.

01:06:31--> 01:07:19

It's a statement of fact. It's not a hokum, Sheree. It's not a verdict that travel is either from Allah. He is saying travel is a type of torture. So when you finish what you need to come back to your family, that's point of the editor. Okay? It's not it's not a hokum. Sheree, that I that mean from Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't you find it uncomfortable to leave your family and to go and strange hotel rooms and to be away from your nice home cooked meal and whatnot? Isn't this an irritation a nuisance right? And the flights delayed? I came back two days ago and my fight was delayed and it's like, you know, you're just so angry and whatnot. Isn't this irritation a nuisance? That's what the Hadith says. Okay, that's what it is. Okay. Well, yeah, my shoulder is very let the brother say first and then go ahead with smuggler

01:07:24--> 01:07:28

there is a Heidi that Trudeau is more likely to accidentally travel Yes.

01:07:29--> 01:07:36

It's not that that sort of thing is not an ad of islamically very well enthusiastic brother. Go ahead. Bismillah. Last question Bismillah.

01:07:50--> 01:07:52

You just dived in straight Mashallah.

01:07:54--> 01:08:01

Our brother wants to know that the communal drive that is made after salah

01:08:02--> 01:08:04

and whether we should say I mean,

01:08:05--> 01:08:07

this is a tricky issue in question. And

01:08:08--> 01:09:02

Yanni those who do it, they have some basis for doing it. Those who don't do it, they seem to have more basis for not doing it, it is true that our Prophet system generally would not make a communal drop. But he also told us that making do after the time of Salah is the time that it is accepted by Allah. So we should make dua and Vicar after Salah. Those other groups say you should be individual and the groups you are talking about say well, you know, the average Muslim is not going to do you might as well do it on their behalf. So let's make a committee with an idea never done your heads over Africa has enough so everybody should say amin because it's a time of our being accepted. So this is a more technical issue. What constitutes an evil innovation? What constitutes something going against the Sharia and I will say that both of these schools have a correct basis to them. Those who make do we understand where they're coming from the point is look the average people don't

01:09:02--> 01:09:41

make the two are there in the villages if we don't make the offer them nobody's gonna make and it is actually technically true. If you look at that congregation, they really don't make that much so the amount says, You know what, let me just use some Quranic doors for you. And if you listen to these as they're all chronic or banana Neptunia has arrived, as you know, and everybody who ever sits has I mean, I mean, I mean, and the other group that makes it at all then refutes them says, No, no, no, the process of did not do this. And they're technically right he did not do this. And so they say individual to us are better and that also makes sense in the end of the day, let's not make these issues very big issues. Unfortunately, some people make them bigger than they need to be those who do them

01:09:42--> 01:09:51

but if you follow what I do you see what I do in this position. I personally prefer after Salah this is I think is the better one to do but those who do it don't make it a big deal about it in shop.

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in doing yeah

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Fe with

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